18 Wheeler – American Pro Trucker – Gamecube

18 Wheeler - American Pro Trucker - Platform: Gamecube

Bonus parking levels:
Successfully complete each of the four parking levels to unlock an 
additional parking level. Successfully complete the bonus parking level 
to unlock a sixth parking level. 

Nippon Maru:
Successfully complete arcade mode with all four characters. 

Lizard Tail:
Successfully complete the game with all five trucks (Asphalt Cowboy, 
Stream Line, Long Horn, Highway Cat, and Nippon Maru).

Earn Two New Trailers:
Complete Arcade Mode with all four original truckers in any difficulty 
setting to earn two new trailers to use in Score Attack Mode 

More time:
Go into the options menu, select "Difficulty" and set it to "Very Easy". 
Next, save the game in the options menu and return to the main menu. 
Select arcade mode and you will have more time in each level, until you 
reach into the last level and complete the game.

Bonus parts:
Go to arcade mode and select any truck. Get to your destination ahead of 
your rival , then complete the bonus parking mini-game to win bonus parts. 
Note: This works on any destination.

For Highway Cat and Stream Line, shift up when at about 50 mph.

Slip stream:
When you are behind a truck, your size you will get a slip stream. 
This will allow you to get a small boost to get in front of the truck.

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