1st level: Press all four corners then middle.

2nd level: Press the 2nd white button and a pattern will go across 
the top using the buttons on the lower left to repeat pattern.

3rd level: use your number pad on the key board as a key when you 
put the numbers in from the top.

4th level: Won't lie very hard, but possible use the arrows to guide 
the glowing orb through the maze.

5th level: you can click on the bar as it passes to reveal the colors. 
It'll restart from the left side so it's easier to write down.

6th level: looks like a spider web you have to light up the lights and 
press the middle button. Hard to remeber how i did it but going clock 
wise starting from the very last bottom, right switch.

7th level: This isn't hard so here's how you do it starting top left. 
Play button, -20, arrow's, -40, x2. thats it.

8th level: use the arrows to open the doors to find the button here is 
where i can't tell you how to do it cause im not sure how i did it just 
press buttons till you see the button inside and quickly press it.


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