Cute Knight – Kishi Kawaii

Cute Knight - Kishi Kawaii

Version 1.03
Cute Knight - Kishi Kawaii - Guide by Ireant

Where possible, this document is formatted for 55 
character lines.  It is perfect for viewing while
in fullscreen mode of Cute Knight.

*-00 Star Search
*-01 Author's comments
*-02 Legal Matters
*-03 Using the Cheat Codes for Data Study
*-04 Cast of Characters

*-10 INN
*-11   Maid
*-12   Cook
*-13   Waitress
*-14   Barmaid
*-15   Bouncer
*-16   Rent a Room

*-20 STORE
*-21   Move Boxes
*-22   Salesgirl
*-23   Seamstress
*-24   Buy Something
*-25   Sell Something

*-31   Read Books
*-32   Shelve Books
*-33   Read to Children
*-34   Research

*-41   Wash Windows
*-42   Tend Animals
*-43   Ask for a Place to Stay
*-44   Meditate
*-45   Yule Service

*-51   Pick Pockets
*-52   Busk / Perform
*-53   Camp Out
*-54   Socialize
*-55   Holidays: Spring & Harvest Festivals & Yule
*-61   Dance
*-62   Exercise
*-63   Mathematics
*-64   Kitchen Science
*-65   Fighting
*-66   Magic
*-67   Midsummer Festival

*-70 SLUMS
*-71   Dungeon
*-72   Jareth
*-73   Pick through Trash
*-73T  Cheap Ingredients Crafting Table
*-74   Doctor
*-75   Volunteer
*-76   Nurse

*-80 Attribute Gain
*-81 Birth Attributes Table
*-82 Crafting Ingredients Table
*-83 Crafting Items Table
*-84 Armor Table
*-85 Necklace Table
*-86 Ring Table
*-87 Weapon Table
*-88 Potion Table
*-89 Home Brew Potion Table
*-90 Charms Table
*-91 Dungeon Monsters by Level

*-00 Star Search

Every main topic in the Table of Contents is preceded
by an asterisk (star), a dash, and a two digit number.
If you use the Find feature (Ctrl-F) and type the index
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you may have to search up or down.  If you are taken to
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I will make references to other parts of the guide at
times.  To illustrate, I will write (star-00) to
direct you to see *-00 Star Search.  I write star-00
instead of *-00 because when you go looking for *-00, 
you don't jump through the document seeing places
where I tell you to look at *-00.  By only using *-00 
in the Table of Contents and at the place within the
document the information resides, *-00 remains a unique
search code.  [Ironically, by explaining the rule by
using *-00, I have broken that rule, but this will be
the only time.  I chose *-00 because the only time I
break the rule as at the place where it directs.]

*-01 Author's Comments:

I wrote this guide to address deficiencies in the other
guides.  The other guides had mistakes, missing
information, or presented information inconveniently.

I used the other guides as a reference and starting 
point.  I give them credit for any good ideas I may
have taken from their influence.  Those guides are the
an uncredited document on "Casual Game Guides"
containing the endings for HanakoGames.  The crafting
table of alphabetized ingredients is ideal.  The other
guide is on GameFaqs by DarkFool.  His guide focuses
on items.  He was thorough, but presented information
backward to my needs.  For example, he lists
ingredients that makes weapons, armor, necklaces, and
rings.  I am more interested in weapons, armor,
necklaces, and rings and then listing the ingredients
that will make them.

One special mention of credit goes to Darkfool.  I
passed on his assertions on magic bonuses of 50% and
10% without verification.  I accept his conclusions.

Years ago, I made a guide but lost it when I switched
hard drives.  I found myself rediscovering numerous
concepts.  I have included these discoveries in
this guide because this guide is primarily for me.
I have tried to thoroughly answer the questions I have
about the game.  Likely, most of the answers I found
will be of interest and use to you, the reader.

My guide was initially created as a collection of
spreadsheets.  I then converted them into text
format.  To do this, I had to alter my lists to make
them under 80 characters.  In doing so, I lost some
of the associations I desired.  For instance, I had
to separate how to craft an item from the statistics
of that item.

My guide is more comprehensive than others, but I will
not incorporate the endings guide's information to make
my guide complete.  I don't have enough substance to
add to the ending guide.  Those that want that
information can seek it in addition to what I provide.
Also, I leave out a number of facts that DarkFool's
guide addresses, such as quest items, et cetera.  You
should take a look at his guide, too.

I want to appologize in advance for any inaccuracies in
my guide.  I have invested much time gathering my
information.  I correct errors as I find them and add
new discoveries, yet at some point, I have to say that
I am close enough.  Perfection is elusive.  Hopefully,
the errors in this guide are few and you can note and
work around them.  But if you can't, you can be the
author of a better guide than this one.

*-02 Legal Matters

I don't mind anyone copying and using this information.
I would have been happy to have someone else provide
the information for me.  Since I went to all the
trouble of gathering the information, I want it shared.
Post it anywhere.  However, since I did the work, don't
claim it as your own.  If you want personal recognition,
study the game and find formulas or number patterns
that I wasn't able to figure out.  Then write a guide
that expands on what I wrote.

I will be posting this document on any sites that will
accept it.


For those of you that don't know, hitting F9 during the
game brings up a programmer's console.  With it, you
may change game variables.  First, you type the word
"global." with a dot.  You must use lowercase.  Then
type one of the following variables:
str, con, int, dex, cha, cook, clean, craft, brew, tame,
combat, weapons, magic, spells, dream, hp, mp, gold,
age, xp, sins

For those of you without previous role playing
knowledge, con is short for constituition, an alias for
Stamina.  Dex is short for dexterity, a game equivalent
of Luck.

Variables can be set using other variables and even do
calculator operations on them.  For example, to examine
Stamina formulas for the Research job, I used the tame
varible to hold the con varible:


By hitting "Skills", I am able to see the fractional
part of the con variable in the tame variable display.
[For more on attribute variables, see star-80.]


You will meet many people in town.  I toss out names in
my guide with the assumption you know who they are.
This section is designed to remind you, and me when I
forget, of the names and significance of Characters.
It is possible this list will give you information you
would rather discover for yourself.
Consider this a spoiler warning.

Abby      Kitchen Science rival for Inn Cook
Alexandra Princess & younger sister lost in the Slums
Brittany  Dance Class student & Flower Queen contestant
Carmen    Socialite niece of Crafting Teacher
Darla     Dance Class Instructor & Flower Queen entrant
Elora     Advanced rival Wizard's Challenge 160MP
Grant     Expert rival Wizard's Challenge 200MP
Jareth    Slum gang leader
Kirelan   Prince (adopted) & step brother to you
Lisa      Librarian
Mortimer  Intermediate rival Wizard's Challenge 80MP
Orchid    Magic Instructor & Wizard's Challenge Champ
Penelope  Queen & Biological mother of you, Cute Knight
Rose      Orchid's daughter & Magic Class student
Shane     Fighting Instructor who frequents Inn Tavern
Sparky    Novice contestant in Wizard's Challenge 30MP

*-10 INN
Nine work weeks opens Waitress and Barmaid jobs.
Eleven more weeks, twenty weeks total, Bouncer opens.
Note, you can't work at the Inn if your Sin>50.

*-11 MAID - 4G/day
 10-49    +3.5pts/week
 50-up    +0.7pts/week
 00-49    +5.6pts/week
 50-up    +2.8pts/week

After your work week as maid, three events may happen:
1) You find a Party Dress.  +2 Sin if you keep it.
   -2 Sin if you take it to Lost & Found.
2) You get a $5 tip and +1 Luck.
3) If Cleaning>99, Innkeeper gives you the Magic Mop.
   He states: "As a reward for your diligent cleaning,
   I give you the Magic Mop." 

[Note: Had game where I worked as Maid early, then I
did long stretch as Barmaid.  I had switched to Nurse
when I replenished my HP by working as a Maid.  My
Cleaning crossed 100 and the Innkeeper did not give me
the Mop.  My best guess is that the game keeps track of
what career to give you should you reach 21 years old
or run out of Dream.  Perhaps you get the Mop only when
your focus has been on Maid?  I also know that recent
history matters.  Maybe if you cross 100 when returning
for many weeks as Maid, you will get the Mop?  Safest
course is keep coming back to work as Maid until you
are given the Mop, then switch.

Addendum: I had another game where I worked as a Maid,
and then did various jobs at the Inn.  When crossing
Cleaning=>100, I was given the Mop.  My revised GUESS
is that as long as your focus career remains at the
Inn, you will be given the Mop.]

*-12 COOK - 6G/day
 00-49   +7.0pts/week
 50-up   +3.5pts/week

After work week, you may get a free meal which gives
+5HP and +1 Luck.  (However, if your Luck is already
high, it won't increase.)

If you have taken a Kitchen Science class, you may run
into Abby before or after work.  To end her torment of
you, praise her cooking and then take another Kitchen
Science class.  She will appologize.  (Wait a few weeks
before going back to Kitchen Science Class.  When I
went right after praising Abby's cooking, I didn't meet
her at the class.]

*-13 WAITRESS - Tips $0-$25/day -- Tips depend on Charm
Stamina   +1.4pts/week
Cooking   +1.4pts/week

Like other jobs, you can't take a Waitress job on
month 12 day 24.  However, other jobs will cut the
week short to make day 23 the last day of work.  This
job will keep going until the 7th work day ends.

Although Charm isn't increased by Waitressing, it does
affect the amount of your tips.  And, Charm modifiers
help, especially the Party Dress.

If Sin>0 and Charm=>60, then after work, a young man
may offer you money to come home with him for a private
party.  He offers you 50% of your Charm to a maximum of
$100.  Accepting this offer will add a few points to
your Sin.  Refusing the offer will drop your Sin a few

NOTE: Charm modifiers DO count on the event trigger
and also help you get higher tips.  The Party Dress
works wonders!  Craft a Dashing Blade, if you can.  Buy
a Gold Ring and Gold Necklase.  If you have a flower,
craft a Ring/Necklace of Enchantment.  Don't waste gold
using Magic Perfume (the Perfume lasts two days and is
more valuable than the increase in tips).

Star-52, star-13, and star-14, Busk, Waitress, and
Barmaid, can make $175 in tips and $100 in a private
party for $275/week.  These are the second highest
paying jobs behind Pick Pocketing (upwards of 

*-14 BARMAID - Tips $0-$25/day -- Tips depend on Charm
 005-099   +5.25pts/week
 100-149   +2.80pts/week
 150-up     +.70pts/week
 000-059   +3.50pts/week
 060-099   +1.75pts/week
 100-up     +.70pts/week
Mind       -3.5pts/week (until Mind=10)

Like other jobs, you can't take a Barmaid job on
month 12 day 24.  However, other jobs will cut the
week short to make day 23 the last day of work.  This
job will keep going until the 7th work day ends.

If Sin>0 and Charm=>60 before work (Charm will rise
as Barmaid), then after work, a young man may offer you
money to come home with him for a private party.  He
offers you 50% of your Charm to a maximum of $100.
Accepting this offer will add a few points to your Sin.
Refusing the offer will drop your Sin a few points.  

NOTE: Charm modifiers DO count on the event trigger
and also help you get higher tips.  The Party Dress
works wonders!  Craft a Dashing Blade, if you can.  Buy
a Gold Ring and Gold Necklase.  If you have a flower,
craft a Ring/Necklace of Enchantment.  Don't waste gold
using Magic Perfume (the Perfume lasts two days and is
more valuable than the increase in tips).

Star-52, star-13, and star-14, Busk, Waitress, and
Barmaid, can make $175 in tips and $100 in a private
party for $275/week.  These are the second highest
paying jobs behind Pick Pocketing (upwards of 

*-15 BOUNCER - 12G/day
Strength   +3.50pts/week
Combat     +2.45pts/week
Taming    -10.50pts/week (until Taming=10)
May get hit dragging customer out.  Lose up to 10HP.
(He is the mop-head guy at star-13, star-14, and 

May have drunk guy throw up on you; lose 5 Charm.


 Pay $49, use up a day, get back all HP and MP.  

 If your Sin<51, get the $49 room for free, then work
 seven days as a Maid with $2/day pay.

 If the Vaction option ia offered, pay $300, spend
 seven days, get all HP and MP restored, and get
 +14 Dream.

*-20 STORE
It takes 4-6 times working as a Box Mover to open up
Salesgirl job.  Seamstress takes 9 work weeks total to

*-21 MOVE BOXES - 6G/day
 05-49  +5.25pts/week
 50-up  +2.45pts/week
 10-49  +5.25pts/week
 50-up  +2.45pts/week

-5 HP if you drop a box on your foot.
-1 Dream for finding a dead mouse under a box.

