Rumble Racing – Playstation 2

Rumble Racing - Platform: Playstation 2

Submitted by: Max DC

Enter these codes at the passwords screen to get the 
corresponding effect, the first 5 unlock a vehicle, 
track and cup, the rest unlock vehicles.

Cheat:        Effect:
P1PROC1PU     Cataclysm Vehicle
              Falls down track
              Pro cup 2
Q2PROC2YT     EsCargot Vehicle
              The gauntlet track
              Pro cup 3
AEPPROPUC     Road Kill/Elite class vehicle
              Surf and turf track
              Elite cup
ILETEC1MB     Jolly roger vehicle
              Coal cuts track
              Elite cup 2
ILCTEC2VB     Malice vehicle
              Wild kingdom track
              Elite cup 3

Cheat:        Car:
UBTCKSTOH     Buckshot Vehicle
BSUIGASUM     Gamecus Vehicle
HGIROLREL     High Roller Vehicle
KCEROCTEC     Redneck Rocket Vehicle
PTOATRTO1     Revolution Vehicle
ABOGOBOGA     Road Trip Vehicle
OPSRTISUC     Sporticus Vehicle
AMHBRAAMH     Stinger Vehicle
VTYANIYTT     Van itty Vehicle
1AREXT1AR     Vortex Vehicle
NALSSHHSD     XXS Torncat Vehicle

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