Trauma Center – Under the Knife – Nintendo DS

Trauma Center - Under the Knife - Platform: Nintendo DS

Bonus X missions:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the bonus X missions 
in Challenge mode. Completing each X mission unlocks the next 
mission in the series, in the following order:

X1: Kyriaki
X2: Deftera
X3: Triti
X4: Tetarti
X5: Pempti
X6: Parakevi
X7: Savato

Defusing the bomb:
When you are defusing the bomb, take your time. After you are 
told to pull out the triggers, you do not have to worry about 
the water anymore. All you will have to do now is follow the 
wires coming out of the box that show you the temperature. 
After that, you must take your time. You have to cut red wires 
and if you touch the white you will lose. Once you cut all the 
red wires, you will get the operation successful message.

When giving CPR, putting antibiotic gel on the blue bar before you 
begin pumping decreases the time the patient spends flatlining by a lot.

Normal and mutated Triti strain of GULT:
There are two strains of Triti GUILT. Both have almost the same way to 
cure it. For the normal type; simply use the healing touch then take 
out all the thorns. Then, scalpel as much as you can and remove the 
pieces. If you are fast, you can remove all the triangles in one shot. 
If any thorns remain, more triangles will appear. You will encounter 
the non-mutated version of this GULIT once. The mutated form is the 
same, except when you pull the thorns out they might release white gas. 
If they release gas, then you must use the drain. Because of the gas 
you will have to remove the Triti slower than before. Remove all of the 
thorns like before, and drain any gas that comes out. Then, cut out at 
least two or three pieces, depending how long it took to take out the 
thorns. With this form you need the healing touch to slow things down 
enough to drain gas. If you let gas wander around and do not drain it, 
it will make more Triti that you have to remove. Note: If you allow the 
gas to float around or do not remove all the thorns; and your fighting 
the mutated form of Triti, turn off the game and restart. 
You must remove all the thorns before you can do anything. 
If you have a large body of Triti, then you will never be able to remove 
all the thorns, drain the gas, and cut out the pieces in time to remove 
them before the thorns grow back.

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