Yuria’s Room 2

Yuria's Room 2

-Click the door to look out onto a balcony (?) and examine a yellow 
 note behind one of the columns. This will tell you that a Star equals 9.
-Go back into the room and move left. 
-Open all five of the drawers and collect notes from the top two drawers 
 and a book from the bottom drawer. 
-Examine the second note to reveal that a Heart = 25354. Now open the 
 drawers in the cabinet in this order with the top drawer being 1 and the 
 bottom drawer being 5. Collect the heart from the forth drawer. 
-Click the left side of the cabinet to reveal that upside down Heart = upside
 down Star. Therefore an upside down 9 would equal 6, so Heart = 6. 
-Open and close the window several times. Pick up the key that falls down. 
-Examine the key and click it to reveal it is in fact a USB stick. 
-Move left. Zoom in on the laptop and then click the right side of the laptop 
 and insert the USB stick in the port. 
-Zoom out and click the webcam next to the green light on the top of the laptop 
-A sliding block puzzle will now be displayed. You need to solve this for the 
 next stage. 
-When the puzzle is complete an arrow will appear on the computer. Zoom out and 
 then click on the slot on the wall the arrow is pointing to. Collect the 
-Zoom out and move left. Zoom in on the green panel and use the screwdriver to 
 open the panel. 
-Zoom out and then pick up the green panel. Flip it over to reveal the clue 
 that < = 2 + 
-Combine the clue on the green panel with the clue on the other note and you get 
 < = 2 + and > = 3. Put the < and the > together to make a diamond shape and 
 therefore the value of the diamond is 5. 
-Zoom in on the machine on the wall. Place the heart on the heart shape and 
 then move the dials around to the symbol’s values. The final combination 
 should be 956. 
-Zoom out and then zoom in on the slot to obtain a handle. 
-Zoom out and move left again. Zoom in on the machine on this wall and insert 
 the handle in the slot. Move the handle to the on position. 
-Now study the book and note the colour and the order of the symbols on the 
 centre pages. 
-Arrange the symbols and colours on the machine to match this – white crown, 
 blue sword, red fire. 

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