Ultima 7 – Part Two, The Serpent Isle

Ultima 7 - Part Two, The Serpent Isle


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                     Ultima 7: Part Two, The Serpent Isle

                               April 18, 2009
                                 Version 1.5

                    Written by:  Dan Simpson
                         Email:  dsimpson.faqs

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 Exult - http://exult.sourceforge.net/ - an open source engine for Ultima 7 and
        Serpent Isle, supports both Windows and Unix.

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 This Document is Copyright 1999-2009 by Dan Simpson
 Ultima 7: Part Two The Serpent Isle is Copyright 1994 by Origin Systems

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What's New in 1.5:
    Added notes on Claw Isle, Easier Tolerance and Gwenno joining the party
    from d474634r. Some other small edits.

  For a complete Version History, check out the Final Words Section at the end
  of the FAQ.

Table of Contents:

  i.    Introduction
  ii.   Items
  iii.  Spells
  iv.   Companions
  v.    Trainers
  vi.   General Strategies


  1.    Arrival, "I got this hourglass used from the Time Lord."
  2.    Monitor, "Does EVERYONE want to kill me?"
  3.    Fawn, "Yes... Everyone wants to kill you!"
  4.    Sleeping Bull, "Wouldn't you rather get 9999 Monetari than 1 gold bar?"
  5.    Moonshade, "Rotoluncia's Miracle Diet!"
  6.    Mad Mage, "Yesssss, Master!"
  7.    Monk Isle, "The Bells!"
  8.    Moonshade Spells and Such, "Est Nudi!"
  9.    Mountains of Freedom
  10.   Moonshade and a Mirror
  11.   Furnace, "101 ways to fry an Avatar"
  12.   Goblins! "The brand new multi-million dollar musical!"
  13.   The Realm of Dreams
  14.   Great Northern Forest
  15.   Shamino's Castle
  16.   To the North!
  17.   The Gwani
  18.   Vasculio and Skullcrusher
  19.   Batlin, Spinebreaker, and the Banes
  20.   Gwenno Returns! Sorta...
  21.   Discipline and Gwenno
  22.   Soul Prisms, Banes and Such
  23.   Serpent Treasures
  24.   White Dragon Castle and the Banes
  25.   Isle of Crypts and the Chaos Serpent
  26.   Sunrise Isle and Endgame


  A.    Silver Seed Walkthrough
  B.    Serpent Path Map
  C.    Money Conversions (and Exchangers)
  D.    Secrets and Cheats
  E.    Monsters and NPC's
  F.    Keyboard Commands
  G.    Online Resources

Final Words...

| i. Introduction                                                             |

  Eighteen Months have passed since the destruction of the Black Gate and the
  dismantling of the Fellowship.  A recently discovered scroll reveals that the
  Guardian isn't through with Britannia yet, he plans to destroy it from the
  Serpent Isle.  To prevent the destruction of the land that bears his name,
  Lord British sends the trusted Avatar through the Serpent Pillars to the land
  of The Serpent's Isle.

  Ultima 7 Part Two: The Serpents Isle (U7:SI) was built on almost the exact
  same engine as The Black Gate, and therefore there are few differences in how
  to play the game.  There are a few differences however.

  New in U7:SI:
    Paper Doll Inventory - you put on an armor, it will show it on you
    Vaguely Non-Linear gameplay

  Changed in U7:SI:
    More keyboard commands - very useful, they are outlined in "F. Keyboard
                             Commands" in the Appendix
    Cannot talk to people in different rooms - you could in U7, but not now
    Companions don't care if you steal
    Three new types of Money - Monetari, Filari, and Guilders
    Less companions to join party
    Less towns to explore
    More dungeons to explore
    Different Races of Avatar - you no longer have to be just white!

  You're probably wondering, "What is Serpent Isle, and how does it relate to
  the rest of the Ultima Series?"  Well I'm glad you asked.  Serpent Isle, or
  New Sosaria was founded by dissidents who didn't like Lord British's rule,
  this would have happened after Ultima 3, and before Ultima 4.  However this
  land has even more history than that spanning all the way back to Ultima 1!
  In Ultima 1 the land that was to become Serpent Isle was called the "Land of
  Danger and Despair".  The "Land of Danger and Despair" featured a castle for
  Shamino, which we visit in U7:SI; Gorlab Village, which becomes very
  important in the game; and a couple of dungeons called Skullcrusher and
  Spinebreaker, both of which make appearances in SI.  Know also that the names
  of the 3 cities comes directly from Ultima 3, Fawn - Fawn, Moon - Moonshade,
  Montor - Monitor.

  SI Chronology: (Spoilers!)

    Lands of Danger and Despair - Ultima 1
    Gorlab disappears, becomes a swamp
    Ophidians settle here
    Exodus steals the Great Earth Serpent starting the War of Imbalance
      - Ultima 3
    Balance Hierophant killed
    War of Imbalance ends with the death of the Chaos Serpent
    Ophidians die out
    Settlers arrive from Old Sosaria - between Ultima 3 and 4
    Lord Blackthorn finds his way to Monk Isle - Ultima 5
    You arrive to set things straight - Ultima 7, the Serpent Isle

  Also U7:SI, unlike the Black Gate, has no discernable sub-plots or
  sidequests. This means that everything in the game relates to the Main Plot
  in some fashion.  I really missed all the Subplots, I thought that those were
  what made U7 such a well made game.  However, the main plot in U7:SI is much
  larger with many more layers.

| ii. Items                                                                   |

  Since there are 4 different types of money, each price will be listed with a
  symbol as to which money set it is in.
    g - gold pieces
    m - monetari
    f - filari
    gu - guilders

  And the sellers:
    S - Monitor, Standarr
    K - Monitor, Krayg
    D - Moonshade, Ducio
    B - Moonshade, Bucia
    F - Fawn, Alyssand
    P - Moonshade, Pothos

Weapons: (prices have a range, with a high to low, you get the low by haggling)
 Type:                Buy:        Sell:      Dmg:      Notes:
 -----                ----        -----      ----      ------
 Glass Sword        1500gu (P)      **        127      Breaks after 1 use
 Powder Keg            **           **         40      Explodes
 Juggernaut Hammer     **           **         25      Thrown, 2 Handed
 Erinon's Axe          **           **         20      +10 Combat (silver seed)
 Firedoom Staff        **           **         20      2 Handed
 Lightning Whip        **           **         10      Luminescent
 Fire Wand             **           **         10      Magic
 Halberd            100-55m (S)     **         10      2 Handed
 2 Handed Hammer       **           **          9      2 Handed
 Magebane              **           **          9      Steals Magic
 Magic Axe          600gu (P)       **          8      Thrown
 Hammer of Dedication  **           **          8      Thrown
 Serpent Staff         **           **          8      2 Handed
 Sword of Fire         **           **          8      Luminescent
 2 Handed Sword     200-120m (S)    **          8      2 Handed
 Zot Wand              **           **          8      Poison
 2 Handed Axe       150-90m (S)     **          7      2 Handed
 Dragonslayer          **           **          7      Good against Dragons
 Scythe                **           **          7      2 Handed
 Magic Sword           **           **          7
 Worm Hammer           **           **          6
 Serpent Sword         **           **          6
 Shovel             100-50g (D)     **          6      2 Handed
 Spear              20-12m (S)      **          6      Thrown
 Staff                 **           **          6      2 Handed
 Sword              125-65m (S)     **          6
                    350-160g (D)    **
 Sword of Defense   1200gu (P)      **          6      +3 Defense
 Tongs                 **           **          6
 Lit Torch             **           **          6
 Whip                  **           **          6
 Mace                  **           **          5
 Morningstar        40-20m (S)      **          5
 Serpent Scepter       **           **          5
 Hammer                **           **          4
 Pick               60-40m (K)      **          4
                    140-75g (D)
 Decorative Sword      **           **          4
 Throwing Axe          **           **          4      Thrown
 Blowgun               **           **          3
 Club                  **           **          3
 Magic Sling           **           **          3
 Torch                 **           **          3
 Weapons with DMG 2 and below include: Cleaver, Dagger, Fishing Rod, Hoe, Pitch
    Fork, Rake, Serpent Dagger, Shears, Spiked Shield, and the Wooden Sword

Bows and Crossbows: (all bows are 2 handed)
 Bow                120-60m (S)     **          6
 Magic Bow             **           **         12
   Arrow            20-10m (S)      **         +1
   Serpent Arrow       **           **         +1
   Burst Arrow         **           **         +2      Explodes on Contact
   Magic Arrow         **           **         +4
 Infinity Bow          **           **          6      Doesn't need Ammo
 Crossbow           145-75m (S)     **         10
                    550-350f (F)
   Bolt             18-10m (S)      **         +0
                    75-45f (F)
   Magic Bolt       200gu (P)       **         +2

Armors: (an SS in notes indicates that it is an item from the Silver Seed)
  Type:                Buy:        Sell:      Def:     Notes:
  -----                ----        -----      ----     ------
  Serpent Armor         **          **          6
  Magic Armor           **          **          5
  Dupre's Shield        **          **          4      Luther has it
  Magic Helm            **          **          4
  Light Helm            **          **          4      Luminescent, warm (SS)
  Magic Leggings     550gu (P)      **          4
  Magic Shield          **          **          4
  Plate Armor        350-175m (S)   75m         4
  White Breastplate     **          **          4      Appears after Lightning
  Brass Shield          **          **          3
  Chain Armor        200-100m (S)   50m         3
  Decorative Shield     **          **          3
  Door Shield           **          **          3
  Great Helm         75-40m (S)     20m         3
                     300-190f (F)   **
  Magic Gauntlets       **          **          3
  Gauntlets of Quick.   **          **          3      + 10 Dex (SS)
  Plate Leggings     150-90m (S)    45m         3
  Spiked Shield      90-50m (S)     **          3      +2 Attack
  Sword of Defense   1200gu (P)     **          3      +6 Attack
  Antique Armor         **          **          2
  Magic Boots        100gu (P)      **          2
  Chain Coif            **          **          2
  Chain Leggings     100-50m (S)    25m         2
  Crested Helm       45-25m (S)     10m         2
  Curved Heater         **          **          2
  Gauntlets          60-35m (S)     **          2
  Monitor Shield        **          **          2
  Scale Armor        150-85m (S)    30m         2
  Wooden Shield         **          **          2
  Buckler               **          **          1
  Cloak              200-80gu (D)   **          1
  Kidney Belt        12-5m (K)      **          1
  Belt of Strength      **          **          1      + 10 Str  (SS)
  Leather Armor      75-50m (K)     15m         1
  Leather Boots      25-15m (K)     4m          1
  Leather Gloves     15-8m (K)      2m          1
  Leather Helm       20-12m (K)     5m          1
  Leather Leggings   45-25m (K)     10m         1
                     110-60gu (B)   60gu
  Serpent Earring       **          **          1
  Stocking           25-15f (F)     **          1

The best armor class you can get is:
  Serpent Armor (6), Serpent Earring (1), Magic Boots (2), Magic Shield (4),
  Magic Leggings (4), Belt of Strength (1), Helm of Light (4), Gauntlets of
  Quick. (3), Sword of Defense (3) = 28

Reagants:  H - Harnna, P - Pothos, D - Delphynia
  Type:          Abrev.        Cost:
  -----          -----         -----
  Black Pearl      BP          P (50-25gu), D (70-35f)
  Blood Moss       BM          ** Must be found, 123S 147E **
  Blood Spawn      BS          ** Must be found **
  Garlic           GR          H (3 for 8-4m), D (15-9f), P (8-5)
  Ginseng          GN          H (2 for 9-5m), D (20-11f)
  Mandrake Root    MR          D (65-35f), P (75-45gu) found at 10N 147E
  Nightshade       NS          D (25-13f)
  Serpent Scales   SC          ** Must be found **
  Spider Silk      SS          P (35-19gu) can be found where there are spiders
  Sulfurous Ash    SA          P (36-20gu), also found in Furnace
  Worm Heart       WH          P (100-60gu)

  Note:  The Ring of Reagants (Silver Seed) completely eliminates the need for
         reagants.  In your spell book, where the number of casts used to be
         will now be an Infinity Symbol.

Potions: (all potions are sold by Pothos in Moonshade)
  Color:          Effect:          Cost:
  ------          -------          -----
  Black           Invisibility     240-135gu
  Blue            Sleep            85-40gu
  Blue/Black      Warmth             **
  Green           Poison             **
  Orange          Awakening        65-30gu
  Orange/Red      Mana Restoration   **
  Purple          Protection       150-75gu
  Red             Cure             75-45gu
  Yellow          Heal             100-50gu

  Note:  You can also buy a Yellow/Heal potion in the Mountains of Freedom

Serpent Teeth:
  Destination:                   Found:
  ------------                   ------
  Fawn                           Vasculio, or Filbercio's house*
  Furnace                        Rotoluncia's house
  Great Northern Forest          Vasculio or Frigidazzi's house*
  Isle of Crypts                 Xenka*
  Mad Mage Isle                  Erstam
  Monitor                        Furnace
  Monk Isle                      Erstam
  Moonshade                      Erstam
  Sleeping Bull Inn              Batlin
  Shrine of Discipline           Batlin
  Shrine of Emotion              Torissio's house*
  Shrine of Enthusiasm           Batlin
  Shrine of Ethicality           Gustacio's house*
  Shrine of Logic                Batlin
  Shrine of Tolerance            Stefano*
  Skullcrusher                   Batlin
  Spinebreaker                   Batlin
  Sunrise Isle                   Yenani

   * indicates that the tooth won't be there until Batlin is dead

| iii. Spells                                                                 |

  There are Nine Circles of Magic (no more linear spells!).  You can cast your
  level, i.e. a level 3 avatar can cast circle 3.  Also the circle number is
  how much mana a spell will cost.

The Mages:
  Name:           Abrev         Where:
  -----           -----         ------
  Ensorcio          E           Sleeping Bull Inn
  Melino            M           Moonshade
  Torrissio         T           Moonshade
  Columna           C           Moonshade
  Gustacio*         G           Moonshade
  Mortegro**       MR           Moonshade/Tolerance
  Elissa            S           Silver Seed

  * - only after you get out of the Mountains of Freedom, offers spells for
  ** - disappears after you get out of Mountains of Freedom, appears at
       the Temple of Tolerance

  Note: I also had some trouble getting Melino to sell me spells.  At first he
        wouldn't sell me spells, then only after I got out of Freedom would he
        sell to me.  (I don't think that's supposed to happen)  Also don't
        mention the stalkings to him or he WILL NEVER TALK TO YOU AGAIN!

Spells: * -- indicates that you start with the spell (when you get the new
=======      spell book in Moonshade from Fedabiblio)

  First Circle:             Reagants:               Where:
  -------------             ---------               ------
   Create Food              GR, GN, MR              G, E (20-12g, 30-18gu)
   *Cure                    GR, GN                  M (22-14g, 33-21gu)
   Detect Trap              NS, SS                  G, T (40-20gu)
   Great Douse              GR, SS                  E (18-9g, 27-13gu)
   Great Ignite             SA, SS                  C (30-18g, 45-27gu)
   Light                    SA                      T (40-20gu)
   Locate                   NS                      E (26-13g, 39-20gu),
                                                    C (35-20g, 52-30gu)
   Telekinesis              BP, BM, MR              M (30-18g, 45-27gu),
                                                    MR (40-25gu)
  Second Circle:
   *Awaken                  GR, GN                  T (65-30gu)
   Destroy Trap             BM, SA                  C (50-30g, 75-45gu)
   False Coin               NS, SA                  E (80-50g, 120-75gu)
   Cold Blast               BP, SA, WH              G, MR (150-100gu)
   Great Light              MR, SA                  M (60-40g, 90-60gu),
                                                    C (60-30g, 90-45gu)
   *Heal                    GR, GN, SS              T (75-38gu)
   Mass Cure                GR, GN, MR              M (75-50g, 112-75gu)
   Protection               GR, GN, SA              C (80-50g, 120-75gu)

  Third Circle:
   Chill                    GR, GN, WH              gift from Frigidazzi
   Columna's Intuition      BP, GR                  C (120-80g, 180-120gu)
   Curse                    GR, NS, SA              C (75-40g, 112-60gu),
                                                    MR (120-70gu)
   Enchant Missile          BP, MR                  G, M (70-35g, 105-52gu),
                                                    T (150-80gu)
   Mass Protection          GR, GN, MR, SA          C (100-60g, 150-90gu)
   Paralyze                 NS, SS                  E (70-35g, 105-52gu),
                                                    MR (140-85gu)
   Sleep                    BP, NS, SS              E (60-34g, 90-51gu)
   *Translation             BP, MR, SS, SA          T (175-85gu)

  Fourth Circle:
   Blink                    BM, MR                  MR (200-130gu)
   Create Soul Prism        BM, GR, MR, SC, SS, SA  T (late in game)
   Deter                    GR, SS                  E (90-50g, 135-75gu)
   Flash                    MR, SA                  M (90-50g, 135-75gu)
   Mass Curse               GR, MR, NS, SA          C (110-60g, 165-90gu),
                                                    MR (175-100gu)
   Reveal                   BM, SA                  M (100-60g, 150-90gu)
   *Transcribe              BP, SS                  T (220-130gu)
   Unlock Magic             BM, SA                  G, C (120-70g, 180-105gu)

  Fifth Circle:
   Conjure                  MR, SS                  G
   Dispel Field             BP, GR, SS, SA          Selina's corpse
   Erstam's Surprise        BP, GR, MR, SA          E (160-100g, 240-150gu),
                                                    MR (240-170gu)
   Explosion                BM, BP, MR, SA          M (135-80g, 202-120gu)
   Great Heal               GR, GN, MR, SS          T (250-130gu)
   Invisibility             BM, NS                  C (155-90g, 232-135gu)
   Mass Sleep               GN, NS, SS              E (145-80g, 217-120gu)
                                                    S (250-140g)
   Summon Shade             BM, MR, NS, SS, SA      Mortegro after Freedom

