Welcome! I'm cyclone2, a.k.a. Sleepycoaster, and this is a simple, spoiler-free
Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) guide for Toby Fox's RPG, Undertale.
Originally made for GameFAQs.

Table of Contents:

[0] How to Play Undertale Properly
[1] Neutral, Pacifist, or Genocide?
[2] Neutral Run (Pretty much an FAQ for getting through the game.)
-The Ruins
-Snowdin Forest
-New Home
[3] Pacifist Run
-What else do I need to do to get the Pacifist ending?
-HOW TO SPARE EVERYONE (And How to Befriend Them)
[4] Genocide Run
-Eliminated everyone in each zone
-Preventing permanent effects to your game
[6] Hard Mode
[7] Closing, Credits, Contact

---[0] How to Play Undertale Properly------------------------------------------

Blind. The best way to play this game is without knowing anything about it.

Explore. Some of the appeal of Undertale is in what you can try, do, and go to 
in order to trigger certain events. See what happens if you name yourself 
Toriel. Go ahead and try sparing the practice dummy ten times. If you're 
feeling especially devilish, take from the Monster Candy bowl several times.

Since the game is prepared to react to most of the things you can possibly do, 
it's hard to mess up. Also, it's hard for me to write a do-this and touch-that 
guide on how to get through Undertale. So go ahead and play the game blind, 
and come back if you have questions.

I'll include some, but not many, hidden item locations as well as things you 
can do to trigger easter eggs.

---[1] Neutral, Pacifist, or Genocide?-----------------------------------------

These are the three modes you can play through the game in. They're 
automatically activated depending on how you play. If you eliminate enemy
encounters until nobody's left, you're playing in Genocide mode and will
receive the Genocide ending to the game. If you don't kill anyone and
rescue/befriend people throughout the game, you're on your way to the Pacifist
ending. If you do something in between, you'll get the Neutral ending.

The objectively best and true canon ending is the Pacifist ending. The game 
won't let you see the Pacifist ending until you reach the end of the game 
AFTER having already seen the Neutral ending. The game wants you to see how 
the story ends both ways.

Technically though, this means that even if you haven't killed anyone and 
reach the end of the game, you'll see the Neutral ending. However, you'd then 
just need to reload your save in order to go back and start doing Pacifist-
route-exclusive stuff, no RESET necessary. See section [3] for a guide to what 
to do then.

If you have killed enemies or alienated a certain someone, you'll have to
RESET. But the game is short and there's extra dialogue throughout the game 
for players who have killed at least one enemy AND for players who have done a 
RESET, so it's not an objectively bad idea to kill on your first run.

The Genocide route is different from the other two in that you have to 
actively go around and seek enemy encounters, kill, and repeat until no more 
enemies are left. This results in dramatically different dialogue, a darker 
"other side" of the story, new battles, and of course a different ending.

Finishing a Genocide run makes a near-permanent change to your game's files 
that will affect a scene in all future Pacifist run endings. This can be 
prevented. There are many guides on the web, but I've included one method for 
Windows in section [4].

Finally, the order most people play these routes to see everything is as so:

Neutral -> Pacifist -> Genocide

I'd say each playthrough is 3-8 hours, depending on how much you explore and 
if you know what you're doing.

---[2] Neutral (and technically Pacifist) Run----------------------------------

-Should I name my character F----?
Looks like someone's been reading about our main character. Nah, you can't 
pick that name if you plan on playing past the first world. Just pick a name. 
There is a canon name, but I'll let you look up "the true name".

-How do I skip dialogue?
Press X to have a character finish their current line of dialogue and press Z 
to move on to the next.

-How do I run?
You can only go one speed in this game.

[[[---The Ruins---]]]

-I attacked the training dummy. Did that ruin my Pacifist run?
You're still a Pacifist as long as you haven't gained any EXP.

-Should I buy from the Spider Bake Sale?
Healing items will always be useful. Also, useful easter egg: If you keep an 
item from the bake sale and use it at a certain point in the game, it will let 
you bypass a difficult boss.

-Any missables in this area?
If you're trying to befriend all the monsters, you should do that before the 
boss. Otherwise, just the Faded Ribbon and Toy Knife, and there are better 
weapons/armor later in the game.

