Two Worlds – XBox 360

Two Worlds - Platform: XBox 360

Cheat mode:
Hold LB + RB and press A to display the console window. Press X to 
display a virtual keyboard. Enter TwoWorldsCheats 1 to enable cheat 
mode. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the 
corresponding cheat function. Note: Enabling a code will disable 
achievements from being unlocked. 

To insert codes on your Xbox360, hold down the left and right bumpers and hit the 
A button while in-game. A small text box will appear on-screen, which you can then 
type into via an on-screen keyboard. For codes that don’t begin with "Bonuscode", 
first type in "twoworldscheats 1" and then type in the code. If you’re looking for 
achievements, however, you’ll want to stray away from these codes. 
Most of them will disable your ability to get said achievements.

Note: Be sure to replace the "#" with the number of points/gold/et cetera you want.

AddExperiencePoints # - Gives you # experience points
AddGold # - Gives you # gold pieces
AddParamPoints # - Gives you # param. points
AddSkillPoints # - Gives you # skill points
Bonuscode 9144-3879-7593-9224 - Unlocks Spear of Destiny
Bonuscode 9447-1204-8639-0832 - Unlocks Great Bow of Heaven’s Fury
Bonuscode 9470-4690-1542-1152 - Unlocks Aziraal’s Sword of Fire
Bonuscode 9470-6557-8820-9563 - Unlocks Great Shield of Yatolen
Bonuscode 9728-1349-2105-2168 - Unlocks Armor of Darkness
Create Lockpick - Created a lockpick
Create Teleport_Activator - Unlocks lost teleport activators
ec.dbg addskillpoints - Adds skill points
ec.dbg levelup - Levels you up
ec.dbg skills - Unlocks all skills
Jump2 - Jumps player to place on screen where mouse cursor points
PhysX.Door.RemoveAll 1 - Allows you to walk through walls/doors
ResetFog - Shows the map

Increasing Stats:
If you manage to get your Alchemy skill to level ten, you will be able to create 
every powerful potions that will increase various statistics, such as in Vitality,
Strength, or Dexterity. Brew one of these potions, and then to increase its 
statistical boosts, simply brew it again. With the exception of potions involving 
damage boosters, you can do this to any potion over and over again to increase its

Creating permanent potions:
Creating this type of potion depends on your Alchemy skill. However 
if you do not have any skill in Alchemy, take the item that 
increases the attribute (willpower, strength, fire protection, etc.) 
and combine it with a potion (mana or health only). For example, if 
you take an item that increases your strength by 10 and combine it 
with a potion that heals 250 points, you will typically get a potion 
that gives you a +1 (or +2) to strength and heals about 150 points. 
If you take two of the item that increases your attribute by 10 plus 
a health/mana potion, you get a better result (about +6 in the 
attribute). Your alchemy skill will increase this, but with other 
 skills that may be more useful (stone skin, or magic), this is 
generally what you will get.

Unlimited Undead ingredients:
when you visit a graveyard you can find glowing roots called Taint. 
Collect these and wait until it is close to nightfall. Then, start 
dropping them on the floor. Back up slightly and wait. As soon as 
nightfall hits the Taint will spawn Undead Ghouls, Zombies, etc. The 
number of Taints you have will determine the number of undead that 
will spawn. Kill them and collect your ingredients. If you kill at 
least ten Ghouls and collect their brains with alchemy maxed, it is 
possible to increase your willpower by 18 with 10 Ghouls Brains every.

Easy money and experience:
This may take time to do, but it is useful. Find a group of bandits and place down 
a personal teleport. Attack the bandits but leave one alive. Loot the bodies and 
teleport to a shop. Sell the looted items and return to your personal teleport. 
All the bandits should be alive again. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Multi-player mode: Ghost animals:
After killing animals in Two Worlds, they come back in "ghost" form. When you 
create a multi-player game, kill an animal and teleport to another area. Come 
back in roughly three to five minutes to give the animal time to "respawn" as a 
ghost. Aggro this ghostly animal and have him chase you into a town. This animal 
cannot be killed with normal weapons, and the guards will attack the animal because 
it is chasing you. Let the animal kill the guards and you can loot them without dying.

Multi-player mode: Multiple Archer kills:
Create a game in Glacier (medium). You will start in town. There are two archers 
that are inside that town. When fighting archer vs. archer attacks, cause knockback 
which resets their shot. You can out shoot both of these archers by getting off your 
shot before them. They cannot hit you. Kill them, save the game, then restart and 
kill them again. You can continue to do this and merge your weapons/armor as many 
times as desired.

Multi-player mode: Safe camping location:
In towns there are numerous areas that you can reach by jumping, but none of the 
NPCs can reach. Get on top of one of those and attack the melee characters with a 
ranged attack. You can kill them, loot them, and continue to do so with no chance 
of dying.

No one gets killed:
Get your Air Magic to 15. Get Resurrection. Kill your teammate but cast Resurrection 
immediately afterwards. Then, neither of you two will be able to hit each other.

Online sword
Start a game on Komorin. Go directly straight into town until you see a man that is 
a trainer in a light green armor. His name is usually Drof Skelbur. Kill him and 
take all his items, especially his sword Anathros. End the game and repeat the steps.
Combine the armor and swords until desired class. 

Submitted by: Sheena

How to get a horse with a saddle: Create mo_horse_04 or to add a different horse 
just change the last number.

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