  Sixth Circle:
   Betray                   BP, NS, SS              M (145-80g, 217-120gu),
                                                    T (285-150gu)
   Cause Fear               GR, MR, NS              T (300-175gu), MR(300-210gu)
   Cold Strike              BM, BP, WH, SA          found in Frigidazzi's Lab
   Create Ammunition        BM, GN, SA              C (175-120g, 262-180gu)
                                                    S (300-175g)
   Create Automaton         MR, SA, SS, SC          T (750-550gu)
   Dispel Illusion          GR, MR, NS              M (160-110g, 240-165gu),
                                                    C (165-110g, 247-165gu)
   Fire Field               BP, WH, SS, SA          G
   Fire Ring                BP, WH, MR, SS, SA      E (180-110g, 270-165gu)

  Seventh Circle:
   Energy Field             BP, MR, SS, SA          M (250-140g, 375-210gu)
   Energy Mist              BM, MR, NS, SA          C (250-180g, 375-270gu)
   Lightning                BP, MR, SA              T (350-200gu)
   Mass Awaken              GR, GN                  M (250-140g, 375-210gu)
   Mass Might               BP, GN, MR              T (400-200gu), MR(350-240gu)
   Poison Mist              BM, NS, SA              C (280-190g, 420-285gu)
   Restoration              GR, GN, MR, SS          G
   Vibrate                  BP, BM, MR, SS          E (220-110g, 330-165gu)
                                                    S (350-200g)
  Eighth Circle:
   Create Ice               WH, SS                  found in Frigidazzi's Lab
   Delayed Blast            BM, BP, MR, SS, SA      G
   Fetch                    BM, BP, MR              M (285-165g, 427-247gu)
   Firesnake                GR, MR, SA              found in Rotoluncia's house
   Invoke Serpent           BM, GR, SS, WH, SC      MR (425-325gu)
                                                    S (380-200g)
   Mind Blast               BS, BP, NS, SA          E (300-185g, 450-277gu),
                                                    MR (400-285gu)
   Serpent Bond             BM, BP, GR, SS, WH, SC  MR (450-350gu)
                                                    S (450-300g)
   Swordstrike              BP, BS, MR, NS          E (285-165g, 427-247gu)

  Ninth Circle:
   Death Vortex             BM, MR, NS, SA          E (350-220g, 525-330gu),
                                                    MR (500gu)
   Imbalance                NS, SA, WH, SC          MR (1200gu)
                                                    S (800-600g)
   Mass Death               BM, BS, GR, GN, MR, NS  E (400-250g, 600-375gu),
                                                    MR (600gu)
   Mass Invisibility        BP, BM, MR, NS          found in Vasculio's lab
   Spiral Missile           BM, BS, BP, NS, SA      G, E (425-260g, 637-390gu)
   Stop Storm               BP, GR, MR, SS, SA      G
   Summon                   BM, GR, MR, SS          found in Gustacio's basement
   Time Stop                BM, GR, MR              found in Columna's lab

| iv. Companions                                                              |

STANDARD COMPANIONS: (all start with you)
  Iolo - Bard Extraordinaire
         STR 15, DEX 24, INT 24, COMBAT 16
  Shamino - Ranger
         STR 19, DEX 23, INT 12, COMBAT 18
  Dupre - Paladin
         STR 22, DEX 20, INT 13, COMBAT 18

Needed: (for some part of the plot or another)
  Selina - mage that takes you to the Mint to get some money.  Sister of Lydia
         in Monitor (so you know you can't trust her!)
         Sleeping Bull Inn
         STR 12, DEX 12, INT 14, COMBAT 6
  Stefano - thief/mage who was unjustly imprisoned in Freedom, will help you
         get out of prison, but leaves right after.
         Mountains of Freedom
         STR 17, DEX 12, INT 19, COMBAT 2
  Petra - Petra joins to help you get the Water of Discipline, because she can
         walk through acid and you can't
         STR 20, DEX 15, INT 20, COMBAT 7

  Boydon - made out of spare parts in Erstam's Lab.  DO NOT LET DIE!  Once dead
         he can never ever be revived.
         Erstam's Lab
         STR 30, DEX 12, INT 12, COMBAT 8
  Automaton - if you use the spell create automaton you can have them join you
         Anywhere you find a dead automaton
         STR 20, DEX 10, INT 10, COMBAT 5
  Wilfred - joins you after the banes attack, but leaves shortly after, when he
         gets hurt in any way (baby)
         Sleeping Bull Inn
         STR 20, DEX 15, INT 10, COMBAT 25
  Gwenno - can join after a certain big plot event later in the game.
         STR 24, DES 20, INT 24, COMBAT 16

At max you can have a party of 6, yourself included.  Any more than that has
the risk of crashing the game. (the only way to get more than 6 is to cheat)

For the complete list of all NPC's and their stat's look in Appendix "E.
Monsters and NPC's".

| v. Trainers                                                                 |

At each level that you gain you also get 3 "Training Points" which can be used
to get new stats on a 1:1 trade.  That is you use 1 Training Point to get 1
unit of any stat.

Monitor Trainers:
----------------- Time:       Stat:                      Cost:
                  -----       -----                __    -----
Luther             9-12       Str + 3                |
Caladin            9-12       Str + 2, Combat + 1    |__ 50 Monetari
Brendann            3-6       Combat + 2, Dex + 1    |   Each!
Shazzana           12-3       Dex + 2, Combat + 1  __|

Wilfred (after banes attack)  Str + 1, Combat + 1        30 Monetari
Tsandar (silver seed)         Str + 1, Combat + 2        200 Gold
Elissa  (silver seed)         Int + 1, Magic +1          150 Gold

Note: Once you maximize one stat, then you can't train with anyone who advances
      that stat, even if you want to learn something else that they teach.

  1 - 0 to 99 Exp
  2 - 100 to 199
  3 - 200 to 399
  4 - 400 to 799
  5 - 800 to 1599
  6 - 1600 to 3199
  7 - 3200 to 6399
  8 - 6400 to 12799
  9 - 12800 to 25599
 10 - 25600 to 51199
 11 - 51200 and on and on...

| vi. General Strategies                                                      |

How to Play the Game:
  Serpent Isle's gameplay engine is based completely on the Ultima 7 engine,
  therefore if you know how to play that game, you mostly know this one.  To
  walk, move the arrow in the direction that you wish to travel, and hold down
  the right mouse button. (or double right click your destination)  To use
  something, or to open your inventory, double click the object.  To open your
  companions inventory open yours, then open theirs.  If you just double click
  them you will talk to them instead.  You can also use items like food by
  double clicking.  To pick things up, left click and hold, and drag the item
  to where you want to put it.  Simple!  One new thing in Serpent Isle is the
  expanded Hot Keys (keyboard) that you can use (see appendix "F. Keyboard
  Commands), and these really make the game easier.

  First and foremost you're gonna need to survive all those battles that you
  will find yourself in.

  Step One in this is preparation.  Enter battles with plenty of party members,
  who are well equipped.  Leather Armor is not well equipped.  Even Chain Armor
  is not that good.  Try to get all Plate, and Magic when you find it.  Also
  don't give everyone the same type of weapon, as this will crowd them in one
  area, and they may hit each other.  Give one person a sword, another a two-
  handed weapon, another a whip, then a crossbow, and maybe another throwing
  weapon like a Magic Axe.

  Step Two, you have to recognize which battles to get into.  A level three
  Avatar is not going to win against a Dragon all by himself (barring using
  another strategy that we will discuss later).  In the beginning of the game,
  limit your battles to simple things like Headless, Bandits and maybe a Reaper.
  Then you can move on to harder battles like Cyclops, Dragons, etc.

  Ok now you are in a battle, but things aren't going well at all, your party
  is disorganized, Iolo keeps shooting your own people, and Shamino just ran
  off in terror.  As long as you know where everyone is, keep fighting.  Stop
  Shamino right away since anyone who runs away will drop their items in an
  attempt to lighten their load (maybe to run faster), and quite obviously we
  don't want that to happen.  Use potions and bandages (while in the paused
  Inventory mode) on anyone who needs it.  And lastly make sure that the Avatar
  is actually attacking and not just standing around, since he doesn't actually
  finish enemies off, just gets them to the point where they run off or

  If you want to cast spells in a battle, there are 2 ways.  One is to cast the
  spell directly.  The other way is to equip the Spellbook in your attacking
  hand and place the marker on the spell you want to cast, then enter combat
  mode, and attack.  You will then cast your spell as the attack.

  Now for that strategy that I mentioned earlier.  When confronted by a
  superior foe, and you know that under normal circumstances that you have no
  chance to win.  Merely feed the Dragon (or whatever) a Blue Potion to put him
  to sleep. Hit him, and do it again.  Simple.  Especially since Blue Potions
  cost only 40 guilders and can be used while in Inventory mode (unlike
  spells), so you won't ever have to get hit.  A couple other things you can do
  is to use a Poison Potion and a Blue Potion so that the enemy takes damage in
  his sleep.

  A few other things to remember: Spells.  Remember that you do possess the
  magic ability.  Some useful spells are, Poison, Curse, Protection, and
  Paralyze; and of course the Major Attack spells like Mass Death.

Sorting through the Junk:
  There are a great deal of items in this game, even more than in The Black
  Gate.  Make sure to have a good system to sort things.  What I recommend is
  to have both a backpack and a bag (on your belt) on the avatar.  Hold all
  Plot items in the backpack, and everything else (that you can fit) in the
  bag. Since SI introduces several new items, the keyring eliminates the need
  for keys, the Everlasting Goblet eliminates the need for food, etc., you
  don't need to sort through keys and food for all that long.  (you get the
  keyring in the Silver Seed, and the Goblet in Furnace)  Also keep in mind
  that Serpent Isle has far more "Plot Items" than did The Black Gate, so don't
  discard any item that sounds even vaguely important.

  The best way to get money in Serpent Isle is the spell False Coin, which
  multiplies a stack of money by 6 (so if you start with 100 you end out with
  600) and once you get this spell you don't need to worry about money again.

  Other ways to get money (if you don't have a spellbook) is to exchange gems,
  jewels and other valuables with the various moneychangers (Devra, Spektor,
  Zulith, and Bucia; also Topo will buy gems, see Appendix "C. Money

  Also if you ever find a dead pikeman (or kill one yourself), you can bring
  the corpse to the Crematorium in Monitor and you will be paid 100 Monetari.
  You do, of course, have to activate the machine and turn the body to ashes,
  but that isn't too hard.

The Fine Art of Stealing:
  If you are used to stealing in Ultima 7, you'll have to make adjustments in
  the Serpent Isle.  You can no longer simply open a container to steal
  something.  Nope that's gone.  On the plus side, companions don't care if you
  steal or not.  So to steal anything you want, just make sure that everyone
  (guards and such) are offscreen.  This will allow you to steal most
  everything.  There is one notable exception, the Armory in Monitor.  If you
  take anything in there, no matter if the guard is offscreen, you will get
  attacked by the guards.  If you are captured, refer to the "Get out of Jail
  Free" section below.

Get out of Jail Free:
  If you happen to have the dumb luck of getting arrested, don't worry you can
  get out for completely free!  It's a good thing, because those guards
  probably won't ever let you out!

    Monitor - the switch is on the right side of the room, partially concealed
              by a skeleton there, also it kinda blends into the background.
    Fawn - Don't know how to get out here, but I'm sure there's a way!
    Moonshade - Open the north wall to get out.  Whee.

Magic Scrolls:
  Whenever you find a Magic Scroll, try to transcribe it.  Sometimes you will
  find a spell that otherwise you would have to buy, and other times that
  scroll is the ONLY way to get that spell, and if you were to use that scroll,
  then it would be gone forever!

Sex in Serpent Isle:
  Ok, so you want a little action, but can't find any gypsies (Ultima 6) or the
  Baths (Ultima 7) in which to find dependable--if a little unvirtuous--casual
  sex.  Well it's even easier to get--and a little more graphic--in Serpent
  Isle, in fact, you can't avoid it!

    Monitor - male - talk to Lucilla in the pub, and she will ask if you want
                     to meet up with her later, say yes, and around 3 am go to
                     her room.  Afterwords she will give you a Gwani cloak.
              female - talk to Brendann, and he will offer to sleep with you,
                     go to his house, and sleep with him.  The next day you get
                     a free Gwani cloak.  Yay.
    Moonshade - either - Frigidazzi wants you.  Badly.  No matter which sex you
                     are.  This is, of course, only after you have gotten a
                     spell book and have been introduced to her at the Banquet.
                     Go to her house alone, and she will show you a few tricks.
                male - Columna will do anything to get her stockings back, even
                     sleep with you... but then she's a liar so don't believe
                female - Torrissio will do anything to get Columna's stockings
                     back, and will even sleep with you to get them.  Don't
                     believe him, either, since he will merely drug you and
                     steal the stockings.

  Yes, you need to eat in Serpent Isle.  The game represents hunger as a number
  0-31, with 31 being completely full and 0 being starving to death.  The
  person won't start asking for food until the counter reaches 6.  Below is a
  chart of how much an item of food will increase your "food level":

     +31: Green Cheese
      25: Everlasting Goblet
      24: Mutton, Ribs, Chicken, Ham
      16: Beef, Deer Meat
      12: Sausage
      9 : Big Cheese
      8 : Flounder, Potatoes
      6 : Jerky, Fish n' Chips
      5 : Fruitcake
      4 : Bread, Trout, Pumpkin
      3 : Cake, Banana, Egg
      2 : Apple, Small Cheese, Carrots, Rolls, Garlic
      1 : Drinks, Grapes, Leeks
      0 : Silverleaf, Bucket of Rum (or wine)

  Using the "F" hotkey will feed your party member with whatever food you have
  on hand.

  The Spell "Create Food" will create 1 piece of food for everyone in the party
  and will deposit that food on the ground by their feet.  The food that is
  created is random, so it's not always something good.  Could be grapes.

|                               WALKTHROUGH:                                  |

  Included in the Walkthrough is a DEATH COUNT, so you can see the Avatar's
  slow and steady regression from Lord British's virtues.  Only NPC's who can
  talk are considered for the Death Count, and only if they died by the
  Avatar's actions.

  For example, you kill Lydia when she attacks you, so she is on the list.
  Also on the DEATH COUNT is anyone killed by your companions, or as a result
  of your actions.  Therefore everyone who dies at the hands of the Banes
  counts, because the Banes are your companions.  Sort of.

  If you are arrested in any town, refer to the "vi. General Strategies"
  section titled "Get out of Jail Free" to learn how to make your escape!

| 1. Arrival, "I got this hourglass used from the Time Lord."                 |

  You arrive on a ship that is now completely on land.  Seems you had to fly to
  get here.  Everyone is quite eager to be off and find Batlin, but before you
  get very far you are hit by a "Teleport Storm" which teleports your 3
  companions away and exchanges all your useful equipment to junk.

  Note:  There is only one way to avoid the lightning, and that is to cheat
         (see the "D. Secrets and Cheats" section in the Appendix)

   You had:                 You now have:             Who it Belongs to:
   --------                 -------------             ------------------
   Magic Armor              White Breastplate         Kylista (Fawn)
   Black Sword              Ruddy Rock (stoneheart)   knight (Freedom)
   Spellbook*               pumice                    corpse (Furnace)
   Magic Helm               Fur Cap                   Frigidazzi (Moonshade)
   Magic Gauntlets          Silver Ring               Alyssand (Fawn)
   Torches                  Filari                    Delin (Fawn)
   Blackrock Serpent        Fine Stockings            Columna (Moonshade)
   Glass Sword              Pinecone                  Hazzard (North Ice Area)
   Dagger                   Hand                      Erstam (Mad Mage Isle)
   Map of Britannia**       Ice Wine                  rangers (Moonshade)
   Rudyom's Wand***         Lab Apparatus             Vasculio (Skullcrusher)

   Dupre had:
   Magebane                 Blue Egg (rotten)         penguins (penguin island)
   Dupre's Shield           Monitor Shield            Luther (Monitor)

   Shamino had:
   Magic Bow                Bear Skull                bear corpse
   Swamp Boots              Slippers                  Devra (Sleeping Bull Inn)
   Burst Arrows             Goblin Brush              goblins (Goblin Hideout)

   Iolo had:
   Crossbow                 Urn                       crypts (Monitor)

    *   when you find the spell book it is unusable,
    **  the Map ceases to exist
    *** Rudyom's wand now makes people sneeze

  Walk south a ways until Thoxa appears.  She will ask you some questions to
  determine if you are a dirty software pirate (oink) or whether you are a kind
  and benevolent avatar, who will save the world yet again.

     Question:                         Answer:
     ---------                         -------
     Spells in Ninth Circle                8
     Different Armor Materials             4
     Beasts in Erstam's Book              52
     Types of Reagants                    11
     Reagants for Mass Death               6
     Boil Ginseng how many times          40
     Circle for Create Automata            6
     Reasons for Erstams History           1
     Characters in Ophidian writing       36
     People from how many cities           4
     How many cities established           3
     Forces in Balance                     6
     Clans in Monitor                      3
     Types of Weapons                      4
     Words of Power                       27
     Letters in a womans name              6

  Ask Thoxa all the questions you want, after your conversation another Monk
  appears and the two battle it out.  Thoxa wins and they all teleport away.
  You now have the Hourglass of Fate!  Very useful.  If you die, you will be
  resurrected on the Monks' Isle, and you can use it to Resurrect a fallen

  Note:  When you die the first time (if you have Silver Seed installed) you
         will be given an Amulet of Balance.  Use the Amulet on a Serpent Gate
         to teleport to the Silver Seed area, which is covered in the Appendix
         "A. Silver Seed Walkthrough".  Go a little south and Shamino will
         rejoin you.

