Fairly OddParents vol1 – Gameboy Advance

Fairly OddParents vol1 - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Episode Control:
Press Left to rewind the episode.
Press Right to fast forward the episode.
Press Select to exit the episode.
Press Start to pause the episode

Chapter Control:
Press L to go back a chapter. Press R to skip a chapter.

Screen Control:
Press A to lighten the screen. Press B button to darken the screen.

Extra Features:
Press Up(2), A, Down, L(2), B at the menu.

Episode 2: Country Boy:
Go to Main Title Screen, press start, then go to password. Wanda/Vicky/Country 
Boy/Cosmo/The Bronze Knee Cap 

Episode 3: Spatula Woman:
Go to Main Title Screen, press start, then go to password. Then enter 
Wanda/Country Boy/Wanda/Crimson Chin/Crimson Chin 

Episode 4: Bronze Knee Cap:
Bronze Knee Cap, Wanda, Country Boy, Bronze Knee Cap, Spatula Lady 

Episode 5: Back to the comic book:
Crimson Chin, Country Boy, Country Boy, Crimson Chin, Cosmo 

Episode 5-2: Country Boy:
Spatula Lady, Bronze Knee Cap, Crimson Chin, County Boy, Timmy 

Episode 5-3: Spatula Lady:
Vicky, Country Boy, Wanda, Country Boy, Vicky 

Episode 5-4: Bronze Knee Cap:
Spatula Lady, Bronze Knee Cap, Spatula Lady, Bronze Knee Cap, Wanda 

Finale - Hidden Stage:
Go to the main title screen. Select PASSWORD. Type in Crimson Chin/Country 
Boy/Cosmo/Country Boy/Crimson Chin 

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