Undertale Secrets

Undertale Secrets

*S A N N 'S  U N D E R T A L E =-=-=-=-=-=-=* 
*-=-=-=-=-=-=-=SECRETS FAQ v0.01-=-=-=-=-=-=*

This guide tells you SOME of the secret stuff in the RPG, Undertale. This guide 
is intended to be a compilation of various secrets and differences  between 
genocide vs pacisfist vs true pacifist runs. Do not read this guide if you don't
want to read spoilers.

Feel free to reproduce this guide in any form, in part or in whole. By all means
use it, dissect it, copy it, distribute it any way you want, information should
be shared :) Don't feel the need to cite authorship of anything in this guide.

Stuff that is planed for future versions is:
-further fill out sections 3, 4 + 6
-expand on differences between runs, gaster


1) The Ruins
2) Snowdin
3) Waterfall
4) Hotland
5) Genocide Run vs Pacisfist vs True Pacifist differences
6) Miscellaneous


*The Ruins*

1. *Naming your character after prominent NPC's gives you different dialog
options, and won't let your select these names:
Sans "nope"
Toriel "I think you should chose your own name my child"
Asriel "..."
Asgore "You cannot"
Flowey "I already CHOSE that name"
Undyne "Get your OWN name!"
Alphys "D-don't do that"
Gaster .... reloads intro sequence before you can select

2. *Certain names unlock additional dialog, and let you name them this way:

Catty "Bratty! Bratty! That's MY name!"
Bratty "Like, OK I guess"
Temmie "hOI!"
Chara "The true name"

3. *Naming yourself "Frisk" unlocks Hard Mode. Hard mode starts in the ruins, 
and replaces normal enenimes with much harder, late-game enimes, that on LVL1
do 5 damage each (meaning you die in 4 hits). Hard Mode ends at the end of the
ruins in a humerous sequence, where it is implied the dog was the one that ate 
Toriel's pie
Dialog option: Frisk "Warning: this name will make your life hell. Proceed 

4. In Hard Mode, Toriel will mess up her pie and bake you a "snail pie" instead.
It only heals 4 health.

5. In the frog room, one of the frogs mentions there being four frogs in the 
room. Three are obviously visible, and the fourth is on a  crack in the wall 
if inspected

6. Talking to one of the frogs gives you the option of getting rid of yellow
font "spare" option for the rest of the game. Talking to him again gives you the
option of turning this font pink. Later, in the garbage dump, you can find
discarded yellow dialog options.

7. Saving the pie Toriel bakes you until the very final fight against Asgore,
and eating it in front of him during the fight, will weaken his attacks and
defense, making the fight easier.

8. You have several different options when confronting the very first enemy in
the game, the dummy. You can try Toriel's suggestion of talking to it, you can
repeatedly "spare it", you can fight (kill it) and be scolded by Toriel, or you
can repeatedly (about 10 times) "miss" the fight bar when attacking, until the
dummy "tires of your aimless shennanigans" and leaves the battle. If you talk to
Toriel before the fight, she will suggest different dialog options (non of which
affect the fight). 

9. If you wait about 10 minutes in the room Toriel leaves you in, she will call
you several times, first apologizing for how long it is taking her, and by the
third call her phone is stolen by the dog. If you call her phone after this, you

will hear "*heavy panting*" as the dog breathes into the phone.

10. If you're fast enough to pull the "wrong level" in the ruins (before Toriel
finishes walking), she will comment to the effect of being surprised at how
quick you are to be wrong.

1. You cannot actually "lose" the fight to Papyrus. If you get too low on
health, he "captures" you and puts you in the locked shed (along with dog food
and a bowl of water), telling you to wait for Undyne to show up. You can easily
escape. To my knowledge, there is no other way to unlock the shed unless you are

2. At the end of the game in the "Final Hallway", you have a final conversation
with Sans regarding your "sins" throughout the game, based off of how many
enemies you have killed. Finish this conversation, don't save,  and reload at
the last save point. At the end of his speech he will whisper to you a "secret
code word" that only a time traveler would know. Reload again for a double
secret code word. If you reload for the third time, he will give you the key to
his room in Snowdin.

3. Likewise you can get a key to a secret room behind Sans/Papyrus' house.
Inside is a timemachine-like device, as well as several coded messages you are
unable to read (presumed to be in Wing-Ding fonts). 

4. There's several ways to complete all of Papyrus' puzzles. For example, the
sliding switch puzzle (that Papyrus says looks like his face), if you badger
him enough he will reveal there is a switch hidden in the pine tree that allows
you to bypass it without solving it. Similarly, on the coloured-tile puzzle,
saying you don't understand the rules several times in a row causes the machine
to break, so you don't have to "complete" it. If you try exiting any of the
screens where Papyrus is present on a puzzle, he will comment along the lines of
that he made the puzzle too hard or that the human is escaping.

5. If you complete the pascificst / neutral / true pascifist endings (haven't
tried this after genocide), upon leaving the ruins and meeting Sans for the
first time you'll turn around and shake his hand before he prompts, to his
amazement. You can also trigger this dialog on your first run by doing the
normal handshake, quitting and reloading a save before the handshake, so your
character "knows what is coming".

