1.Pick up the case,give Frauline Burstner back her letters to the NO.6 mail box.Pick the
phone,the talk to Frauline Burstner.Follow her to her room.Pick up a arm under her
bed.Turn on the music,find your letter and out of her room.

2.Bring your knife and your work card to the office.Find the doctor appointment
card,X-ray,and Herr Schmetterling's insurance quote.Go to the hospital,give the
appointment card to the nurse.Give the X-ray to the doctor.Pick up the prescription on the

3.Give the insurance quote to Herr Schmetterling.Before you leave the bar,pick up the
wine.Go to the pharmacy,give the prescription and the medicine bottle to the doctor.And
use the medicine.

4.Bring the wine and the cup to the Otto's factory.Seek from the key hold,and talk to
Melina.Give the cup to her,then keep it back.Talk to Otto,give the cup and the wine to
him.Pick up the book,then leave.

5.Give the money to the assistance,she will bring you to see the advocate.Give the book to
the advocate,pick up the letter.

From here,I don't know how to do next.I can't just take the train and leave,because the
two men told me that that is not a right way to go to the Magistrate.And from Kafkamesto's
note book,you can see he has many thing did not finish.Example:He has to meet his uncle
Max and bring the story books to him.The story books are from the advocate's room.And you
can pick up a sign from the pharmacy to Melina also.

In the first room take the letters from the night stand, the money from the closet the
knife from the desk and the time card (the paper with the dots on it) in the drawer in the
desk (its under the papers), and the bottle from under the bed. Look out the window. Click
on the guys looking at you. There will be a knock on the door, open it and talk to the
guys. (They said you have committed a crime and should go to the Magistrate. I havent been
able to figure out what they are talking about). Leave room talk to whomever. go
downstairs. put hanging phone back on hook, it will ring. pick it up... its your office
telling you to go to work ASAP. before you leave the building go right towards the
mailboxes and talk to the chick from apt 6. After she leaves go to her mailbox and take
out the letter that is in there. Its addressed to Joseph but its for apt 9 which is your
apt. Click on the upper right corner of letter and read it. Drop it after you read it
cause you dont need it anymore. ( im guessing) now put the letters you got from your
drawer in her mailbox and close it. You could have figured that out for yourself though.
leave. Outside you will find those guys again. talk to them again.. they will just remind
you to go to the Magistrate and you tell yourself to find the Advocate. Go to the Castle.
Its not hard to find. Once there the guard prohibits you to pass and tells you seek
admittance to the law. (** very important*** The first time I tried to Bribe him with the
money and he just took it and still didnt let me in. If you do this you will lose your
money and will have to start from the beginning. This goes for anything else you try to
give anyone else that you are not supposed to give. So becareful who you give what to or
else its back to the beginning cause you will be stuck. THATS THE ONLY THING THAT

Go to your job. Look around for it. its a brown building on the right side of some street.
Its the one with the big lobby. Ill leave that up to you to find. once in the lobby click
on the time clock and use the time card. after you insert it you will be able to go into
the middle double doors. from the balconys veiw, you will have to find your desk. (good
luck, its there somewhere) Once at your desk read your journal. Its not that long. Take
the appointment card towards the end of the journal. close journal. Take the yellow
envolope. Now try to open the drawer on the right side. Its stuck. You need something to
unjam it (Ill let you figure that part out. Not very hard to figure out ) after you open
Take the ticket. Now open the left Drawer. Look through the folder. one section has some
post cards and the other has some papers, one if which is your workers comp application. (
I left it because I dont know yet where to use it.) leave your work. Find the doctors
office. (Again Ill leave the searching to you. its pretty tough to find but you will
eventually). talk to the receptionist and give her your appointment card. Go see your
doctor. He will ask you for your Xrays. Give him the yellow envolope and then he will give
you a prescription. (Take it and leave Fast before he decides to cut you open or
something... Scary place). Now you need to find the pharmacy. Give the Prescription to the
Pharmasist and he will tell you that there have no more bottles to fill your order. Give
him the bottle you took from the room. Take your pills. (havent figured out how to comsume
them yet, if anyone does. let us know ) Before you leave the pharmacy take the Help wanted
notice posted on the wall on the left. (you can use it later). Leave. Now you have to find
the Factory if you havent yet. Once there click on the door in the background in the
right. Take a peek through the keyhole. The boss is harrassing your girl! You get upset
and he hears you and blocks your veiw. Leave to door and go to the left... Melina will be
there. Talk to her. She is miserable and wants to leave that place. Give her the Help
wanted notice and be amazed at her reply. Leave. Now lets go to find the Advocate. He is
near the doctors office. Ring the bell when the girl comes she will say that the Advocate
is busy and seeing him doesnt come cheap. Give her the money from your closet. She will
now let you in. MONEY TALKS!!! Go in and see the fat blob. Talk to him... he will ask you
if you have read any new books lately. (Im stuck here. someone previously posted that they
had a book and gave it to him but he already read it. but I havent had any luck finding
any books myself) You cant really do anything else here. Leave. Go back to your room and
take the Mug from the back Bureau. Then take the small key on the window sill. (Its small
but its there)

Now go to the trainstation (its near the Factory). Once there approach the window. The
ticket guy will tell you that the train is about to leave and is out of tickets and slams
the window shut in your face. Try to go through the turnstyle the guard will not allow
you. Giving him the ticket you got from your desk at work wont work.
Good Luck. this is as far as I have been able to get. dont know what the key is for yet
and I dont know where to get books from.

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