Art Style – Light Trax – Wii

Art Style - Light Trax - Platform: Wii

New Light Tours:
Successfully complete a Light Tour to open a gate to the next zone
in Freeway mode. Once arriving there in Freeway mode, a tour for that
specific zone will now be unlocked at the main menu.

Hyperlight Tours:
Successfully complete all five Light Tours to unlock Hyperlight Tours.
This is a tour where points accumulate across all five zones. *Note:*
After each zone you must travel to the next on the freeway as part of
the tour within a time limit.

Bonus checkpoints in Freeway mode:
Unlock Hyperlight Tours, then travel the road from the final zone to
Lumina (the first zone) in Freeway mode.

Cruise mode:
Finish in first place in every race track in either Race or Tour mode.

Background Music:
Successfully complete Hyperlight Tours to unlock the "Background Music"
option at the pause menu.

Staff Credits:
Successfully complete Hyperlight Tours to unlock the "Staff Credits"
option at the main menu.

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