XCOM – Enemy Within

XCOM - Enemy Within

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Secret hero units:
Go to the Barracks, and select the "View Soldiers" option. Choose a soldier, then 
select the "Customize" option. This can also be done from the "Customize" menu at 
the "Deploy" screen. Change the name of the soldier to one of the following names 
to unlock the corresponding hero. These new heroes will dramatically improve the 
unit's stats, and they also have a unique nickname. Note: Using these special 
heroes will prevent achievements from being earned.

* Joe Kelly (Heavy): Enter Joe Kelly as a name. Joe Kelly is a popular comics 
  author that has worked on Spider-Man, Superman, and many other famous characters.

* Ken Levine (Sniper): Enter Ken Levine as a name. Ken Levine is the co-founder 
  of Irrational Games, the developer of BioShock, Freedom Force, and System Shock 2.

* Otto Zander (Assault): Enter Otto Zander as a name. Otto Zander is the hero and 
  survivor of GuavaMoment's XCOM Let's Play series from the Something Awful Forumes.

* Sid Meier (Support): Enter Sid Meier as a name. Sid Meier is the co-founder of 
  Firaxis and creator of the Civilization series, Pirates series, and more.

Getting UFOs to appear in different countries:
If a UFO is spotted in a country you do not have much defense in or you want 
to lower panic somewhere else (by completing the mission to clear it), reload a 
previous saved game. The UFO should still appear, but it will usually be in a 
different location. You can keep reloading it until it is in a desired country.

Evil Crysalid terrorists mission:
During Terror missions that have evil Crysalid terrorists, you do not actually 
need to kill the Zombie Civilians to complete the mission. As long as all Alien 
forces have been defeated, the mission will end successfully.

William Carter from The Bureau: Xcom Declassified:
To unlock William Carter, the hero from Bureau: Xcom Declassified, go to your 
Barracks, select a hero unit, and go to the Customize option. Once there, change 
his name to William Carter (with William in the First name area and Carter in 
the Last name area). He is an Assault Class pre-equipped with Titan Armor, 
Alloy Cannon, and Plasma Pistol.

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