Tetris DX – Gameboy Color

Tetris DX - Platform: Gameboy Color

Expert mode
Press Start to pause game play, then press Select. The preview 
window will not show the next piece when game play resumes. 

Reverse movement
Hold Left or Right while any piece except a straight bar or block 
is descending until it is against the wall. Then, keep holding Left 
or Right and rapidly tap A. 

Alternate screens
Allow the game to remain at the main screen until demonstration mode 
begins. Press Select to display a screen featuring swimming fish. 
Press A to return to the next part of demonstration mode, then press 
A again to display a screen with confetti and the Nintendo logo. 
Press B to return to the next part of demonstration mode, then press 
B. Eventually a screen featuring a blackboard will appear. 

In-game reset
Press Start + Select + A + B during game play. 

Continue game play
Press Start to pause game play in single player mode, then turn off 
the Game Boy. A continue screen will appear when the Game Boy is 
turned on again. 

Remain idle at the main menu for about 20 seconds. A demo game will 
begin. Press A and remain idle for another 20 seconds. Fish will appear. 
If you repeat these steps, flying triangles will appear.

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