*-22 SALESGIRL - 8G/day
Mind     +1.75pts/week
 05-74   +1.75pts/week
 75-up    +.70pts/week

After work week:
1) May have option to steal from the till.  Likely, you
   will be fired if you do.  However, it is possible to
   steal and get away with it.  I had Luck=261 when I
   took a Salesgirl job for the first time during a
   game.  (I am not condoning this behavior; I only 
   stole for test purposes.)  Sometimes, I was caught.
   Mostly, I got away with $32-$253 in repeated tests.
   I also got +10 Sin. 
2) Brittany may want to return a dress.  Lose $20 if
   you take back the Dress.  Lose nothing (that I can
   see) if you fail to persuade Brittany to keep the
   dress.  Yet, if your Charm is high enough to get
   Brittany to keep the dress, get $10 bonus.

*-23 SEAMSTRESS - 10G/day
 000-049   +10.50pts/week
 050-099    +5.25pts/week
 100-up     +2.80pts/week

After work week: 
1) You may be given a Plain Robe
2) You may stab finger with needle -5HP.

 $60 Leather Armor    $25 Dagger
$100 Chain Mail       $50 Sword
$150 Plate Mail      $100 Axe
 $10 Gold Necklace    $10 Gold Ring
  $5 Plain Robe       $25 Wand
 $25 Health Potion    $25 Mana Potion

After 18 months from game start, new shipment
 $40 Wooden Staff    $100 Party Dress
$135 Halberd         $125 Padded Chainmail
 $10 Silver Ring     $175 Full Plate

How much you get for selling your items depends on your
Charm.  Your inate Charm is used.  Any worn items, 
potions, or special day bonuses do not influence the

If your Charm is <51, you will get 65% of the value of
any item sold.  At Charm=51, you get approximately 72%
of the value of items sold.  As your Charm rises above
51, so does the amount you get for selling items.  If
your Charm is high enough, you can get 100% of the
value of an item - $1.  For example, $150 Plate Mail
would sell for $149.  For items=$25, Charm=>235 is
needed to get 100% - $1.  For the most expensive item
in the game, the $305 Magic Mop, you need Charm=>267.

It takes different Charm levels for different values.
For instance, a $5 Plain Robe sells $4 at Charm>=84 and
a $10 Gold Ring sells for $9 at Charm>=209.  This is
because $4 is 80% of $5 and happens much sooner than
the 90% of $9 of $10.  What confuses matters is that
higher value items scale differently.  Charm=84 is 80%
for $5, but a $10 item needs Charm=125 to get 80%.
But four principles holds true: 
1) Charm<51 sell at 65%
2) Charm=51 sell at approximately 72%
3) Charm>51 things sell at higher prices
4) Charm>=267 all things sell at 100% - $1

Of course, that isn't the end of it.  The $2 and $1
items in the cheap raw ingredients list are special
cases.  $1 Iron Nails always sells for $1.  The $2
ingredients sell at $1 until Charm>=250, then they sell
for $2.  (Cheap raw ingredients at star-65 or star-73)

Initially, you can Read Books or Shelve Books.  If you
do a mix of either nine times, you will open another
job: Read to Children.  Then, if you do a mix of eight
of those activities, you will open up the last job:

Reading books is a great way to kill a day when you are
trying to find something to do while trying to hit a
festival or other event at the right day.  Moreover,
three of the ten books grant you skills.  The fourth
book will increase Crafting +5, the seventh book gives
you the Scream Charm, and the tenth book adds +5 to 

 1)fairy tale
 4)Crafting +5
 7)Scream Charm
10)Brewing +5
11)discover there are no more books to read

*-32 SHELVE BOOKS - 3G/day
Stamina  +3.5pts/week
 10-49   +3.5pts/week
 50-up    +.7pts/week

-1 Stamina if you sneeze from book dust.

*-33 READ TO CHILDREN - 6G/day
Luck     +3.5pts/week
Taming   +3.5pts/week
Strength -3.5pts/week until Strength=5 

*-34 RESEARCH - 10G/day
 010-099  +3.5pts/week
 100-up   +2.0pts/week
Cleaning  -3.5pts/week until Cleaning=10
 020-050  -1.75pts/week until Stamina=20
 051-100  -3.50pts/week
 101-up   -7.00pts/week

-1 Stamina if you sneeze from book dust.

Note how Research and Shelving Books complement each
other.  One drops Stamina each week, the other raises
Stamina.  And since both jobs increase Mind, if you
keep alternating jobs, you will be steadily increasing
Mind without losing Stamina.

Since Research drops Stamina faster if Stamina>50, do
Research to drop Stamina to 44-46pts, and then Shelve
Books or Move Boxes to pump Stamina back up to about
50.  By doing it this way, you can get 2-3 weeks of
Research for every week you spend pumping Stamina back
up.  And, as a Box Mover, by being 5.25pts below 50,
you get the maximum Stamina rate while building

However, now let's look at this closely, assuming that
Stamina stays 50 and below for Research so that Stamina
loss is -1.75pts/week.  The proportions to keep Stamina
balanced determines weeks below:

Case 1
  for 50=< Mind <100
2 weeks Research +7.0Mind & 1 Week Shelver +.7Mind
  for Mind=>100
2 weeks Research +4.0Mind & 1 Week Shelver +.7Mind

Case 2
  for 50=< Mind <100 & Strength=>50
3 weeks Research +10.5Mind & 1 Week Mover +2.45Strength
  for Mind=>100 & Strength=>50
3 weeks Research +6.0Mind & 1 Week Mover +2.45Strength

Case 3
  for Charm<75
1 Week Salesgirl +1.75Mind +1.75Charm
  for Charm=>75
1 Week Salesgirl +1.75Mind +.70Charm

for 50=< Mind <100
Case 1  +2.57Mind/week
Case 2  +2.63Mind/week  +0.61Strength/week
Case 3  +1.75Mind/week  +0.70Charm/week

for Mind=>100
Case 1  +1.57Mind/week
Case 2  +1.50Mind/week  +0.61Strength/week
Case 3  +1.75Mind/week  +0.70Charm/week

So, for Mind between 50-100, Research is a good deal
for the twenty weeks it takes to make Mind>=100.
Yet, once Mind is 100, you are better off working as
a Salesgirl to increase Mind.  

The Church offers jobs and Yule Service that reduce Sin.
However, if your Sin>98, you will be asked to leave.
For those without Sin, the Church has free lodging that
restores HP reliably better than Camping Out in the
Town Square.  If you work and/or sleep at the Church 
twenty times, Meditation will open.  To Meditate, you
must have Sin=0; otherwise, it won't even show in menu.

*-41 WASH WINDOWS - 2G/day
 00-24  +3.50pts/week
 25-up  +1.75pts/week 
Sin    -17.50pts/week

*-42 TEND ANIMALS - 6G/day
 000-049   +7.00pts/week
 050-099   +3.50pts/week
 100-up    +1.75pts/week
Charm      -5.25pts/week until Charm=5
Sin        -7.00pts/week

If your Sin=0, you can sleep and get 5-25HP restored.
I have seen 5MP to (50% Mind)MP restored.

*-44 MEDITATE - only in menu if Sin=0 (see star-40)
 00-50   -3.5pts/week
 51-up   -7.0pts/week
 10-49   +7.00pts/week
 50-up   +1.75pts/week
 00-49   +5.25pts/week
 50-up   +1.75pts/week

After Meditation, if Magic>39 you get Candles Charm
After Meditation, if Brewing>100 might get Holy Water

HP and MP restored
Dream  +1.5pts/day    +10.5pts/week
Mind   +0.5pts/day     +3.5pts/week
Sin    -5.0pts/day    -35.0pts/week

Yule Service lasts eight days, but there are some
activities that might cause you to arrive late for the
month 12 day 24 start.

The Town Square offers several activities.  You can
always Pick Pockets here, but you cannot Socialize,
Camp Out, or Busk during festivals held in the square.

Spring Festival Month 3 days 21-28
Harvest Festival Month 9 days 21-28
Yule Celebration Month 12 days 24-31

*-51 PICK POCKETS - 0G-50G/day
Luck   +3.5pts/week

Luck determines success and how much money taken.  
You won't make very much money Pick Pocketing when your
Luck is below 50.  At Luck=100, you will have days that
you make $25.  At Luck 200, you can make $40 in one day
although it is unlikely you will do so well all 7 days.
As your Luck climbs, so does your weekly income.

With low Luck, you will occasionally be caught.  Guards
will confiscate any money you may have taken that day.

If you Pick Pockets continually, you will eventually
earn a reputation as a thief.  This process happens 
sooner if you get caught many times (which is why I
advocate building up Luck before starting to Pick
Pocket).  Randomly, you may be taken to Jail for
burglery.  You will stay until your Sin=0.  Each day in
Jail is -5 Sin.  Also, you rapidly lose Dream points.
A trip to Jail could be a game ender if your Sin is
high and your Dream insufficient to last Jail time.
But the worst thing about being branded a thief is the
Doctor learns of your exploits and won't let you donate
gold to drop Sin.

Your Sin attribute rises fast while Pick Pocketing.
(You can use this as a way to meet Jareth in the Slums:
get your Sin above 49, enter the Dungeon, then leave.)
It can cause a problem if you recover lost HP by
working as a Maid at the Inn for a room.  The Innkeeper
will refuse you because of Sin>50.  The Church won't
let you sleep there if Sin>0.

Reducing or eliminating Sin can be an issue.  The
Church offers work or the Yule Service to reduce Sin,
but if you wait until your Sin>98, you will be turned
away.  The Doctor offers Sin reduction at $5/point if
you have not earned a reputation as a thief.  Or, the
Doctor will accept you as a Volunteer, but it will hurt
your Stamina.  Finally, finding Holy Water from the
Traders or Dungeon is your only other option.  (Holy
Water from Meditation at the Church is not possible
with Sin>0).

A made a new discovery on Sin reduction: Taming
monsters.  I had not used Taming before because it
seems counter to adventuring in the Dungeon.  In order
to get loot, you have to kill the opposition.  Anyway,
I played a game learning Taming so I could work Reading
to Children at the Library.  I tried it and found it
dropped my Sin.  Laugh, I again found it counter to my
objective, namely, getting Sin to 50 so I could meet

*-52 BUSK / PERFORM - 0G-25G/day --Tips depend on Charm
Charm   +.7pts/week
Luck    +.7pts/week

If you are Charming and Lucky, people will give you
money.  You can make up to $25 a day if you are good.
Note that your work week will be cut-off on Month 3 and
Month 9 on day 21 for the festivals.

If Sin>0 and Charm=>60 before work (this job increases
Charm), then after work, a young man may offer you
money to come home with him for a private party.  He
offers you 50% of your Charm to a maximum of $100.
Accepting this offer will add a few points to your Sin.
Refusing the offer will drop your Sin a few points.  

NOTE: Charm modifiers DO count on the event trigger
and also help you get higher tips.  The Party Dress
works wonders!  Craft a Dashing Blade, if you can.  Buy
a Gold Ring and Gold Necklase.  If you have a flower,
craft a Ring/Necklace of Enchantment.  Don't waste gold
using Magic Perfume (the Perfume lasts two days and is
more valuable than the increase in tips).

Star-52, star-13, and star-14, Busk, Waitress, and
Barmaid, can make $175 in tips and $100 in a private
party for $275/week.  These are the second highest
paying jobs behind Pick Pocketing (upwards of 

Restores 0 or 3-15HP.

You spend a night sleeping out in the open.  Sleeping
here is done when the church won't accept you because
your Sin>0, the Inn won't let you work for a room
because of Sin>50, and you don't have the gold to pay
for a room, health potions, or Doctor Treatment.  You
may get sleep or someone could steal gold from you
during the night (when this happens, you don't lose 
1 HP for a day passing).  Sleeping in the Slums carries
no risk and depending on your Stamina, restores more HP
(see Star-72 Jareth).

Charm  +0.0pts to +3.5pts/week

Unlike other jobs, this one doesn't pay nor does it
guarantee an advance of its target attribute: Charm.
If you Socialize with low Charm, you will just waste
time.  Once your Charm is high enough, you will get
a few points each week Socializing.  I suppose if you
take a Dance class or two to bump up Charm, you could
then follow up by Socializing.  It is a free way to
gain Charm.  

Unlike Busk / Perform, this activity will not stop on
day 21 of Month 3 or 9 to close the Square for Spring 
or Harvest Festivals.  However, you cannot start a week
of Socializing after day 21.  You must wait until the
festivals conclude.

The only time I would consider Socializing useful is
1) You want to build up Mind, so you must stop or never
   start taking a Barmaid job (which drops Mind).
2) You have reached diminishing returns for Charm gain
   as a Salesgirl or Barmaid.  Charm gain becomes
   +.7pts/week at Charm=>75 for Salesgirl and at
   Charm=>150 for a Barmaid.  You could still possibly
   get +3.5pts Charm gain a week Socializing.

