NCAA Football 2003 – Playstation 2

NCAA Football 2003 - Platform: Playstation 2

Touchdown celebrations
Hold one of the following buttons immediately before scoring a 
touchdown at the risk of an unsportsman-like conduct penalty. 

Point upwards: Press L1 or R1.
Hold up football: Press R2.
Shake football: Press L2. 

Earning campus challenge credits and running up your score/stats
Create your own juggernaut school/team. Edit the roster so your team 
is filled with studs. Enter season mode with your team and under the 
preseason options, schedule as many 1-AA teams as possible. Set your 
playing time for 15 minutes and enjoy the ride. If you have the 
unlimited time-out cheat, you can use it here and stop the clock after 
any play finishes in-bounds. This will give you more time to compile 
stats. Note: Doing this may increase your game time to over 90 minutes 
(and possibly 120) of "real-time". If you are going to use the time-out 
cheat, take a 15-minute break when you hit the half time point of your 
game. Also, note that campus challenge points are awarded based on your 
level of play. Heisman is the hardest level, but you also get increased 
value on your campus challenge credits. 

Cause fumble on kickoffs
To to make your opponent fumble the ball on kickoffs, keep kicking 
to the same player. Eventually he will fatigue and start fumbling 
the ball in the third and fourth quarters. You can also kick to the 
other side of the field and try to surprise the other receiver. 
If you catch him off guard, he will sometimes fumble. 

Announce names instead of numbers
If you would like to hear the announcers call out your teams names 
rather than their numbers, all you have to do is put their roster in. 
Go to the options screen, go to "Edit Rosters" and insert the names 
under "Player Info". After you insert them, play a game and your 
team's names will be announced.

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