Ultima Underworld v1.6

Ultima Underworld v1.6


Mitch Aigner

Yes folks, here it is. It starts with a run through of the highlights of
of the 8 levels, and goes on from there.

* - indicates what you absolutely gotta have:
% - indicates optional ventures, usually worth the reward

Level 1
* Recipe for Rotworm stew from Lanugo
% Solve the puzzle of the 4 levers
% Raid the treasuries of the Green and Grey goblins

Level 2
* Kill the Gazer in the mines for Goldthirst and collect the reward
* Have Shak repair the Sword of Justice (after you find the pieces later on)
% Get the blueprints for Ironwit. Key is in small room in the same area that
  must jump to, then follow the yellow brick road. Use Fly potion (green) to
  take you to yet another part of same area (when you see a gap far too far
  jump). Do not fall off the elevated paths, monsters await below.
% Raid Goldthirst's treasury. Offer him a gift (anything GOLD!) , and he
  give you the password. Use Fly, Levitate, or Gate Travel spell to get out.

Level 3
* Blade for Sword of Justice - secret door behind vines in SE corner
* Taper of Sacrifice from Zak
* Cup of Wonder - after learning flute tune, and how to use incense
* Free the prisoner (Murgo) held by the lizardmen. Don't do this until the
  prisoner has translated the complete lizard language for you.
% Find the remains of Ossika (bring scroll back to Ishtass)
% Give a red gem to Iss'leek
% Kill all of the bandits, and find their treasury

Level 4
* Give gemcutter to Derek for code to Ring of Humility (used on level 5)
* Kill Roderick and then collect Standard of Honor from Dorna Ironfist
% Give Sethar the Rotworm Stew to get Dragon Scales
% Join the knighthood (allows access to their Armory - great stuff!)
% Find the Writ of Lorne (talk to Lakshi about Rawstag)
% Find the Golden Plate behind secret door in Maze of Silas (door code is
  on the two knights tombstones)
% Solve the puzzle of the Bullfrog and find the illusionary wall to secret

Level 5
* Ring of Humility (using code mentioned above)
* Talk to Eyesnack to learn a flute tune.
* Hilt of Sword of Justice from tombs
* Give Judy the picture of Tom (after you find it below)
* Re-bury Garamons' bones (after you find them below)
% Have Marrowsuck make Dragon-skin boots (Dragon scales and spider thread)
% Offer to fetch "zanite" for Anjor
% Get code for mine dispatch chamber from Kneenibble

Level 6
* Talk to Dr. Owl about location of Wine of Compassion (after freeing Murgo)
* Get book from Bronus to deliver to Morlock
* Talk to Morlock about Book of Honesty (after completing above errand)
* Defeat Golem to obtain the Shield of Valor
* Talk to Fyrgen and Louvnon to get some clues to the six-letter mantra
* Talk to Illomo (both BEFORE and AFTER you find his friend Gurstang below)
% Talk to Gralwart about getting a "Vas" runestone
% Get the book "Properties of Runestones" for Ranthru

Level 7
* Talk to Naruto about a key
* Free the prisoners
* Go down to level 8 (three places): Pick up a piece of Orb Rock in one of
                                     Get the Crown from the Imp in another
* Use the crown to master the maze and defeat Tyball, then free Arial
* Return to the prison and: get the Picture of Tom from Bolinard
                            get the Key from Smonden
                            talk to Gurstang (tell him Illomo sent you)
* Use the Key on the door in the extreme NW corner. Proceed upward to get
  Key of Courage.
% Find the Medallion of Passage in the SW quadrant to get through all of the
  guard posts without having to do battle (though I preferred to battle  :-)
% Destroy Tyballs' orb by throwing the Orb Rock you collected at it.
% Raid the imps' treasury by killing the Golems. Make sure that you have a
  few Health potions handy, as some of the items are cursed.
% Find the "Ring of Levitate" in the chasm of fire (real handy on level 8)
% Visit the tombs (lots of secret doors, some good stuff, but must have the
  Crystal Splinter from Kallistan to get in)
% Go back to the prisons and kill all of the &^#$%! guards (just for

Level 8
* Talk to Carasso about the location of Garamons' bones
* Open the central door with the tri-partite key and do what Garamon told
  to do when you re-buried his bones.
% Find lots of really awesome weapons, armor, and magic stuff

MoonGate Level
* Just run like hell, that is all you CAN do!

