Zork Nemesis

Zork Nemesis Easter Egg – Hidden pictures: —————————– In the asylum, get the hammer from the box in Sartorius’s chambers, then go and click the brain with the hammer exactly ten times. Then if you navigate to where you see…
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Zork III

Zork III Solution: ——— -Get lamp/Light lamp/S/S/S/S/Douse lamp/Drop lamp/Jump in lake/W/S -Get torch/Wait(till indicator shows II)/Touch table/Get can/E -Wait(till indicator shows III)/Touch table/Drop torch/E/N/Jump in lake -D/Get can and shiny object/S/Spray repellent on me/S/S/E/Get key -Open cover/D/N/N/N/Get torch/W/W/W/Get bread/Climb rope…
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Zoo Vet

Zoo Vet Getting more trophies: ———————- Submitted by: RM When treating an animal, press the “Q & A” button first. Choose the correct question, which are usually easy, and press the “?”. The game will tell you what to do….
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