Zuma Deluxe – XBox 360

Zuma Deluxe - Platform: XBox 360

Gamerscore points:
Accomplish the indicated task to get Gamerscore points:

24H: Play the game for a total of 24 hours. 
Adventurer: Successfully complete Adventure mode. 
Chain 16: Get 16 consecutive chains. 
Coin Collector: Get a total of 100 coins from all games. 
Gap Finder: Get a total of 100 gaps from all games. 
Popo Poyolli: Successfully complete the Popo Poyolli Temple. 
Quetzal Quatl: Successfully complete the Quetzal Quatl Temple. 
Score Champion: Get 2,000,000 points in Adventure mode. 
Secret Shrine of Zuma: Successfully complete the Secret Shrine Of Zuma Temple. 
Sharp Shooter: Successfully complete a level in under six seconds. 
Son Of Sun: Get the "Son Of Sun" rank in Gauntlet mode. 
Temple Of Zukulkan: Successfully complete the Temple of Zukulkan.

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