Xena Fighter 64 – Nintendo64

Xena Fighter 64 - Platform: Nintendo64

Activate "In-battle" cheats:
To enable the "in battle" cheats during a fight hold down the Target button then press 
on the directional pad: R, R, L, L, R, L, R after hearing the tone enter the codes 
for different cheats. 

Baby Players (In-battle)

During a fight enable the “in battle cheats” then press WP, SP, SK, WK, Target 

Bunny Despair

At the main menu press R, R, L, L, R, L, R. A tone should then sound. 
Then, to clothe the daemon in a cute bunny suite press: C-left, C-up, C-right, C-down. 
Character moves not in the manual 
NOTE: all kick and punch buttons are based on the standard settings: 

Flying kick: away, towards + SK 

Archers: away, towards + WP 

Super Cartwheel: away, towards + sk 

Round house: away, towards + SK 

Super Blow: SP+SK 

Drop Kick: away, towards + FK 

Ring of Fire: SP + SK

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