Foxy Sniper

Foxy Sniper


Mission 1:
Shoot person walking his dog

Mission II:
Shoot drunk - he is on the top floor next to the fridge
throwing up.

Mission III:
Shoot guy in a blue car - do not shoot the first blue car 
but the second. Also use the white car to calibrate your 
gun. As the white car passes, aim the scope on her head and
wait. After a few times, you should be able to get the hang
of this.

Mission IV:
Shoot the terrorists in the bank.
Shoot the skylight and then take out the terrorists.

Mission V:
Shoot the guy playing pool on the second floor.
Shoot the guy at the table not shooting. 
Then shoot the other two people on the floor.

Mission VI:
Kill everyone once agent leaves - I could not get this to work 
for the life of me. I would wait until the agent leaves and then
I fail. I would shoot before he leaves and I fail. 
After he leaves, I give a 3 second count and the mission fails.
I count two seconds and fire, the mission still fails!

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