    Go to the cave at 152S, 27W it has an illusionary wall entrance that is
    marked by a red tree.  Go inside and get the equipment, especially the
    Sextant, and the Lockpicks.

  Magic Bow:
    Directly to the south of the cave is a skeleton with a bow for a head.
    Shamino figures out that this was yours and was replaced by the bear skull.

  Continue on to Monitor.

    Magic Bow - see above.

| 2.  Monitor, "Does EVERYONE want to kill me?"                               |

  To get into Monitor, talk to the guard at the gate.  Tell him to let you
  pass, and that you are a Friend, not a Foe.  He will let you in, but wants
  some Pikemen to follow you.  Ditch them and go up to the Crematorium
  (148S, 9W). Go through the curtain in the SW corner, and go a little south in
  the crypts until you find Lord Marsten.  Talk to him and ask to take the
  Knights Test, he will tell you that the password is "Courage is the Soul of
  Life".  Also talk to Brendann, and Caladin here.  They'll mention that Iolo
  was found and arrested as an enchanter, but that they won't free him until
  you become a knight.  Dupre will arrive now and rejoin your party.  Finally
  go to the prison (139S, 14E) and talk to Iolo.

  Knights Test:
    To become a knight you must take the Knights Test (112S, 10W).  Talk to
    Shmed the tester, tell him the password, and you alone will be taken
    inside, with only a Mace and a Leather Armor.  Go up, then quickly run to
    the right avoiding the explosions, then duck down into the chamber, kill
    the gremlins bash open the chest and get the key.  Go back up, then right,
    Use the key to open the door, and discard the key.

    Go right, and up through the double doors into a room filled with stones,
    and a key on a pillar.  Stack the stones to make stairs up to the key and
    get the key.

    Note:  Under every third stone or so is a snake.

    The minimum amount of stones to use is about 15.  Use the key to open the
    door to the south, go down there and get the next key.  Avoid the Cyclops,
    and the traps if you can.

    Go back up, then through the locked door to the right.  Go up, grab the bag
    (it has a Cure and a Heal potion) then go south, right, the up.  There will
    be a room with 4 chests, ignore those, and go through the wall to the right
    to get the key.  Go up and left, open the locked door here, and go south.
    Get the key, flick the lever, go left, kill the rats, and get this key too.
    Go back up and unlock the other door to the left.  Go up, right, and up and
    then left, grab the Claw, and go back to where the door was.

    Go south now, kill the Invisible Man and look at his incriminating scroll,
    then open a wall to the west (you can tell it opens because it has a square
    on it that looks odd, and when you single click it, it says "Wall" rather
    than "wall").  Go through and open another wall to the south.  Go left and

    Use the claw on yourself, then use it on the ashes.  A wolf will appear,
    kill it and get the body.  Take the key out of his body.  Go through the
    last locked door and go south to the end.  Shmed will attack you, kill him
    and take his stuff.  Also note that Shmed didn't act alone, and said
    something about a woman in on it.  Hmmmm...  Go back to Shmed's house and
    get all your belongings and companions back.

  Becoming a Knight, steps 2 through 4:
    Go back to Monitor, and give the Wolf to Cellia (139S, 1W) to make you a
    cloak, she says it will take her 24 hours to complete, so note the time.
    Then take the Wolf Meat to Lucilla (152S, 13E) and have her make the
    banquet meal.  Finally go to Lydia the Tattoo artist (147S, 13E), and get
    your Wolf Command tattoo.  After 24 hours get your cloak and go to the
    Banquet Hall to become a Knight (157S, 12E).

    Note:  One thing to do while you wait for your cloak is to do the Silver
           Seed, but if you want to do that, be sure to NOT get a tattoo from
           Lydia (or if you do, be sure to get the cure first)

    You will now be having a banquet in your honor.  During the banquet,
    Flicken (the gate guard) will ask you what you thought was the worst ordeal
    of all. Tell them whatever, but this will make them think that there is a
    traitor. Then Harnna will enter telling you that her daughter Cantra was
    taken, which brings up other old wounds, causing Luther to accuse Krayg of
    being a traitor, they attack each other, and the banquet ends.  You are now
    officially a Knight! (of course, I think all their banquets end that way)

  Talk to Harnna about Cantra, then look in her Crystal Ball (157S, 9W) to
  discover that Batlin took Cantra.  Harnna will give you a Wooden Practice
  Sword and tell you to find the Hounds of Doskar to track Cantra down.

  Talk to Lord Marsten to free Iolo (139S, 14E) from prison.

  Note:  You can have Spektor free Iolo, but he wants money to do it, and
         Marsten will do it for free!

  At some point in Monitor, after you become a knight, you will notice that you
  are poisoned.  Talk to Harnna, and she will temporarily cure you but needs
  Varo Leaves for a more permanent measure.  Delphynia of Fawn has the Varo

  Note:  If you are cheating and using "Power Avatar" you won't get poisoned,
         and therefore you don't need Varo leaves, and Lydia never dies.  So
         don't cheat!  It ruins the game!  (As you may have guessed, I was
         cheating to learn about this...)

  The Third Traitor:
    Talk to Simon and try his Ale, it is really really bad.  Then talk to Krayg
    about being called a traitor and he'll say that he saw someone sneaking
    around, and he also mentions a Goblin meeting site (83S, 18W).  Go there
    and find the Ale, take it back to Simon, who reveals himself to be the
    Goblin Traitor and attacks you.  Search his body to find the key to the
    Goblin Passages.

ITEMS: (these are items that were lost in the teleport storm)

  Iolo's Crossbow - in the Crypts

  Dupre's Shield - Talk to Harnna about the Plain Shield, and then talk to
        Lucilla to learn that Luther has a "New Shield".  Pester Luther about
        it until he challenges you to a duel.  Accept it, and beat him in a
        training session after you become a knight.  Use the Halberd to beat
        him since it has a long range.  Then afterwords ask for Dupre's Shield
        back and then give him his shield.

DEATH COUNT: 3 (Shmed, Lydia, Simon)

From Monitor you can go several places:  Fawn, Goblin Passages, Inn of Sleeping
   Bull, and eventually Moonshade.  I choose to go to Fawn next, then the Inn,
   followed by Moonshade, and finally the Goblin Passages.  But you can do
   these in almost any order you want.  The reason I do it in this order, is
   that it makes the Goblin areas much much easier.  (in that you will have
   MAGIC and HIGHER LEVELS when you go there!)

| 3. Fawn, "Yes... Everyone wants to kill you!"                               |

  Fawn Tower: (95S, 8E)
    On the way to Fawn is the Fawn Tower, which was taken by the Goblins.  Kill
    all the Goblins here, go down the stairs, come back up, and the Pikemen
    will have retaken the tower.  Yay.

  When you arrive at Fawn you will be accosted by a guard, and then a member of
  the Fellowship, Ruggs, who asks you to deliver a letter to Delphynia.  (this
  is SORT OF a subplot in that it doesn't matter if you do it or not!)

  Once in town you will find yourself in the middle of another teleport storm.
  This time a lute appears at Iolo's feet so he plays a song that gets
  everyone's attention.

    Note:  Iolo already had a lute, so this one makes 2.

  Then go to Delphynia (69S, 18E), deliver the letter and get the Varo leaves.
  (you have to go back to Monitor to get cured in that Harnna is the only one
  who can use the Varo Leaves to heal you)  Delphynia may also give you a
  letter to give back to Ruggs.  Go out to the Fellowship Camp (76S, 22E) and
  deliver the letter, then get your map from Scots.  Talk to everyone else.

  Go back to Fawn, and talk to everyone about everything.  Get your gauntlets
  back from Alyssand (see ITEMS below) and agree to help her free the town from
  evil schemes.  After that, Zulith will begin following you.  Talk to him and
  accuse him of spying on you (if you hadn't talked to him before, talk to him,
  then talk to him again).

  Eventually Kalen will attack you, kill him and he spouts some gibberish about
  Batlin triumphing over all.  After that Jendon will come up to you and tell
  you that Lady Yelinda wants to meet with you and Iolo (the other companions
  are optional).  Go to her palace, and talk to her.  Iolo (or another
  companion if you brought any) will say something about Lord British and get
  thrown in jail.  Stupid.

  Trial of the Century:
    You wake up in the Inn, minus whatever companion said the stupid remark.
    There is a key and a note that reads "Thou are required at the temple for
    the trial", so go to the Temple (56S, 9E).  The trial isn't exactly fair,
    as Voldin twists every fact against you.  Eventually the trial finishes for
    the day.  Go talk to Alyssand, and she will give you a key to the temple.
    Go to the temple and use your key to open the left door.  It leads to a
    cell where your companion is held.  Flip the switch and continue north.
    You will find yourself in a room full of levers, and Voldin.  He has been
    secretly controlling the Oracle via the levers, and attacks you to preserve
    his secret.  Kill him.  Then just flip levers until the Oracle talks, then
    talk to the Oracle and change the Revelation to say that the Trial is

    Wait 24 hours (or so) and go back to the Trial.  Now its your turn to call
    witnesses, but don't bother.  The verdict will be innocent, and the Oracle
    will denounce  the whole system.  Yelinda will apologize and give your
    companion the Crystal Rose of Love.  Then Jendon will appear and say that
    Kylista has been arrested.  And Justice for All.

    Note: If you choose to set the Oracle to say merely that your companion is
          innocent, and not denounce the whole system, then there is only one
          difference:  Kylista will not be jailed.


   Torches - Delin got your torches and you got his money.  After telling him
       about his daughter's ring (see below) he offers you money, but realizes
       that all he has now is food.  Take your torches if you want.

   Magic Gauntlets - Alyssand's engagement ring was swapped for your gauntlets.
       Talk to Delin to learn that the Ring was hers, then talk to Alyssand
       about it and she'll give you the gauntlets, and let you keep the Ring.

   Magic Armor - Kylista's White Breastplate was swapped for your nice Magic
       Armor.  Don't tell her that, however, or she'll want it back (it has the
       same defense as a Plate Mail), instead go to her house (54S, 6E) and
       while no one is looking, take it.

DEATH COUNT: 2 (Kalen, Voldin)
JAILED: 1 (Kylista)

| 4. Sleeping Bull, "Wouldn't you rather get 99999 Monetari than 1 gold bar?" |

  Before you enter the Inn:
    Let's search for treasure first!  Go to (117S, 36E), and check inside the
    hollow tree for a pair of bags, and a key.  The bags have 3 potions and
    some money.  Next go to the pillar at (100S, 39E).  You are going to have
    to stack crates to get up to the invisible chest on top of it.  Remember
    that key we got in the tree?  It opens this invisible chest!  Inside are a
    Magic Sword, 2 potions of Healing, a Ring of Invisibility, Invisibility
    Dust, Magic Bolts, money, and a Kite Shield.

  Now go into the Inn.  Talking with Kane and Flindo will reveal that Captain
  Hawk is unable to take anyone to Moonshade because Flindo had him arrested.
  Also talk to the Monk Miggim, and anyone else you want to.  Hawk is currently
  being held in the Pikemen tower to the north of the Inn (99S, 28E).  Talk to
  any Pikeman there and offer to pay for Hawk's freedom.  No matter how much
  money you offer (even into the millions!) he will reject you.  We'll get back
  to this in a moment, but first we have other things to do.

  Silverpate's Treasure, Part 1:
    Go into the Inn's basement, and between 2 casks on the north wall is a
    Wall, open it and go north.  There will be a little room here.  Get the key
    in the left chest, but ignore the right chest.  Also flip the switch.  Now
    go back out then south and left down the stairs.  Then go up, and when you
    come to a fork in the path, take the left path until you reach a locked
    door.  Open the door with your trusty key (from the earlier room), go
    inside, and go to the left side of the chamber.  In the 2nd from bottom
    chest you will find another key and a map.  (the other chests merely
    explode when touched)  In the north side of the chamber is another
    invisible chest.  Inside are a couple spells, some money, and a potion.
    Now go back to the fork in the path, and this time go right.  Then go up a
    little ways until you see 2 torches close together on the wall, from there
    go through the right wall (it's an illusion), and then go up, kill the
    gazers.  Pick open the chest here (you should be by a big serpent's gate)
    to get a key and the Dark Path Map.  Use the key on the door to the right,
    and step on the teleporter to get back to the Inn.

    Note:  The Dark Path Map isn't all that useful of an item, what it does is
           show the path to the Shrine of Logic.

  Selina's Crazy Adventures:
    Now we'll buy Hawk's freedom!  Talk to the Pikemen (if you haven't already)
    and they'll just want more money than you have.  Go back to the inn, and
    Selina should approach you (btw, she is Lydia's, the tatto artist, sister)
    and offer to help you get some money to pay the fine.  Take her up on the
    offer, but don't leave your companions behind (unless you really like
    fighting battles on your own) and go to the Mint at (76S, 81E) (Ignore the
    other building on the way to the mint).  Unlock the mint with Selina's key,
    go inside and take all the treasure.  You will be teleported around, and
    attacked  by monsters that change forms.

    Once you have all the gold bars, gold nuggets, and gold coins, leave the
    mint and head back to the Inn.  But whats this?  An ambush?  Selina
    vanishes and you get attacked by a number of brigands sent by Batlin.  One
    of them has a Sword of Defense.  Get Selina's stuff and go back to the
    Pikemen tower.  Take all but 1 gold bar and set it on the ground, talk to
    the Pikeman and offer him a Gold Bar for Hawk's freedom.  He will give you
    a key to open Hawks cell.  Free Hawk.

    Note:  If you don't set all your other gold bars on the ground, the Pikemen
           will take all the gold bars in your possession, but if you only have
           one then that is all they can take!

  Whenever you want to go to Moonshade, talk to Hawk and have him take you
  there, but beware, for you won't be able to come back from Moonshade for a
  long long time!  So train everyone back in Monitor, and get all the items
  that you may need, for ye won't be coming back for a bit!

    Note:  Since both Flindo and Kane need to go to Moonshade, the ship will
           not leave without them, meaning that if they are asleep or otherwise
           indisposed then you won't be going anywhere fast!  And once you are
           on the ship, you cannot move at all.  So don't try this until it is
           mid-day or so, AND you know that Flindo and Kane are ready to board.


   Swamp Boots - Shamino's new slippers are actually Devra's, talk to her
                 and exchange them for your swamp boots.

| 5. Moonshade, "Rotoluncia's Miracle Diet!"                                  |

  You will land at (122S, 114E) and Moonshade is at (95S, 152E).  First talk to
  Flindo and he will try to set you up with a meeting with the MageLord.  Then
  go to the Seminarium (93S, 149E) and talk to Fedabiblio about a new
  Spellbook, he will tell you to get a fresh Mandrake Root from Monk Isle.

  Soon an Automaton will talk to you bearing greetings from its mistress, the
  Red Witch Rotoluncia.  He gives you a Magic Scroll (it looks just like a
  spell scroll), talk to it, and Rotoluncia will talk to you.  What she wants
  isn't so much, she wants to control Daemons and thinks that you know how to
  do that.  Since you don't you can't very well teach her anything.

  Talk to everyone else in the town.  If it's after midnight, go talk to
  Mortegro and do a seance.   And keep bugging Flindo to get you that meeting
  with the MageLord.  Eventually he will tell you that he has had success and
  that Filbercio wants to meet with you!  Wow!  Walk around for a short bit, go
  near the MageLord manner and you will be teleported to the banquet.

  You will get to meet Rotoluncia again, Gustacio, and Frigidazzi, as well as
  the MageLord himself.  Rotoluncia blames you for the Teleport Storms and
  attacks you with Explosions, but Gustacio stops her.  Rotoluncia leaves in a
  huff, and Pothos the apothecary enters saying that he could not get Blood
  Moss.  That ends the banquet.  After the banquet talk to Bucia about Pothos.

  Go talk to Pothos about his "secret" (79S, 138E), and he asks you to get some
  Blood Moss for him.  It is in the center of the swamp at the southern end of
  the island.  The entrance to the swamp is (127S, 153E) and the Blood Moss is
  at (123S, 147E).  Grab some blood moss and take it back to Pothos.  He will
  then give you information on how to get to and talk to Erstam the Mad Mage.

    However, when you get going to talk to Erstam, one of your companions will
    vanish.  Talk to Filbercio about it and he thinks Rotoluncia may have done
    the deed.  Search her manor (74S, 155E) and an Automaton will talk to you.
    Question him and he will attack you.  Take the serpent's tooth here, as
    well as the spells.  Go back to Filbercio and inform him that you found
    nothing.  He will then tell you of the "Love Palace" on the lake.  Go
    upstairs in his mansion and from there onto his boat.  Take the boat to the
    Palace. (88S, 130E)  And go inside.  First go upstairs and get the key
    (note the whip... hehe), then go down into the basement.  Kill the red
    witch, search her for keys, and free your companion.

  Comb of Beauty:
    This need not be done now.  (but it needs to be done eventually)  In
    Columna's house is a chest, inside is a key.  Use that key to open the door
    in her house and go downstairs.  Quickly grab the key down there and the
    spell Time Stop, before the trap activates.  Then, back upstairs, open up
    her north wall, and go outside, walk around to the south of her yard.
    There is a chest.  Open it with your key and take the comb.