If you try to Socialize with Sin=>25, people will run
away from you.

One piece of gossip you will gain socializing is how
the Store owner will give better prices to those she
likes.  This alludes to the Charm principle (star-25). 

As mentioned earlier, the Town Square closes during the

Spring Festival Month 3 days 21-28
Harvest Festival Month 9 days 21-28
Yule Celebration Month 12 days 24-31

Spring Festival has the Flower Queen contest.  If you
win this, you get a $250 Tiara, +10 Charm, and 
+10 Dream.  Charm modifiers count towards score.

[Note: I have seen a bug where my Talent score doesn't
correctly reflect my Cooking, Cleaning, Crafting, 
Brewing, and Taming points.  I don't have any solution.
I am just giving a warning so that if you see something
similar, you will be less frustrated to know others are
experiencing it, too.  I don't think you are doing
something wrong.]

Your Flower Queen competitors seem to be Darla, Abby,
Rose, Brittany, and Lisa.  See star-04 for characters.

Harvest Festival has a cooking contest.  You can make
money if you do well enough.  You could win $50, $100,
$200, or $500.  However, if you win $500, you will be
instantly promoted to Expert level in the Kitchen
Science class the next time you attend.  If you intend
to take more than two classes, the prize money will not
cover the increased tuition costs.  [Note: I am less
certain about the conditions that cause you to be
bumped up one or two tuition levels winning the $200 or
$100 prizes.  Sometimes it happens, sometimes not.]

Win $500 also get +15 Dream and Blue Ribbon.
Win $200 also get +10 Dream and Red Ribbon.
Win $100 also get +5 Dream and Yellow Ribbon.
Win $50 also get White Ribbon.

One of your Cooking Contest opponents is Abby.

If you want to enter the Flower Queen or Cooking
contests, I suggest you do it on day 28.  Entering
sooner just wastes days because the festivals end with
the completion of the contests.  Reading books at the
Library (star-31) or sleeping a day are good ways to
make the most of your extra days.  Another good
strategy is to Busk or Socialize just prior to day 21.
The Town Square will close on day 21, cutting your work
short.  Work somewhere else for a week, then come back
on the 28th.

The festivals have a ball toss game.  This game is
rigged so that even with superlative statistics you
won't win.  When I did hit and knock down all three
pins, I wasn't given the prize.  The proprietor is
puzzled by victory and sends you away empty handed.

The Spring and Harvest Festivals also have Traders that
will sell you any Potion, Weapon, Armor, Ring, or 
Necklace in the game.  However, the Trader offers you
something randomly.

Dream   +1.0pts/day     AVE  +7.0pts/week
Charm   +1.5pts/day     AVE +10.5pts/week

Yule celebration lasts eight days, but there are some
activities that might cause you to arrive late for the
month 12 day 24 start.  You lose no HP as the days pass

Here you may pay to increase character attributes.
Each class starts off at beginner and after five
sessions graduate you to intermediate.  Five sessions
of intermediate graduates you to advanced which also
graduates you to expert after five sessions.  You can
take classes at expert level endlessly.

Classes always start you as a beginner.  Your current
atrribute level doesn't matter.  For example, starting
with high Strength and Stamina because of working at
the Store as a box mover does not prevent you from
taking five classes of Exercise at beginner level.  

There is one exception to the above rule.  If you
enter the Harvest Festival Cooking Contest and win
$500, you will be promoted to expert in the Kitchen
Science class, even if you have never attended.  I have
also seen promotion to advanced for winning $200. 

There is no difference in the rate of learning at
beginner, intermediate, advanced, or expert levels.
However, if you start with low attributes, some
classes, just as at some jobs, will raise attributes
initially in larger bursts.  Thus, the only difference
from beginner, intermediate, advanced, or expert
levels is the tuition you pay.

You must have enough gold for the tuition of at least
one day of your chosen class.  Class will run for the
full seven days even if you can't pay for it.  When you
run out of gold, you stop getting the class benefits.

The College is open for classes month 1 day 1 to
month 6 day 7 and month 8 day 1 to month 12 day 23.
Classes that continue past month 6 day 7 will run to
completion, but all classes started late month 12 will
end on the 23rd.  Keep this in mind when taking classes
in month 12.  Your week may be cut short, but it still
counts towards the 5-class cycle of promotion.  It may
be smarter to wait until next month to take a class.

*-61 DANCE
Tuition $15, $30, $50, $75
Luck    +9pts to +12pts/week  AVE +10.5pts/week
Charm  +12pts to +16pts/week  AVE +14.0pts/week

Tuition $15, $30, $50, $75
 05-49  +13pts to +15pts / week
 50-up  +10.5pts/week
 10-49  +16pts to +19pts / week
 50-up  +7.0pts/week

Tuition $10, $20, $40, $60
 10-59  +9pts to +15pts / week
 60-up  +5pts to +11pts / week
Magic   -1.75pts/week until Magic=10

Magic will not drop in Beginner classes.

Tuition $20, $30, $50, $80
Cooking +16pts to +26pts / week   AVE +21pts/week
Brewing +17pts to +25pts / week   AVE +21pts/week

At the end of the first session of class, Abby, your
nemesis, asks you if you are focusing on Cooking or
on Brewing.  She will be your enemy no matter which
you choose.  How you answer adjusts the points you
earn in class each week to favor your stated goal.

After taking the class one time, on subsequent visits
you can choose to brew potions instead of learning more.
You can use seven days to brew seven potions.  Success
depends on Brewing and Mind with Cooking a factor, too.
(I discovered Mind was important when I had Cooking=271
and Brewing=324 and many of my potions were failing.
The teacher comments "focus your Mind!")

Note that brewing potions, just like any job, will
advance your Brewing +.7pts/week.

Minor Mana Potion    $15   15  Restores 10 MP
Minor Health Potion  $15   15  Restores 10 HP
Mana Potion          $55 >150  Restores 50 MP
Health Potion        $55 >150  Restores 50 HP
Elixir of Luck       $21   35  +20 Luck
Elixir of Strength   $21   35  +20 Strength
Potion of Barkskin   $27   60  -1 Damage absorption
Potion of Stoneskin  $75  180  -5 Damage absorption
Potion of Phasing    $30   60  +40 Combat, MaxDam=1
Magic Perfume        $36   85  +25 Charm
Potion of Skill      $45   85  +25 Weapons
Elixir of Insight    $45  135  +20Mind & -9Magic(perm.)
Potion of Power      $70  135  +20 Magic, +3 MaxDam

Minor Mana and Health potions are replaced by the
more powerful versions at Brewing>150.  (Oddly, 150 is
not enough, but 150.01 is good.)  Similarly, Potion of
Stoneskin replaces Potion of Barkskin when 

With the exception of restorative and permanent
effect potions, enhancement potions last just two days
of game time.  Thus, they have limited application.
For example, taking Magic Perfume before beginning a
week of Taming animals will not help your Charm at the
end of the week for a possible encounter with Prince
Kirelan.  Likewise, I have noticed no gain in Magic
points at Magic class when taking multiple potions of
Insight.  Yet, I have seen some increase in Weapons
when taking multiple Elixirs of Strength before
Fighting class.  But I think the time and money to make
Elixirs of Strength is better used actually increasing
Strength in an Exercise class.

Counterproductive, in my opinion, is the Elixir of
Insight.  In the tests I made, I had -3 Magic points
initially, -7 points the next day, and -9 total points
when the potion wore off.  The potion ID says the user
will only experience -1 Magic.  If you swallow multiple
Elixirs of Insight, you will destroy your Magic
attribute.  I suppose if your Magic attribute is
already close to Magic=10, the lowest value Magic will
drop, then it doesn't matter.

Since Mind and Magic are closely intertwined, I cannot
conceive of why you would temporarily want a high Mind
without Magic.  The one plausible use is to make
potions.  Yet, it is only good for two days of brewing.
With high Brewing and Cooking skill, you get three
successes a week anyway.  Two days with potion charged
Mind could conceively increase production to five per
week.  Yet this is crazy!  Spend multiple weeks brewing
Elixir of Insight to get +2 Potions of Stoneskin one
week?  I know a simple way to get +3 Potion of
Stoneskin; spend another week brewing it.

Okay, there is one other possibility for using Elixir
of Insight: you want to have super high Mana Points
to enter the Wizard's Challenge (star-68).  You will
lose 3pts of Magic immediately for every Elixir of
Insight swallowed (losing 6 more points later).  If you
started with a decent Mind score so as to have a decent
Magic pool (you build Magic proportionally to Mind),
then you could improve your chances of winning the
contest.  But I have to tell you, at best, you will
gain the ability to lose two extra Charm card turns.
The Magic level of Orchid will wipe out huge amounts of
your Mana.  Or, if you take excessive amounts of Elixir
of Insights, you could lose a few more turns, but you
will have reduced your ability to hurt your opponent's
Mana when you win a Charm card turn.  Since it all
is just random anyway, meaning you could still lose
even after all your efforts to assure victory, why not
just reload the game until you win?  Winning a Wizard's
Staff is poor compensation for the self-inflicted
damage to your Magic and the loss of time/money brewing
the potions to make this happen.

For more on Home Brewed Potions, see star-89.

Tuition $20, $30, $50, $80
Crafting +25pts to +33pts/week  AVE +29pts/week
After taking the class, a random cheap raw ingredient
is given to you.  It is kind of like a kick-back on
tuition cost.  Most ingredients can be crafted to make
something that will gain you a profit.  You can also
get the same ingredients by picking through the trash
in The Slums (star-73).  See star-73T for a short table
on how valuable this seeming junk is.

As an added bonus, for each successful item crafted,
you get +1 Dream.  Crafting thus is a great way to build
up Dream (or repair it if you've been Picking through
the Trash at -3.85pts/week Dream).

Ingredient     Value   Craft Possibilities
Acorn           $2      3
Dry Bones       $2      3
Egg             $2      0
Fallen Star     $5      4
Flower          $2      2
Iron Nails      $1      5
Leather Scrap   $2      4
Mushroom        $2      0
Ribbon          $2      3
Rocks           $0      4
Stick           $2      4
Tooth           $5      3

It costs $25 to use the forge, but you must have the
current tution for at least one day to even get the
chance to choose the forge.  Also, you pay $25 for
the forge and won't get it back even if you don't make
anything.  Furthermore, using the forge advances the
tuition class counter (every five classes your tuition
advances from beginer to intermediate then to advanced
and then finally to expert.)  Additionally, crafting
items is a great way to build up Dream: Every item
crafted adds +1 Dream and Failures don't subrect Dream.
Last, using the forge does not take any time.  The same
day you enter the lab is the same day you leave.

Crafting involves placing two items on the forge and
then trying to combine them.  The forge will attempt to
combine the ingredients or give a reason why it won't
try.  The reasons it won't try are 1) the items are
incompatible or 2) you don't have enough crafting skill
to combine them.

If you have sufficient craft ability, the forge will 
attempt to combine the items.  Most times it succeeds,
but sometimes it fails.  When the forge fails, the
source items are destroyed.  You will lose assets this
way.  However, the chance of failure drops the farther
your craft skill is above the minimum craft skill
necessary.  Also, higher Luck may help, too.

If you visit the Dungeon and then later take a crafting
class, the teacher will ask you to find him a Rainbow
Crystal and then a Runestone.  If you give them to him,
it will tie up the lab and classroom indefinitely until
you bring him some Fairy Dust.  Then, if you help him
with his experiment, the game ends.  If you are not
seeking the oops! ending, then there is no reason to
give this guy a Rainbow Crystal.  Keep it and craft
it for yourself.

************ EXTREME SPOILER *************************
I debated on whether to include this information.  I
decided to put it in because if I don't, there will be
a few people that will want to tell me about it.

Here it is: you can make unlimited amounts of money
without any game time elapsing by forging Dashing
Blades.  The source ingredients, Gold Ring and Sword,
can be purchased in unlimited quantities at the Store.
Even with a high failure rate of 1/3, you will still
make money (assuming your volume is high enough to
cover the lab fee).  How fast you make money depends
on Charm (see star-25).

Within a year, you can be rich without need to work
any jobs.  You can spend your time at the College and
the Dungeon.  This spoils the fun of the game.

A more modest approach is to use the cheap raw
ingredients from Picking through the Trash (star-73).
You can make $300-$500/week crafting the Trash with
cheap items from the Store (if your Charm is high
enough; see star-25).

Tuition $30, $45, $60, $90
 0-Luck   +(7.00 + .14 x Luck)pts/week  
 Luck-up  +7.00pts/week
Weapons   +(7.00 + .14 x Strength)pts/week

Note: for Luck<8, Combat rises non-uniformly.