-Will I ever have to FIGHT?
You can always choose not to fight.

-How do I spare the first boss?
You cannot get the first boss's name yellow. You can SPARE nonetheless.

[[[---Snowdin Forest---]]]

-Which way should I go, Up or Right?
Whenever you come to a fork, go Up first, because it's just one room up there.

-How long should I hold onto the part of the Snowman?
Until you finish the Neutral route. You can keep it in a storage box until 
right before the final boss. Try not to eat it.

-What kind of flags do I get from the snowball game?

PURPLE: Struggle to score the ball.
BLUE: Stay close to the ball.
AQUA: Wait for the ball to shrink for a while before scoring.
GREEN: Touch the ball only a few times.
YELLOW: Play accurately.
ORANGE: Play fast and accurately.
RED: Score in under 10 seconds with accuracy. (Reward: 50g and praise.)

-How do I solve the X, O, and triangle puzzle?
If you've given up, just talk to Papyrus several times.

-How do I open this door with four glowing mushrooms before it?
You can't open that door now. You have to see the True Ending and do something.

-Where do I find Glyde?
Glyde is a hidden, optional enemy you find in the room with the glowing 
mushrooms before the mysterious door. You can find it if you haven't fought 
the boss yet. You have to walk for three minutes without stopping to encounter 
it. Tip: While holding a direction, press Alt+Tab to change windows. You'll be 
walking in place in the game, and the encounter will happen while your game is 
minimized. Careful, Glyde's tough.

-Anything I should do in Snowdin before moving on?
Buy from the shop to stock up on healing items, sleep at the Inn to get more 
than your maximum health.


-Where do I find the hidden items Old Tutu and Ballet Shoes?
When you get to the waterfall with the falling rocks, face the waterfall (the 
top one) and just walk into it. That's where you find the Old Tutu.
When you get to the room with tho glowing cyan water, go to the left. There's 
a lone patch of grass in the center of the room. Inspect it to find the Ballet 

-How do I solve the bridge puzzle?
The bridge flowers float in the direction you're facing when you lay them down.
There is more than one way to solve this puzzle, but here's one solution: 
Stand on the spot a few spaces right below the center of the waterfall and 
send all four bridge seeds upward against the center of the waterfall.

-What do I do in the piano room?
This is a puzzle, so explore a bit and try to solve it.

-But I've already heard the song I need to play! It just won't work.
You just need to play the first eight notes. The first note is the leftmost
one. If you're still having trouble, here's the answer:

-How do I get the Legendary Artifact back?
You don't. The Dog Residue in your bag is more useful.

-Dog Residue?
Fills up your bag with more Dog Residues and sometimes Dog Salad, a healing 
item. You can sell individual Dog Residues.

-How do I win the Snail Race?
Don't mash Z. Press Z again once the exclamation mark from pressing Z before 
goes away. Do this a few times at the beginning and let your snail slither the 
rest of the way without distractions.
Try and see what happens if you get your snail in second place.

-Where's Suzy?
If you see someone prompting you to find Suzy, don't worry about it. As of 
now, Suzy has yet to be found in the game.

-Where's Temmie Village?
In the room where you activate glowing mushrooms to light up paths, after 
you've lit up all the paths, head back around to the bottom-right corner of 
the room to see a new path. You can sell items here.

-The boss battle doesn't seem to end!
You have to Flee once your cursor is red again. For this encounter, you can't 
just keep hitting Spare until the battle ends. Flee, then run.

-Do I have to bring her water to do a Pacifist run?


-Quiz show tips?
Look at Alphys' hands.

-Where is the Burnt Pan?
In the room where the steam vents first show up, go to the southeast.

-Where's So Sorry?
If you have your computer clock set to October 10th, 8PM and have beaten the 
boss of this area, then go to the second floor to the relatively straight right
-to-left walkway. There's a room to the south where you find the Apron. 
Directly to the North of this room is a hidden walkway. Read the sign to 
summon So Sorry.

During a certain boss battle in this zone, you might want to bring your Spider 
Donut or Spider Cider to eat so you can skip it.