   Map - your map of Britannia was swapped for the Ice Wine.  However, since
         this is Serpent Isle and not Britannia, the Map no longer exists.

   Stockings - the stockings that you got belonged to Columna, talk to Torissio
         about them (and if you are female he offers to sleep with you to get
         them back, if you are male he will give you a spell), and Columna.  If
         you tell Melino about them he will refuse to talk to you, and
         therefore won't sell you spells.  Your Blackrock serpent, the item
         that was exchanged, is in the property of Stefano who had stolen the
         stockings.  Don't worry, you'll get it back later.

   Helm - Frigidazzi got your Magic Helm and you got her fur cap.  It is
         located in her bedroom and can be picked up whenever you get access
         into that room.

DEATH COUNT: 1 (Rotoluncia)

| 6. The Mad Mage, "Yesssss, Master!"                                         |

  At (14S, 128E) Ring the Bell to summon the giant sea turtle to take you to
  Erstam's private island resort.  Go inside his house and talk to him.  He
  says a whole lotta stuff.  Then go talk to his assistant, Vasel, and ask him
  about Teleportation.  And lastly talk to the head of Boydon on the table.  If
  you look in his telescope you can see where the Magebane ended out.

  Talk to Erstam again and ask him about the Jawbone, and he will ask you to
  fetch a Phoenix Egg for him in exchange for the Jawbone.  He will then
  teleport you to the island.  Wander around until you find a fire chamber with
  a dead phoenix then flip the switch and the phoenix will come back to life
  and give you the required egg.  Then find the teleport pad and step on it to
  return to Erstam's house.

  Talk to Erstam and he will tell you to assemble the pieces of Boydon (they
  are the body parts that don't move, get a head, torso, 2 arms, and 2 legs)
  put them in his machine, and lastly put in the phoenix egg.  Erstam will give
  you the key to his storeroom.  Go there and get the Jawbone.  Go back to
  Erstam who will give you 2 more teeth.  Finally talk to Boydon who will ask
  to join, ask Erstam if it is ok, then ask Boydon to join.

  Warning:  Beware, that if Boydon dies, he cannot be resurrected!

  Note:  Be sure to put all your teeth onto the Serpent Jawbone, as you get
         them, don't wait because those teeth can be hard to find in your

  Go back to the storeroom, and double click the Serpent Gate.


    Dagger - Erstam has your dagger, you have his severed hand

| 7. Monk Isle, "The Bells!"                                                  |

  Go through the serpent path to get to Monk Isle.  (the Monk Isle Gate, is to
  the right and it is the first one up)  We are here to gather Mandrake Roots
  so that we can get our spellbook.  Talk to the Mandrake Expert, Monk Braccus
  about Mandrake Roots and he will tell you if the time is right to gather the
  Roots.  When he says that it is go to (10N, 151E) and gather at least 3

    Note:  Whenever you hear bells ring, that means that the monks are going to
           a different activity.

  Also be sure to go to (7N, 139E) and see the prophecy in action.  You will
  see Petra walking through some acid.

  Talk to anyone else you want.

| 8. Moonshade Spells and Such, "Est Nudi!"                                   |

  Take the Serpent Path again, this time go left, and down the first one to get
  back to Moonshade.  Now that we have the Mandrake Roots we can get our
  spellbook by talking to Fedabiblio.  He will then ask you some questions
  (refer to the "1. Arrival" section for the answers) and give you a spellbook.
  Cast Transcribe on all your Magic Scrolls that you have accumulated, and then
  search all the Mages houses for more scrolls.  Get False Coin, cast it on
  Monetari, and exchange the Monetari for Guilders.  Then buy every spell in

    Once you are completely done with Moonshade, you have every spell, everyone
    is well equipped, etc.  Talk to Frigidazzi and ask about her spells, she
    will tell you to come to her room after midnight, alone.

    Ditch your companions and go into her room (77S, 150E) at midnight.  She
    will come on to you (whether you are male or female, it doesn't matter),
    and no matter whether you do the deed or not, you will get caught by her
    lover, the Magelord Filbercio.

  Filbercio puts you through another "show" trial and you are sentenced to
  imprisonment in the Mountains of Freedom for the heinous crime of having sex
  with the Magelord's mistress.  There is apparantly no such notion of Justice
  in all of Serpent's Isle.

| 9. Mountains of Freedom                                                     |

  Most of your items will be left back at the courthouse.  What you will have:

    Scale Armor
    Hourglass of Fate
    Ring of Reagants*

    * if you got these items in Silver Seed

  Answer the automaton's questions and when he comes out of his little office,
  sneak in.  He will attack you.  Use your staff's long distance to beat him.
  Take all the items in the office.  Use the key to open the north gate, kill
  the 2 goons here, and go through the north wall.  Go left, and down.  When
  you see the red footprints going into a wall, go south into the wall.  From
  there go left.  The locked room with all the barrels has some reagants, and
  Blood Spawn.  Go down.  Pick open the gate, and step onto the teleporter.  Go
  down the passage until you get to a room with a mage in it.  The mage turns
  into an animal, and teleports away.  There are reagants here.  Step onto the

  You are now at Stefano's.  Stefano will talk to you right off, and offer to
  join you.  Accept, and he will tell you how to get out of Freedom.  All he
  needed was your might.  Go down the passage, and open the gate.

  Kill anyone there, and get the key in the bag on the table.  In the next
  passage, you will be attacked by a Knight with your Black Sword!  The demon
  will ask you to free him, don't do it just yet.  Talk to the sword after, and
  he will offer a trade of sorts.  You free him, and he will destroy the Wizard
  Lorthondo, now agree to free him.  The Black Sword is now, just a sword.
  Open the next gate, go up, kill the woman, and step on the teleporter.

    Note:  After you free the Demon from the Sword you may be tempted to toss
           that sword away, well... don't!  You need it later!

  Open the left door, and you will be automatically taken into the room, where
  Lorthondo kills one of his underlings.  The dead underling turns into a
  skeletal dragon which attacks you.  Go down into the small room, get the key
  and the Firedoom Staff.  Go now through the door to the right.  Every chest
  in the room is booby trapped, but there are some nice things here like Magic
  Gauntlets and Magic Boots.  Flip the 2 switches here, and step on the
  teleporter to the right.

  Go up the passage, and get the Telekinesis scroll, then go through the right
  passage.  Use Telekinesis on the Winch to let down the drawbridge, and go
  across to the other side.  Go right, and then up through the gate.

  You will now be in a room with levers on the floor.  First flip the top right
  (not the very top right, but the one on the row of 4 levers), then the
  bottom, second from right.  Go up to the woman, and lead her to the dark
  horse.  The horse (nightmare) will kill her.  Take the carrots and the key
  from her corpse.

  Now flip the top left (again on the row of 4), put the carrots on the plate
  by the rabbit and get the flowers.  Flip the lower left lever, and put the
  flowers by the Ranger.  The ranger will "fix" the lower right lever, and be
  destroyed.  Flip the lower right lever.  Step onto the teleport pad, and then
  flip the blue switch.  Try to walk out of the glad to teleport back.  Finally
  flip the very lower left lever (not on the row of 4) to open the south doors.

  Go south.  Use your key to open the door, and step into the fire.

  You will now have reached the "Endless Hallway".  Walk to the south, and keep
  trying to go through the right wall.  Eventually you will succeed and be
  teleported.  There will be an Automaton in a room here.  Go south till you
  see the room with the bell.  Stack the crates to form a ladder so that you
  can ring the bell.

  Climb on the crates and you will be teleported.  Go left and then onto the
  teleporter.  The room up from here has some items.  Continue left.  Talk to
  the automaton, and kill him to get his key.  Pick the final gate, and go down
  you will be attacked by Lorthondo, but your demon will blow him to bits.
  Pick the last gate, and step onto the teleporter, and you are out!

  Stefano leaves you, but leaves all your belongings with you.


     Black Sword - a knight in freedom has it.

| 10. Moonshade and a Mirror                                                  |

  First thing to do upon your escape of Freedom is to round up your companions:

    Dupre - Blue Boar Pub (where else?)
    Shamino - West forest (81S, 110E)
    Iolo - Gustacio's house
    Boydon - provisioner's house

  When you get Shamino he gives you the "Chill" spell from Frigidazzi, and the
  Serpent Earrings.  After you get Shamino back, you'll hear the voice of the
  Order Serpent (because you now have the Earrings).  When you get Iolo back,
  he tells you to talk to Gustacio.  Gustacio wants your help in investigating
  the Teleport Storms, he gives you an energy globe and tells you to go to his
  little tower (37S, 142E).  It also seems that Mortegro has vanished and been
  replaced by a strange stone altar.  (it is the altar of Tolerance, and
  becomes important later in the game)

    Go to the tower, place the globe on the dais, and then use the Winch.  A
    teleport storm will be summoned.  Now use each lever by the various
    objects.  Once your finished with each lever, use the winch again, but now
    you will be hit by lightning.  You'll come to by a pit (if you fall down,
    get the key and the treasures) and go north to get your companions.  Report
    your findings to Gustacio, who tells you to get the data interpreted by
    Fedabiblio.  He will have you look into his Crystal Ball, where you will
    see Edrin turned into Ale by a Teleport Storm, talk to Fedabiblio, then go
    back to Gustacio.  He will give you a cage, use it, and trap Ale.  Then go
    back to the tower, place the cage on an open spot, and do it again.  Edrin
    will be restored to humanity.  Yay.

    Go back to Gustacio and he will give you the Mirror of Truth, and sell you
    his spells for FREE!

  Also, if Melino didn't sell you spells earlier, he will now.

  Note:  I asked him for spells, but didn't have the money so I had to decline,
         but when I got the money, he stopped offering the spells.  This was
         likely because I had upset him earlier, and he was only selling spells
         now because I had tripped a Plot "Egg."

  Leaving Moonshade:
    Talk to Captain Hawk about leaving the island, and he will tell you that
    there is a tunnel that leads right back to the Mainland.  He also says that
    Julia, the head ranger, has the key.  Julia will sell you the key (so long
    as you have the Chill spell) for 40 guilders.  If you don't want to fight
    the Rat Men, talk to Mosh, befriend her, and get her Rat Harp.

| 11. Furnace, "101 ways to fry an Avatar"                                    |

  Note:  Sulfurous Ash can be gathered in large quantities here.

  Whenever anyone complains about the heat, cast the Chill spell.  This will
  only last for a few minutes (real time not game time).

  The entrance to Furnace is located at (96S, 133E).  Use Julia's key to open
  the door and go on down.  You are now in the first level of Furnace, which we
  will refer to as the Ratmen Lair.  Head all the way to the left, go down a
  short way and take the path to the right, going through the Ratmen village.
  Continue all the way to the right (you can go down to the Crypt here if you
  want), up past the Wildmen, and finally head left and up the stairs.

  You are now in Furnace proper.  Talk to the Gargoyle (Zhelkas) to get him to
  lower the bridge for you.  He will have you take the Test of Purity to prove
  that you are the Hero, and then he will give you an "important artifact".

  Go to the large room with all the Pools (I'm sure that you can find it), and
  on one of the corpses is the Fire Key.  Take it, and notice how it won't be
  added to the Keyring.  Hmmm...

  The building to the right of the Pool Room is a large arena, go around the
  south side of it, kill the skeletons, and enter from the right side.  Use the
  winch go in, and as the gates open, defeat the Automatons.  When you have
  beaten all 4, the far right room will open.  Get the key in there.  Cast
  Telekinesis on the Winch to get back out.

  Go right, through the locked door, and continue right and down into the
  Mushroom Park.  Search the bodies to come up with another Serpent's Tooth,
  and the Ice Key.  (the tooth is for Monitor)

  Go back up to the magically locked door, open it and go up.  Find the two
  columns, and double click the right Fire column to enter the Test of Purity.

  Test of Purity:
    To open the doors, even though they are locked, merely double click them.
    Left -  Shamino here wants you to press the Left Button (it makes the
            people in there want to have sex with you), ignore his advice and
            press the right button.
    Top -   Iolo here is full of lies, so don't pay attention to what he says,
            refuse to flee with him and above all do not go into the Moongate.
            Instead just stand there.
    Right - Dupre is here and is a "moderator of the game", whatever that
            means.  He wants you to take a hammer and whack worms as they pop
            up.  Do so.  It is easiest to hit the worms from above.  They are
            about 3 hits apiece.  Ignore Dupre's attempts to distract you, and
            keep killing the worms.

  Zhelkas will appear, and depending on whether you passed the test, will give
  you the Serpent Ring.

    Note:  If you fail the test, find the Everlasting Goblet from the Conjury
           (the building is north of the Pool room) and talk to Zhelkas again.
           By the by, you definately want to pick up the Everlasting Goblet in
           any case, as you won't need to get Food once you have it.

  There are 2 buildings north of the Test, go in the right one, and place the
  Fire Key and the Ice Key on the pedestal to get the Blackrock Key (which can
  be put on the keyring).  This key opens the north door on the second floor,
  which leads to a Serpent Gate.  (you may also find your Spellbook here, but
  it will be useless, and therefore won't be covered in the ITEMS section)

  Also be sure to pick up the Everlasting Goblet, it is located in the
  "Conjury" which is to the left of the Test (although you will have to go all
  the way around again to get it).  With that in your possession, you never
  need any more food.  Also in the Conjury is Eshalveras' lab.

    Note:  To create Phosphor--to light the Serpent Lamps--place 1 Agnium, 1
           Zerine, and 1 Serpentium on the pedestal here, and press the button.
           This creates a piece of Phosphor.  Use the phosphor on a lamp to
           light it.  Oh, and the Phosphor doesn't last forever, the lamp will
           darken again eventually.

  When you want to continue on to Monitor, talk to Zhelkas again, who will pull
  the lever to get you out (it is by where you came in).  Follow the hallway
  south go across the bridge, then go left, and up into the Troll sleeping
  area.  One of the Trolls will have a key on him.  Open the locked door and
  get the Serpent Staff.

  Finally to get out go down, left, across the bridge, left, and then up.

| 12. Goblins! "The brand new multi-million dollar Musical!"                  |

  And now finally back to the plot we started back in Monitor, the Goblins.
  First check the hollow tree at (86S, 23W) and get the Serpent Crown.

  Go to (69S, 32W) and into the Goblin tunnels.  Once inside, go left, then up,
  kill the goblins here, and open the door with one of Simon's keys.  Go north,
  down the stairs, and north again.  Keep going north until you get to the very
  top.  There will be 2 staircases here, take the one on the left.  There is an
  underground lake here, with a sign that says "Beware of Water Creatures" good
  advice.  Go up the NW stairs.  From here go left, up, and up these stairs.
  Continue going up, left, then up the next stairs.  Go left, up, left, and all
  the way up.  You will see a locked door on the right, the Helm of Courage is
  in there, but we need to get the key from Pomdirgun in the Goblin village.
  Exit the passages.

  The Goblin Village:
    The best time to attack the goblins is obviously when they are all asleep,
    which they do from 12 am to 6 am.  Attack between those times, and kill the
    goblins in their sleep.  Pomdirgun's house is at (30S, 20W) go in and he'll
    want to talk to you first, do so if you want, then kill him and take your
    key.  He also has a trapped chest, which has some gems, and he has a Magic
    Axe.  There is a human slaughterhouse at (19S, 23W) and a female pikeman
    inside has a Sword of Defense.  Finally there is an imprisoned Pikeman,
    Johnson, at (19S, 17W), you can free him if you like.

      Note:  Beware of Johnson!  He will follow you around, but he isn't part
             of your party, so if you steal some Goblin loot, he will act like
             a normal guard and attack you for stealing!  The jerk.

    Go back into the passages, open the door and take the Helm of Courage!
    Also read the two letters on the table and take them.  They implicate Lord
    Marsten and Spektor of heinous deeds.  Also there is a lot of gems, jewelry
    and money here.  Go back to Monitor.

  The Traitors:
    Read the 2 scrolls from Pomdirgun's treasure horde, and then talk to either
    Brendann or Caladin and tell them who the real traitor is.  Lord Marsten
    and Spektor will both be arrested and thrown into jail (where Iolo was
    held).  Talk now to Lucilla about Spektor and she will give you the key to
    their secret treasure trove.  Now go to (154S, 12W), and walk west into the
    mountain, use the key on the door and go in.  Find the corpse, read and
    take the note (seems you found Cantra's father) and take a powder keg. (if
    you can't hold it, don't worry, but you'll need a powder keg later in the
    game, and this is a good source for it.)

DEATH COUNT: 1 (Pomdirgun)
JAILED: 2 (Marsten, Spektor)

| 13. The Realm of Dreams                                                     |

  Make sure that you have the Helm of Courage, the Crystal Rose of Love, and
  the Mirror of Truth before proceeding!  Also get everyone warm clothing (fur
  hat, fur cloak, and fur boots) for their inventory, you will need these soon!

  Go to the building at (62S, 46E) go inside through the switch on the right
  wall.  There are some gems in the barrel here.  Go across the left bridge.
  When you get off the bridge there will be a key underneath it (barely
  visible), get it.
    --------what does this key open??--------

  There are also some ruins at (46S, 36E).

    Trick:  There's a way to get all those great items in the realm of dreams
            out into the 'real' world.  Before going into Gorlab, have the
            Avatar give all his possessions to his companions (or just dump
            them on the ground - you can get them later) and then use a scroll
            of Serpent Bond.  (Alternately, have the Avatar cast the spell then
            drop his spellbook and reagents.)  Wind your way into the swamp and
            go night-night.  You'll find yourself in the realm of dreams;
            wander around a bit until the spell wears off.  The companions will
            rush in from the side of the screen to re-join the Avatar.  Play
            through this sequence as you normally would, but before you finish,
            give all the dream items - full suit of magic armor, two infinity
            bows, juggernaut hammer, etc - to the companions.  (Make sure the
            Avatar isn't wearing anything when you leave the dream realm, or
            you'll lose it.)  When you wake up, your companions will still have
            the new stuff.  (from Geoff Bateman)

  Go into the Gorlab Swamp, and you will one by one fall asleep... and reawaken
  in the realm of Dreams.  All your items are gone except for a backpack and
  the 3 items of principle.

