Cafetria Escape
Cake Mania
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth
Call of Duty
Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3 FAQ
Call of Duty – Unites Offensive Weapons Guide
Call of Duty – Weapons Guide
Call of Duty 2 – Weapons Guide
Call of Duty 2 FAQ
Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare
Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare Challenge
Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare Equipment Guide
Call of Duty 4 Weapons Guide
Call of Juarez
Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon
Cameron Files – Pharaoh’s Curse
Cameron Files – Secret at Loch Ness
Campfire Legends – The Hookman
Cancer Escape
Cannon Fodder Name FAQ
Captain Claw
Captain Comic II – Fractured Reality
Car Sinking Escape
Carmageddon 2
Carmageddon II – Carpocalypse Now [solve]
Carmen Word Detictive
Carnivores 2
Castle Elsinore
Castle Escape 2
Castle Fantasia 2
Castle of Dr. Brain
Castle of Dr.Brain
Castle of the Winds
Castles II – Siege & Conquest
Cat Girl Alliance
Cave Adventure
Cave Escaper
Cave Story
Cavewars FAQ
Cedric and the Revolution
Celebration Escape
Cemetry Gates
Cemetry Gates Chapters 3
Challenge of the Five Realms
Champions of Krynn
Championship Manager 2
Championship Manager 2 – Hints and Tips
Championship Manager 2 – mini-tips
Championship Manager Season 03/04
Chaos Overlords
Charger Escape
Chemical Room
Chemistry Lab Escape
Cherry Room Escape
Chika’s Escape – Write a letter to Santa
Children of the Nile
China – Forbidden City
Chips Challenge FAQ
Chocolat – Maid Cafe Curio
Choppa Poppa
Christmas Escape 2
Christmas Eve Escape
Christmas Gift Escape
Chronicles of Mystery – The Scorpio Ritual
Chronicles of the Sword
Chrono Quest
Circle of Blood (Broken Sword)
Circuit’s Edge
Circus Empire
City of Heroes
City of Heroes – Archvillain Guide
City of Heroes – Gladiator Guide
City of Heroes – Tourist Guide to Paragon City
City of the Lost Children
City of Villains – Bind/Macro Guide
CivCity Rome General FAQ
Civilization 3 Government Guide
Civilization 3 Strategy Guide
Civilization II – FAQ
Civilization II – Wonders of the World FAQ
Civilization II In-Depth Guide
Civilization IV – Beyond the Sword
Civilization IV – beyond the sword guide
Classroom Escape
Cleopatra – A Queen’s Destiny
Cleopatra Riddle of the Tomb
Click Drag Type 3
Clive Barker’s Undying
Clive Barker’s Undying Secret’s FAQ
Close Combat – A Bridge Too Far
Clown Face Escape 3
Club Dead
Club Penguin Mission 7
Club Penguin Mission 8
Clue – Murder at Boddy Mansion FAQ
Cobra Mission
Code Blue
Codename – Iceman
Codename – Panzers Phase 2
Codename – Panzers Phase One
Cold Room Escape
Colin McRae Rally 3 – Game Guide
College Slam
Colonel’s Bequest
Colossal Cave, The
Colour Adventure
Comanche 4
Combat Arms
Command & Conquer
Command & Conquer – Generals
Command & Conquer – Generals Zero Hour
Command & Conquer – Generals Zero Hour FAQ
Command & Conquer – Red Alert – The Aftermatch
Command & Conquer – Red Alert 2
Command & Conquer – Red Alert 2 – Yuri’s Revenge
Command & Conquer – Red Alert 2 Time Study
Command & Conquer – Red Alert 3
Command & Conquer – Red Alert 3 Uprising – Unit Comparison Guide
Command & Conquer – Red Alert rules.ini
Command & Conquer – Renegade
Command & Conquer – Renegade – Guide
Command & Conquer 3 – Kane’s Wrath
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun
Command and Conquer
Command and Conquer – Generals
Command and Conquer – The Covert Operations
Command and Conquer Generals Walkthrough
Commander Keen – Episode 1 – Marooned on Mars
Commander Keen – Secret of the Oracle
Commandos – Strike Force
Commandos 2 – Men of Courage
Commandos 3 – Destination Berlin
Companions of Xanth
Conan the Cimmerian
Condemned – Criminal Origins – Weapons and Enemies Guide
Conflict – Desert Storm
Conflict – Desert Storm II
Conflict – Desert Storm II – Back To Baghdad
Congo – Descent into Zinc
Congo – Descent into Zinj
Conquer Online
Conqueror 1086 AD
Conquest of Camelot
Conquest of the Longbow – The Legend of Robin Hood
Conquest of the New World
Conspiracy (KGB)
Contract J.A.C.K.
Contraption Zack
Cool 21
Cottage Escape
Covert Front – Episode 3 – Night In Zurich
Covert Front – Episode One
Cow Room Escape
Cow’s New Year
Crane and Spider
Crazy Machine Escape
Crazy Taxi 3
Creature Venture
Creatures 2 [solve]
Creatures 3
Crime Evidence
Crime Evidence – Part 2
Crime Stories
Crimson Crown
Crimson Planet – Full Version
Critical Path
Cruise for a Corpse
Crypt Keeper
Crypt of Medea
Crysis 2 Weapon and Enemy Guide
Crystal Key
Crystal Key 2
Crystal Skull
CSI – Crime Scene Investigation
CSI – Crime Scene Investigation – Dimensions of Murder
CSI – Crime Scene Investigation – Fatal Conspiracy
CSI – Dark Motives Guide
CSI – Deadly Intent
CSI – Hard Evidence
CSI – Hard Evidence FAQ
CSI – Miami
Cube Core
Culture Festival
Curse – The Eye of Isis
Curse – The Eye of Isis Walk
Curse of Enchantia
Curse of Monkey Island
Curse of Monkey Island – Song Lyrics
Curse of the Azure Bonds
Cursor*10 2nd Session
Cute Knight – Endings Guide
Cute Knight – Items/Recipes
Cute Knight – Kishi Kawaii
Cute Knight Kingdom
Cute Knight Kingdom Symbols
Cyberia 2 – Resurrection
Cygnus Gate