Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground – Playstation 2

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground - Platform: Playstation 2

Submitted by: Siddharth Singbvh
AintFallin      - Acquire perfect rail / no bails
BeefedUp        - Get full statistics
Booyah          - Get super check
CRAZYBONEMAN    - Get skater Boneman
Dapper          - Get skater Spence
Flyaway         - Get skater Eric
FOREVERNAILED   - Get 100% branch completion
GiveMeStuff     - Get CAS items
INGONNABUILD    - Get all rig pieces
LAIDBACKLOUNGE  - Get all lounge themes
LetsGoSkate     - Get all decks
LooksSmelly     - Get skater Rube
LOTSOFTRICKS    - Get all available specials
MagicMan        - Get skating with no board
MoreMilk        - Get skater Bosco
Movers          - Get skater Shayne
Myopic          - Get unlimited focus
NeedsHelp       - Get fifty skill points
NotACamera      - Get skater Cam
NotADude        - Get skater Mel
OverTheTop      - Get fun items
Piledriver      - Get skater El Patinador
PutEmOnTop      - Get all video editor overlays
Rabbies         - Get skater Mad Dog
Shaker          - Get skater TV Producer
Sketchy         - Get skater Eddie X
STILLAINTFALLIN - Get perfect manual
SUPERSLASHIN    - Get unlimited slash grind
SweetStuff      - Get all lounge bling items
TheCoop         - Get skater Cooper
TheIndoorPark   - Get Air and Space Museum
THELOCALPARK    - Get Lansdowne
TheMissing      - Get the invisible man
ThePrezPark     - Get FDR Skatepark
TinyTater       - Get the small skater
Trippy          - Get all video editor effects
WatchThis       - Get all in-game movies 

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