  You appear right above a Temple (well... a dream temple anyway) go inside,
  and by a little version of a moongate, Thoxa will appear and tell you to find
  the Moon's Eye.  From there, leave the temple, and go north quite a ways to
  get to the dream version of Castle Britannia.  A chest behind the throne has
  a full set of Magic Armor and an Infinity Bow.  Talk to Lord British to learn
  that Britannia is falling apart just as much, if not more so, than Serpent's

    Note:  If you attack, and beat, Lord British, he won't die, but rather will
           wail about how the Avatar has gone mad and that the world is truly

  Go back south until you find a giant flame in a nature area.  To leave the
  dream area at any time step into the flame.  Don't do that now, however.  Go
  north along the left path, and then all the way north.  Then go left, down,
  left, and finally up.  You should be in a forested area.  Talk here to
  Siranush.  Seems that a long long time ago, an evil wizard destroyed the town
  of Gorlab, but that he trapped them in the Realm of Dreams.  So you have to
  help free them!  To do that we need to kill the wizard, and bring her the

  Go back to that giant flame.  From there go all the way south, and left until
  you reach a giant castle.  You can't miss it!

  Go into the keep, and walk up to the Wizard.  He will attempt a spell on you,
  but won't succeed because you are protected by Courage!  The Snow Leopards
  will come to life, kill them, and go south, east, and into a torture chamber.
  Again talk to the Wizard, who will again attempt a spell, but you are
  protected by Love!  The body on the table has a key, and a corpse in the west
  room has a Fire Sword.

  Go back to the main chamber, and open the north door with the key.  Go in the
  room, talk to him, he attempts one last spell and it reflects back to him
  because you are protected by Truth!  Search his body for a key.  Go into the
  right room, and open the east door with the key.  Go down and get the
  Crystal, avoiding the traps.

  Go back to Siranush, and give her the Crystal.  Edwin will pop in for a
  moment, they will exchange their last bit of love, and you leave the Dream
  Realm.  You can now go through Gorlab Swamp.

Also in the Dream Realm:
   Batlin - who dreams of defeating you, the Avatar
   Cantra - who has horrible nightmares of being chased
   Stefano - dreams of women (naked women!)
   Iolo - dreams of looking for Gwenno
   Ensorcio - dreams of torturing the Magelord
   Filbercio - nightmares of being tortured by Ensorcio
   Byrin - the bard from Sleeping Bull, will offer some tips on the Dream Realm

DEATH COUNT: 2 (Siranush, Rabindrinath)

| 14. Great Northern Forest                                                   |

  There are some ruins right outside of Gorlab (29S, 60E).  Inside is a corpse
  with a Ring of Regeneration and some jewelry.  Wow.  You probably also notice
  the big castle (22S, 77E), but that is for later!

  At (0S, 66E) you will find a small fort.  You have stumbled across the
  remnants of a mining expedition led by Draygon (that's _Lord_ Draygon to
  you!).  If you listen to everything Draygon has to say, he comes off as a
  fairly mean person.  Talk to Beryl after Draygon has gone to sleep, and she
  tells you of all of Draygon's evil deeds, that he led to the death of some 21
  people.  She wants you to kill Draygon, not an easy task since he is
  invicible.  She tells you to find some Kings Savior, an herb, and to find it,
  you must talk to the Forest Master.

  Go now to the Forest Master (52S, 21W), and talk to him.  His name is
  Morghrim, and he is from the next game, er, I mean Pagan.  Ask him about the
  King's Savior.  He also tells of the fall of Pagan to the Guardian.
  Eventually he will mention the Hound of Doskar (remember those?  the dogs we
  need to find Cantra!) Agree to get his Orb back for him, and he will get a
  Hound of Doskar for you.  The King's Savior is just to the west and a little
  to the north of here.  Gather some and go back to the Fort.  Talk to Beryl
  again, and then use the Savior on some arrows (she has some in her room), the
  sleep arrows will appear at your feet.  Attack Draygon with a bow and the
  sleep arrows, then beat him normally.  Get the Orb and he also has some Magic
  Leggings.  Morghrim will appear, and ask for the Orb, give it to him, and he
  will give you a Whistle to summon a hound of Doskar with!

  At (17S, 28E) you will find Hazzard's lodge.  Inside you will find a note
  that says that he has your glass sword on him, and has headed north.  There
  is also a key here.

  At (44S, 22W) is a cave hidden by a tree.  Inside is a small amount of
  treasure, note that the brass chest is trapped.

DEATH COUNT: 1 (Draygon)

| 15. Shamino's Castle                                                        |

  Place Cantra's practice sword on the ground, and summon a Hound of Doskar,
  tell the dog to "Track" and click on the sword.  Pick the sword back up.  The
  dog will tell you to go north.  Go to (3N, 99E) which is Shamino's castle.
  Shamino will draw you a map of the area and talk a bit about a lost love.

    Note:  In case you're wondering how Shamino could have a castle here, when
           his home was in Britannia, here is the explanation.  Back in Ultima
           1 there were many lands that comprised Old Sosaria, and one of them
           was called the Lands of Danger and Despair, this is where Shamino
           lived and had his castle.  However he went to serve Lord British,
           and Sosaria was split to pieces leaving Shamino stranded, and his
           love left alone in what was now the Serpent's Isle.

  The secret entrance to the castle is at (2N, 78E).  You can either go in that
  way, or use Telekinesis on the winches (you can barely see the second winch).
  In the secret entrance is a Cyclops who has a Magic Helm, a Magic Shield and
  some Magic Bolts.

  Once in Shamino's Castle, go to the Central Keep first, go inside, kill all
  of Batlin's loser followers.  Batlin will pop in and say some snide remark
  about how you are too late, and that soon he will be more powerful than even
  the Guardian.  He teleports outta there and takes Palos with him.  Go
  upstairs, take the Fellowship Medallion.  A monk will appear and take
  Cantra's dead body away.

  Now for the rest of the keep.  Go into the right room, a barracks, ignore the
  chests, and go all the way north where there is a secret Wall to a room with
  a lot of switches.  These levers will lock and unlock all the doors in the
  keep.  An up lever indicates a locked door and a down lever an unlocked door.

  The blacksmith room is opened with the 3rd lever from the right, hack open
  the top right chest to get the DragonSlayer Sword!

  The wizards room is opened with the 2nd lever from the left.  An invisible
  chest in the west room has a key to the closet.  Pick open the chests to get
  some reagants.

  Explore the rest of the castle at your leisure, and note that Beatrix is a
  little bitter over Shamino.  Beware the ovens in the kitchen!  They are booby

    Note:  Anytime that Shamino dies after talking to Beatrix, she will save
           his life and depart for the Void (where most spirits go after life),
           and will also leave him a Book.

    Note:  Batlin's goons don't rate a Death Count.

| 16. To the North!                                                           |

  Once outside of Shamino's castle, have the Hound track Batlin via his
  Fellowship Medallion (careless thing to leave lying about).  The dog points
  north (it irritates me that he doesn't actually do anything more than say

  Go to (28S, 3E) and go into the cave (don't go in if you don't have your warm

    Note:  The Helm of Light (Silver Seed) counts as warm gear, also note that
           you will find a full set of warm gear inside as well as a couple of

  Here are some hints to get through the cave: go north at the big rock, north
  at the mushrooms, left at the fire fields, north at the obelisk, when you see
  the caltrops turn south.  And that should get you through the cave. (you can
  also do the Captain Stokes thing here too, see below)

  When you reach the end of the cave you will meet a dying trapper who worked
  for Hazzard.  He tells of an evil sorceress (Gwenno) who attacked their camp.
  Search his body for some warm gear.

  Captain Stokes:
    The evil software pirate silenced the bard Gannt, and now sits in his
    locked tower securely pirating copyrighted material!  The fiend!  You get
    the key to the tower here.  From the obelisk, go north up the passage just
    to the west of the obelisk and down one of the stairs.  Take the moongate.
    Get the key and read the sign.  The ghost will leave you a scroll.  The
    tower is at (77S, 28W).

  There are some other caves north of where you come out.  The first has a
  Polar Bear inside, and the second has a lotta dead bodies and some ghosts.

| 17. The Gwani                                                               |

  The Gwani village is around (23N, 0E).  Talk to all of the Gwani here (be
  sure that you aren't wearing a Gwani cloak, nothing like wearing the skin of
  the people you are talking to, to get them to like you!).  You will learn
  several things here, one that Gwenno is dead and her body is in the Gwani
  Death Temple, and that Neyobi is dying.  Talk to Baiyanda about curing
  Neyobi.  She will also heal you if you need it.  She says that you need Ice
  Dragon Blood to heal Neyobi, and that there are only 2 Ice Dragons left, one
  to the north, and one to the East.

  Ice Dragon:
    Head north to (50N, 3E).  On the way you will meet up with a Gwani hunter
    who failed to get the Ice Dragon Blood.  He says that you should beware the
    front entrace.  Good advice.  Take the boat out to the Ice Dragon Island
    (77N, 15W).  Go around to the back entrance (93N, 11E) and sneak on in.
    This way has a lot of teleporters, but you will eventually find yourself at
    the Dragon's Lair.  Or just go in the front.  Either way kill the Dragon.
    Use the bucket on its dead body to get the blood.  There is also quite a
    bit of treasure in there.

  Go back to the Gwani village, talk to Yenani and tell her you got the blood.
  She takes the blood and tells you this phrase "Isal Sal Cra Gaas Iskar", for
  use in the Skullcrusher dungeon.


    Magebane - the penguins got your Magebane.  They are at (53N, 32W) and will
               attack you when you take it.  Guess they got attached to it!
               They can only be reached via the Ice Boat.

| 18. Vasculio and Skullcrusher                                               |

  Use the Whistle again, and have the hound reaquire the scent from Batlin's
  Amulet.  He points east!  How... useless.

  The entrance to Skullcrusher is at (2N, 1E).  Inside is a corpse with a note
  telling of how he locked people in the city.  Do not cast translation.  Put
  each stone on the pedestal that has the same letter on its plaque.  Then
  double click on the runes in this order: I, S, C, G, I.  Note that there are
  2 different I's, make sure to click them both.

    Find Vasculio's lab.  Then find the room with a coffin inside.  Remember
    how Vasculio was killed, and then came back to life?  Well he's a vampire.
    Read the scroll below his coffin and he should pop right out.  Make sure to
    equip the Magebane here, as it will make killing Vasculio much easier.
    Don't agree to trading the Magebane (are you insane??).  Once you hit him
    for the first time with the Magebane, his magic is gone.  Search his body
    and get the key.  You don't need to get his treasures yet, but you can if
    you want (just don't lose them!).

  You can talk to the various ghosts in here.  Seems they can't leave this
  plane of existence because of the Imbalance.  In the room with all the chests
  and barrels in the very bottom left corner is a powder keg.

  The exit is far to the NE (by where the Serpent Gate is) and will exit you at
  about (24N, 41E).

    Note:  Those double brass doors to the east go nowhere, and can never be
           opened.  You can cheat yourself inside, where you will see some dead
           bodies (some even have items) and a staircase that takes you to the
           middle of the ocean.  Seems the developers were going to have
           something here and took it out!

  Eye of the Moon:  (20N, 52E)
    When you get out of Skullcrusher, go to the SE, to the temple that you saw
    in the Realm of Dreams.  Inside you will find the Moon's Eye, use it to see
    that Batlin is going to open the Wall of Lights, and thereby become ultra
    powerful.  You'd probably better stop him!

      Note:  You probably notice the "Lodestones" of various emotions, those
             become important later, as does Shriash who is stuck in the wall,
             and has been for millenia.


     Rudyom's Wand - in the lab (not Vasculio's) you can find your old Rudyom's
                     wand.  Well it doesn't work anymore, now it just makes
                     people sneeze.  Goodie.  You do not need to get this item.

DEATH COUNT: 1 (Vasculio, well he was already dead, but now its permanent!)

| 19. Batlin, Spinebreaker, and the Banes                                     |

    Note:  After this part of the plot, it is impossible to go back.  A lot of
           people will be dead, so get all your training done first, buy all
           the spells, and items that you will need, etc.

  Getting to Spinebreaker isn't exactly straightforward, mainly because your
  map is flat out innaccurate about this area.  From the temple head east (on
  your map it will look like you are going through mountains!).  The entrance
  to Spinebreaker is at (39N, 96E).

  Go into Spinebreaker, and Batlin will send an Automaton to kill you.  Kill it
  instead, and get its key.  The key opens the door to the north, to the left
  of the main passage (there are reagants up that way).

    Note:  Notice all the dead Automaton's in the entrance, if you have the
           room and the strength, grab and carry three of them (you'll see why

  Go up the right passage, use Telekinesis on the button to open the gate, and
  kill this automaton as well.  Go east until you get to 2 gates.  Use the
  south button, and Brunt will appear.  Ignore what he says, and now use the
  north button and go up, and north through the wall, then east, and then
  south.  If you follow Brunt you will have to walk through many traps.  There
  will be a bow storehold here with some magic, serpent, and burst arrows.  In
  the hall to the bow room, one of the north walls conceals a secret passage,
  open it and go north.

  You are now in the old Ophidian City.  There are 3 small shrines here that we
  need to visit to get the items we need to get to the Big Shrine of Order.  Go
  north into the Shrine of Discipline, and search the dead body here for a
  Juggernaut Hammer.  Get the Dagger off the pedestal.  Then go south into the
  Shrine of Ethicality, and get one of the scrolls there.  East and you will
  find the Shrine of Logic, get the abacus there.  There is also Spider Silk

  Now go to the Temple of the Hierophant, and place each item on the pedestal
  there, Scroll, Dagger, Abacus.  The door will open.  Go inside, and go
  downstairs.  An automaton here thinks that you are the Hierophant, he gives
  you the Serpent Scepter and dies.  Go back upstairs and place the Scepter on
  the pedestal in the main room.  You will be teleported into the Library.  Get
  the keys on the Upper Left table, and under a book on the north desk to the
  west.  Open the left locked door and get the Book of Order, be sure to read
  it.  Open the right door and teleport out.

  Go to the SE part of the city, press the button on the column, and the
  Gargoyle Palos will come, insult you a bit, and leave.  There are a lot of
  traps in the next room so have Destroy Trap ready (after using Detect Trap of
  course).  Go east and talk to the Automaton behind the gate.  He is going to
  ask you questions about order, to determine if you are a true follower of
  Order or not.  The answer is: "The Structure of Order", but you can only say
  that once you've read the book from the library.  He opens the gate, open the
  next gate yourself, and Deadeye will appear, follow him north but beware his
  traps!  The dead pirate has a bag with a key in it.  Open the locked door to
  the north.

  Go through the big door to the north, go north.  Selina will appear and
  attack you with Palos, Deadeye, and Brunt.  Kill them and get Selina's Dispel
  Field spell.

    Warning:  If you have Boydon, leave him here, if you take him with you he
              will die!  Then you will never be able to get him back!

  Go north through the big serpent doors, and all the way north to Batlin.  The
  plot takes over for a bit.  Your party surrounds Batlin who opens the Wall of
  Lights despite your efforts.  Something goes wrong, very wrong however.
  Batlin is destroyed, and the Banes take over the bodies of Iolo, Dupre, and
  Shamino.  Shamino becomes Anarchy, Dupre becomes Wantonness, and Iolo becomes
  the Insanity Bane.  They then explode leaving all of their possesions.  The
  Great Serpent tells you to get the Gwani Horn from Skullcrusher (Vasculio had
  it sealed in an Energy Field).

    Note:  Now you are alone, but you will get all of your party back
           eventually.  So in the mean time to carry all their items, and to
           help out, create 3 Automatons (from the entrance)!  Equip them with
           everything that Iolo, Shamino, and Dupre had.

  Search Batlin for a key, his Serpent Jawbone (transfer his 6 teeth to your
  Jawbone), and the Blackrock Chaos Serpent.  And regardless of whether you are
  doing my Automaton trick, take Iolo's Lute, Dupre's Shield, or Beatrix's
  Book, and have a Hound of Doskar track using one of those items.

DEATH COUNT: 5 (Batlin, Selina, Brunt, Deadeye, Palos)

| 20. Gwenno Returns! Sorta...                                                |

  The Gwani Horn:
    Firstly go back to Skullcrusher, and back to Vasculio's lab.  If you didn't
    get all the other items, get them now.  Then cast Dispel Field on the
    Energy Field, and take the Gwani Horn.  Now the Great Serpent tells you to
    go free Gwenno from the Ice.  Good advice.  The only items that you really
    need are the Flux Analyser, the Philanderer's Friend, and the Gwani Horn.
    Everything else is just for fun.

  Ice Crypts:
    Now we need to go get Gwenno's body from the Gwani Death Temple.  Use the
    Ice Boat, again, to get to (93N, 43W) or so--on the map it is located on
    the "S" in the Serpent Isle banner.  Caution!  Using the Horn causes ice to
    explode, which could damage, even kill your party members.  Gwenno's body
    is in the ice block at (102N, 55W).  Get her body, and go to the Monk Isle.

  At Monk Isle have Gwenno be resurrected.  She is insane now because the Chaos
  Bane twisted her soul.  Find and talk to Karnax, and he tells you to get the
  Scroll of the Serpent from Fedabiblio in Moonshade.