Combat is the ability to dodge / avoid being hit by
opponents.  Weapons is the ability to hit opponents.
Combat increases faster with higher Luck (dexterity).
Weapons increases faster with higher Strength. The
eighth book you can read at the library tells of this
fact (star-31).

Once you have trained Combat equal or above your Luck
Skill, Combat rises at a steady 7pts/week.  At that
point, you may want to increase Luck or start work as
a Bouncer (Bouncer gets +3.5pts/Strength and 
+2.45pts/Combat each week).

The weapon you equip for Fighting class will determine
how high your weapon skill can reach as per the table
below.  Generally, ten times the MaxDam of a weapon is
the Maximum Weapon Skill you can obtain training with
that weapon at the College.  However, for reasons
unknown, it is possible to get a few points above the
Maximum Weapon Skill for the weapon you are using.  I
speculate that it happens when your Strength is high
and you end one day of training just short of the
maximum.  So, you have one more day of training before
you are shut down for being at the limit.  In that day,
you go a few points above the maximum.

Weapon      MaxDam  Maximum Weapon Skill
Bare Hands     1    10
Wand           2    20
Dagger         4    40
Wooden Staff   5    50
Stone Fist     6    60
Sword          8    80
Spear         10   100      
Axe           12   120
Halberd       16   160
Hammer        18   180
Earthsplitter 25   250

One way to increase your Weapons Skill after you have
reached the Maximum Weapon Skill for the best weapon
you have is to swallow multiple Potions of Power before
Fighting class.  For two days, you will be able to gain
more points (then the potion wears off).  Obviously, to
make the most out of those two days, high Strength is

If you worked as a Bouncer and escorted Shane (the
Fighting Instructor) home, he will give you +5 Combat
and +5 Weapons at the end of the next Fighting class
you take.

*-67 MAGIC
Tuition $30, $45, $60, $90
Note: Tution advances Beginner to Intermediate after 
four classes.
 0 to Mind        +(4+MIND/7)pts/week approximately
 Mind to (2xMind) +3.5pts/week
Spells  +21pts/week until Spells=250 (takes 12 weeks)

Learning magic has two phases.  The first phase leaps
forward proportional to your Mind.  The second phase
begins once your Magic>=Mind.  Then, Magic grows at
the static rate of +3.5pts/week until Magic is twice
your Mind.

Magic amplifies the damage of spell-casting.
Remember MAGic = MAGnifier.  It doesn't increase the
amount of Mana used.  You spend the same amount; you
just get more bang for the buck.

Spells determines how many charms you know.  Spells=250
is the maximum and allows 25 charms (see star-90).  

Three other charms are learned elsewhere:
1) Scream--Library by reading books (star-31).
2) Candles--Church by Meditating (star-44).
3) Rain--College Magic class by being Rose's sister.
  (Note: after learning Rain, if you take a magic class
   that ends in months 2, 3, 4, or 5, Rose will tell
   of the Midsummer Wizard's Challenge.  The next time
   you show up at magic class, the teacher, Rose's
   mother Orchid, will ban you from class.)

The Midsummer Festival is ten days, Month 6 day 21-30.
If you are going to enter the Knight's Challenge or
the Wizard's Challenge, I suggest you do it on day 30.
You will just waste days if you enter sooner.

If you defeat the Black Knight in the Knight's Joust,
you are given $1000 and have the option of accepting
Knighthood.  If you accept, the game ends.  [It is
possible to draw (no one wins) the contest.  It is
worth $500 to tie.]

The Wizard's Challenge has five rounds.  You win $50
for rounds 1 and 2.  Round 3 & 4 are worth $100.  Round
5 is against the Magic teacher, Orchid.  A Wizard's
Staff is the prize.

Your competitors in the Wizard's Challenge are:
Sparky     30MP
Mortimer   80MP
Elora     160MP
Grant     200MP
Orchid    250MP

Dream +1.0pt/day    
Charm +1.5pts/day   AVE +10.5pts/week

No HP are lost as the days pass during the Ball.
Work or other activities may cause you to arrive at the
Ball after the first day.

*-70 SLUMS
The guard will not allow you into the Slums without
equipped armor and weapon.  For $30 at the Store, a
Plain Robe and Dagger will suffice.  However, I have
found that if I am armed entering the Dungeon and then
make contact with the Doctor or Jareth, the Guard no
longer cares if I am equipped.  However, when my first
visit to the Slums was sickness, the guard refused to
let me come back in to see the Doctor unless I was

If you come to the Slums with Sin=>50 and visit the
Dungeon, Jareth, or the Doctor, you will not be allowed
to leave.  It doesn't matter if your Sin is because of
Pick Pocketing or killing monsters in the Dungeon.

Until your Sin drops below 50, the guard will not let
you back into town.  There are several ways to fix this:
1) Consume Holy Water to drop Sin (star-44).
2) Volunter at Doctor to drop Sin (star-74).
3) Donate gold to the Doctor to drop Sin.  However, if
   you are a known thief, you can't do this (star-51).
4) Circumvent the guard with the help of Jareth

The Dungeon has five levels.  Levels 1-4 are created
randomly each game.  The levels become static once you
visit them and save the game.  Level five is the home
of the Dragon and the surrounding elemental creatures
of Fire, Earth, Water, and Air.

The hostile creatures of levels one and two are easy to
defeat.  On level three, it takes either some training
or a generous supply of health potions to defeat the
opposition.  On the fourth level, it will take more
skill, health potions, and armor to get past.  Many
fights also require perserverance.  Even my well-
trained girl was ineffective for many rounds of combat
before she started hitting the monsters.  The fifth
level dragon I was unable to hit with my weapon even
though my weapon skill was 164.  It wasn't until I
switched to my +10 Weapon skill Icebreaker that I
started hitting the dragon.  When I tried magic, I
found my water / earth charms effective.

The loot / spoils you collect from vanquishing monsters
will encompass all weapons, armor, potions, rings, and
necklaces.  You will also find cheap and expensive raw
crafting ingredients.  (Cheap raw ingredients at 
star-65 or star-73).  The expensive raw ingredient
table I list here:

Ingredient      Value   Craft Possibilities
Amber            $20     2
Amethyst         $10     3
Crystal Orb      $15     3
Diamond         $100     3
Emerald         $100     2
Fairy Dust       $20     9
Rainbow Crystal  $60     4
Ruby             $80     3
Runestone        $15     3
Sapphire         $80     3

Dungeon Level 1 you will find only the cheap raw
raw ingredients as booty.  Levels 2 - 5 you can find
all other items with the exception of Fairy Dust.  It
can only be found on level 4.

Time passes quickly in the Dungeon.  Every ten times
you move forward or change facing consumes one day.
Every day that passes causes -1HP and +1MP.  Thus, 
consider how long it would take to go back after
traveling a long corridor that dead-ends.  Often, it is
faster to exit the Dungeon and re-enter it.

Killing monsters adds to your Sin.  If your Sin=>50,
the guard will bar your return to town.  You are stuck
in the Slums.  You may also end up in this predicament
by amassing Sin Pick Pocketing in the Town Square and
then visiting the Dungeon.  When you try to go out,
even without killing any monsters, your Sin=>50 will
trip the wards.

If you leave the Dungen with Sin=>50, the Slum guard
will deny you re-entry into town.  The first time he
does, Jareth will appear and introduce himself.

How do I get out of the Slums?

If you choose FUN, Jareth will tell you about a tunnel
into the city.  If you go out Pick Pocketing with him,
Jareth will leave you in the city after the job.  But
first, you must Pick Through the Trash for two weeks.
After at least two weeks of trash search, Talk to
Jareth and the "I want to go on a job" option is there.
If your Luck is less than 50, you will have to Pick
Through the Trash more to raise Luck.  If your Luck is
sufficient, Jareth and you spend 7 days stealing, he
takes half the gold, and you are left in town.

If you choose DO GOOD, Jareth will direct you to the
Doctor.  You can Volunteer or Donate gold to lower Sin.

Can I sleep here safely?
Do this to restore lost HP.  You get better sleep here
than you do Camping Out in the Town Square.  Sleeping
in the Slums for Stamina<80 gives about 25% of Stamina
as restored HP.  At Stamina=>80, you will get +20HP

 05-49  +7.0pts/week
 50-up  +3.5pts/week
Dream   -3.85pts/week

This is a fast and free way to raise Luck.  In
addition, you may get $1 or $2 a day and possibly
cheap raw crafting ingredients.  You can make $300-$500
per week by crafting the items you collect in the Trash
once your Luck is high enough to guarantee finding
stuff every day.

You can note how Picking through the Trash lowers your
Dream.  If you are selling the stuff you collect, this
can hurt you if doing too much Trash Picking.  Crafting
these items will give you +1 Dream for each success.
In this way, you can offset the Dream losses.

Ingredient     Value   Craft Possibilities
Acorn           $2      3
Dry Bones       $2      3
Egg             $2      0
Fallen Star     $5      4
Flower          $2      2
Iron Nails      $1      5
Leather Scrap   $2      4
Mushroom        $2      0
Ribbon          $2      3
Rocks           $0      4
Stick           $2      4
Tooth           $5      3

*-73T Abbreviated Item Crafting Table
 This table is a truncated copy of star-82 to quickly
 alert you to the most useful of crafting possibilities
 for the Cheap Raw Ingredients.  "Useful" as in makes
 the most money, makes an item you might use, or is the
 best choice for a girl with low Crafting skill.

 Crft  Item 1      Item 2    Cost Value   RESULT
 100 Acorn       Gold Necklc  $12  $200 Druid's Torc
  85 Dry Bones   Plain Robe    $7  $125 Necromancer's R
  15 Fallen Star Gold Necklc  $14   $75 Star-Touched N
  15 Fallen Star Wand         $29   $70 Star Wand
  20 Fallen Star Plain Robe    $9   $65 Nightgown
  10 Flower      Gold Necklc  $12   $50 Necklc of Encht
  10 Flower      Gold Ring    $12   $50 Ring of Enchant
  30 Iron Nails  Ribbon        $3   $25 Spiked Collar
 100 Iron Nails  Gold Ring    $11  $200 Ring Shattering
  50 Leathr Scrp Plain Robe    $7   $40 Heavy Robe
 120 Leathr Scrp Dagger       $27   $75 Claw Glove
 150 Leathr Scrp Rocks         $2  $145 Stone Fist
  30 Ribbon      Iron Nails    $3   $25 Spiked Collar
  30 Ribbon      Plain Robe    $7  $100 Party Dress
  25 Rocks       Stick         $2   $50 Spear
  35 Rocks       Silver Ring  $10  $100 Ring BruteForce
  75 Rocks       Axe         $100  $120 Hammer
 150 Rocks       Leathr Scrp   $2  $145 Stone Fist
  15 Stick       Wand         $27   $40 Wooden Staff
  25 Stick       Rocks         $2   $50 Spear
  30 Stick       Axe         $102  $135 Halberd
  20 Tooth       Silver Ring  $14   $50 Ring Strength
  25 Tooth       Gold Necklc  $14   $75 Tribal Tooth
 110 Tooth       Plain Robe    $9  $150 Shaman's Robe

Jareth will pay the same rate as the Store (star-25)
for your items based on your Charm level.

Jareth offers sale of basic items at 20% marked up
prices.  The health and mana potions can be important
if you are stuck in the Slums and want to go back into
the Dungeon in hopes of financial gain.

In order to see the Doctor, you must first trigger one
of the circumstances that makes the Doctor available.

1) Get sick.  When your HP drops below 50% of your 
Stamina, you have the possibility of getting sick
during the fall and winter (month 9 day 21 through
month 3 day 20).  This is a random event -- you can't
make it happen.  And when it does, you are sent to the
Doctor to recover.  Each day, you lose one point of 
Stamina and gain about 5 HP until the ratio of 
HP / Stamina is approximately 75%.  That means if your
HP was 1 or close to it and your Stamina was high, you
could spend many days at the Doctor recovering.  
Conversely, if you were close to 50% HP / Stamina when
first sick, your recovery will be short.

2) Die or pass-out in the Dungeon.  You will wake up in
the Doctor's office.  (If you continue moving in the
Dungeon while at HP=1, you eventually pass-out.)  I
think there is no difference between dying and falling
unconscious: both result in the loss of one point to
any attribute above 10.  As such, if you choose this
way to see the Doctor, do it early in the game before
you have spent time and money raising attributes.