You have two goals in this game:

1) Survival
2) Find all 8 of the magic Talismans of Sir Cabrius

You cannot finish the game until you have all 8 Talismans, and have
the bones of the wizard Garamon. In addition, you will need to assemble the
Tripartite key.

General tips:

- Don't kill anyone who is not actively trying to kill you (no matter how
  they may be)
- If anyone asks you to run an errand for them, do it (the reward is almost
  always worth it)
- Trust the good guys (identified by the Banner of Cabrius at their door).
  will never steer you wrong.
- Save your game often.
- Talk to people more than once. There are different threads to most of the
  conversations. Try different responses each time.
- Write down what people tell you. It may not make any sense now, but could
  so in the future.

Other useful stuff:

1. When using Fly or Levitate: pressing "E" makes you go up, pressing "Q"
   you go down.
2. You can make a fishing pole with a Pole and Spider Thread (who says
   no such thing as a free lunch! Fresh fish are also great for payoffs and
3. Make popcorn with corn and a torch.
4. You can make a torch by pouring an oil flask onto a piece of wood.

Undocumented spells:

AS  - curse
UP  - long jump
KM  - summon monster
VOG - sheet lightning
ACM - smite undead
IS  - thick skin (medium shield)
YP  - walk on water
VKC - armageddon (do not use, you won't like it)

Documented spells (included primarily for the folks who just have the demo)
----------------- (the demo documentation wasn't so hot IMHO)

To find out which spells you can cast: Take your experience level, divide by
and then round up. This number is the maximum circle of spells you can use.

To find out how much Mana you need: Take the circle number and multiply by

1st Circle:
IMY - create food
IL  - light
OJ  - magic arrow
BIS - resist blows (small shield)
SH  - stealth

2nd circle:
QC  - cause fear
WM  - detect monster
IBM - lesser heal
IJ  - rune of warding
RDP - slow fall

3rd circle:
BSL - conceal (low level invisibility)
OG  - lightning
QL  - night vision
RTP - speed
SJ  - strengthen door (same as using spikes)

4th circle:
IM  - heal
HP  - levitate
NM  - poison
AJ  - remove trap
SF  - resist fire

5th circle:
AN  - cure poison
PF  - fireball
GSP - missile protection
OWY - name enchantment (identify)
EY  - open

6th circle:
VIL - daylight
VRP - gate travel (to moonstone)
VIM - greater heal
AEP - paralyze
OPY - telekinesis

7th circle:
IMR - ally
VAW - confusion
VHP - fly
VSL - invisibility
OAQ - reveal

8th circle:
FH  - flame wind
AT  - freeze time
IVS - iron flesh (major shield)
OPW - roaming sight
VPY - tremor

Mantra chants:

I have included comments on the relative importance of each. NOTE: this is
My Humble Opinion (which is bound to be different from your opinion, or

Chant   Skill      IMHO
----- ---------- -----------------------------------
FAL    Acrobat    Need a little to keep from getting hurt in falls/jumps
HUNN   Appraise   worthless
RA     Attack     Need LOTS!
GAR    Axe        Need LOTS only if you are an Axe-man
SOL    Casting    Need a little to keep from getting hurt when spells
UN     Charm      worthless
ANRA   Defense    Need LOTS!
LAHN   Lore       Need LOTS! (to identify scrolls/potions/armor/wands/etc)
KOH    Mace       Need LOTS only if you are a Mace-man
IMU    Mana       Need LOTS!
FAHM   Missile    Need LOTS only if you are a Missiles-man
AAM    Picklock   Real handy on upper levels, not so handy on the lower ones
LON    Repair     worthless, as Shak works cheap (and as fast as you can)
LU     Search     Need a little to help find secret doors
MUL    Sneak      mostly worthless
ONO    Swimming   mostly worthless
AMO    Sword      Need LOTS only if you are a swordsman
ROMM   Traps      beyond worthless
ORA    Unarmed    Need LOTS if you prefer not to carry around a weapon **

