Two Worlds II – XBox 360

Two Worlds II - Platform: XBox 360

Rustler's Run Hint:
Submitted by:  Bruce

In the Rustler's Run sidequest, after the initiation ceremony is complete, drop 
a personal teleport in front of Altan before you try to break his record. 
After you grab the trophy at the end, instead of riding back, you can teleport 
back to your personal teleporter. Note you cannot teleport to Halhin, but for 
some odd reason you can back to your personal teleporter.

As a general rule of thumb you should have several personal teleporters on hand. 
Whenever you start a sidequest that involves retrieving something and going back 
to the quest-giver for a reward (and there's tons of these), just drop a personal 
teleport beside that person or in front of their house door. It will save lots of 
travel time if you can teleport back as soon as you obtain the item, leave the 
dungeon, etc.

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