Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland – Playstation 2

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland - Platform: Playstation 2

Alien suit:
When you have to scare away the crazie carnie from the ferris wheel on the mission 
with Tony Alva go to the Hollywood cloths shop. The alien suit should be available 
for purchase.

Cheaper AMJAM enterance fee:
If you want to pay less to get a spot in Tony Hawk's first anual AMJAM play your 
game in easy. It will be cheapest if you play the game on easy, instead of medium 
or sick. You can also use this method for buying the dinosour head.

Easy Missions:
Once you get a piece for the skate ranch go back to the skate ranch find Mindy. 
She will tell you to get a certain amount of points on each piece you got.

Final Mission Hint:
When you get out of the casino and enter East L.A. you are told to go to the 
skate ranch. You only have one minute, but there are checkpoints, so if you run 
out of time, you start there. Every two checkpoints your time left is raised to 
1 minute.

Flying Board:
When you are in Santa Monica,do the mission on top of the stairs.While doing that,
throw a board there. When you finish the mission, look up.You might see a flying 

Get all career levels:
To get all of the career levels enter "jarmie" at the cheats menu.

Get Moon Gravity:
To get moon gravity enter "2them00n" at the cheats menu.

Get perfect grinds:
To get perfect grinds every time enter grindXpert in the cheat menu.

Get Perfect Grinds:
Enter grindXpert in the cheats menu to get perfect grinds.

Get perfect skitches:
To get perfect skitches enter h!tchar!de in the cheats menu.

Meet Tony Alva:
To meet Tony Alva you have to do missions for all three members of his posse. 
You can find them in the level with the carnival.

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