Terminator – Dawn Of Fate – XBox

Terminator - Dawn Of Fate - Platform: XBox

Control introduction sequence:
During the opening screens, press L and R to zoom in the image in the 

HK Recon Threat Data:
Get four medals to get the HK Recon threat data option.

T800 Threat Data:
Get four medals on level 3. This can be quite difficult because your character 
gets hit all the time and it is hard to dodge the enemies. Go to "Awards" to 
check what medals you received. Note: This was the cyborg from in T2: Judgement 
Day and The Terminator.

T400 Threat Data:
Finish all the training missions under the time limit, then press L at the 
mission complete screen to see what you have unlocked.

Game Intro option:
Successfully complete the level 1 on the medium difficulty setting to unlock the 
"Game Intro" in the "Bonus Material" screen.

Turret gun zoom:
When you get to use a turret gun in certain parts of a level, press Left 
Analog-stick to zoom in 3x. This will help you see what you are shooting at, and 
result in better aim.

Weapon zoom:
On most weapons, you can zoom in by 3x pressing R.

Easy Skynet Tech points:
While zoomed in, aim for the neck of most enemies and their heads will pop off. 
Each head is worth Skynet Tech points.

Easy kills:
Aim for a terminator's head while in battle. If you shoot its head, it will pop 
off, and you will get a lot of Skynet Tech points. Sometimes when you shoot its 
head off, it will run around shooting its gun in the air and then explode.

Defeating Endos:
Arm yourself with the baton and find an Endo. Do a sweep attack on him. Walk up 
to the Endo on the ground, then press A. Your character will stab the Endo with 
the baton and will kill it after two to three seconds. Note: This will not work 
on the Terminator at level 8. Additionally, hold R to lock on to an Endo. Then, 
hold L to switch to first-person mode. Your target will move from the torso to 
the head, requiring fewer hits to kill. Then, pick up the head for Skytech 
Points. This will not work well if the Endo is moving.

Destroying Skynet Tanks:
If you encounter a Skynet Tank, do not waste rockets on its powerful armor. 
Instead, use this trick to take out all the parts. Your best chance is to take 
out its guns first, then searchlights. Then, find C4 to blow up the tracks to 
destroy them. Be careful where you place it -- the tank can burn you with its 
flame gun.

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