** - The game CAN be won without the use of weapons or armor.

Character Creation:

     Throw away all the characters in the beginning. For each character
there are a number of random skills assigned each time that you create a new
character,... except that they aren't random!
      Let's say I want to be a fighter. I create a bunch of fighter
and throw them all away, but not after writing down each ones' attributes.
I quit the game, and re-start the game. I again create a character. The
same sequence of characters will appear in the exact same order, but now I
exactly which one to keep!!
      Strength is the most important skill of all. Most of the rest can be
proved later via shrine chants, but not Strength.
      Fighters, Druids, and Tinkers generally have high Strength factors.
      You will want to have a Strength factor of at least 25 in order to
plate armor, and still be able to carry a fair amount of goodies. Your carry
capacity (measured in units of "stones") is exactly twice your Strength

The three primary skills (Strength, Intel., Dexterity) are factored in with
other skill ratings. The final value used by the game seems to be
to the skill level multiplied by the primary skill level tied to it. These
associations are as follows:

Strength:     Attack Defense Unarmed Sword Mace Missile Axe
Intelligence: Mana Casting Lore
Dexterity:    Sneak Swim Search Lockpick Charm Acrobat Traps Repair Appraise

For example: If you are trying to pick a lock, the game uses a number based
             your Dexterity TIMES your Lockpick skill.

Maximum Vitality and Mana Capacities: These seem to depend on several
             The present theory is as follows:

         Vitality: Depends on Strength and Experience level
             Mana: Depends on Intelligence, Experience, and Mana skill

             The precise equations using these numbers remain a mystery.

Fun things to do:

On Level 4, NW corner (accessible only from level 7), there are two hostile
mages. Kill one, and leave the other alive. Then get out of his way, as he
throw fireballs at you. Go find some safe corner in which to hide. The
mage will "summon" a wide variety of nasties for you to kill (hostile
mountainmen, fighters, spiders, headlesses, etc), each with its usual
of goodies. This gives you the chance to sample battle with all of the
denizons of the abyss, as well as cover the floors with loot. Every once in
while you may have to go back to the mage and push him around a bit, to keep
sufficiently pissed off.

Drink lots of Ale and Port all at once - get drunk and pass out! (Just
that you need to save at least 1 bottle of Port for rotworm stew.)

Outright spoilers:

Level 1 levers puzzle - with 0 being top position, then clockwise: Turn
                        the lever farthest from the door to 1, the next to
                        next one 3, next one 4 (straight down).

Level 2 Goldthirsts' password - "Deco morono"

Level 3 Cup of Wonder - Flute tune is: 3 5 4 2 3 7 8 7 5
                        Mantra for triangulation: "insahn"

Level 4 Maze of Silas - flip the levers in the following order:
                        Silver - Gold - Gold - Silver - Silver - Gold

Level 4 Bullfrog puzzle - The floor area is an 8 by 8 grid of movable tiles.
                          The two levers select the X and Y coordinates of
                          tile you wish to move. Pushing the upper button
                          then-off raises the selected tile. Pushing the
                          button on-then-off lowers the selected tile. The
                          simply resets the floor to its original state for
                          you screw up too badly. Build two ramps to get to
                          two eastern-most corners. Jump through the wall to
                          into the secret area in the south.

Level 5 Ring of Humility - hit NW lever, then SE, NE, SW. STAY OUT of the
                           of the room while doing this. Hug the walls.

Level 5 Mine Control Code - with 0 being top position, then clockwise:
                            Left to Right: 7 2 6

Level 5 Garamon - wants you to throw the "talismans" into the "volcano". You
                  CANNOT complete the game unless you have found his bones
                  level 8 (Garamon was the brother of Tyball, and one heck
of a
                  mage. You will find several runestones (one is "Vas") and
                  magic ring by the right bones). The bones must be buried
                  the grave in the tombs on level 5 ("use" the bones on the
                  gravestone). After the ghost appears, you must answer the
                  questions correctly.
                       Another way to tell if you have the right set of
                  is to try to stack them on top of another set of bones in
                  your inventory. Like coins, bones will stack,.. leaving
                  "bones" icon with a number next to it to indicate how many
                  are stacked. Garamon's bones will not stack this way.

