Ultima 9 – Ascension

Ultima 9 - Ascension

Written by Kuno

Hail one and all! Welcome to my Walkthrough for Ultima 9. I'm not much 
for introductions so I'll just jump right into it. But first I want to 
say that this is a walkthrough. I'm only writing what is needed to 
finish the game. One thing that you must remember is to EXPLORE and SAVE 
OFTEN. I may go back and write more detail as to what items are where. 
Anyways on with the FAQ!

Note: This FAQ is best viewed in Courier New font at a size of 10
**Version 1.06 6-1-2000
oops, hehe I forgot to put in where the yellow eggshell is in Destard... 
Dolt! can't finish the dungeon without it ^_^

**Version 1.05 3-16-2000
Well this version finishes the game. Added the Shrine of Spirituality 
and Endgame.

**Version 1.04 3-9-2000
Ok, in this update I have completed the shrine of Honor and Valor.

**Version 1.03 2-25-2000
I'm sorry for the lack of updates. I've been working waaay too much and 
haven't had time to play. But I'm back in the swing of things!! 
Added Cove/Minoc, Covetous, Britain, Trip to Yew, Yew, Wrong, Back to 
Yew, Back to Britian and Back to Buc's Den. 
Also added where the keys to chests are where you got the heartstone.

**Version 1.02 2-12-2000
Added Deceit and Moonglow

**Version 1.01 2-8-2000
Added Hythloth. Added more names to the credits. I promise to have more 
this weekend ^_^

**Version 1.00 2-3-2000
First draft. Only up to Ambrosia.


I used to skip this section of a FAQ before, but now that its me writing 
this one I see all the hard work that goes into making one. Even though 
this wasn't as tough as some of the other ones, there was alot of typing 
involved and many hours spend on this FAQ. So the rules are simple. You 
are free to use this FAQ to help you in your game. But please don't 
steal it and say that you wrote it. Yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah.


Table Of Content
I. Earth
II. Stonegate
III.Shrine of Compassion
	A. Britain
	B. Despise
	C. Paws
IV. Shrine of Humility
	A. Buccaneer's Den
	B. New Magincia
	C. Ambrosia
	D. Hythloth
V.  Shrine of Honesty
	A. Deceit
	B. Moonglow
VI. Shrine of Sacrifice
	A. Cove/Minoc
	B. Covetous
VII. Shire of Justice
	A. Britain
	B. Trip to Yew
	C. Yew
	D. Wrong
	E. Back to Yew
VIII. Guardian 1 Avatar 0
	A. Back to Britain
	B. Terfin
	C. Buccaneer's Den
IX.  Shrine of Honor
	A. Trinsic
	B. Shame
	C. Back in Trinsic
X.   Shrine of Valor
	A. Valoria
	B. Britain
	C. Destard
	D. Back in Valoria
XI.  Shrine of Spirituality
	A. Britain
	B. Skara Brae
	C. Back to Britain
	D. Back to Skara Brae
	E. Back to Yew
	F. Back to Skara Brae II
	G. Serpent's Hold
	H. Back to Skara Brae III
	I. The Abyss
	J. The Eternal Void
XII. Endgame
	A. Terfin

Some random thoughts

I. Earth

Well when you start the game you're on earth at your house. A voice will 
direct you to what you need to do here. When you feel comfortable with 
the controls goto the Gyspy and she'll ask you 7 questions. These 
questions will determine your stats in the game. Once you've answered 
those questions she'll direct you to the moongate that opened. When you 
get to the moongate a Gazer will appear from the moongate. This is an 
easy battle as the Gazer is very weak on earth. Once you've dispatched 
the Gazer enter the moongate.