[[[---MTT Resort---]]]

-Should I go up the creepy alleyway?
Yeah, and be sure to bring plenty of money in your wallet.

-What door is the Mysterious Key for?
Napstablook's neighbor in Waterfall. It adds backstory.


-How do I spare the boss?
You have to increase the ratings. As long as you don't FIGHT, you're fine. You 
can even shoot his heart and blow off his body parts.

[[[---New Home---]]]

Try this: When you talk to the dude about EXP and LV, reload your save and 
talk to him again.

-How do I spare the boss?
You have to fight. This is one of the only times in the Neutral Run where you 
have to use the FIGHT button. So you might want to consider going back and 
getting that Worn Dagger in the gift box in New Home if you missed it. Or, you 
know, you could always give up your life for the greater good.

For the rest of this run, just do what you think is right.

---[3] Pacifist Run------------------------------------------------------------

-Okay, I've seen the Neutral ending, and I've gotten to the end of the game 
without killing, and I gave Undyne water when I had the chance. What should I 
do now?

There are a few things here you might have already done. First, go back to 
Snowdin and talk to Papyrus. Then go inside, to his room, and talk to him
again. Once all that's over, go to the town in Waterfall where Napstablook (
the ghost) lives. Undyne's house is to the left of Napstablook's. If you gave 
Undyne water, you should see Papyrus outside the door, so talk to him and 
initiate the scene.

Now, go to the area between MTT Resort and CORE. There, you should receive a 
call. Go complete the quest and initiate the next scene.

You will then receive a call from Papyrus. Go where he tells you to go. You 
might want to stock up on healing items before going. Also, you won't be able 
to leave once you're there.

[[[---The True Lab---]]]

-How do I spare these monsters?
See the next section on HOW TO SPARE EVERYONE.

Once you're up again, make your way to the Barrier, and enjoy the scene.

[[[---After the Final Boss---]]]

-What are some good places to backtrack to?
You can talk to your six friends until they all tell you to go away.
You can pay a visit to the humans' coffins.
Pretty much everyone in the game has something new to say.
You can visit Burgerpants, Catty and Bratty, Gerson, and Snowdin's shop for 
extra talking points. Temmie of the Tem Shop seems pretty ignorant about what 
happened, unfortunately.
You can visit Waterfall and see Napstablook and Mettaton.
You can visit Grillby's and have a good time.
If you haven't seen the credits yet, you can go ALL THE WAY to the very 
beginning of the Ruins, where you first fell down, to find a certain someone. 
Talk to him until he runs out of things to say. (To be clear, if you've went 
ahead and seen the credits, there'll be nobody here.)

Once you're done, go back to the end and enjoy the true ending.

---HOW TO SPARE (And Befriend) EVERYONE--------------------

Befriending enemies makes their name yellow in the credits. Unless otherwise 
stated, all random encounter enemies are befriended by doing what I've written 
for the "Spare" condition, but not "Alternate". If you want to befriend 
everyone, remember that monsters stop appearing in an area once you've gotten 
past the boss.

Spare: Compliment

Spare: Just spare it.
Befriend: Console

Spare: Don't Pick On

Spare: Dinner, catch the green tubers. Remember, Green means healthy!

Spare: It can be spared if it's the only enemy left in the encounter.

Spare: Imitate
Befriend: Flirt

Spare: Wait for it to say a pun, and then Laugh

Spare: Survive one attack without moving, and then Pet
Alternative: Use Stick

Spare: Ignore x2
Befriend: Ignore x2, Steal, Compliment

Spare: Ditch when all other monsters are gone
Alternative: Joke while Snowdrake is around, then Spare

Spare: Agree
Befriend: N/A

-Lesser Dog-
Spare: Pet
Alternative: Use Stick
Befriend: Keep petting until Lesser Dog stops attacking

-Dogamy and Dogaressa-
Spare: Roll Around, Re-Sniff, Pet both
Alternative: Use Stick

Spare: Undecorate x3
Befriend: Gift after undecorating three times

Spare: Applaud x2, Ignore x2
Befriend: N/A

-Greater Dog-
Spare: Beckon or Ignore, Pet, Play, Pet x2
Alternative: Use Stick

Spare: Clean, catch the green drops. Remember, Green means clean!