3) Get a referal from Jareth (star-72).  Talk to
Jareth.  If your HP is less than 10, Jareth will insist
that you see the Doctor or sleep.  If your HP=>10, ask
about getting out of The Slums and tell him you want to
be good.  Jareth will direct you to the Doctor.  (Note:
you should do this first thing when you meet Jareth
because once you Pick Trhough the Trash twice, the menu

The Doctor offers several services:

1) Volunteering-- Do this to lower your Sin.  If you
   continue to volunteer approximately 9 times, you
   will be offered the chance to work as a Nurse for
   $15 gold/day.  This is the highest paying fixed rate
   job in the game.  However both volunteering and
   Nursing lower Stamina.  I suggest if you wish to
   open up the Nurse job, do it early in the game so
   that when you reach Stamina 10, volunteering can no
   longer drop it.  (Note: You will get better sleep at
   the Church with low Stamina.  With high Stamina, the
   Slums is better.)  Nursing itself is hard on Stamina
   if your Mind attribute is low.  But if Mind is high
   enough, Stamina will only drop one point every
   several weeks of work.

2) Treatment: $50 restores all HP and MP just like
   sleeping at the Inn ($49).  However, Treatment does
   not use up a day as does renting a room.

3) Make a donation.  For every $5 donated, one point of
   Sin is lost ($50 drops ten Sin points).  If you are
   an established thief (star-51), the Doctor won't
   accept your money and there is no way to change this.

*-75 VOLUNTEER - no pay
Stamina (until Stamina=10)
      -3pts to -6pts / week 
Sin  -28pts/week

You cannot Volunteer during the Month 12 Day 24-31
holidays.  However, this job will not stop on day 24,
but keep going for the full seven days.  (I thought to
Volunteer on the 23rd, working only one day while still
getting credit for a week of Volunteering towards 
opening up Nurse.  This exploit failed.)

*-76 NURSE - 15G/day
 010-099   +3.50pts/week
 100-up    +1.75pts/week
Weapons    -3.5pts/week until Weapons=10
Stamina  (until Stamina=10)
         -0pts to -7pts/week

Stamina loss seems to be higher when you have unpaid
work days.  Stamina loss gets smaller as Mind gets

Like many jobs, if you start with low statistics and
let the job build them up, you could start getting pay
at Mind>=30.  However, if you come here after training
your Mind elsewhere, you will have little success even
with Mind>90.  The best way to do this, if you can
survive the loss of Dream points, is to just build up
Mind right here.  The game seems to reward those that
pay their dues, so to speak, by learning the job as a

Below is listed each attribute and jobs that change the
attribute so that you can make a comparison.

On your birthday (except the game start), the attribute
that typifies your birth month will get +10pts.  You
also get +5 Dream.

Note that averages are used.  There are several jobs
that change attributes over a range instead of a
fixed rate.  Averages are the (low + high) / 2.

Also, note attributes are displayed as whole numbers,
but they actually contain fractional amounts.  These
fractional amounts add up and eventually make it seem
that some weeks' rates are higher when they aren't.
The Skills view of statistics will round attributes up,
while the heads up display in the upper right corner
will not.  (That is why you will see discrepancies in
the Stamina total.  See star-03 for example on how to
detect the fractional amounts.)

Further note how every weekly rate of advance is
divisable by 7 without remainder.  All weekly rates of
change can be expressed as a daily rate.  Most times,
the weekly rate is all that is of concern.  However,
when you reach the transition between one rate of
change and the next, the daily rate matters.

What happens is that each day the daily rate is added
to the attribute.  When the attribute passes the
threshold for the next rate, the next day the new rate
applies.  [Some of you won't care, but for myself and
others, I write this so I don't have to rediscover
it when I forget.]

 Bouncer            +3.50pts/week         +3.50pts/week
 Mover       05-49  +5.25pts/week  50-up  +2.45/week
 Read 2Child        -3.50pts/week until Strength=5 
 College     05-49 +14.00pts/week  50-up +10.50pts/week

 Maid      10-49  +3.50pts/week  50-up  +0.70pts/week
 Waitress         +1.40pts/week         +1.40pts/week
 Mover     10-49  +5.25pts/week  50-up  +2.45/week
 Shelver          +3.50pts/week         +3.50pts/week
 Research  20-50  -1.75pts/week  51-100 -3.50pts/week
 Research  (until Stamina=20)   101-up  -7.00pts/week
 College   10-49 +17.50pts/week  50-up  +7.00pts/week
 Volunteer        -4.50pts/week         -4.50pts/week
 Nurse     10-up  -3.50pts/week  
 Barmaid          -3.50pts/week until Mind=10
 Salesgirl        +1.75pts/week         +1.75pts/week
 Shelver   10-49  +3.50pts/week   50-up  +.70pts/week
 Research  10-99  +3.50pts/week  100-up +2.00pts/week
 Meditate  10-49  +7.00pts/week   50-up +1.75pts/week
 Yule Srv         +3.5pts/week
 College   10-59 +12.00pts/week   60-up +8.00pts/week
 Nurse     10-99  +3.50pts/week  100-up +1.75pts/week

 Read 2Child        +3.5pts/week
 Pick Pocket        +3.5pts/week
 Busk Perfrm         +.7pts/week
 College           +10.5pts/week
 Pick Trash  05-49  +7.0pts/week  50-up  +3.5pts/week

 Barmaid        005-099  +5.25pts/week
                100-149  +2.80pts/week
                150-up    +.70pts/week
 Salesgirl      005-074  +1.75pts/week
                075-up    +.70pts/week
 Tend Animals            -5.25pts/week until Charm=5
 Busk / Peform            +.70pts/week
 Socialize      0-3.5pts/week depending on Charm level
 Yule Celebration       +10.50pts/week
 College                +14.00pts/week
 Midsummer Ball         +10.50pts/week

 Cook     00-49  +7.0pts/week   50-up  +3.5pts/week
 Waitress        +1.4pts/week          +1.4pts/week
 College        +21.0pts/week         +21.0pts/week

 Maid     00-49  +5.6pts/week   50-up  +2.80pts/week
 Research        -3.5pts/week until Cleaning=10
 Window W 00-24  +3.5pts/week   25-up  +1.75pts/week 

 Seamstress   000-049  +10.50pts/week
              050-099   +5.25pts/week
              100-up    +2.80pts/week
 College               +29.0pts/week

 Barmaid      000-059   +3.50pts/week
              060-099   +1.75pts/week
              100-up     +.70pts/week
 College               +21.00pts/week
 Brew Potions            +.70pts/week

 Bouncer                 -10.50pts/week until Tame=10
 Read Children            +3.50pts/week
 Tend Animals    000-049  +7.00pts/week
                 050-099  +3.50pts/week
                 100-up   +1.75pts/week

 Bouncer    +2.45pts/week
 College    +(7.00 + .14 x Luck)pts/week  

 Meditate   00-50 -3.5pts/week
            51-up -7.0pts/week
 College          +(7.00 + .14 x Strength)pts/week
 Nurse            -3.5pts/week

 Meditate      00-49 +5.25pts/week
               50-up +1.75pts/week
 College Math        -1.75pts/week until Magic=10
 College Magic rate of increase depends on Mind

 College Magic +21pts/week until Spells=250

 Jail (star-51) -35.0pts/week forced until Sin=0
 Wash Windows   -17.5pts/week
 Tend Animals    -7.0pts/week
 Yule Service   -35.0pts/week
 Pick Pocket    +points rapidly
 Kill Monster   +points (varies)
 Tame Monster   -points (varies)
 Volunteer      -28.0pts/week
 Donate          $5/point
 Holy Water     -10points

 Inn Vacation      +2.00pts/day
 Yule Service      +1.50pts/day
 Yule Celebrate    +1.00pts/day
 Craft Success     +1.00pts
 Midsummer Ball    +1.00pts/day
 Pick Thru Trash    -.57pts/day
 Princess returns +10.00pts

         1         2         3         4         5         6         7

Here ends the 55 characters per line formating.  The
information in the tables that follow are most
informative associating information together.  This
causes packed lines up to 79 characters.

    The Birth Attributes Table lists the starting
    attributes for all Birth Months.  The game itself
    doesn't allow you to see them all at once to make
    comparison or plans.

    # signifies what attribute will get +10pts on your
    birthday (except at game start).  You also get
    +5 Dream as a birthday gift.
                                  M O N T H
 Attribute   1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9   10   11   12
 Strength   20   10   15   30#  10   10    5   25   15   15   15   15
 Stamina    20#  10   15   25   10   20   10   25   15   15   15   15
 Mind       15   20   25   10   10   20   30#  10   15   15   10   15
 Luck       15   25#  15   10   10   25   25   15   10   30   10   15
 Charm      15   20   15   10   10   20    5   10   10   30#  25   15
 Cooking    10    5    5    5   20    5   20    0   15    5   15   20#
 Cleaning   10    5    5   20   20    5   10   10   15#   5   10   15
 Crafting   10   10   10    0   20    5    0    0   15    5   10   15
 Brewing    10   10   20    5   20#   5   20   10   15    5   15   15
 Taming     10   10   10   15   15    5    0   10   15    5   30#  15
 Combat      5    5    5#  10    5   10    0   20    5    5    0    0
 Weapons     5    5    5   10    5   10    0   20#   5    5    0    0
 Magic       5   10    5    0    0   10#  15    0    5    5    0    0
 Spells      5   10    5    0    0   10   15    0    0    5    0    0
      Sum  155  155  155  150  155  160  155  155  155  150  155  155

The Crafting IngredientS Table lists all craft
possibilities.  Use this table when you have 
ingredients and you wish to see what you can
craft with them.  

The line divisions provide a visual guide for the
eye/brain to make the table easier to read.  The Crft
column is the minimum Crafting skill needed to craft
the resulting item.  The Cost column adds the value of
item 1 and item 2 to give you some idea of what it
costs you to make the result,  The buy cost of any item
that can be bought from the Traders is used.  For items
that can only be found, the highest sell amount is used.
The Type column indicates A-Armor, N-Necklace, P-Potion,
R-Ring, W-Weapon for the resulting item.  Value is the
price the Traders sell the result.

