2010 FIFA World Cup – South Africa – Playstation 3

2010 FIFA World Cup - South Africa - Platform: Playstation 3

Cheat mode:
Select the "My 2010 FIFA World Cup" option, then choose "EA Sports
Extras", and "Unlockable Code Entry". Enter one of the following codes
to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Result                                     Code
Adidas Ultimate 11 and Classic 11 teams    WSBJ-PJYO-DFYQ-IIGK
Adidas adiPure III TRX (Black/Sun) shoes   HHDO-PWPM-IXZQ-OJOZ
Adidas F50 adizero (Black/Sun/Sun) shoes   SGFS-TZPP-XCHH-MJMH
Adidas F50 adizero (Chameleon) shoes       VOKM-NEZT-JOQP-ULUT
Adidas F50 adizero (Sun/Black/Gold) shoes  YOZC-CVIF-JGKQ-JWTW
Adidas Predator_X (Black/Sun) shoes        OCEG-ZCUH-XOBS-BNFU
African Dance celebration                  KBRR-WKUI-RSTW-UJQW
Baby Cradle celebration                    UGSI-MLBH-LFPU-BFJY
Dying Fly celebration                      DVMN-JPBT-LHJZ-GECP
River Dance celebration                    MIKA-KPUM-EEWN-TQVE
Side Slide celebration                     VNDW-DUDL-MGRN-HDNV
Speed Skating celebration                  LHEH-JZTP-YYQD-JQXB
The Flying Dive celebration                DBQD-UXQT-RWTV-XYDC
The Prancing Bird celebration              TWVB-IXYA-CAOL-GOWO

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