Top Spin 3 – XBox 360

Top Spin 3 - Platform: XBox 360

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

Rookie award (10 points): Complete the Amateur level in career. 
Newcomer Award (20 points): Complete the Challenger level in career. 
Orange Prize (40 points): Complete the Junior level in career. 
Legends Club (50 points): Complete the Pro level in career. 
Lemon Prize (70 points): Complete the Legend level in career. 
Two in a row (20 points): Win 2 consecutive tournaments in the Pro level in 
Big Spender (40 points): Unlock 300 items in the mall. 
Experienced (40 points): Reach an Overall of 70 with a created player. 
Played cash. (30 points): Win $5,000,000 in Career mode. 
Here you go! (5 points): Create a player with the Player Creator. 
Big names club (20 points): Complete the Hall Of Fame in career mode on hard 
Trigger Happy (20 points): Hit 500 winners from the baseline in singles 
First liner (30 points): Hit 250 winners at the net in singles matches. 
Mean server (20 points): Serve 100 aces in singles matches. 
2K award (20 points): Win 2000 points in singles matches. 
Faster this way (20 points): Serve at least 10 aces in a singles match. 
No kidding (20 points): Win a singles match with at least 30 winners, less 
than 10 unforced errors on hard difficulty. 
Men’s award (25 points): Win a singles match with 5 sets per match and 6 games 
per set on hard difficulty. 
Focused award (15 points): Win a singles match with 3 sets per match and 3 
games per set with less than 10 unforced errors. 
Rusher award (15 points): Win a singles match with 3 sets per match and 3 
games per set with at least 20 winners at net. 
Not that tough (20 points): Win 10 consecutive singles matches on hard 
difficulty without dropping serve. 
Court Regular (30 points): Play 100 matches (singles or doubles, in any game 
World premiere (20 points): Win a World Tour match. 
Keep it up (20 points): Win 5 consecutive World Tour matches. 
It's all about timing, see? (40 points): Win 10 consecutive World Tour 
World career (30 points): Play 100 matches in World Tour. 
100 mixed (20 points): Play 50 matches in women's World Tour and 50 matches in 
men's World Tour. 
Beaten em' all (30 points): Win a Grand Slam tournament in World Tour. 
Season's 5000s (30 points): Win 5000 points in a World Tour Season. 
That goes with glory (40 points): Win $1,000,000 World Tour Prize money. 
Grid-top regular (30 points): Reach 4 finals in a World Tour season. 
Local Champ (20 points): Enter your geographical zone's top 1000 (at least 20 
matches played in World Tour). 
Tennis elbow (0 points): Lose a singles match on Xbox LIVE without winning a 
Tennis teacher (20 points): Win a singles match on Xbox LIVE without losing a 
World Tour Regular (20 points): Play 5 seasons in World Tour. 
School’s Out (10 points): Complete every lesson in the Top Spin School. 
Tournament hot shot (50 points): Win all tournaments in Tournament mode. 
Half the way (20 points): Win 1000 points in singles matches, in any game mode 
against any opponent. 
Safeplay award (10 points): Win a set with no unforced errors in a singles 
match, in any game mode, against any opponent. 
Warmed up (5 points): Win a singles match, in any game mode against any 
Winning duo (5 points): Win a doubles match. 

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