 Crft  Ingredient 1      Ingredient 2    Cost Value     RESULT           Type
  10 Acorn             Ribbon              $4    $1 Childish Trinket        N
  90 Acorn             Fairy Dust         $21  $140 Druid's Staff           W
 100 Acorn             Gold Necklace      $12  $200 Druid's Torc            N
 100 Amber             Dagger             $44  $100 Lightning Kris          W
 100 Amber             Silver Ring        $29  $200 Ring of Lightning       R
  10 Amethyst          Silver Ring        $19   $25 Lucky Charm             R
  80 Amethyst          Sapphire Necklace $119  $175 Mercury's Blessing      N
 100 Amethyst          Gold Necklace      $19  $250 Heartstone              N
  30 Axe               Stick             $102  $135 Halberd                 W
  50 Axe               Fairy Dust        $119  $130 Magic Axe               W
  75 Axe               Rocks             $100  $120 Hammer                  W
 100 Axe               Sapphire          $179  $150 Icebreaker              W
  50 Chain Mail        Fairy Dust        $119  $150 Enchanted Chain         A
  50 Chain Mail        Leather Scrap     $102  $125 Padded Chain Mail       A
  80 Chain Mail        Party Dress       $200  $150 Chainmail Bikini        A
 180 Crystal Collar    Rainbow Crystal   $219  $250 Forcefield              N
  35 Crystal Orb       Wooden Staff       $54   $95 Magic Staff             W
 100 Crystal Orb       Gold Necklace      $24  $200 Glowstick               N
 160 Crystal Orb       Diamond Pendant    $24  $160 Crystal Collar          N
  20 Dagger            Mild Poison        $40   $75 Assassin's Blade        W
  50 Dagger            Fairy Dust         $44   $45 Magic Dagger            W
 100 Dagger            Amber              $44  $100 Lightning Kris          W
 120 Dagger            Leather Scrap      $27   $75 Claw Glove              W
  50 Diamond           Gold Necklace     $109  $125 Diamond Pendant         N
  50 Diamond           Gold Ring         $109  $300 Dazzling Ring           R
 100 Diamond           Sword             $149  $210 Earthsplitter           W
 160 Diamond Pendant   Crystal Orb        $24  $160 Crystal Collar          N
  50 Dry Bones         Leather Armor      $62  $105 Skeletal Armor          A
  50 Dry Bones         Studded Leather    $87  $105 Skeletal Armor          A
  85 Dry Bones         Plain Robe          $7  $125 Necromancer's Robe      A
  50 Emerald           Gold Necklace     $109  $125 Emerald Necklace        N
  75 Emerald           Gold Ring         $109  $300 Ring of Vigor           R
  80 Emerald Necklace  Night Stone       $134  $145 Stone of ill Wishes     N
  50 Fairy Dust        Axe               $119  $130 Magic Axe               W
  50 Fairy Dust        Chain Mail        $119  $150 Enchanted Chain         A
  50 Fairy Dust        Dagger             $44   $45 Magic Dagger            W
  50 Fairy Dust        Halberd           $154  $160 Magic Lance             W
  50 Fairy Dust        Leather Armor      $79  $135 Elven Leather           A
  50 Fairy Dust        Plate Mail        $169  $200 Enchanted Plate         A
  50 Fairy Dust        Spear              $68  $160 Magic Lance             W
  50 Fairy Dust        Sword              $69   $75 Magic Sword             W
  90 Fairy Dust        Acorn              $21  $140 Druid's Staff           W
  15 Fallen Star       Gold Necklace      $14   $75 Star-Touched Necklace   N
  15 Fallen Star       Wand               $29   $70 Star Wand               W
  20 Fallen Star       Plain Robe          $9   $65 Nightgown               A
  50 Fallen Star       Lucky Charm        $29   $95 Lucky Stars             R
  10 Flower            Gold Necklace      $12   $50 Necklace of Enchantment N
  10 Flower            Gold Ring          $12   $50 Ring of Enchantment     R
  10 Gold Necklace     Flower             $12   $50 Necklace of Enchantment N
  15 Gold Necklace     Fallen Star        $14   $75 Star-Touched Necklace   N
  25 Gold Necklace     Tooth              $14   $75 Tribal Tooth            N
  50 Gold Necklace     Diamond           $109  $125 Diamond Pendant         N
  50 Gold Necklace     Emerald           $109  $125 Emerald Necklace        N
  50 Gold Necklace     Ruby               $89  $110 Ruby Necklace           N
  50 Gold Necklace     Sapphire           $89  $110 Sapphire Necklace       N
 100 Gold Necklace     Acorn              $12  $200 Druid's Torc            N
 100 Gold Necklace     Amethyst           $19  $250 Heartstone              N
 100 Gold Necklace     Crystal Orb        $24  $200 Glowstick               N
 100 Gold Necklace     Holy Water         $85  $200 Blessed Cross           N
 100 Gold Necklace     Night Stone        $19  $150 Negative Necklace       N
  10 Gold Ring         Flower             $12   $50 Ring of Enchantment     R
  50 Gold Ring         Diamond           $109  $300 Dazzling Ring           R
  50 Gold Ring         Sword              $60  $145 Dashing Blade           W
  75 Gold Ring         Emerald           $109  $300 Ring of Vigor           R
 100 Gold Ring         Iron Nails         $11  $200 Ring of Shattering      R
 100 Gold Ring         Ruby               $89  $200 Ring of Fire            R
  50 Halberd           Fairy Dust        $154  $160 Magic Lance             W
  50 Halberd           Holy Water        $210  $170 Holy Lance              W
  50 Holy Water        Halberd           $210  $170 Holy Lance              W
  50 Holy Water        Plate Mail        $225  $200 Paladin's Plate         A
  50 Holy Water        Spear             $124  $170 Holy Lance              W
 100 Holy Water        Gold Necklace      $85  $200 Blessed Cross           N
  10 Iron Nails        Stick               $4   $15 Spiked Club             W
  30 Iron Nails        Leather Armor      $61   $85 Studded Leather         A
  30 Iron Nails        Ribbon              $3   $25 Spiked Collar           N
 100 Iron Nails        Gold Ring          $11  $200 Ring of Shattering      R
 130 Iron Nails        Negative Necklace $151  $160 Iron Collar             N
  30 Leather Armor     Iron Nails         $61   $85 Studded Leather         A
  50 Leather Armor     Dry Bones          $62  $105 Skeletal Armor          A
  50 Leather Armor     Fairy Dust         $79  $135 Elven Leather           A
  50 Leather Scrap     Chain Mail        $102  $125 Padded Chain Mail       A
  50 Leather Scrap     Plain Robe          $7   $40 Heavy Robe              A
 120 Leather Scrap     Dagger             $27   $75 Claw Glove              W
 150 Leather Scrap     Rocks               $2  $145 Stone Fist              W
  50 Lucky Charm       Fallen Star        $29   $95 Lucky Stars             R
  20 Mild Poison       Dagger             $40   $75 Assassin's Blade        W
 130 Negative Necklace Iron Nails        $151  $160 Iron Collar             N
  25 Night Stone       Silver Ring        $19  $100 Ring of Lies            R
  80 Night Stone       Emerald Necklace  $134  $145 Stone of ill Wishes     N
 100 Night Stone       Gold Necklace      $19  $150 Negative Necklace       N
  80 Party Dress       Chain Mail        $200  $150 Chainmail Bikini        A
  20 Plain Robe        Fallen Star         $9   $65 Nightgown               A
  30 Plain Robe        Ribbon              $7  $100 Party Dress             A
  40 Plain Robe        Rainbow Crystal    $64  $125 Rainbow Robe            A
  50 Plain Robe        Leather Scrap       $7   $40 Heavy Robe              A
  85 Plain Robe        Dry Bones           $7  $125 Necromancer's Robe      A
 110 Plain Robe        Tooth               $9  $150 Shaman's Robe           A
  50 Plate Mail        Fairy Dust        $169  $200 Enchanted Plate         A
  50 Plate Mail        Holy Water        $225  $200 Paladin's Plate         A
  75 Plate Mail        Runestone         $164  $200 Rune Plate              A
  40 Rainbow Crystal   Plain Robe         $64  $125 Rainbow Robe            A
  80 Rainbow Crystal   Wooden Staff       $99  $180 Wizard's Staff          W
 125 Rainbow Crystal   Silver Ring        $69  $250 Full Spectrum           R
 180 Rainbow Crystal   Crystal Collar    $219  $250 Forcefield              N
  10 Ribbon            Acorn               $4    $1 Childish Trinket        N
  30 Ribbon            Iron Nails          $3   $25 Spiked Collar           N
  30 Ribbon            Plain Robe          $7  $100 Party Dress             A
  25 Rocks             Stick               $2   $50 Spear                   W
  35 Rocks             Silver Ring        $10  $100 Ring of Brute Force     R
  75 Rocks             Axe               $100  $120 Hammer                  W
 150 Rocks             Leather Scrap       $2  $145 Stone Fist              W
  50 Ruby              Gold Necklace      $89  $110 Ruby Necklace           N
 100 Ruby              Gold Ring          $89  $200 Ring of Fire            R
 100 Ruby              Spear             $128  $120 Spear of Wrath          W
  60 Ruby Necklace     Runestone         $124  $190 Warlock's Medallion     N
  60 Runestone         Ruby Necklace     $124  $190 Warlock's Medallion     N
  75 Runestone         Plate Mail        $164  $200 Rune Plate              A
  85 Runestone         Silver Ring        $24  $110 Ring of Protection      R
  50 Sapphire          Gold Necklace      $89  $110 Sapphire Necklace       N
 100 Sapphire          Axe               $179  $150 Icebreaker              W
 100 Sapphire          Silver Ring        $89  $200 Ring of Ice             R
  80 Sapphire Necklace Amethyst          $119  $175 Mercury's Blessing      N
  10 Silver Ring       Amethyst           $19   $25 Lucky Charm             R
  20 Silver Ring       Tooth              $14   $50 Ring of Strength        R
  25 Silver Ring       Night Stone        $19  $100 Ring of Lies            R
  35 Silver Ring       Rocks              $10  $100 Ring of Brute Force     R
  85 Silver Ring       Runestone          $24  $110 Ring of Protection      R
 100 Silver Ring       Amber              $29  $200 Ring of Lightning       R
 100 Silver Ring       Sapphire           $89  $200 Ring of Ice             R
 125 Silver Ring       Rainbow Crystal    $69  $250 Full Spectrum           R
  50 Spear             Fairy Dust         $68  $160 Magic Lance             W
  50 Spear             Holy Water        $124  $170 Holy Lance              W
 100 Spear             Ruby              $128  $120 Spear of Wrath          W
  10 Stick             Iron Nails          $4   $15 Spiked Club             W
  15 Stick             Wand               $27   $40 Wooden Staff            W
  25 Stick             Rocks               $2   $50 Spear                   W
  30 Stick             Axe               $102  $135 Halberd                 W
  50 Studded Leather   Dry Bones          $87  $105 Skeletal Armor          A
  50 Sword             Fairy Dust         $69   $75 Magic Sword             W
  50 Sword             Gold Ring          $60  $145 Dashing Blade           W
 100 Sword             Diamond           $149  $210 Earthsplitter           W
  20 Tooth             Silver Ring        $14   $50 Ring of Strength        R
  25 Tooth             Gold Necklace      $14   $75 Tribal Tooth            N
 110 Tooth             Plain Robe          $9  $150 Shaman's Robe           A
  15 Wand              Fallen Star        $29   $70 Star Wand               W
  15 Wand              Stick              $27   $40 Wooden Staff            W
  35 Wooden Staff      Crystal Orb        $54   $95 Magic Staff             W
  80 Wooden Staff      Rainbow Crystal    $99  $180 Wizard's Staff          W

The Crafting Items Table is used for discovering what
ingredients are needed to make a specific item.  The T
column, first in the table,  groups the table into 
Armor, Necklaces, Rings, and Weapons.  Crft column
lists Crafting skill needed to forge the ingredients.
Cost is the addtion of the cost to buy the ingredients.
The sell price is used if an ingredient can't be bought,
but only found.  The ingredients are ordered such that
Ingredient 1 is harder to obtain than ingredient 2.
This way you can judge more readily how difficult it 
will be to get the materials needed to craft the item.
Ingredient 2 will be the easier to obtain based on this
criteria: 1)Store 2)Picking Through Trash 3)Traders
4)Dungeon.  Almost all items can be found at the
Traders (in fact you could get what you want there
instead of making it).  The only exceptions to what the
Traders carry are the cheap raw crafting ingredients
found in the Slum trash and the expensive raw crafting
ingredients found only in the Dungeon (See star-71).

 T   ITEM                 Value Crft  Cost  Ingredient 1      Ingredient 2
 A Chainmail Bikini        $150   80  $200 Party Dress       Chain Mail
 A Elven Leather           $135   50   $79 Fairy Dust        Leather Armor
 A Enchanted Chain         $150   50  $119 Fairy Dust        Chain Mail
 A Enchanted Plate         $200   50  $169 Fairy Dust        Plate Mail
 A Heavy Robe               $40   50    $7 Leather Scrap     Plain Robe
 A Necromancer's Robe      $125   85    $7 Dry Bones         Plain Robe
 A Nightgown                $65   20    $9 Fallen Star       Plain Robe
 A Padded Chain Mail       $125   50  $102 Leather Scrap     Chain Mail
 A Paladin's Plate         $200   50  $225 Holy Water        Plate Mail
 A Party Dress             $100   30    $7 Ribbon            Plain Robe
 A Rainbow Robe            $125   40   $64 Rainbow Crystal   Plain Robe
 A Rune Plate              $200   75  $164 Runestone         Plate Mail
 A Shaman's Robe           $150  110    $9 Tooth             Plain Robe
 A Skeletal Armor          $105   50   $62 Dry Bones         Leather Armor
 A Skeletal Armor          $105   50   $87 Studded Leather   Dry Bones
 A Studded Leather          $85   30   $61 Iron Nails        Leather Armor
 N Blessed Cross           $200  100   $85 Holy Water        Gold Necklace
 N Childish Trinket          $1   10    $4 Acorn             Ribbon
 N Crystal Collar          $160  160   $24 Crystal Orb       Diamond Pendant
 N Diamond Pendant         $125   50  $109 Diamond           Gold Necklace
 N Druid's Torc            $200  100   $12 Acorn             Gold Necklace
 N Emerald Necklace        $125   50  $109 Emerald           Gold Necklace
 N Forcefield              $250  180  $219 Rainbow Crystal   Crystal Collar
 N Glowstick               $200  100   $24 Crystal Orb       Gold Necklace
 N Heartstone              $250  100   $19 Amethyst          Gold Necklace
 N Iron Collar             $160  130  $151 Negative Necklace Iron Nails
 N Mercury's Blessing      $175   80  $119 Amethyst          Sapphire Necklace
 N Necklace of Enchantment  $50   10   $12 Flower            Gold Necklace
 N Negative Necklace       $150  100   $19 Night Stone       Gold Necklace
 N Ruby Necklace           $110   50   $89 Ruby              Gold Necklace
 N Sapphire Necklace       $110   50   $89 Sapphire          Gold Necklace
 N Spiked Collar            $25   30    $3 Iron Nails        Ribbon
 N Star-Touched Necklace    $75   15   $14 Fallen Star       Gold Necklace
 N Stone of ill Wishes     $145   80  $134 Night Stone       Emerald Necklace
 N Tribal Tooth             $75   25   $14 Tooth             Gold Necklace
 N Warlock's Medallion     $190   60  $124 Runestone         Ruby Necklace
 R Dazzling Ring           $300   50  $109 Diamond           Gold Ring
 R Full Spectrum           $250  125   $69 Rainbow Crystal   Silver Ring
 R Lucky Charm              $25   10   $19 Amethyst          Silver Ring
 R Lucky Stars              $95   50   $29 Lucky Charm       Fallen Star
 R Ring of Brute Force     $100   35   $10 Rocks             Silver Ring
 R Ring of Enchantment      $50   10   $12 Flower            Gold Ring
 R Ring of Fire            $200  100   $89 Ruby              Gold Ring
 R Ring of Ice             $200  100   $89 Sapphire          Silver Ring
 R Ring of Lies            $100   25   $19 Night Stone       Silver Ring
 R Ring of Lightning       $200  100   $29 Amber             Silver Ring
 R Ring of Protection      $110   85   $24 Runestone         Silver Ring
 R Ring of Shattering      $200  100   $11 Iron Nails        Gold Ring
 R Ring of Strength         $50   20   $14 Tooth             Silver Ring
 R Ring of Vigor           $300   75  $109 Emerald           Gold Ring
 W Assassin's Blade         $75   20   $40 Mild Poison       Dagger
 W Claw Glove               $75  120   $27 Leather Scrap     Dagger
 W Dashing Blade           $145   50   $60 Gold Ring         Sword
 W Druid's Staff           $140   90   $21 Fairy Dust        Acorn
 W Earthsplitter           $210  100  $149 Diamond           Sword
 W Halberd                 $135   30  $102 Stick             Axe
 W Hammer                  $120   75  $100 Rocks             Axe
 W Holy Lance              $170   50  $210 Holy Water        Halberd
 W Holy Lance              $170   50  $124 Spear             Holy Water
 W Icebreaker              $150  100  $179 Sapphire          Axe
 W Lightning Kris          $100  100   $44 Amber             Dagger
 W Magic Axe               $130   50  $119 Fairy Dust        Axe
 W Magic Dagger             $45   50   $44 Fairy Dust        Dagger
 W Magic Lance             $160   50  $154 Fairy Dust        Halberd
 W Magic Lance             $160   50   $68 Fairy Dust        Spear
 W Magic Staff              $95   35   $54 Crystal Orb       Wooden Staff
 W Magic Sword              $75   50   $69 Fairy Dust        Sword
 W Spear                    $50   25    $2 Rocks             Stick
 W Spear of Wrath          $120  100  $128 Ruby              Spear
 W Spiked Club              $15   10    $4 Iron Nails        Stick
 W Star Wand                $70   15   $29 Fallen Star       Wand
 W Stone Fist              $145  150    $2 Leather Scrap     Rocks
 W Wizard's Staff          $180   80   $99 Rainbow Crystal   Wooden Staff
 W Wooden Staff             $40   15   $27 Stick             Wand

