Ju-on – The Grudge – Wii

Ju-on - The Grudge - Platform: Wii

Item locations:
Search the indicated locations to find items:

Episode 1
1. Inside the locker in the first room. 
2. Before the key in the shipping section, in a desk drawer. 
3. In the Inspection room's desk drawer. 

Episode 2
1. In the area of the bed on the right side in Room 307, where Miki hides in 
bed from Kayako. After the event, it falls near the door. 
2. After the 305/306 nurse call, in the left side of room 305, on top of the 
bed's over-table. 
3. Underneath the table at the nurse station (at the event where Toshio runs 
around the table). 
4. After Toshio vanishes from the bathroom, in a men's room stall. 
5. In the center coffin in the morgue. Return to the corridor once; watch the 
Kayako pursuit event first. 
6. Under the water tank on the roof (after the event where the stretcher 

Episode 3
1. After the 3-301 delivery, examine the 1F's post box twice (the top right 
corner where it is not sealed with packing tape). 
2. Near the cardboard's shadow at the entrance of 3-302. 
3. After the event in 2-102 where blood flows from the kitchen faucet. When 
facing the kitchen, it is sticking to the upper part of the pillar on the left 
4. After the 2-102 escape, it is in the freezer section of the refrigerator at 
the dump site. 

Episode 4
1. In the locker in the office room with a dress hanging in it. 
2. Inside an office conference room. After Kayako appears on screen, face the 
right side of the room, and look on top of the desk without a chair. 
3. On the steel shelf inside the studio room with the mannequins in a line. 
4. In the corridor full of drawings, in between two steel shelves, in the 
opened entrance of the cardboard. 

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