102 Dalmatians – Puppies to the Rescue – Gameboy Color

102 Dalmatians - Puppies to the Rescue - Platform: Gameboy Color
Level Name Password 
2 Basement  		Domino, Bone, Bone, Domino  
3 Inside Machinery  	Domino, Bone, Key, Dog Head  
4 Cafeteria  		Domino, Bone, Domino, Paw Print  
5 Baddum Brothers  	Domino, Bone, Paw Print, Bone  
6 Shipping Room  	Domino, Bone, Toy, Dog Bowl  
7 Garage 		Domino, Bone, Toy, Tank  
8 Roof 			Domino, Bone, Paw Print, Toy  
9 Machine Room  Domino, Tank, Domino, Key  
10 Generator Room  Domino, Tank, Domino, Dog Bowl  
11 Research Room  Domino, Tank, Dog Bowl, Tank  
12 Factory Floor 2  Domino, Tank, Dog Bowl, Toy  
13 Freezer  Domino, Tank, Paw Print, Key  
14 Parent Rescue  Domino, Dog Head, Toy, Domino  
15 Sewers  Domino, Dog Head, Toy, Tank  
16 Office  Domino, Tank, Toy, Paw Print  
17 Cruella  Toy, Bone, Key, Key  

Mini-game passwords
Level Password
1 Monster, Dice, Dice, Dice  
2 Monster, Dice, Dice, Monster  

Laura mini-game passwords
Level Name Password 
2 Mother  CJSL 
3 Rosie  XTDB 
4 Tommy PLJR 
5 Grandfather  KMQZ 
6 Clara/Faries  MLTV

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