Spare: Flex x3
Befriend: Play a song at Napstablook's house, then leave while the song is 
playing. You will run into Aaron and a scene will follow.

Spare: Hum
Befriend: Keep humming until the encounter ends

-Mad Dummy-
Befriend: Talk at least once in the battle. (Source: Tuxwizzle's speedruns)

Spare: Talk or Feed Temmie Flakes
Alternative: Flex, then Flex once more

Spare: Unhug

Spare: Hug or Encourage

Spare: Approach, touch the green zone around each plane. Remember, Green means 
you've noticed!

Spare: Heat Up x2

Spare: Talk (reverses controls on next turn) or Stare at both orbs

-Knight Knight-
Spare: If you've done a concert with Shyren, Hum x2. If not, Hum x3

-Final Froggit-
Spare: Mystify

Spare: Pray, touch both green butterflies. Remember, Green means blessings for 
the coming battle!

Spare: Do whatever it says to do when it talks.

Pacifist only:

-"      " (Memoryhead x3)-
Spare: Cell, Refuse

-Lemon Bread-
Spare: In any order: Flex, Hum, Unhug

-"," (Reaper Bird) -
Spare: In any order: Mystify, Pray, Pick On

-Dog amalgamate-
Spare: Beckon, Pet, Play, Pet x2
Alternative: Use Stick

-Snowdin amalgamate-
Spare: Joke x3

---[4] Genocide Route----------------------------------------------------------

To progress with the Genocide Route, you must eliminate all the monsters in a 
zone until there are none left BEFORE you ever start the boss fight for that 
zone. The four zones are The Ruins, Snowdin, Waterfall, Hotland/CORE. (In a 
Genocide Run, Hotland and CORE are the same zone.)

[[[---Eliminating everyone in each zone---]]]

-How do I know when I've eliminated everyone in a zone?
Two ways. First, you'll have random encounters where there are no enemies. 
Second, the save points will change in tone.

-How do I know how many more monsters I need to fight?
In every zone after The Ruins, the save points will tell you how many more 
monsters you need to fight.

-How do I know I'm still on the Genocide path?
The overworld music will be slowed down. If it's not slowed down, chances are 
you're on your way to getting a Neutral ending. An exception to this is if you 
check Sans' word search puzzle, the music will go to normal speed temporarily.

[[[---The Ruins---]]]

-Enemies don't seem to be showing up . . .
Yeah, they seem to get scarce after you've been murdering them for a while. Keep
going around in circles. You'll know when you're done.

Remember that monsters cannot be encountered in some rooms, usually small ones.
Large rooms with save points can still have random monster encounters. (Thanks
sockojool, for correcting me!)

I recommend hanging onto the Butterscotch Pie.


-What good is the Snowman piece?
Snowman pieces heal 45 HP and end up as one of the better healing items at the 
end of the game.

-Do I have to kill Jerry each time I find him?
Nope. Using SPARE in recurring random encounters is fine, as long as you fight 
a certain number of monsters before the boss. You can flee once you defeat 
everyone but Jerry. Careful - Many monsters aren't recurring. (Thanks for 
correcting me, ketsu!)

Enemies you can't spare:
-The first Snowdrake
-Lesser Dog
-All monsters initiated by a cutscene
(Credit: Undertale Wiki)


-Tips for beating the boss?
Equip the best weapon and armor, have plenty of food, and learn the patterns. 
Near the end of the battle when the arrows come hurling quickly, keep moving.


-Where are the Instant Noodles? What are they?
Check Alphys' fridge for the Instant Noodles. The Instant Noodles heal 15HP 
outside of battles and 90HP in battles during the Genocide Run. I suggest 
keeping them and saving them for later, especially if you've already eaten the 
Butterscotch Pie.

I recommend picking up the Burned Pan, which is southeast to the first room 
with steam vents.

-Should I kill in the CORE instead to get the most EXP?
Trust me, it doesn't matter.


-The boss just said I was holding back . . .
You didn't fight 40 monsters in Hotland/CORE. If the boss comments on your 
mercifulness, you're now officially on your way to a Neutral ending. If not, 
you're still in Genocide mode.