6. Upon exiting the ruins, if you examine the nearby rock there is a hidden
camera (presumably, Alphys). On that note there is a hidden camera in every area

7. At one point while you're in Snowdin, Sans offer to sell you some fried snow
for an exorbatant fee, more money than there is in the game. If you cheat and
edit your game save so you actually have this amount he'll still refuse, saying
the snow is too valuable to sell.

8. All dog enemies can be befriended in one turn by using the stick weapon
(the weapon you start out with) in battle, prompting a game of fetch.

9. Lesser dog can be befriended after a few pets in battle, however he can 
continued to be pet many times, causing his head to grow in lenght by a  small
amount each time. Eventually he will grow so tall you will be unable to pet him
anymore. A few screens later the snowmen the dog creates reflect this, all
having very tall necks.


1. (During non-genocide runs) you can goof off in the Undyne fight and anger
her. Purposely miss every arrow she sends towards you, healing if necessary.
Eventually she will become so angered she will initiate a super-attack that is
very hard to surivive, even harder than genocide-level attacks.

2. You can fight a hidden boss in the locked cave room by waiting around long

3. The only way to unlock the hidden cave room is by avoiding ALL credits
during the end-sequence, giving you a short humerous sequence.

4. It is implied that the dog stole Toriel's phone, as if you complete the music
box puzzle and call her phone in that room, it will ring from your backpack.

5. The mad-dummy's rant towards you will change, depending on what you did to
the dummy in the beggining of the game. For example if you run away from that
dummy then ignore the mad-dummy, he will say that is just like you.

6. In the room with the 4 bridge seeds, you can make a bridge to the sign, which
tells you that you've failed the puzzle. More interestingly, you can make a 
bridge to the bottom right accross the river to a secret room.


1. During the spider fight, if you eat a donut/cider purchased from the bakesale
from the beggining of the game in the ruins in front of the boss, she'll
instantly receive a telegram ending the fight in one turn

2. Similarly, if you equip fashion items (eyeglasses, apron, etc.) during the
final fight with Mettaton you get big boosts in ratings, ending the fight
earlier. Several food items have this effect too.

3. If you die during the Mettaton fight, the game allows you to skip the intro
by flipping its switch. On a meta level, if you play through the game more than
once, you can instantly flip his switch despite not hearing the intro speech
during that playthrough.

4. Despite what it might seem at first, it is actually impossible to die during
any of Mettaton's game-shows, they are always rigged in your favour no matter
how much you goof off. If you fail the substitute cooking show, it will just
cut to commercial break, for example.

5. It is possible to eventually drain the water-cooler if you keep taking water
from it

6. You can buy hot-dogs from Sans even if your inventory is full. He will put
them on your head. After 30 balanced on your head he will cut you off.

7. You can "fight" a secret boss, the furry character referred to as So Sorry,
by walking onto a hidden path (insert video)

8. Typing certain negative adjectives / swear words (such as "stupid") during
the essay portion of the Mettaton fight ends the segment early with his response
"Hey, this essay is supposed to be about me, not you"

*Genocide Run vs Pacisfist vs True Pacifist differences*
1. On the Genocide run, walking into the kitchen gives you the dialog "where
are the knives?" ( http://imgur.com/pzCoFwS )

2. All pronouns in the genocide run are in the first person: looking into the
mirror gives "Its me, PlayerName", for example, instead of "It's you!"

3. Sans left eye is the one that goes crazy colors when he uses his opening
attack or teleports the heart back the the center of the box. During the battle,
he frequently closes his right eye. However, in non-genocide runs and earlier
parts of the game, he closes his left eye.

Basically: Once he's determined to stop you, he keeps the more dangerous eye
trained on you. When he believes you could be/are a friend, he frequently closes
the eye he could kill you with.

4. The neutral endings are all different, depending on what combination of
bosses you kill (Such as kill everyone but Mettaton vs. everyone but Papyrus).
A compilation of all known endings can be found here:
[spoilers] How about a compilation of all of the neutral endings? from Undertale
ion_of_all_of_the/ *-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=* *Misc.* *-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=* 1. Dog Residues can be used over and over to fill your inventory (and Dog Salads) and sold at Tem Village to farm G. You'd use it there for the 1000g for the Tem's education so you can get the option for the Tem armor early, then have it open if any bosses give you trouble. 2. This is rather common knowledge so I almost didn't put it in, but once you first get Papryus' phone number, call him in every room to hear his commentary! You can even go back to rooms from the earlier puzzle areas. Once/if you befriend Undyne, you can recall them for almost every room and get more commentary 3. On this note, before you go to the end credits and finish the game, try talking to NPCs throughout the game to see how your actions have impacted them. For example, if you go back to the start of the game, you can see Flowey/Asriel 4. The mystery key you can purhcase is for the pink house next to Napstablook's house. 5. The program name will change at various points due to in-game events. During the Mettaton's musical, for example, it will change to "UNDERTALE the Musical" 6. Papyrus is named after the font he speaks in, and (Comic) Sans similarly speaks in his namesake font. 7. If you kill Sans multiple times on the genocide run (by reloading an earlier save), he will comment on this effect: After killing Sans once "... that expression on your face... ...well, i won't grace it with a description." After killing Sans two or more times "... that expression that you're wearing... ... you're really kind of a freak, huh?" 8. Similarly, killing Asgore multiple times and reloading causes Flowey to comment on this, asking if you are trying to befriend him / join his fanclub. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww end

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