    Quite a few things to do while we are here.  Moonshade was overrun by
    monsters following an attack from Shamino, who is now the Bane of Anarchy.
    Use the Philanderer's Friend on the Statue of Fedabiblio in the seminarium.
    He tells of how Shamino destroyed most of Moonshade (the casualty list as
    well as where their bodies are found is listed in the DEATH COUNT), and
    gives you a key to Hawk's treasure.  Then get the Scroll of the Serpent
    from him.  Next go talk to Stefano.  Seems that Columna put a curse on him,
    and now a Death Knight  pursues him.  Kill the "Death Knight" (he has some
    armor), and talk to Stefano again.  He will give you a key to his vault to
    get your Blackrock Order Serpent, and a Serpent's Tooth.  We'll hit his
    vault last.

    Go to the Blue Boar, search Hawk to get another key.  Inside Hawk's room is
    a chest, inside is a Map that shows you how to get the Serpent Crown.
    Search Gustacio's, Frigidazzi's, Torissio's and the Magelord's houses to
    get more Serpent's Teeth.  Search Gustacio's body in the Seminarium to
    learn what the Flux Analyzer does.  Get the Comb of Beauty if you didn't
    already (instructions are in the first Moonshade section above).

    Go to Stefano's old House at (80S, 100E).  The vault just to the west opens
    with the key Stefano gave you.  Inside is your Blackrock Order Serpent.

  Return to Monk Isle.

DEATH COUNT: 14 - Hawk, Edrin           - Blue Boar
                  Mosh, Pothos          - Provisioner (Ducio)
                  Frigidazzi, Filbercio - Frigidazzi's
                  Flindo                - street by Frigidazzi's
                  Columna               - Columna's House's Yard
                  Julia                 - Columna's House
                  Melino                - Gustacio's House
                  Gustacio, Bucia       - Seminarium
                  Rocco, Topo           - Outside Stefano's on street

| 21. Discipline and Gwenno                                                   |

  Back at Monk Isle take the scroll back to Karnax.  He figures everything out,
  and realizes that Gwenno needs some water of Discipline.  In the library, the
  blue book there will tell you where all the Temples of Order are.  Take the
  Serpent Path to the Temple of Discipline. (it is the right choice on the
  upper right path)  In the Temple, avoid the trap, and talk to the Automaton,
  who somehow manages to choke out that only an Automaton can get the Water of
  Discipline.  Note the Mind Transference Chamber at the far left.  Then flip
  the right switch to open the door to the upstairs.  Go up the left stairs,
  and read the red book on body transference.  Hmmm... Back to Monk Isle.

    Find Draxta and ask her to show you a vision.  Go to the place of Visions
    (7N, 139E) and talk to Draxta again, and ask to see the Vision.  It will
    show Petra walking through the acid, while the Avatar waits behind.  Go to
    Moonshade.  Before you talk to Petra (if you have 4 other people in your
    party) ask Boydon to leave.  Then talk to Petra about the Acid, and
    switching bodies.  She'll join you and you can go back to Discipline.  Go
    to the Mind Transference Chamber and talk to Petra, ask her to switch
    bodies, then press the button.  You will switch bodies.  (you may want to
    equip your old body, er, Petra, with some warm clothes)  Go down the left
    stairs, go down and get the key from the invisible chest, then go up the
    right stairs, and get the 2 Y shaped things.  On the main floor, put the
    white Y in the right side and the Blue in the left.  A small bridge will
    form to the stairs.  Go down.  The room to the south has a key.  The room
    to the north leads to the acid and the water.  Fill up a bucket with the
    water of Discipline.

      Note:  You can keep Petra in your party if you want, but once you tell
             her to leave she is gone for good.  Also you might want to fill up
             an extra bucket with water here, it will come in handy later on.

  Go back to Monk Isle.  Find Gwenno (she is usually in the Library) and use
  the water on her, and she will be back to normal!  She won't join you, but
  will offer to stay there and research for you.  Goodie.  She wants you to
  cage the Banes again (I say again because Batlin did so earlier), and tells
  you to go to Moonshade to do that.

| 22. Soul Prisms, Banes and Such                                             |

  Go to Moonshade.  Talk to Torissio about soul prisms, and he will teach you
  what to do, for a price.  Give him the Philanderer's Friend and he will give
  you the spell.  He tells you to talk to Ducio about Worm Gems.  He also
  mentions that the Gem on the Black Sword is similar to a Worm Gem.  Talk to
  Ducio about Worm Gems, and he'll say that each Gem requires 3 Worm Hearts.
  He also says that the Flux Analyser could fix the Black Sword.  Use the Flux
  Analyser on the Black Sword.  To get more Worm Hearts either go North and
  kill Ice Snakes, or steal them from Pothos' house.  Make 3 Worm Gems.  Cast
  Create Soul Prism on the 3 Gems to turn them into Prisms.

  Go back to Monk Isle, and talk to Gwenno again.  She tells you to go to the 3
  temples of Chaos, and bathe the Soul Gems in the waters there.  The 3 temples
  are Enthusiasm, Tolerance, and Emotion.  Make sure you have a bucket!

  Enthusiasm: (80N, 140E)
    Take the Serpent Path to get to Enthusiasm (down and left, then left).
    When you first enter Enthusiasm you will be struck by lightning.  Don't
    worry about the treasure chest in the first maze, it only has some boots.
    Find the Magic Lens look in it to see that the Banes are in that big castle
    (White Dragon) north of Gorlab Swamp.  Use a bucket on the well to get some
    Water of Enthusiasm, and then use the water on a soul prism to get a Soul
    Prism of Enthusiasm.

  Emotion: (20N, 52E)
    We've been to the Temple of Emotion before, now we go back.  On the Serpent
    Path it is Upper Left and left.  Here gather the 4 lodestones of various
    emotions (get one of them by talking to Shriash in the wall, and destroying
    the column).  Place the 4 lodestones on the 4 small pedestals in the room
    with the Moon's Eye.  Use a bucket on the water, and the bucket on a soul
    prism to get a Soul Prism of Emotion.

  Tolerance: (61N, 63E)
    Take the Serpent Path, and go Lower Left, and down.  The first thing you
    should notice once inside is that there is the recently vanished Mortegro.
    Yet somehow he is trapped here by 2 feet of water.  The baby.  He will
    offer you the Summon Shade spell if you rescue him.  Get the key from the
    far left room and go down stairs.  Go down to the far south cell and talk
    to Sethys (still alive from the Ophidian days... somehow).  Cast Serpent
    Bond (if you don't have it, you can find it on a scroll upstairs) and go
    through the left wall.  Flip the switch to open the north wall.  Get the
    key.  There's a lot of gold here, but you shouldn't need money anymore.  Go
    back upstairs, use the key on the door with the winch inside, and use the
    winch.  There is a secret door that leads to the drawbridge.

      Easier Tolerance:  You can just use Telekinesis to get to Mortegro.
         Although he says that he is in a Null magic zone, it seems that they
         forgot to add the trigger to disable magic there. (from d474634r)

    Talk to Mortegro, who gives you the Summon Shade spell.  Take him outside.
    He will be obliterated.  Go back to Moonshade, go into Gustacio's basement
    and put a bucket on the altar.  Use the water on the last Soul Prism to get
    the Soul Prism of Tolerance.

  Now we have to fill 3 buckets with the Waters of Order (you'll see why
  later).  No, you don't need to get 3 buckets, we'll find them on the way.

  Discipline, you know how to get the water here.  (remember that whole thing
  ----------  with Petra?)

  Ethicality: (32N, 132E)
    On the serpent Path it is Lower Right, and down.  If you go upstairs
    (outside) you may notice that the fountain is not working.  Go all the way
    to the right (from the serpent gate) and double click on the Serpent Carpet
    to start the Test of Ethicality.  Answers are "Risk Death", "Leave the
    Money", and "Continue", this now starts the test.  In the first test, push
    the button in the middle of the flames to save the man.  In the second
    test, place all of your valuables on the pedestal, and walk all the way to
    the right and press the button.  In the third room, fight Batlin, and
    whatever happens do not give up to him, even if you are about to be

      Note:  If you have Power Avatar on you cannot pass the third test!

    Go outside, and use the bucket there on the fountain to get the Water of

  Logic: (23N, 64E)
      Note:  Be sure to get an empty bucket before coming to Logic.

    On the Serpent Path it is lower right and right.  Looks like you found the
    other Ice Dragon, dead.  Find your way to the 5 ice blocks and use the
    Gwani Horn to clear the path (head left from the serpent gate, and then
    generally head up), you will find a journal in the debris that appears, it
    has some clues in it (a logic puzzle!).  Step on the teleporters in this


    Next place the serpent runes in front of the double doors in this order:

         B C O W

    Now we have a little murder mystery to solve.  Automaton Number 7 was
    killed by one of the automaton's, but they all have alibi's... Or do they?
    Talk to all of the automaton's and check their alibi's, if one says he was
    with someone, does that someone back him up?  Number 4 did it.  Don't
    accuse him until you have talked to them all.  Number 4 will then attack
    you.  Kill him and get his key.  (In the left room with the stones, place
    the far left stone on top of the middle stone to get the key, I don't know
    what the key is for).  Fill another bucket with the Water of Logic.

DEATH COUNT: 1 (Mortegro)

| 23. Serpent Treasures                                                       |

  We'll start by getting Silverpate's treasure.  Go to (50N, 40E) and walk
  through the north wall.  You should have the map of this area from Sleeping
  Bull Inn, if not go there and get it!  Avoid the traps here, and the
  Caltrops.  Pick open the chests (don't worry, none of them are trapped), and
  get the treasures, be sure to get the Blackrock Balance Serpent.  If you
  didn't get the Serpent's Crown, be sure to get it (86S, 23W).

  Go to Fawn.  Search Zulith's body to learn of the Serpent Armor, and that
  Yelinda will know where it is.  You will also notice that Iolo struck this
  place hard and almost nothing is left.  You can talk to Ruggs here, since he
  is still alive.  Go to Yelinda's throne room, and get her Necklace.  Go to
  the entrance to Gorlab, and have the Hound of Doskar track Yelinda off the
  necklace.  At around (32S, 65E) you will find her.  She lost her skin to
  Iolo.  Give her the Comb of Beauty and she will give you the key to the
  storeroom to get the Serpent Armor.  A monk will appear and take her away.

  Go back to Fawn, go to her throne room, and open the SE door, and go north
  through the wall and down the stairs.  The Serpent Armor is in the right
  chest on the upper left table.  Get it and put it on!  Also in the treasure
  room are 2 fire swords, a firedoom staff, a bow of infinity, a lightning
  wand, money, jewels, gems, potions, and some other armors.

  If you want to (you don't have to yet) go to Monitor.  Harnna is the only
  person alive here, and will give you a "prophecy".

DEATH COUNT: Sleeping Bull - 4 (Devra, Ensorcio, Byrin, Angus)
             Fawn - 11 - Zulith, Kylista       - Main Gate
                         Scots                 - Path N of Main Gate
                         Alyssand              - Delin's House
                         Garth                 - Archway
                         Jendon, Delin         - Main Palace
                         Delphynia             - Delphynia's Garden
                         Joth, Jorvin          - street
                         Leon                  - NW Building
             Monitor - 12 - Standarr           - List Field
                         Brendann, Shazanna    - Shazanna's House
                         Templar, Lucilla      - Pub
                         Luther, Krayg         - by the Well
                         Cellia                - Hall
                         Spektor, Marsten      - Jail
                         Flicken               - West Gate
                         Caladin               - Garden by Hall

| 24. White Dragon Castle and the Banes                                       |

  Make sure to have the 3 charged Soul Prisms and the 3 Waters of Order, and
  some Automatons to help out as well.  Also have the Black Sword, and have
  used the Flux Analyser on it.

  Go to (33S, 86E) and cross the drawbridge here.  You will be confronted by
  the Ghost of the King of the White Dragon castle, he will make some vague
  threats and (sometimes) turn into an Ice Dragon.  Go through the double doors
  and go into the room to the right with all of the mirrors.  Iolo will appear,
  taunt you and then the mirrors will explode into a gaggle of Avatars.

  Open the secret Wall to the lower right, go into the lab and get the key off
  the corpse.  Use the key to open the library (the room above the lab),
  Shamino will appear and tell you to read some books.  Some books will
  explode.  Go up the stairs, and then down the stairs to the left.  Iolo will
  appear with a Nightmare.  Get the key from the desk.  Go back to the library,
  and back to the main hallway.  Open the far left chamber, Iolo will appear.
  Avoid the traps and flip the switch under the bale of wool.

  Walk through the wall directly under the stairs, and get the key from the
  chest.  Go up the stairs, open the door, go right, and open the left door and
  go down the stairs.  You should be in the Music Room.  Iolo will appear here
  and leave a ghost to attack you.  Get the key under the pipes on the table.

  Go back to the room with the chest under the stairs, unlock the door to the
  north and go up that way.  Open the door to the right.  Go north and down the
  stairs.  Kill Iolo's Gazer and open the right door.  Get the key from the
  drawers.  Go back into the hall and go south and open the south door.  Open
  the right door, then open the south door, and walk all the way to the left
  where the Banes are.

    Note:  Save it here!  Seriously!

  Equip yourself with the Black Sword and kill the Banes.  After you kill each
  Bane you have to stuff it into their appropriate Soul Prism.  So kill one and
  put it straight in.  (you do that by using the Black Sword on a Soul Prism,
  the Soul Prism will then get a "halo" around it)

     Dupre -- Enthusiasm Prism
     Shamino -- Tolerance Prism
     Iolo -- Emotion Prism

  After that you should have 3 Soul Prisms with the 3 Banes inside.  If you
  failed to get them, reload.

  Take their bodies to Monk Isle and have them resurrected.  They will act like
  Gwenno did, and need water used on them (that's why we got the water!)

     Iolo -- Logic
     Shamino -- Ethicality
     Dupre -- Discipline

  After all 3 of your companions are resurrected, all 3 bells will ring
  signaling the return of Xenka.  She will say a whole lotta things and give
  you the second to last Serpent Tooth, with the instructions to go to the Isle
  of the Crypts.

| 25. Isle of Crypts and the Chaos Serpent                                    |

  Order Hierophant:
    To get to the Isle of Crypts, take the Serpent Path Right, then the second
    one up.  The entrance is at (12N, 44W).  In the room with the many serpent
    carpets take the south passage.  Go all the way down the passage until you
    find the button on the west wall, go north through the north wall.  You
    will be teleported.  Go along the north passage, all the way, beat the
    mummy, and take the scroll from its body.  Place the scroll on the pedestal
    (by the other pedestal with the Gold Serpent).

    You will be teleported into the library, read the book in the center to be
    teleported again.  To the left and north is the Eye of the Serpent.  Cast
    Dispel Field on the Energy Field and swipe the Eye.  North of the Eye is a
    secret passage, go up there, and onto the teleporter.  Go up open the
    secret passage to the coffin, and open the coffin.  Then cast Summon Shade,
    to revive the Hierophant.  If you have all the required Serpent Artifacts,
    he will tell you that.  He tells you that to restore Balance you must
    reunite the Chaos Serpent, but that he cannot tell you how to do that
    (curse that mummy!).  After that he will vanish forever.

  Chaos Hierophant:
    The Chaos Hierophant is in the Temple of Enthusiasm, but first we need to
    get his lackey Sethys (remember him?) in the Temple of Tolerance, and ask
    him to join you.  As you leave the Temple, Sethys starts to feel his age
    (1000?  2000?) and dies.  Take the Orb off his corpse.  Now go to
    Enthusiasm.  Right off of the Serpent Gate cast Summon Shade to talk to the
    Chaos Hierophant.  He will give you all the instructions that you will
    need.  As you go he says that the Rite requires a Force to bind the Banes
    together, but that he doesn't have a clue what this force is.  He will then
    go *poof*.

      Note:  Another way to talk to the Chaos Hierophant is to go to (71S, 52E)
             go inside and talk to the ghost there.  I don't think that he is
             supposed to be there, but he was in the original version, and also
             in the later version (silver seed), so I can only assume that it
             for some reason is supposed to be there.

  Final Serpent Tooth:
    The Gwani have the last tooth, but as you may notice, they have recently
    suffered a recent rash of Trapper attacks.  Talk to Yenani about where all
    the other Gwani to learn that.  Find the trapper's lair at (60N, 24E), hack
    the door away, and go inside.  Talk to the Trapper, but that gets us
    nowhere, so again we have to resort to violence.  Kill him and get his key.
    Go north and use the key on the north brass box.  Get your glass sword and
    the Gwani Amulet.  Go back to the Gwani and give Yenani the Amulet, and she
    will give you the last Serpent Tooth.

  The Death of Dupre:
    Go back to Monk Isle and talk to Xenka.  She says that only the Ultimate
    Sacrifice by either you, your companions, or Gwenno, will solve the
    Imbalance now.  You will draw straws, and you personally will lose.
    Bummer.  Guess there are no perks to being the "Hero from another Land".
    Go to the Crematorium in Monitor.  Dupre won't allow the Avatar to die this
    way, however, and dies in your place.  Get his ashes, and whatever of his
    belongings you want.

