James Pond 2 – Codename – Robocod – Sega

James Pond 2 - Codename - Robocod - Platform: Sega

Submitted by: Fawad Malik

Full power:
Collect the following items in order: Penguin, Oil can, Wine
glass, Earth, and Racket. 

Collect the five bonus items at the beginning of the game
in this order: Cake, Hammer, Earth, Apple, and Tap (i.e., Faucet).

Note: The invincibility will expire in approximately ten minutes.
To select any level for game play, complete the current level
while the invincibility is enabled. 

Level skip:
Enable the "Invincibility" code.  Pause game play
and press A(4).  The game will resume at the exit.  Note:
Enabling this code may result in an impossible situation that
may require a reset. 

Unlimited lives:
Collect the following bonus items in the sports level in this
order: Lips, Ice cream, Violin, Earth, and Snowman. 

Cheat mode:
Hold A + C + Down/Left and press Start.
A hidden menu with a level select, sound test, and controller
configuration options will appear.

Super jump:
Hold C + B + Down for a few seconds.
Release the buttons to perform a super jump. Hold the buttons
longer for a higher jump.

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