Play Novel – Silent Hill – Gameboy Advance

Play Novel - Silent Hill - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Chapter Select:
Get to any screen and while the text is done typing, press select 
to find the list of the chapters you have seen before. 

Alternate Characters:
Play as Cybil Bennet: 
To play as Cybil Bennet, beat the game with any ending as Harry Mason. 
Select the file you just beat the game with and select the top option 
(continue). When you see the red book with Harry on it, press right 
to select the green book with Cybil on it. 

Play as Survivor: 
To play as a survivor in Silent Hill who has his own story, beat the 
game with Cybil with any ending. If you have a Mobil Adapter (Japan only) 
on your GBA, you will be asked if you'd like to download the survivor 
scenario. Choose yes, and it'll download. Load the file you played as 
Cybil in and at the red book with Harry on it, press left to select the 
yellow book. 

Play as Cybil Bennett:
Successfully complete the game as Harry Mason with any ending. 
Press Left or Right at the character selection screen to use Cybil 

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