Super Robot Taisen J – Gameboy Advance

Super Robot Taisen J - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Unlock Bonta-Kun:
Defeat Takuma as Sousuke on stage 24. Defeat Zaied as Sousuke on stage 29. 
Defeat Gauron as Sousuke on stage 30. You should get Bonta-Kun on stage 34.

Unlock Fourth Original Mecha:
Complete the game with the Bellezelute, Coustwell and Granteed.

Unlock Gai Daigouji:
Take the Nadesico Route on stage 21. Gai Daigouji will join you during stage 44.

Great Zeorymer:
Do not use Zeorymer you are forced to. Go with the Nadesico on stage 11 and 
allow Zeorymer destroy Lanster of Wind. On stage 21, go with the Archangel 
and allow Zeorymer to destroy Briest Of Fire and Gallowin Of Water. On stage 
29, allow Zeorymer destroy Rose C'est la Vie of Moon. On stage 32, allow 
Zeorymer destroy Dinoderos of Earth, Burrstone of Mountain, and Omzack of 
Lightning. Great Zeorymer will appear afterwards. Destroy it as Zeorymer. 
Great Zeorymer will appear on stage 36.

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