Indianapolis 500

Indianapolis 500

Super engine:
Use the following car and engine setup to qualify. This 
combination can exceed a 240 mph lap time. However, it 
engine will fail after two full speed laps and may only
be used for the qualifying race.

Feature         Setting 
Car             Lola/Buick 
Turbo           9 
Fuel minimum    5 gallons  
Wings           Both minimum drag  
Tires           All soft 
Tire stagger    +0.40 inch  
Tire pressure   RF 25/RR 26/LR 27/LF 28  
Camber angle    -0.5 0 +1.75 +0.75  
Gears           1st 8.6, 2nd 5.52, 3rd 3.77, 4th 3.7

Creep out of starting block:
Press [Up] + [Space] before the race starts.

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