    Note:  After Dupre's sacrifice, Gwenno will join your party.  Since she's
           lvl 1 and have S:24, D:20, I:24 C:16, she makes a great replacement,
           and since she is lvl 1, you would be able to train her a little,
           especially if you have Silver Seed, just give her the best weapon,
           poor weapons to the rest and look for any place where monsters
           appear in big crowds, like trolls caves. (from d474634r)

  Chaos Serpent:
    Go back to Skullcrusher, and go to the big double doors to the north.
    Place a powder keg (there are several in skullcrusher, and also some in
    Marsten's treasure hold back in Monitor) by the doors and ignite it.  The
    doors will be blown apart giving you access to the tunnels.  Make your way
    through the tunnels they aren't easy, but don't have any secret walls or
    anything so I won't walk through it--I know that isn't much in a
    Walkthrough, but it really isn't as hard as it seems.  (if you find the
    teleporters, they take you to a pen by Sleeping Bull Inn)  Eventually you
    will get to the Grand Shrine of Chaos.  Open up the Secret Wall to the
    North and go inside.  Place the Blackrock Chaos Serpent on the middle
    pedestal, and the Wall of Lights should open.  Then place the Soul Prisms
    on the right pedestals: (they should burst to flame)

       Enthusiasm Pedestal  --  Wantonness Bane
       Tolerance            --  Anarcy
       Emotion              --  Insanity

    Then place the Ashes of Dupre on the last pedestal.  Dupre will talk
    through the Chaos Serpent and tell you to get your butt over to Sunrise
    Isle.  Then Xenka will appear.  Don't leave without your Chaos Serpent!


     Glass Sword - Hazzard has your glass sword locked away in his treasure
                   chest.  Kill him and open the chest.

DEATH COUNT: 3 - (Sethys, Hazzard, Dupre)

| 26. Sunrise Isle and Endgame                                                |

  Talk to Xenka again and get the Serpent Sword, she tells you to go to Sunrise
  Isle and there to restore the Balance to the land!  Use the Serpent Gate
  (well that is the ONLY way to get there!) and it is the gate Straight Up from
  where you arrive on the Serpent Path.

  You will be in the dead center of Sunrise Isle when you arrive.  To the north
  and south of you are 3 pedestals (each direction) and a scale (each
  direction) place a blue snake on one side of each scale, and a red snake on
  the other.  This causes various items to appear.  Take all of the items.
  There are 6 temples representing all of the virtues of both order and chaos.
  The idea here is to use Balance.  So in an order temple, place a Chaos item;
  and vice versa.  Here is what to put where:

      Torch  (representing Ethicality)  --  Tolerance
      Abacus (logic)                    --  Emotion
      Dagger (discipline)               --  Enthusiasm
      Chain  (tolerance)                --  Ethicality
      Heart  (emotion)                  --  Logic
      Rose   (enthusiasm)               --  Discipline

  Once that business is done, you will get a book.  North of where you came in
  are 2 pillars, read the book in between the pillars.  A bridge of Blue Fire
  will appear, cross and do it again, this time normal fire will appear, cross
  that too and you will be at the Shrine of Balance.

  Go left find the key, and then go all the way right.  Use the key on the
  brass box and get a serpent candle.  Go all the way left and put the Serpent
  Candle on the pedestal there.  Get the Ice Diamond.  Get one of the small
  chunks of ice that appears, and put it on the other pedestal on the far right
  side.  Get the Fire Ruby.  Go back to the  center and put the appropriate gem
  on their pedestals.

  Here you should put on all the Serpent stuff you've been carrying around:
  Ring, Staff, Sword, Armor, Necklace, Earrings, and Crown.

  It ain't over yet!  Now we are in yet another chamber with yet another
  pedestal.  On the left side the buttons open doors on the right side, and yes
  the reverse is true.  Find the 2 cubes of order and the 2 cubes of chaos and
  place them on the pedestal.  This will create a bridge below you with a
  teleporter on it.  Step on the teleporter.  Then go north and place the
  Serpent Staff, Armor and Crown on the table.  You will be declared Balanced
  by the Great Earth Serpent and teleported back, and now the doors will open.

  Go north into the Main Shrine of Balance.  The Order Serpent attempts to stop
  you using a half dozen or so Ice Men (elemental things).  Kill them and keep

  Place the 3 Blackrock Serpents in their appropriate places.  The Wall of
  Lights will open, and the Earth Serpent tells you to put the Eyes of the
  Serpents on the pedestal.  Do so.  The Snake Altar will start getting jiggy,
  so whack him a good one with your Serpent Sword.

Congrats!  You beat Serpent Isle!  Sit back and enjoy the endgame!  At the very
end the Guardian grabs you, and then in Ultima 8 drops you off in Pagan.

Your total DEATH COUNT was 60 + 4 (Silver Seed) so 64 died to further your
goals.  Not very Avatarlike is it?

|                                   APPENDIX:                                 |

| A. Silver Seed Walkthrough                                                  |

Items in Silver Seed: Keyring, Belt of Strenghth, Helm of Light, Gaunlets of
                      Quickness, Ring of Reagants, Erinons Axe, and other small

  To get to the Silver Seed area, use the Amulet of Balance while on a Serpent
  Gate.  You will (very slowly) be teleported, but you only have to sit through
  it this one time.

    Note:  Once you arrive you can only leave if you pass the Silver Seed area,
           or if you wait a WEEK for the amulet to recharge.

  Immediately go north and talk to the Silver Automaton, he thinks that you are
  the champion of balance, and gives you the Key Ring (very nice), and tells
  you to find the 4 globes to get the Silver Seed.

    Note:  The key ring is a very nice artifact, everytime you get a key put it
           on the keyring, and then to use the keyring, just press 'k'.
           However, when you find the Ice and Fire keys, DO NOT PUT THEM ON THE
           KEYRING!!!!  Those keys are meant to make another key, the Blackrock
           key, and they cannot do that if they are on a keyring. (Although
           they don't seem to ever want to go on the keyring...)

  Also in the keep is a Mage, a Trainer, and a Healer.  For the time being,
  when you die in Silver Seed you will reappear at the Healer's, not on Monk

  Abandoned Outpost:
    Leave the Keep and go left, then up, until a woman, Rieya, appears.  Talk
    to her to get your clues, but don't take everything she says seriously.  Go
    into the outpost.  Go down the stairs, go across the bridge, and then
    through an illusion wall on the left.  Flip the switch here, go back out
    and then right through the now opened wall.  You will now be in a room with
    3 switches on the wall, and if you try to go through it, traps will
    activate.  Press the top right, top left, and then bottom left switch (in
    that order) to deactivate the traps.

    Now you will be in a room full of corpses.  Search them all and get the
    Lightning Whip (you have to lose this later) and a key.  Use your keyring
    to open the first door, and walk through the next two (they are illusions).
    Then go up, find the key in the room with the green glowing things (it's
    under some debris), and search these rooms for the 2 scrolls.  Place the
    Lightning Whip on the gold pedestal with the Blue Flame on it to get rid of
    the Force Barriers.  Go down the stairs, then down the next set of stairs,
    and finally up the other stairs, and up the last stairs.

    You will be in a room full of corpses who come alive and attack you.
    Continue left.  You will be attacked by Living Armors.  Kill them and work
    your way through the sleep fields. (if you want to get rid of the sleep
    fields, go back to where there were 3 plates and the switch, and step on
    the plates in this order 3, 2, 1)  Get the orb, and go back to the
    magically locked door, open it and then go down (this door will also close
    behind you and magically lock itself).  Go straight down, then left.  Pick
    open the lower left treasure chest to get some spells (including 2 unlock
    magic spells!), then go down again.

    You will be in a torture chamber, pick open the upper cell, and get the
    scroll.  Go back to the double doors that were locked (by where you used
    the whip to get rid of the force barriers), open them and go up.  Attack
    the debris here until it disappears.  Go down the stairs, search the body
    and get the rope.  Go back out until you get to where the wall opened up,
    and go south.  Use the rope on the well and go down.  Use the rope again,
    and go down again.  Go to the force walls here, and use the scroll that you
    found in the cell to get rid of the force walls.  Go down the stairs.  Kill
    the Ice Trolls, and search around until you find a glowing blue belt.  That
    is the Belt of Strength!  Pick the 2 chests by it to get gold, and

  The Maze:
    Just north of the abandoned outpost is a maze.  Drusilla (another of those
    dark women) appears here and gives some advice.  When you go into the maze,
    all of your belongings will disappear (they are in the hollow tree outside
    of the maze) When you reach the end of a level, the whole level will open

    Level 1:  Left, down, left 2, down, right 2, down, left 4, up, right, up,
              left, up 3, right 5, down, left 2, down.

    Level 2:  Up 3, left, down 2, left, up 2, right, up, left, down, left,
              down 2, left, down, left, up 3, right, up, right.  (after the
              level opens up go find the corpse and get its cheese)

    Level 3:  Right, down 3, left 2, up 2, right 3, up 2, left 4 (get cheese),
              down 3, right 4.

    Level 4:  Down 3, right 3, up 2 (talk to monster here, give cheese, get
              orb), up, left, up, down, left, down 2, right 4, down, left, up
              3, right, up, left 2, up, right (get Helm of Light off corpse),
              and right through illusionary wall.  Done!

    Get your equipment from the tree (don't forget the purple orb you just

  Aram Dol's Lair:
    This one is probably (definately) the hardest of the little dungeons.  It
    is on the North side of the keep.  There is a Dragon named Draxinar in
    here, he is more useful alive as he gives information.  But that is not
    where we are going.  From the entrance take the top passage to the right,
    go all the way up and take the stairs.  Go right, down, then right and at
    the first opportunity go up and up again.  You will be in a large chamber
    filled with Arachnians.

    In the center of the chamber is a room with a staircase.  Take the stairs.
    Go left up and then step onto the teleporter in the open room.  Go right,
    get the key behind the pedestal and go up the right passage, open the door,
    go down the stairs, and flip the blue switch, go back up the stairs, down
    into the room again and finally up the left passage (fire traps should go
    off).  You will be in a room with a large pillar, behind that pillar on the
    north wall is a passage (illusionary wall), go up there and get the key.
    Then go back and down the stairs.  Unlock the door and go down the next
    stairs.  You should quickly find yourself in a series of lever puzzles.

        Lever Puzzle One:  Flip the 2nd switch
        Two:               Flip 1, 2, and 5
        Three:             Flip 1, 2, 3, and 6

    Go up the stairs, and then down, but not through the door.  Instead go
    through the right wall into the Crypts.  Kill the Mummies and get the green
    key.  Go up through an illusion in the middle crypt, then down the stairs,
    across the fire and get the glowing green key.  Go back to the main crypt.
    Unlock the gate leading to the stairs, and go up.  Go down and unlock this
    gate too, and continue going down.  There are skeletal Dragons here.  Go
    right, then up through yet another illusion.  Go down the stairs.

    You should now be in a long hallway with 10 rooms on each side.  Flip the
    switch in each room, then flip the brass switch at the end of the hallway
    to continue.  Go down the stairs.  Kill Aram-Dol the Liche here. (not as
    easy as it sounds)  Search his body to get the key.  Open the north door
    and get his treasures: the Orb, the Gauntlet of Quickness, Erinons Axe,
    Full Set of Magic Armor, etc.  I'm sure that you can find your own way out.

  The Fiend:
    To the right of the Keep is the Fiend's Lair.  From the entrance, work your
    way to the right until you reach the stairs, go down them.  Go right, up,
    left (you should be in a room with headless), then all the way right past
    all the buzzsaws and down the stairs, then up the next stairs.  Go right,
    down, right, down, right, up, left through the explosions and up.  Pick the
    door here and talk to the Fiend.

    He asks you to get the Ring of Reagants for him.  Go back to the first
    staircase (the one from the entrace) but don't go up it.  Instead from
    there go right, and up through an illusionary wall.  Then go right, and
    down, then down the stairs.  From there go diagonally down and right until
    you reach a trail of coins, follow that trail down into a room, mind the
    fires, search the corpse here for the Golden Orb!  Now follow the coins up,
    then go right.  You will be in a room with another blackened corpse and
    some traps shooting at it.  Go up through the wall right above where the
    corpse is.  Work your way up and to the left until you get to some stairs.
    Go up the stairs.  Go all the way down, then all the way right, then up and
    through another wall to the north.  The Ring of Reagants is in the rubble,
    you should be able to see a little green speck.  Go back to the Fiend, who
    attacks you, and your done!

  The Silver Seed:
    Go to the Laboratory in the Keep.  To the right of the lab is a staircase
    down, and a candlestick.  Move the Candlestick and press the button.  Go
    back to the lab and down the now revealed stairs.  Follow the path until
    you reach the 4 pedestals.  Place the Golden Orb on the lowest pedestal,
    the Red on the left, purple on the middle, and blue on the right.  Open the
    door and take the Silver Seed.  The 3 witches appear and attempt to stop
    you, kill them and take their 3 keys.  Open the door and continue through
    until you reach the grotto.  Karnax will appear and give some advice.
    Stand near the dirt area in the center, and use the Silver Seed to create a
    Silver Tree!

Congrats!  You passed the Silver Seed!

DEATH COUNT: 4 (Drusilla, Rieya, Solaria, The Fiend)

| B. Serpent Path Map                                                         |

                                 a - Emotion
          _       _              b - Skullcrusher
         |b|  _  |d|             c - Balance
       _  |  |c|  |  _           d - Spinebreaker
      |a|---  |  ---|e|          e - Discipline
           |  |  |               f - Sleeping Bull
           -- | --               g - Furnace
    _   _   | | |   _   _        h - Mad Mage Isle
   |f| |g| ------- |j| |k|       i - Moonshade
    |   | |       | |   |        j - Monk Isle
    ------|       |------        k - Isle of Crypts
    |   | |_______| |   |        l - Fawn
   |h| |i|  | | |  |l| |m|       m - Great North Forest
           -- | --               n - Enthusiasm
       _   |  |  |   _           o - Tolerance
      |n|---  |  ---|r|          p - Monitor
          |  |p|  |              q - Ethicality
         |o|     |q|             r - Logic

| C. Money Conversions                                                        |

Exchange Rate:
               Filari  Gold Coin  Guilder  Monetari
               ------  ---------  -------  --------
4 Filari         4          2         3         1
1 Filari         1         1/2       3/4       1/4
2 Gold Coins     4          2         3         1
1 Gold Coin      2          1        3/2       1/2
3 Guilder        4          2         3         1
1 Guilder       4/3        2/3        1        1/3
1 Monetari       4          2         3         1
1 Gem           100        50        75        25
1 Gold Nugget    40        20        30        10
1 Jewelry       400       200       300       100
1 Gold Bar      800       400       600       200

Note:  When you get the False Coin spell, only use it on Monetari since
       Monetari is by far the most valuable currency.

Exchangers:  ($ - money, j - jewelry (and gems), B - Gold Bars, g - just gems)
Name:        Town:          Types:    Fee:
-----        -----          ------    ----
Zulith       Fawn              $       3%
Spektor      Monitor           $       4%
Bucia        Moonshade       $,j      2.5%
Topo         Moonshade         g*      --
Devra        Sleeping Bull   $,B,j     2%

* - Topo buys gems for 100 guilders each

| D. Secrets and Cheats                                                       |

As with The Black Gate, you can access the Debug Cheat Menu by adding a special
word at the command line.

With Silver Seed:       "serpent manimal"
Without Silver Seed:    "serpent pass"

In the game, press F2 to bring up the Debug Menu.
                   F3 to bring up the Teleport Map
                   F5 casts any spell (hit F5, push number of the spell, select
                      who gets to cast it, and if needed select what to cast it
                    4 - dumps contents, used to see what someone is
                      carrying.  Try it on Lord British.

The Debug Menu should look something like:
  [b]usiness schedule  [h]ack mover...: No
  [d]o Schedule.: All  [l]ocation.....: Off
  [g]ame flags         [i]nspect
  [n]umber ID...: Off  [m]odify Npc
  [t]eleport           [u]nk BugChkin : Yes
  [p]ower Avatar: Off  [q]ueue Toggle.: Off
  [s]et time           [c]reate item
  [+-] Time Rate:   1  [a]ctivity dump
  [f]ollowers...:* No* [X]it

For the purposes of this debug menu, the avatar is considered NPC 0, with
everyone else in the game numbered as well.  Choosing "Number ID" will show
all the NPC numbers.  A near complete list of NPC's can be found in Appendix
"E. Monsters and NPC's".

-- "Hack Mover" allows you to pick up all objects, including the scenery.
Nothing is more fun that picking a mountain apart to see how it ticks.  Also
you can pick yourself up.
-- "Followers" brings in everyone that can join your party.  (up to the maximum
number of followers anyway)
-- "Create Item" is just what it says.  You can create EVERYTHING, including an
Avatar Corpse!  Creepy!

Now a little bit more on the "m"odify NPC option.  You can modify every NPC in
the game, including all enemies.  You can affect their (or your) stats, status,
and make them do things, called a "business activity".  Typical business
activities are "preaching", "baking", "follow avatar", etc.  The best "status"
change you can do is to make yourself Ethereal, which is essentially a walk
through walls option.  Very fun, but remember you cannot go up stairs, or go up
in any way at all while ethereal; instead you will walk through the stairs.  To
go up a level while ethereal use the Hack mover and pick yourself up.  If you
want to change an NPC's appearance, you can use the "2" Polymorph edit, a some-
what complete list of those can be found in the "E. Monsters and NPC's" section

**WARNING!!!** Doing any of the above cheats can result in a corrupted
savegame.  You may not be able to pass the game if you cheat!  So don't save it
if you cheat and don't cheat unless you don't want to pass the game.  You
shouldn't cheat anyway... what kind of Avatar are you?

Note: Never ever turn "Party" off on the Avatar, this will make it impossible
      to move the Avatar, which makes playing the game very very hard indeed!
      I accidently did this once, and since I was far and didn't want to save
      it like this (you can't undo it once you've done it), I had to move
      myself around with the Hack Mover, not a very fun thing to do.