The Armor Table list all Armor in the game.  Cr-ID
column lists crafting skill needed to be certain of the
Armor's name and statistics.  Com lists Combat bonuses.
Damage lists how many Health Points the Armor will
absorb; any physical attack greater than your combined
Damage rating will result in the excess subtracting
from your Health.  Luck indicates any Luck bonuses.
Mag indicates any Magic bonuses.  Addtional column
lists bonuses to other attributes, spell casting
enhancement, or a game description of the Armor.

  ARMOR           Cr-ID  BUY  Com Dam Luck  Mag   ADDITIONAL
Chainmail Bikini     0  $150  +10  -1           +15 Charm           
Chain Mail           0  $100  +10  -1                               
Elven Leather       50  $135  +10      +20      green leather armor 
Enchanted Chain     50  $150  +15  -1  +10                          
Enchanted Plate     50  $200  +20  -5                               
Full Plate           0  $175  +20  -5   -5      after 18months store
Heavy Robe           0   $40   +5                                   
Leather Armor        0   $60   +5                                   
Necromancer's Robe  75  $125   +5           +10 +50% Dark           
Nightgown           15   $65                +10 A starry robe       
Padded Chainmail     0  $125  +15  -1           after 18months store
Paladin's Plate     50  $200  +20  -5   -5      +50% Holy           
Party Dress          0  $100                    +15 Charm; 18mo Stor
Plain Robe           0    $5                                        
Plate Mail           0  $150  +15  -5   -5                          
Rainbow Robe        25  $125                +25                     
Rune Plate          50  $200  +20  -5  -15  +10 Stone armor         
Shaman's Robe      100  $150   +5           +10 +10 STR, +50% Nature
Skeletal Armor      25  $105  +10               +50% Dark           
Studded Leather      0   $85  +10                                    

The Necklace Table lists all Necklaces in the game.
Cr-ID column lists crafting skill needed to be certain
of the Necklace's name and statistics.  Com lists
Combat bonuses.  Charm column lists Charm bonuses.
Addtional column lists bonuses to other attributes,
spell casting enhancement, functions, or a game
description of the Necklace.

   NECKLACE           Cr-ID Value Charm  ADDITIONAL
 Blessed Cross          100  $200  +10 +50% Holy
 Childish Trinket        10    $1   -5
 Crystal Collar         150  $160   +5 +5 Combat, -1 Damage
 Diamond Pendant          5  $125  +10
 Druid's Torc           100  $200      +50% Nature
 Emerald Necklace         5  $125  +10
 Forcefield             175  $250      Damage = -(Magic/10)
 Glowstick              100  $200      +50% Light
 Gold Necklace            0   $10   +1
 Heartstone             100  $250      +5 Mind, +50% Emotion
 Iron Collar            125  $160      Magic=0; Com = Combat +10 +(Magic/10)
 Keychain                30   $80      Lockpick that opens Dungeon doors
 Mercury's Blessing      75  $175      Luck = Luck + (Mind/10)
 Necklace of Enchantment 10   $50   +5 Necklace with flower on it
 Negative Necklace      100  $150      +50% Dark
 Ruby Necklace            5  $110  +10
 Sapphire Necklace        5  $110  +10
 Spiked Collar           10   $25   +5 +5 Combat
 Star-Touched Necklace   15   $75      +10 Magic; Necklace with a star on it
 Stone of Ill Wishes     75  $145      -25Str, -25Luck; Glowing green pendant
 Tribal Tooth            25   $75      +10 Strength; A tooth on a chain
 Warlock's Medallion     50  $190      Strength = Strength + (Magic/10)

The Ring Table lists all Rings in the game.  Cr-ID
column lists crafting skill needed to be certain of the
Ring's name and statistics.  Charm, Str, and Luck 
columns list Charm, Strength, and Luck bonuses bestowed
by each Ring.  Addtional column lists bonuses to other
attributes, spell casting enhancement, or a game
description of the Ring.

   RING            Cr-ID Value Charm Str Luck   ADDITIONAL
 Dazzling Ring        50  $300  +30           A diamond ring
 Full Spectrum       125  $250                +10% each Magic type
 Gold Ring             0   $10   +1
 Lucky Charm          10   $25             +5 Ring with purple stone
 Lucky Stars          50   $95            +25 An amethyst ring
 Ring of Brute Force  35  $100       +25  -15 A stone ring
 Ring of Enchantment  10   $50   +5           Ring with flower on it
 Ring of Fire        100  $200                +50% Fire
 Ring of Ice         100  $200                +50% Water
 Ring of Lies         25  $100  +30           +10 SIN
 Ring of Lightning   100  $200                +50% Air
 Ring of Protection   75  $110                +10 Combat, -1 Damage
 Ring of Shattering  100  $200                +50% Earth
 Ring of Strength     20   $50        +5      An ivory ring
 Ring of Vigor        75  $300       +30      An emerald ring
 Silver Ring           0   $10   +1           after 18 months store

The Weapon Table lists all Weapons in the game.  Cr-ID
column lists crafting skill needed to be certain of the
Ring's name and statistics.  Com, Wep, and Mag columns
list Combat, Weapons, and Magic bonuses of each Weapon.
MaxD is MaxDam, the Maximum Damage the Weapon can do.
[Of course, actual damage can be much higher because
the game gives strength damage bonuses.]  Addtional
column lists bonuses to other attributes, spell casting
enhancement, or a game description of the Weapon.

     WEAPON    CR-ID Value Com  Wep  Mag MaxD   ADDITIONAL
 Assasin's Blade 15   $75       +10        6  +10 SIN
 Axe              0  $100        -5       12
 Claw Glove     120   $75  +10             4  A spiked glove
 Dagger           0   $25        +5        4
 Dashing Blade   50  $145       -10        6  +25 Charm
 Druid's Staff   80  $140            +20   6  +50% Nature
 Earthsplitter  100  $210                 25  A glass sword
 Halberd          0  $135  -10  -10       16  after 18 months store
 Hammer          50  $120                 18  -25 Strength
 Holy Lance      50  $170                 16  +50% Holy
 Icebreaker      90  $150       +10       12  A blue axe
 Lightning Kris  90  $100       +10        4  +30 Luck
 Magic Axe       50  $130        +5       12  A glowing axe
 Magic Dagger    50   $45       +15        4  A glowing dagger
 Magic Lance     50  $160                 16
 Magic Mop        0  $305                  4  Wep=Clean or Wep=Wep + (Cln/10)
 Magic Staff     35   $95            +20   6  A stick with a crystal on it
 Magic Sword     50   $75       +10        8  A glowing sword
 Spear            0   $50                 10
 Spear of Wrath  90  $120                 10  +20 Strength
 Spiked Club      0   $15                  5
 Star Wand       15   $70            +10   2  A wand with a star on it
 Stone Fist     150  $145  +10             6  -3 Damage
 Sword            0   $50                  8
 Wand             0   $25             +5   2
 Wizard's Staff  80  $180            +50   6  A stick with a crystal on it
 Wooden Staff     0   $40             +5   5  after 18 months store

The Potion Table lists all potions in the game.  All
may be purchased from the Traders for the amount
listed in the Value column.  The Brw-ID column lists
the Brewing skill you must have to know what the
potion is by looking at it.  If you lack sufficient
skill, the game will give you a description as per the
Color column.

As mentioned in the Kitchen Science class (star-64), 
effects of potions last for two days unless they are
restorative or permanent.

Potions that reduce attributes have limits.  The lowest
value an attribute can take is listed.

I had to remove information from this table to make it
fit.  Therefore, the table listing Potions you can Brew
yourself, a repeat of the one found in the College
Kitchen Science class, follows this table at star-89.

   POTION          Brw-ID  COLOR     Value    EFFECTS
 Charm Boost         230 Rainbow      $200  +5 Charm (permanent)
 Charm Drain         230 Rainbow      $200  -10 Charm (perm.) Charm=5 low
 Cure-All            250 Rainbow      $250  Restores all HP & MP
 Deadly Poison       250 Rainbow      $150  HP=1, MP=0, -10 Stamina
 Elixir of Insight   125 Blue-Green    $75  +20 Mind(2day), -9 Magic(perm.)
 Elixir of Luck       25 Purple        $35  +20 Luck
 Elixir of Strength   25 Green         $35  +20 Strength
 Fruit Juice          35 Sweet Red     $10
 Health Boost        210 Rainbow      $200  +5 Stamina (permanent)
 Health Drain        210 Rainbow      $200  -10 Stamina (perm.) Stam=10 low
 Health Potion        25 Big Red       $90  +50 HP (only restores lost HP)
 Holy Water          100 Clear         $75  -10 Sin (Meditate Brew>100)
 Luck Boost          240 Rainbow      $200  +5 Luck (permanent)
 Luck Drain          240 Rainbow      $200  -10 Luck (permanent) Luck=5 low
 Magic Perfume        75 Sweet Pink    $60  +25 Charm
 Mana Potion          25 Big Blue      $90  +50 MP (only restores lost MP)
 Mental Boost        200 Rainbow      $200  +5 Mind (permanent)
 Mental Drain        200 Rainbow      $200  -10 Mind (perm.) Mind=10 low
 Mild Poison          35 Dark Blue     $15  -10 HP
 Minor Health Potion   5 Red           $25  +10 HP (only restores lost HP)
 Minor Mana Potion     5 Blue          $25  +10 MP (only restores lost MP)
 Potion of Barkskin   50 Murky Brown   $45  -1 Damage
 Potion of Phasing    50 Bubbling Gray $50  +40 Combat, MaxDam=1
 Potion of Power     125 Orange Vial  $115  +20 Magic, +3 MaxDam
 Potion of Skill      75 Shiny Gray    $75  +25 Weapons
 Potion of Stoneskin 150 Lumpy Gray   $125  -5 Damage
 Strength Boost      220 Rainbow      $200  +5 Strength (permanent)
 Strength Drain      220 Rainbow      $200  -10 Strength (perm.) Str=5 low
 Vile Potion         100 Blue Vial     $50  Strength = 1
 Water                50 Clear          $2

The Home Brew Potion Table lists potions that you can
brew in the Kitchen Science class.  Brew column is the
minimum Brew skill needed to attempt to brew that
potion.  Cost is amount paid each day for materials
and use of the Kitchen.  Cost is 60% of the Value of
the Potion.  If you run out of money, the brewing
session still lasts 7 days, but unpaid days you sit
idle.  Also, there is no guarantee that each day spent
brewing will produce a potion.  You pay for materials,
regardless.  Success is determined by Brewing and
Cooking Skills and Mind.