Taper of Sacrifice - Level 3, trade with Zak (food)

Sword of Justice -   Level 3, Blade is in secret room. Lever to operate is
                     hind a vine-covered wall in the extreme SE corner
                     you must attempt to "pick up" the vines to reveal the
                     secret door, just "looking" won't work).
                     Level 5, Hilt is in the tombs area, accesible from
                     the Bullfrog area of Level 4, or a secret door on Level
                     Level 2, Shak will make the repairs for 20 coins.

Cup of Wonder -      Level 3, room where Gazer is (that you have to swim
                     Stand on the little pedastal in the corner and play
                     flute. The flute tune is taught by Eyesnack on level 5.
                     clues to the three-part mantra (and use of incense) are
                     taught by Fyrgen and Louvnon on level 6.

Standard of Honor -  Level 4, from Dorna Ironfist, after slaying the Chaos
                     Knight (aka Sir Roderick).

Ring of Humility -   Level 5, room in NW quadrant with levers. Throw levers
                     following order: NW SE NE SW. Stay away from the center
                     the room when doing this. After last lever is thrown,
                     will be on the central pedastal. This is told by Derek
                     level 4 after you give him the Gem-cutter you got from
                     Goldthirst on level 2 after you slew the Gazer in the

Shield of Valor -    Level 6, after defeating the Golem

Wine of Compassion - Level 6, in checkerboard room with 2 headlesses (NW
                     rant of level 6, off room with dozens of worms). Wine
                     hidden under a floor tile in the SE corner. Try to
                     "pick up" or "use" the tile. Told by dr. Owl on level 6
                     after freeing his servant Murgo from the lizardmen on

Book of Honesty -    Level 6, is in the key behind the hourglass. There is
                     hour-glass shaped room (NW quadrant of level 6) with a
                     secret door at the end of it. Go through the door and
                     across the chasm to get to a key-shaped room. Told by
                     Morlock on level 6 after you deliver the book from
                     on level 6.

Key of Love -        Level 5, from Judy after giving her the Picture of Tom

Key of Truth -       Level 6, after chanting "fanlo" at a shrine. Found in
                     title of a book in the Library on Level 6, after
talking to
                     Illomo (level 6) after finding Gurstang (level 7) after
                     talking to Illomo the first time.

Key of Courage -     Level 3, NW corner (NW area accessible only from level

Key of Infinity (tri-partite key) - made by assembling the above three
                                    Just drop them on top of each other in
                                    inventory, and they will bind.

Lizard Language

bica           - hello, goodbye
'click         - no
'click-iriass  - Sir Cabrius
eppa           - visit
isili          - me (also means I)
kri'kla        - lurker
ossli          - enough
sel'a          - give (also means trade)
sor'click      - stranger
sorr           - enemy
sorra          - steal
sseth          - yes
sstresh        - help
Thepa          - Lizardmen
thes'click     - hate
thesh          - like
thit           - need
tosa           - you
Urgo           - Murgo (the prisoner: Dr. Owls' light-fingered assistant)
yeshor'click   - friend
yethe          - kill
zekka          - food

Assorted Notes:

There are fountains of healing only on levels 1, 2, and 3

There is one shrine on every level (except level 3 which has three, and
level 4
which has two)

Mandolins appear to be completely useless.

Pieces of wood can be used to improvise a torch,.. just douse it with oil.

Spikes are for pinning doors shut. Once a door is spiked, only you can open

You cannot defeat Level 7 without making a few trips down to Level 8

You cannot kill the "Slasher of Veils", no matter which side of the moongate
you both happen to be on. (Even with Attack/Defense/and Sword ratings of
(don't ask). You can get him to the "yellow" state, but not beyond.