Avoid the Lightning:
The only way to avoid the Teleport storm at the beginning of the game is to
use a cheat teleport.  Since the Teleport storm is activated based on location,
e.g. when you step off the boat, all you have to do is teleport off the boat
to, say Monitor.  However the game was meant to go through the Teleport Storm,
and there is no real way (besides playing the whole game that way) to tell what
ill effects this may have.  A few things that I noticed when I did it, were
 - Whenever Dupre leaves the party (like in the knights test) he and 2 Pikemen
   keep approaching you to join, if he can't join (again in the knights test)
   he will talk to you again, and again, and again (I got around this by
   Paralyzing him.).
 - You will still find your items around the world.  For example, your magic
   bow is still on the bear skeleton, even though you never lost it.
I didn't play it any farther than becoming a knight, so I don't know what other
effects this might have on the game.

Jive Talkin':
To watch the intro or the endgame (without actually playing the game) type:
  intro hisss
  endgame hisss
or in the static directory create the files
and then start the game, and in the main menu you should see "View Endgame"
To see the Jive intro, where the Guardian reveals that he is really a sadistic
muppet type:
  intro hisss jive

Spider Man:
  At (52S, 155E) is a small Spider Temple with a dead woman.  You can find
  Spider Silk here, as well as a poison dagger and a locket.

Naked Woman:
  At (23S, 126E) is a small camp, with the only occupant being a naked blonde
  woman.  Odd.

Erstam's Private Retreat:
  This one is considered "Cheating".  Go to (81S, 100E) and place a crate by
  the stump to climb onto it.  You will be teleported to a small island.  Don't
  step on the teleporter here, instead, work your way north by way of going
  east.  Eventually you will get to a new island, go in and find Erstam's
  Retreat.  He has a lot of naked women here, as well as some very nice items,
  including some Plot Items (hence why it's cheating).

Cat's Revenge:
  In Ultima I this island was called "Dead Cat's Life II" now it is called
  CLAW, or Cat's Isle.  I've heard there is a non-teleport way to get here, but
  since CLAW is a cheat itself, you may as well F3 here.  (112S, 62E)  There
  are many cats around here, as well as some human corpses.  Go inside to get
  some treasure and some Plot Items (like the Gwani Horn).

  From d474634r:
    The entrance to Claw isle is just in Monitor.  Just north from the arena
    and the training hall, there is a block with two houses and a park.  In
    that park there are some statues and 8 trees.  Using the statues as
    reference, you must locate the tree that the 4th statue from West to East
    and the 4th from North to South is looking to.

    Then, place three crates like this:
      One just adjacent to North side of that tree.
      The second just adjacent to the first one.
      And the third just over the second.
      Now use the improvised ladder to get to the Claw Island.

     X X X O X
    O          X

| E. Monsters and NPC's                                                       |

Monsters: (Poly is the Polymorph number of the monster, AR is Armor)
Name:             STR:  DEX:  INT:  COM:  AR:  Poly:   NOTES:
-----             ----  ----  ----  ----  ---  -----   ------
Acid Slug          15     6     1    12     3
Alligator          16    10     2    13     4
Arachnian          28    29    14    15     ?   979
Automaton          20    10    10     5    15   747    Create Automaton revives
  Brass            20    18    11    23     ?   734    but doesn't revive here
Bat                 2    17     2    10     1
Bear               18    15     1    12    10   302
Bird                3    13     2     5     0
Boar                9     9     3     5     4
Cat                 3     8     3     5     1
Chicken             3     2     1     3     0
Corpser            13     2     1    10     4
Cow                16     2     1     2     2   500
Cyclops            25     6     5    15     6   501
Dark Monk          12     8    14     9    10   179
Dark Witch         15    13    20     7     8   665
Deer                9    20     1     5     2
Dog                 8    13     6    10     6
Dream Monster       5                 3     2   521
Fire Elemental      8    16     4    15     5   861
Fish                2    18     1     3     1
Flying Snake        5    10     3     6     5
Fox                 7                 6     3   510
Gargoyle           22    19     6    15     3   883
Gazer               7    21    14     8     3
Ghost              11    12    14    11     3
Goblin             19     8     8     6     5   725
Goblin Woman        8     8    10     6     6   744
Gremlin             6    14     5    10     7
Gwani              10    13    16     9     6   862
Harpy              15                15     1   532
Headless           16    14     4     9     3   514
Hound of Doskar    15                 8    10   874
Ice Corpser        10     4     1     9     8
Ice Dragon         22    14    18    12    12   877
Ice Dragon Baby    15    13     2    15     7   798
Ice Man            17     5     3    15    13   968
Ice Serpent        20     8     8    15    15
Ice Snake           8    10     1     6     ?
Ice Troll          23     7     2    15    12   372
Insects             2    12     2     2     0   517
Jester              6    25    11     7     ?
Liche              25    21    30    30     ?   981
Mongbat            11    11     2    12     2
Mummy              15                12     8   373
Naga               15    12     1     7     9   846
Nightmare          17    20    25     7     8   885
Parrot              9                 1     2   772
Penguin             6     8     2     6     6   298
Phoenix            15                15    15
Polar Bear         23     8     4    15     8   449
Rabbit              2     9     2     4     1
Rat                 4    12     1     3     1
Rat-Man             7    11     1     5     5
Reaper             18    17     1    15     3   382
Scorpion           12     9     1    14     1
Sheep               1     1     1     1     0
Skeleton           14    17     3    10     2   528
Skeletal Dragon    30                15    15
Slime               7     2     1    10     2
Snake               6    12     2     6     2
Snow Leopard       10    12     1     6     6   754
Spider              9    10     1    10     3   865
Stone Harpy        23    24    11    17    10
Suit of Armor      13     7     4     9     ?   550
Tentacle (brown)   15    18     3    15     7
Tentacle (green)   20    13     3    15     3
Trapper            17    12     8     7     ?
Troll              16     9     1    13     5   533
Undead             11     6     2     3     ?
Wildman            10     8     1     5    12
Wolf               12    12     6     8     4   537
Vampire            15    20    30    15    10   588

Character List:
  No.   Name                   Str   Dex   Int   Com   Poly
  ---   ----                   ---   ---   ---   ---   ----
    0   Avatar                  18    18    25    14
    1   Dupre                   22    20    13    18    488
    2   Shamino                 19    23    12    18    487
    3   Iolo                    15    24    24    16    465
    4   Andrio                   8    10    17     5    916
    5   Automaton (Columna)     20    10    10     5    747
    6   Automaton (Gustacio)     same stats as above     "
    7   Automaton (Torrissio)    same                    "
    8   Automaton (Ducio)        same                    "
    9   Automaton (Ducio)        same                    "
   10   Automaton (Filbercio)    same                    "
   11   Automaton (Rotoluncia)   same                    "
   12   Automaton (Flindo)       same                    "
   13   Bucia                    9    11    15     5
   14   Columna                 11    16    25     4    888
   15   Ducio                   18    12    11     6    304
    x   Hound of Doskar                                 874
   16   Edrin                   12    12    12     5    462
   17   Fedabiblio               9    15    19     6    817
   18   Filbercio               12    10    20     5    814
   19   Freli                    6    11    17     1    472
   20   Frigidazzi              11    12    19     6    652
   21   Frigidazzi's Goblin     16    12    19     8    744
   22   Gustacio                 9    10    19     5    581
   23   Julia                   16    16    14     9    461
   24   Melino                   4     6    18     2    226
   25   Automaton (Rotoluncia)  20    10    10     5    747
   26   Mortegro                 9    14    20     6    809
   27   Mosh                     8    10    18     5    446
   28   Petra                   20    15    20     7    658
   29   Pothos                  11    11    12     4    830
   30   Rocco                   12    12    15     6    468
   31   Rotoluncia              10    14    22     6    766
   32   Topo                    17    14    12     7
   33   Torrissio               10    11    19     5    818
   34   Boydon                  30    12    12     8    815
   35   Erstam                   9     9    19     4    226
   36   Vasel                   18    10    10     5    304
   37   Ale                      9    10     1     1    772
   38   Argus                   12    12    13     3    462
   39   Byrin                   10    14    12     1    265
   40   Hawk                     9    12    12     1
   41   Devra                    9    10    11     1    454
   42   Flindo                  11    13    12     3    455
   43   Kane                    11    12    11     4    319
   44   Selina                  12    12    14     6    652
   45   Wilfred                 20    15    10    25
   46   Alyssand                12    14    10     2    454
   47   Delin                    9    12    12     1    468
   48   Delphynia               11    12    12     4    742
   49   Garth                   16    16    18    12    855
   50   Joth                    11    12    12     2    855
   51   Voldin                   9    11    12     3    855
   52   Jendon                  12    11    12     4
   53   Jorvin                  17    12    13     1
   54   Kylista                 12    14    12     6    560
   55   Lady Yelinda            14    15    12     8    274
   56   Leon                     9    12    13     5    455
   57   Kalen                   12    13    11     7    458
   58   Olon                    13    12    11     4    457
   59   Ruggs                   12    16    12     4    462
   60   Scots                   12    14    12     2    265
   61   Zulith                  11    14    10     2    818
   62   Andral                  10    14    12     7
   63   Caladin                 25    19    13    24
   64   Cantra                   8    13    10     5    299
   65   Cellia                  10    10    13     5    469
   66   Simon (goblin)          24    12    10    10    725
   67   Harnna                   9    12    14     6    454
   68   Krayg                   15    17    12    11    455
   69   Marsten                 19    19    19    15    451
   70   Lucilla                 11    10    11     5    742
   71   Luther                  28    18    10    19    816
   72   Lydia                   13    22    14     6    652
   73   Renfry                  30     9    10     5    468
   74   Shazzana                20    28    12    24    647
   75   Shmed                   12    12    10     6    805
   76   Simon (human)           18    17    10    10    265
   77   Spektor                 12    11    25     5
   78   Standarr                18    18    11    10    304
   79   Templar                 22    16    13    13    462
   80   Flicken                 16    16    15    11    720
   81   Ensorcio                12    15    13     5    401
   82   Automaton (discipline)  20    10    10     5    747
   83   Automaton (discipline)  same as above            "
   84   Automaton (evil)        same                     "
   85 to 93 are plain Automatons                         "
   94 to 99 are Logic Automatons                         "
  101 to 107 are Female Goblins 18    18    14    12    744
  108 to 123 are Goblins        15    16    14     8    725
  124   D_Stefano (??)          30    30    30    10    451
  125   Automaton (Order)       20    10    10     5    747
  126   Automaton (Evil)        same as above            "
  127   Brunt                   11    16    12     9
  128   Deadeye                 22    22    22    20
  129   Automaton (Order)       20    10    10     5    747
  130   Automaton (Order)       same as above            "
  131 to 134 are plain Automatons                        "
  135 to 142 are evil Gwani     16    15    10    10    862
  143   Baiyanda                13    14    20     6     "
  144   Bwundiai                 9    11    11     1     "
  145   Mwaerno                  9    15    11     1     "
  146   Myauri                  13    14    14     2     "
  147   Neyobi                   5    12     5     1    867
  148   Yenani                  20    18    30    15    862
  149   Gwenno                  24    20    24    16    669
  150   Brendann                21    24    11    27    565
  151   Man in Fire (Ethicality)10    22     9     4
  152   Sethys                  16    13    18     8
  153   Gilwoyai                11    12    19     3    862
  154   Kapyundi                18    14    10    12     "
  155   Beryl                   20    18    18     8    742
  156   Draygan                 10    11    12     1    816
  157   Hurd                    14    13    12     3    462
  158   Ivor                    10    11    10     2    720
  159   Morghrim                11    12    19     2    581
  160 to 162 are Automatons from Freedom
  163   Lorthondo               14    13    12     3    817
  164   Prioner (freedom)       14    16    14     9    455
  165   Knight with Black Sword 13    12    17     7    720
  166   Female Prisoner         13    12    12     2    647
  167   Old Man Prisoner        14    13    15     3    581
  168   Stefano                 17    12    19     2    451
  169   Teldrono                 9    12    13     1    401
  170   Zhelkas                 14    13    13     3    480
  171   Woman (Test of Purity)  11    11    12     3    469
  172   Woman (Test of Purity)  14    13    15     4    652
  173   Woman (Test of Purity)   9    12    14     1    888
  174   Woman (Test of Purity)   9     9    15     1    766
  175   Man (Test of Purity)     9     7    13     1    304
  176   Thief (Furnace)         12    13    13     3    462
  177   Thief (Furnace)          9    14    13     1    816
  178   Iolo Clone              11    10    12     2    465
  179   Shamino Clone            9    12    13     1    487
  180   Dupre Clone             22    16    27     8    488
  181   Rabindranath            24    12    14     6    809
  182   Siranush                19    15    16     6    469
  183   Thief (Furnace)         14    17    23    12    720
  184   Number 7 (Logic)        20    10    10     5    747
  185 to 194 are Automatons     same as above            "
  195   Perry Stokes            12    15    14     5    pirate
  196   Pirate                  14    14    12     4
  197 to 200 are Automatons     20    10    10     5    747
  201   Cantra (dream)          11    12    12     1    299
  202   Automaton               20    10    10     5    747
  203   Henchman (mint)         10    14     8     7    816
  204   Henchman (mint)         12    10     8     6    caladin
  205   Henchman (mint)         13    11     7     6    805
  206   Automaton (Ducio)       20    10    10     5    747
  207   Karnax                  12    12    12     1    250
  208   Silent Monk             12    13    11     5     "
  209   Miggim                  12    11    12     2     "
  210   Silent Monk             10    12    14     1     "
  211   Thoxa                   18    16    16    10     "
  212   Braccus                  9    12    11     1     "
  213   Draxta                   8     9    11     1     "
  214   Silent Monk             20    15    22     8     "
  215   Xenka                   16    15    18    10    392
  216   Automaton (Pothos)      20    10    10     5    747
  217   Sabrina                 10    14    10     7    766
  218   Byrin (dream)           16    15    10     7    265
  219   Ensorcio (dream)        16    14    18     4
  220   Filbercio (dream)       10    11    13     1
  221   Oaf                     14     9     8     5    816
  222   Death Knight            24    18    18    12    816
  223 to 227 are Oafs           stats vary but are low   --
  228 to 232 are Automatons     20    10    10     5    747
  233 to 255 are  -- Invalid NPC's --                    --
  256 to 258 are Goblins*                               725
  259    **                                       --
  260   Dog                     --
  261   Cat                     --
  262   Insane Iolo             25    25    25    25    880
  263   Snake Dupre             25    25    25    25    906
  264   Evil Shamino            25    25    25    25    317
  265   Pomdirgun               12    14    27    18    354
  266   Gargoyle                25    25    25    25
  267   Snow Leopard            20    20     6     6
  276   Sonar (Timberwolf)      18    18     1    15    447
  280   Lord British            25    20    15    18    793
  288   Isstanar                30    30    20    30    948
  290   Elissa                  12    15    25    13   1015
  291   Surok                    8    12    28    11    949
  292   Tsandar                 24    16    10    18    947
  294   Vasculio                30    20    30    20    588
  296   The Fiend***            30    30    30    30    templar
  297   Yurel                   23    30    13    18    957
  298   Draxinar (Stumpy)       30    20    30    30    928
  299   temporary slot, filled by almost anything
  300+  Anything over 300 is usally temporary

  * - I had some trouble with these goblins
  ** - curiously nothing happened
  *** - The Fiend has 50 hits

  Note: Whenever you put an NPC into your party, and look into their inventory,
        sometimes they won't have a head.  This is because that person is not
        supposed to ever be in your party.  So who has a head in inventory?
        Quite a few people actually:
          Iolo, Shamino, Dupre, Boydon, Petra, Gwenno, Automatons, Sethys,
          Stefano, and Wilfred.
        Of those, only Gwenno will not join you normally, but does have a head
        in the Inventory.

| F. Keyboard Commands                                                        |

  a - Turn audio effects on/off
  b - Brings up the Spell Book display
  c - enters Combat mode
  f - feed someone, only if you actually have food
  h - changes "handedness" of the mouse
  i - inventory, repeated use will open party members inventories
  j - brings up the jawbone display
  k - use key, if you have the Keyring from the Silver Seed
  l - party display
  m - Map
  p - Pick lock, if you have lockpicks
  s - save / load / quit screen
  t - targetting cursor, acts as a double click
  v - version
  w - displays current time, if you have a pocketwatch
  z - statistics screen, repeated use will open party members statistics

ALT X - quits game
ALT 8 - turns on/off "frame limiter" (frame limiter slows the game down)

| G. Online Resources                                                         |

http://www.gamefaqs.com/     - GameFaqs, catch the Fever!
http://www.origin.ea.com/    - Official Origin Homepage
http://www.owo.com/archive/ultima72/index.html - Ultima Web Archive, Serpent
                                                 Isle Page
http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Dungeon/1350/ultima.html - Good Ultima

General Midi Upgrade:

Map Viewer:

Official Tech Support Page:

Ultima and the SoundBlaster AWE 32:

| Final Words...                                                              |

ASCII Art created using SigZag by James Dill:   (freeware!)

Most (99%) Polymorph Numbers are from Whyte Tyger Dragon's Polymorph chart

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    Small Changes
  Changes in 1.3  (1-7-00, 165k)
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  Changes in 1.31 (4-26-00, 171k)
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  Version 1.4  October 16, 2000  173k

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    Other small format related changes.

  Version 1.41  January 22, 2005  172k

    Changed my email address and updated the format slightly.

  Version 1.5  April 18, 2009  174k

    Added notes on Claw Isle, Easier Tolerance and Gwenno joining the party
    from d474634r. Some other small edits.

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