Although this table is a repeat of the one in the
Kitchen Science class, it has more room, so here I
was able to restore my original intention to show the
Value column.  Also added is the Earn column which
lists the maximum weekly profit you can make brewing
and then selling that potion.  The maximum assumes that
seven potions were created and sold for the maximum
sell price.  Naturally, this will only happen if your
Charm is high (see star-25) and your Brewing skill and
Mind are high enough to assure no failures.  Cooking
still may be a factor.  The next column is CHRM.  This
lists the Charm skill necessary to get maximum sale

Advice: You will make more money brewing potions that
you can successfully make all seven days.  Even with
greater profit margin, a more expensive potion will eat
into your profits because of failures.  For each
failure, subtract the (Value-$1) from the Earn column.
This will be the weekly profit adjusted for failures.

The most profitable potion to brew ends up being the
Potion of Power.  If you can't make seven of those,
Potion of Skill is the next best followed by Potion of

The above choices are based on choosing Potions with
lower minimum Brewing Skill.  You will not be able
to brew the Potion of Stoneskin with seven successes
because the minimum Brewing Skill is 180.  You need a
huge Brewing Skill and Mind to do that.  Oh, it can
happen, but not consistently.  If you are going to
reload over and over until you get seven successes, it
will be tedious.

Also, consider your Charm level.  You pay 60% of the
Potion's value to brew it.  If your Charm is below 51,
you get 65% selling the Potion.  That is a 5% margin.
You could do much better working somewhere else not
only in terms of pay, but also in terms of attribute
gain each week (brewing gives +.7pts Brewing/week).

You will have to devote yourself to building Charm, 
Mind, and Kitchen skills.  It requires much time and
money to accomplish.  So, although it is a nice idea,
brewing potions as a source of income is not feasible
in the three year game time.  What I mean is that it
is just as valid a career as others, but if you were
thinking of using it as a cash-cow to finance other
pursuits, it won't work.  (However, if you change your
girl's age via the programmer's cheats, you could do
it.  See star-03.)

One of the things you will discover is that as you
pursue the attainment of Charm=>267, you can reliably
make over $100/week in Charm related careers such as
Waitressing, Barmaid, or Busk Performer.  And as your
Charm rises, you will have $150 earning weeks with a
possible bonus if your Sin>0 of up to $100 additional.

The easy-to-brew-seven-a-week Potions will not compare
to Charm jobs' earnings.  Moreover, unlike Charm
occupations, you can lose money brewing potions if you
have three or more failures per week.  Two failures per
week of Potion of Stoneskin you earn at most $95/week.
The other potions you earn even less with two failures.

Minor Mana Potion    15  $15  $25   $63  235  Restores 10 MP
Minor Health Potion  15  $15  $25   $63  235  Restores 10 HP
Mana Potion        >150  $55  $90  $238  263  Restores 50 MP
Health Potion      >150  $55  $90  $238  263  Restores 50 HP
Elixir of Luck       35  $21  $35   $91  229  +20 Luck
Elixir of Strength   35  $21  $35   $91  229  +20 Strength
Potion of Barkskin   60  $27  $45  $119  250  -1 Damage absorption
Potion of Stoneskin 180  $75 $125  $343  268  -5 Damage absorption
Potion of Phasing    60  $30  $50  $133  258  +40 Combat, MaxDam=1
Magic Perfume        85  $36  $60  $161  251  +25 Charm
Potion of Skill      85  $45  $75  $203  250  +25 Weapons
Elixir of Insight   135  $45  $75  $203  250  +20 Mind(2day) -9 Magic(perm)
Potion of Power     135  $70 $115  $308  257  +20 Magic, +3 MaxDam

Minor Mana and Health potions are replaced by the
more powerful versions at Brewing>150.  (Oddly, 150 is
not enough, but 150.01 is good.)  Similarly, Potion of
Stoneskin replaces Potion of Barkskin when 

For more about brewing potions, see star-64.

Spells is the minimum Spells skill needed for the Charm
to appear in your Charms list.  Charm has the name of
each Charm.  Elem 1, Elem 2, and Elem 3 lists elements
of magic the Charm affects.

Spells  Charm     Elem 1   Elem 2   Elem 3
 010    Sun       Light    Fire
 020    Leaf      Air      Nature
 030    Tears     Water    Emotion
 040    Music     Emotion  Earth
 050    Mirror    Light    Holy
 060    Wine      Water    Dark
 070    Lava      Earth    Fire
 080    Feather   Holy     Air
 090    Mistletoe Nature   Emotion
 100    Nightmare Dark     Emotion
 110    Cloud     Water    Air
 120    Moon      Light    Dark
 130    Incense   Holy     Fire
 140    Diamond   Light    Earth
 150    Smoke     Fire     Dark
 160    Flash     Air      Light
 170    Snowflake Water
 180    Flame     Fire
 190    Charge    Air
 200    Quake     Earth
 210    Cross     Holy
 220    Shadow    Dark
 230    Star      Light
 240    Clover    Nature
 250    Heart     Emotion
 ...    Scream    Dark     Emotion  Earth
 ...    Candles   Holy     Fire     Light
 ...    Rain      Air      Water    Nature
Spells  Charm     Elem 1   Elem 2   Elem 3

Spells increases 21pts each Magic Class you take.  It
takes 12 class sessions to obtain Spells=250, the
Maximum.  The Charms of Scream, Candles, and Rain are
obtained by reading the seventh book at the Library,
Meditating at the Church, and in Magic Class after
becoming Rose's "sister."

One of the weaknesses of the game Cute Knight is the
inability to switch Charm cards while in battle.  You
must know in advance what cards to equip.  As such,
either you save before each encounter and then reload
to adjust cards, or, you run away from a fight, choose
cards, and then hope to run into the same monster

I have been studying the Dungeon Levels.  I have
discovered that each level has a consistent pattern
with Charms: some are good and some bad for each level.
In the next section, star-91, I list what Charms you
should equip at the start of each level.  You can
explore the level with those Charms and be effective
against whatever Monster you encounter.

I would like to add, that the above table, *-90, seems
to be meaningless.  The elements don't determine what
Charms work against certain Monsters.  Rather, it
seems to be certain Charm cards are good or bad for
each level without regard to the underlying elements
those Charms represent.  (Of course, my study is not
complete.  I may be making a hasty conclusion.)

******This section is a work in progress******

Each Dungeon Level will specify what Charms you should
 equip while moving through the level.  These Charms
 are the best overall against the Level Monsters.  Also
 specified are the Expensive Raw Ingredients, Armor, 
 Necklaces, Rings, and Weapons that will be found on
 the level.  For instance, if a Monster's Treasure is
 Armor, the Armor you will find will be a random item
 from the level Armor list.
HP is the Health Points of the Monster.
DAM is Monster's Physical Damage absorbed.
MPD is the Maximum Physical Damage to you.
MMD is the Maximum Magic Damage to you.
MLM is the Maximum Lost Mana to you.
XP is XP if monster killed.  50% XP Monster runs away.
SIN is amount added to your Sin attribute for killing.
TREASURE lists gold and items Monster MIGHT possess
 (there is no guarantee).  Items are from level list.
BEST are the Charms that inflict the most damage.
WORST are the Charms that have no effect or do the
 least damage to the Monster.  The lists are in order
 of magnitude.  If Charms are of equivalent magnitude,
 an equal sign separates them, otherwise a comma
 separates them to indicate changing magnitude.

Level 1                LEVEL 1                  Level 1
BEST CHARMS: Lava, Candles, Leaf, Quake
Amber, Amethyst, Crystal Orb, Night Stone
Childish Trinket, Gold Necklace, Keychain, Necklace of
Enchantment, Spiked Collar, Star-Touched Necklace,
Tribal Tooth
Gold Ring, Lucky Charm, Ring of Enchantment, Ring of
Strength, Silver Ring

Bat           2   0   1   0   0    1   2   Cheap or Expensive Raw Ingredient
  BEST: Sun=Leaf=Lava=Cloud=Diamnd=Smk=Flsh=Chrg=Quake=Crss=Shdw=Star=Scrm=Cndl
 WORST: Clover,Heart,Mirror=Feather=Nightmare=Incense=Snowflake=Flame=Rain
Compost Heap 10   1   6   0   0   10   0   Cheap or Expensive Raw Ingredient
  BEST: Candles,Leaf=Mistletoe,Charge=Star
 WORST: Sun=Mirror=Feather=Nightmare=Incense=Smoke=Flash=
Goblin        8   0   6   0   0    5   4   $5-$25, Cheap Ring or Cheap Necklace
  BEST: Leaf=Lava=Cloud=Smoke=Quake=Cross=Shadow=Star,Tears=Mistletoe=Charge
 WORST: Moon=Clover=Heart=Scream,Flame,Nightmare
Large Rat     4   0   2   0   0    2   3   Cheap or Expensive Raw Ingredient
  BEST: Lava,Sun=Cloud=Diamond=Smoke=Quake=Cross=Star=Candles
 WORST: Clover,Heart,Mirror=Feather=Nightmare
Mold          3   4   6   0   0    5   0   none
  BEST: Candles,Mistletoe=Cross,Lava,Sun=Star,Music=Flame
 WORST: Feather=Cloud=Smoke=Flash=Shadow
Spider        3   0   3   0   0    3   0   Cheap or Expensive Raw Ingredient
  BEST: Sun=Leaf=Lava=Cloud=Diamnd=Smke=Flash=Quake=Cross=Shdow=Star=Scrm=Cndl
 WORST: Nightmare=Clover=Heart=Rain,Snowflake
Swarm Flies   3   0   1   0   0    1   0   none
  BEST: Smoke=Cross=Shadow,Sun=Leaf=Lava=Cloud=Flash
 WORST: Cloud=Rain,Tears=Music=Mirror=Mistletoe=Nightmare,Snowflake
Thief        10   0   6   0   0   10   5   $4-$22, Cheap Ring or Cheap Necklace
  BEST: Tears=Music=Lava=Cloud=Smoke=Quake=Cross=Shadow=Star=Rain
 WORST: Mirror=Moon=Clover=Heart=Scream

Level 2                LEVEL 2                  Level 2
BEST CHARMS: Quake, Cross, Lava, Cloud, Tears, Smoke
Amber, Amethyst, Crystal Orb, Night Stone, 
Rainbow Crystal
Chain Mail, Heavy Robe, Leather Armor, Nightgown,
Party Dress, Plain Robe, Studded Leather
Childish Trinket, Gold Necklace, Keychain, Necklace of
Enchantment, Spiked Collar, Star-Touched Necklace,
Tribal Tooth
Gold Ring, Lucky Charm, Lucky Stars, Ring of Brute
Force, Ring of Enchantment, Ring of Lies, Ring of 
Strength, Silver Ring
Assassin's Blade, Axe, Claw Glove, Dagger, 
Lightning Kris, Magic Dagger, Magic Staff, Magic Sword,
Spear, Spiked Club, Star Wand, Sword, Wand, 
Wooden Staff

Lizardman    20   2  10   0   0   25   4   $4-$19, Armor or Weapon
  BEST: Quake=Cross,Lava=Cloud=Smoke,Tears
 WORST: Scream,Mirror=Moon=Clover=Heart
Rat Man      12   0   7   0   0   10   4   $3-$23, Cheap Necklace or Cheap Ring
  BEST: Quake=Cross,Lava=Cloud=Star,Sun,Tears=Diamond
 WORST: Heart,Clover,Mirror=Wine=Moon=Snowflake
Rock Man     10  10  15   0   0
Snake        10   0   5   0   0   10   
Snake Man    20   0   8   0   0   20   4   $4-$19, Armor or Weapon
  BEST: Quake=Cross,Tears=Lava=Cloud=Smoke
 WORST: Mirror,Moon=Clover=Heart=Scream
Wild Dog     10   0   8   0   0   10   5   Cheap or Expensive Raw Ingredient
  BEST: Leaf=Tears=Music=Wine=Lava=Mistletoe=Nightmare=Cloud=Smoke=
 WORST: Mirror=Clover=Scream,Flame

         1         2         3         4         5         6         7         

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