Zork – The Great Underground Empire

Zork - The Great Underground Empire

More ways than one:
There are more ways than one to do actions in this game, for example,
to examine a mailbox you can input "look at mailbox", "examine mailbox" 
and "what is a mailbox?" If you can't do something in the game, try 
rephrasing your commands a bit.

Stiletto Glitch:
At one point during the game, you will be forced to fight a thief in 
order to get a number of items contained within his room. Fighting the
thief is quite hard unless you have the stiletto which he holds, assuming
you can even get it: luckily, this glitch will let you get it early, making 
defeating him much easier. In the room below the thief's, enter the room 
above and type and enter "Get stiletto". Assuming you fail, go back down,
then type and enter "G". In doing so, you will get the stiletto instantly,
despite the thief not being in the room to steal the stiletto from: now 
you can just go back up and kill the thief with the stiletto.

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