Robopon 2 – Ring Version – Gameboy Advance

Robopon 2 - Ring Version - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Battery combinations:
Boomer - Air + Air 
Bulbot - Hyper + Hyper 
Bulbot - Hyper + NiCD 
Bulbot - Mangan + Air 
Bulbot - Mild + Mangan 
Bulbot - NiCD + NiCD 
Bulbot - Normal + air 
Bulbot - Normal + Mild 
Bulbot - Normal + NiCD 
Bulbot - Normal + Normal 
Fighter- NiCD + Air 
Granite- Mangan + Mangan 
Hippon - Hyper + Mangan 
Leaky  - Mild + NiCD 
Meddy  - Mangan + NiCD 
Sumito - Normal + Mangan 
Ta-daa - Hyper + Mild 
Timzup - Mild + air 
Wobble - Normal + Hyper 
Woolly - Hyper + Air

Bulbot is the worst Robopon in the game. It has low HP and attack

Unlimited Mushrooms:
When you find a Mushroom of any color, get it and store it in your 
warehouse. Then, leave the room/area that you are in. When you return, 
the Mushroom will have respawned. As long as you keep storing them in 
your warehouse, you can get an unlimited amount of Mushrooms.

Once you unlock Marvel Lab, enter it. Make sure you have room for at 
least one more Robopon. You should see a building directly in front 
of you. Go to the left of that building. Once there you should see a dog. 
Talk to it. It will tell you to input a password. Enter "9". 
The dog should give you Negapon. Negapon is very powerful. 
It turns into NegponX and Gatspon.

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