Contrary to common belief, you don't have to attack this boss on your first 
turn, or hit accurately.


-Tips for the boss?
Learn the moves, get better each time, and don't give up. I hope you have 
plenty of Legendary Heroes, Snowman Pieces, and perhaps the Butterscotch Pie, 
Instant Noodles, and a steak in the shape of Mettaton's face. I'd recommend 
equiping the Burnt Pan, which gives all healing items a +4HP bonus. Have fun, 
because this fight is why people do the Genocide run.

Ideal items:
-Butterscotch Pie (full heal)
-Instant Noodles (90HP)
-Face Steak (60HP)
-Snowman Pieces (45HP)
-Legendary Heroes (40HP)
-Sea Tea (18HP, speed up in battle)

[[[---After the Ending---]]]

-Black screen and wind.
Wait a few minutes.


Here's one method for the Steam version on Windows you can begin after 
finishing the Genocide run, but only while opening Undertale opens a black 
screen and wind:
-In Steam, right-click on Undertale and go to Preperties. In the Updates tab, 
uncheck Cloud synchronization.
-Open up %appdata%, which is a hidden folder in Windows. Then go to Local, 
then UNDERTALE. You should see a file named system_information_962.
-Open up Program Files < Steam < SteamApps < Common < Undertale
-Open up Program Files < Steam < userdata < [your several-digit user ID] < 
391540 < remote (Note: Might not exist until the next step.)
-Wait 10 minutes at the black screen and wind until you have the option to 
restore everything. The game will close automatically. As soon as it does, 
quickly go through the folders above and delete every instance of 
system_information_963 before Steam can sync it.
-Good luck. Your game will now be as if you had never opened it. (With the 
possible exception of if you've opened the Mysterious Door.)

Thanks to Shinkada on r/Undertale for this.

NON-STEAM VERSION: If you're playing the PC version NOT from Steam, you can 
simply open the folders listed above and delete system_information_962 or 963, 
or uninstall and reinstall the game.

---[5] RESET vs TRUE RESET-----------------------------------------------------

When you're playing a run of Undertale, a RESET is available. When you've 
beaten the final boss of the Pacifist route, a TRUE RESET is available. After 
completing a Genocide run, a TRUE RESET is automatic.

Technically, a RESET just changes the file to put you back to the beginning of 
the game, reviving everyone you've killed and undoing all events. However, the 
dialogue is slightly different after doing a RESET. The game remembers that 
you've played the game once before and changes a few things accordingly.

On the other hand, a TRUE RESET wipes out all data except for three things: 
Whether or not you've completed a Genocide run, whether or not you've unlocked 
the Mysterious Door in Snowdin, and a certain second photo in Sans' and 
Papyrus's basement.

---[6] Hard Mode---------------------------------------------------------------

You enter Hard Mode by naming your character "Frisk" or "FRISK". As of now, it 
only lasts for the Ruins, after which the game is inaccessible. Playthrough 
through the Ruins on Hard Mode offers

1) something of a challenge
2) extra dialogue
3) new battle music
4) a comical scene at the end of the Ruins.

Hard Mode changes a few things, most notably replacing the enemies with harder 
alternate versions and preventing the player from fleeing on their first turn.


-Final Froggit-
Spare: Mystify

Spare: Pray, touch both green butterflies.

Spare: Do whatever it says to do when it talks.

Spare: Fix

Spare: Snack, catch the green snakes, and the rest is hiss-tory.

Spare: It can be spared if it's the only enemy left in the encounter.

---[7] Closing, Credits, and Contact-------------------------------------------

So, this game.
It's pretty neat. There's lots of detail.
I had a blast, and decided to learn everything I could about it.
That's kind of why I wrote this guide.
Welp. I hope it helped.

Undertale Wiki and the community that edits it.
Various people on message boards and Youtube.
Anyone on GameFAQs who has PM'd me corrections!
Toby Fox and his team for developing this neat game.
GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ.

If something in this guide is inaccurate, contact me by GameFAQs PM or email me
at malexandercalamity6@gmail.com.

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