Tenchu – Return From Darkness – XBox

Tenchu - Return From Darkness - Platform: XBox

Pause the game and enter the following:

Fill kuji meter
Hold the right and left triggers while pressing left, left, left, right, x 

Get one kanji 
Then press left, left, left, right, x. This will add one Kuji to your meter 

Increase score
Hold down the white and black buttons while pressing right, right, right, left. 
100 points will be added to your score each time 

Increase your offensive power X5 
Hold down right trigger and white button while pressing up, down, up, down. 
Let go of the right trigger and white button and press x, x, x 

Restore health
Press up, down, up, down, x, x, x 

Show score
Press right, right, right, left 

Unlock new special move/ability 
Hold right trigger and black button while presssing up, up, down, down. 
Now let go of the right trigger and the black button. Press x, x, left trigger

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