Yuria’s Room

Yuria's Room

-Zoom in on the picture on the wall and look under the right hand 
 bottom corner to find a yellow key taped to the back of the picture. 
-Zoom out and then click the yellow pin holding up the picture. 
-Move left and lift the ashtray to get a green key. 
-Then look in the ashtray to get some tape. 
-Zoom in on the bottom of the table to get a clue showing the values 
 of various numbers. 
-Zoom out and move left. 
-Click the top of the chest of drawers on the left and find a red key 
 hanging on the cupboard. 
-Zoom out and move left again. 
-Open the unlocked top drawer and get the glue. 
-Use the red, yellow and green keys to open their respective drawers. 
 Don’t forget to place the missing handle back on the red drawer. 
 Collect the hammer head and the hammer handle and finally the chopsticks. 
-Examine the chopsticks to remove them from the package. Snap them so 
 they are two separate sticks and then use the tape to make a long stick. 
-Move right and click the bottom of the chest of drawer and use the stick 
 to reach to the coin. 
-Zoom out and zoom in on the vending machine. Insert the coin and collect 
 the capsule. 
-Examine the hammer handle and put some glue on it. Take the hammer head 
 and stick it onto the handle. 
-Examine the capsule and use the hammer to smash it open and get a blue key. 
-Face the chest of drawers again and open the blue drawer. 
-Zoom in on the combination box and enter the colour values onto the dials.
 The number you need is 3542. 
-Open the box and take the door key. 
-Move round to face the door and use the key to open and make your escape.

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