When you and the demon are sucked through the moongate, you must run down
one of
the three paths (red, green, blue) that go off the central area. That is all
can do. The Orb you found on Level 1 tells you which path to take.

Maximum skill ratings depend upon the character-type selected (Example:
can only go to 25 in Mana/Lore/Casting rating, while Druids can go to 30)

Maximum Mana capacity also depends upon the type of character created.
and Mages rate very high.

Trick to get past all the Fire Elementals in the Chasm of Fire on level 7:
you come up from the NE part of level 8, you will find a Golem and a Key.
is a secret door leading to the Chasm of Fire. Open the door and familiarize
yourself with the route from the door to level 8 and the Chasm. Go back down
level 8 and kill some time while your Mana re-charges. When you are up to
25 Mana points, fire up two "Sanct Flam" spells and cruise up to level 7 and
Chasm. The Fire Elementals will cease to be a problem.

Trick to the prison area of level 7: Kill all of the guards ("medallion, I
need no steenking medallion!"). The head guard has a key which will open all
the low-security prison cells,.. and all of the portcullises in the prison
... and all of the portcullises in the other guard areas of level 7. Real
The alternative is unpleasant.

There are at least 8 magic rings

There are at least 15 magic wands

Lots of goodies are hidden under bones, debris, etc.  If you see a pile of
debris (of the variety that you can't pick up), look to make sure that every
pixel is in its proper place. If not, carefully click on the offending

Go swimming in the rivers in the mines of Level 2. Look carefully at any
pipes that you find. (he he he) (don't worry, it's not fatal).

It is generally a bad idea to kill anyone who is not actively trying to kill
This is for 2 resons: 1) You may have needed to talk to them some more.
                      2) Killing good guys gives you negligible exprience
                         and in some cases even REDUCES your experience
There are more than enough hostile critters around to get you max.

There are a maximum of 16 experience levels. After the 16th level, that's

There are a maximum of around 9600 experience points. After that the number
not increase. (Examples: 9646, 9714, 9688, etc.)

There are 5 secret doors in the tombs of Level 7.

There are 3 secret doors in the Maze of Silas on Level 4.

On levels 3, 4, 5, and 6, there are areas in the extreme NW corner that you
cannot get to other than through the door on level 7. This door cannot be
until you have defeated Tyball (i.e. finished all of level 7), and freed the
prisoners in the high-security cells.

Talk to the knights on Level 4 repeatedly. They know lots of mantras you can
to increase your fighting and weapons skills. They do not neccessarily tell
these the first time that you talk to them.

Using the Detail setting from the menu can really help if you have a slow
machine. Cranking the detail down allows much faster/smoother motion.
are as follows: Very High - full detail
                High      - no detail on ceilings
                Medium    - no detail on ceilings or floors
                Low       - no detail on ceilings, floors, or walls
For critical jumps, it is very handy to crank the detail to LOW, make the
and then crank it back up. Especially on slow machines.

To make Rotworm Stew: Get the recipe from the green goblin Lanugo on level
                      Don't lose that recipe!
                      Assemble the correct ingredients in a bowl
                      Then "use" the recipe
                      You will see the icon for the bowl change if succesful
                      There are more bowls/ingredients on lower levels

Moonstone: Once you have the ability to cast a Gate Travel spell (via scroll
           runestones) fire one up. This will teleport you to the moonstone
           on Level 2. There is a secret wall to get out of this area. Pick
           the moonstone and put it down where ever you want. Further Gate
           Travel spells will teleport you to the stone.

Tombs on level 7: You need to get the Crystal Splinter from Kallistan (in
                  prison cells). Then leave the prison area through the main
                  gate and head south, until you can't go south any more.
                  is a secret wall (not a door) that will shatter when you
                  into it. This will not happen unless you have the Crystal
                  Splinter in your possesion, and there is no other way to
                  into the tombs. There are 5 secret doors in the tombs
                  Three of these are located at gravesites that do not have
                  headstones. The other two lead back out into the main
                  of level 7. These two are one-way-only secret doors. They
                  be opened only from the tombs area.

