Foxy Sniper2

Foxy Sniper2


Mission 1:
Look at the house where the party is. Shoot the guy in the third
window from left to right

Mission 2 - LAUNDRY MAN:
Shoot the guy in the trench coat walking on the sidewalk. 
He will be walking behind 3 other guys ahead of him.

Shoot the guy in the car first, then the guy that runs up, then the 
guy that runs down. head shots are not important. I also speht time 
in the shooting range and bought the 2000 dollar scope. It helped.

Mission 4 - Train Pain:
Shoot the third carrage. Aim for the tracks and not the carrage.

Mission 5 - PIMP MY RIDE:
The van is coming from the tunnel. Shoot both wheels on the right side 
of it.

Mission 6 - FLY TRAP:
Manuver through the crowd and get to the payphone

Mission 7:
Look for a white male with organe shorts and a metal detector.

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