Yuria’s Room 4

Yuria's Room 4

1. click on the plant, get green number
2. go the the right, click on the right side of the shelf from the 
   small cupboard, get key
3. click on the blanket, get remote
4. click on the right side of the bed, get an other key
5. go right twice, use keys on the drawer and get battery and screwdriver
6. go right, click the clock on the right bottom side, use screwdriver and 
   get 2nd battery
7. zoom in on the remote (double-click it) and use batteries
8. use the remote on the air conditioning, it gets dark.
9. go left twice and click the box on the wall.
10. switch the light and get the third key.
11. use key on drawer and get blue number
12. click on the right side of the drawer and get an other number, its red.
13. use some combinations with the 3 numbers and open the safe.
14. inside the safe is an other letter, with (number)H + (number)M + (number)S
15. go to the clock and click it, in the Japanese description you see 3 numbers, 
    the first is the Hour, the 2nd the Minute and the third the Second.
16. the numbers change every time but here is an example:

    H= 17
    M= 23
    S= 47
    3×17= 51
    3×23= 69
    3×47= 141
          261 = code 2nd safe
17. get key and get out.

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