Silver Sapling:
      When you "pick up" the Silver Sapling on level 1, it turns into a
Find some "dirt" floors, and re-plant the seed. The Sapling will re-grow.
allows you to be re-incarnated if you die. Upon death, you will find
alive once more, at the location of the Sapling. The seed needs to be
only once. Re-incarnations seem to be infinite. You can move the Sapling to
more convenient place by picking it up and re-planting (if you wish).

Rawstag will only open the door if you give him a red gem (any

To free the prisoner (Murgo) from the Lizardmen, give Ssetharee lots of food
used 10 fresh fish that I caught with my fishing pole).

Give the giant gold nugget to Goldthirst. He will be really impressed.

To raid the Goblin treasuries on Level 1:
   Grey goblins: Throw up a couple of shield spells and just walk in. The
will immediately attack, so be quick. DO NOT counter-attack. If you attack
one of the goblins, the rest will all come running to his aid (and you will
up against 7 at once). Once you have all of the goodies, leave the goblins'
area. If you return later, only the guard will be upset.
   Green goblins: Don't let anyone see you. Push the guard into the next
and "spike" the door closed. Then wait until nobody else is looking. Open
door and close it behind you, as you will be in the treasure room for a
Again, if attacked, DO NOT counter attack.

To use incense: Wave a torch or candle over the block of incense. If done
the block will change appearance to show that it is lit. Now "use" (left
the block, and you will see a vision. Each vision gives you 2 letters of the
letter mantra. Once you have used incense 3 times, you will have all 6
The pairs must now be re-arranged to get a workable mantra that you can
at a shrine (3 pairs of letters, three positions = 6 possible combinations).

There is NO TIME LIMIT to complete the game. You can take as long as you

Weapons come in the following calibers: (from worst to best)
Swords - dagger / short sword / long sword / broad sword
Maces  - cudgel / light mace / mace
Axes   - hand axe / axe / battle axe
Missiles - sling / bow / crossbow
Shields - buckler / small shield / wooden shield / tower shield
Armor - leather / mail / plate

Weapons/Armor/etc come in the following grades: (from worst to best)
badly worn / worn / servicable / excellent


Numbers indicate the levels upon which they may be found. There may be more
one of the same kind of runestone on a level (as for the "AN" stone), a "*"
the level number means that you have to get it from someone (usually by
off on some weird quest).

A  4, 4, 4   (means that there are a total of 3 stones, all on Level 4)
B  1, 3
C  4
D  3
E  6         (behind a barrel,... hard to spot)
F  6, 6*
G  3, 4, 5
H  2, 3
I  1, 4, 8
J  1, 4, 4, 5
K  6
L  1
M  1, 2, 4
N  5, 6
O  1, 3
P  2, 3
Q  4
R  3, 5
S  1, 3, 4, 8
T  5, 8
U  2
V  6, 8
W  3*
Y  1, 2, 3

Secret doors

WARNING: Some secret doors (especially on level 7) are ONE-WAY ONLY. This
that if you are on on the wrong side of the door, it will not open (or even
appear to exist at all).

Level 1:
Door between Grey goblin area and room with levers/pedastals
Door by Silver Sapling - leads to shrine area
Door on north wall of hallway in extreme NW quadrant - leads to fountain

Level 2:
No secret doors
Secret wall exposed after using Gate Travel to the Moonstone

Level 3:
Door along hallway in extreme SE quadrant, behind vines - leads to fountain
    Note: you must try to "pick up" the vines in order to expose the secret
          just "looking" won't work. Fortunately, this is the only place
          this is neccessary. (Dirty trick IMHO)
Door in store-room of thieves
Door at end of hallway by lever in extreme NE quadrant
Secret area behind waterfall in NE quadrant (swim to it)

Level 4:
2 doors behind Roderick
3 doors in the Maze of Silas
Door in room with skeletons/pedastals/switches
Door behind chest in water area
Secret area in SE corner of Bullfrog Maze (just jump THROUGH the wall)

Level 5:
Door in tombs area at extreme East-Central edge of map
Door in extreme NE corner of map - leads to Cabrius' tomb

Level 6:
Door in library
Door at end of hourglass-shaped room
Door in extreme SE corner (walk down lava channel)
Secret area accessed by running through wall in East Central area (between
     eyes). This place is just east of the stairway down from level 5.

Level 7:
Secret wall in cell of Dantes (allows escape from prison area)
Doors to allow bypass of prison guards area (short hallway allows bypass)
Door out of Imps/Golems/treasure area (takes you right to Tyballs' maze)
Door in area in extreme NE quadrant (by Golem/key/Undead area) - to chasm
5 doors in tombs area
Door out of Tyballs quarters past fountain

Level 8:
There are no secret doors on level 8


Level 1:
Red key in pack at beginning
Gray keys in shrine area, and at bottom of spiral staircase in West Central

Level 2:
Red gem key by stairway off South main hallway - fits Mountainmen doors
Yellow gem key in Ironwit area - jump off platform through doorway in North
                               - fits door at bottom of spiral path

Level 3:
Red gem key in NE quadrant by Zak area - fits Red Lizardman doors
Yellow E-W key in NE quadrant by Zak area - fits Thieves storerooms + door
on L4
Green gem key behind damaged door in West Central area of map - Green Liz.

Level 4:
Key from defeating Roderick - opens secret doors behind him

Level 5:
Key from defeating black ghost - opens tomb and portcullis

Level 6:
No keys

Level 7:
Grey key by Naruto - opens door in Chasm of Fire
Yellow key in NE corner by Golem - opens door between Tyballs Maze and Lava
Grey key from main prison guard - opens cell doors, portcullises, etc. (also
   get this key from defeating Tyball).
Skull key from defeating Tyball - opens Arial cell, and high-security prison
Yellow key from Smonden - opens door in extreme NW corner to special area
There is no known key to open doors to the "Evil Undead" area

Level 8:
Skull key from Carasso - opens door off main hallway in East-Central area


Level 3 - Ring of Resist Blows  (obtained by killing one of the Bandits)
Level 4 - Ring of Leap  (by boulders in South-central room)
Level 7 - Ring of Levitate  (in short hallway off Chasm of Fire)
Level 8 - Rings of Regeneration, Mana Regeneration, Invisibility, Poison
          Resistance, Magic Protection
Note: 2 of the rings on level 8 are in the small areas you get to from level

Unsolved Mysteries:

These are things that I just never figured out

Level 3:
There is a lever at the end of a long hallway in the NE qudrant. I never
out what it does. (It doesn't have anything to do with the secret door

Somewhere it is written that there is a secret way to Level 4. I never found

Level 4:
There is a pull-chain outside the entrance to the Knights area in the SW
quadrant that didn't seem to do anything.

There is a Grey Lizardman running around, who claims that his leader is
This is strange, because Iss'leek is the leader of the RED Lizardmen
(Ishtass is
the Grey leader). What is this lizardman doing on Level 4, and what do I say


Unfortunately, there are several

PROBLEM: Can't talk to anyone below level 1:
         This seems to occur only when someone has the Demo of Underworld,
         then loads the real game into the same directory. Solution: backup
         your "SAVEx" files, delete everything, re-install, restore "SAVEx"

PROBLEM: Inventory corruption. There is a patch available to "solve" this
         problem from Orirgin (and available from some FTP sites). It seems
         to help (but not entirely eliminate the problem). There has been
         some mention that reducing the number of items in a container
         box, whatever) seems to help. There has also been mention that
         nesting containers (i.e. an item in a box, in a bag, in a pack)
         should be discouraged.

PROBLEM: Game crashes when entering the NW corner areas (accessible only
         level 7). Solution: try dropping some items. Take only the barest
         essentials. Also, if trapped in this area, you may be able to
         out using a "Gate Travel" spell.

PROBLEM: Screen very dark. There is a file called "shades.dat" in the UW
         directory. Rename it to something else (like "shadez.dat") and
         delete "shades.dat". This should brighten things up a bit. NOTE:
         I have not tried this personally, so I can make no guarantees.

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