II. Stonegate

After stepping through the moongate you'll be treated to a FMV. Once 
it's over you'll be Stonegate. In the room you'll find many useful 
items, one being a bag. (NOTE: GET EVERY BAG YOU FIND!! Bags help you 
carry more stuff and being that you'll find tons of stuff you'll need 
all the availible space you can find ^_^  ) The only way out is the 
stairs. While going down the stairs you'll see a book, get it its your 
spell book. Upon opening it you'll see that only 4 spells are availible 
right now and you'll need all of them to get out of here. When you come 
to a force field you'll see a sun picture above the opening and tw 
torches one on eityher side of the door. One is lit and one is unlit. 
Use the IGNITE spell to light the unlit torch. Going further down you'll 
come to a room with some ledges. On one of the ledges there is a giant 
rat guarding a lever. You can kill the rat with the STONE spell. Once 
its dead jump over and pull the lever. The door below will open, walk 
down and out the door. Next you'll come to a gate with a vase just 
beyond. Use the GUST spell to knock the vase over and open the gate. 
Well thats 3 of the 4 spells, just 1 left ^_^. Now you'll come to a 
lift, grt on and it'll take you to the next room. In this room you'll 
see a pool and 2 statues. Near the lift you should see a wheel, turning 
it will drain the pool. Once thats done hop down and you should see a 
button. Pressing it will open the door and allow you to leave the room. 
After that you'll come to a room that looks normal but when you walk in 
will burst into flames. Use the DOUSE spell to make path to the 2 
torches at the end of the room, then use the DOUSE spell again on the 2 
torches to open the exit. Now just exit the room and you'll leave the 
tower. Once outside you'll see a pool and some enemies in the distance. 
In the pool is a chest with some gold in it, but watch out for the big 
fish. Once you have the gold, run around and kill all the enemies. You 
may have noticed a cave, don't worry about it till you've killed all the 
enemies. Once they're all dead, head for the cave. In there you'll find 
a WurmGuard. Talk with him and he'll try to kill you. You shouldn't have 
too much trouble with this battle. Once you've killed him take his sword 
and walk in further and step on the teleporter. It's off to Britain!

III. Shrine of Compassion

A. Britain

You appear in the Castle in Britain. First thing you need to do is talk 
to Lord British. Once you've done that go ahead and wander around the 
castle getting all the goodies you can find. You'll difinitly want to 
visit your room that LB had made up for you. There are many side quests 
here in Britain; I'll list those soon. First thing you want to do is 
find Sarah. She's just outside the East Gate. Talking with her you find 
out that the Shirne of Compassion is in ruins and that if you meditate 
there that you might get more out of the shrine than she did. She also 
tells you that Mantra is MU. So armed with that knowledge it's off to 
the Shrine! Keep heading east into the mountains and soon you'll end up 
at the shrine. Walk to the center and click on the altar. The shrine 
will ask you for the mantra. Once you enter it in, the shrine will 
inform you of what is needed to cleanse the shrine. You'll need the 
Glyph (located in Despise), the Sigil (located on the Mayor of Britain) 
and Mantra (which you have already). Now it's off to Despise.

Side note: some other things that you can do here are: Talk to Flann and 
get her some Serpentwyne. She's near the church. Kimberly needs you to 
get the Silver Serpent back. She's in the church. Hans at the lighthouse 
needs you to get some unpolished gems and have them polished and placed 
in the 3 other lighthouses

B. Despise

Once you've gotten what you need from the Shrine, head back towards 
Britain. When you get to the intersection head north. On the way you'll 
see a house that is owned by your good friends Iolo and Gwenno, if you 
enter the house you can talk to gwenno. If you need a bow there's one in 
the music room. Once your done there continue on to Despise. You'll soon 
come to the column and right niear it will be the entrance to Despise. 
Go on in. Before I go any further I would like to mention that while 
down here you should check all barrels and boxes, for they can hold many 
interesting treasures. Now as your walking through Despise you'll come 
to a closed gate and you'll see a lever. Pull the lever to open the 
gate. As you walk through you'll come to a room with a door on the 
right. You'll hear voices through the door, if you try to open the door 
you'll find that it's locked. Open the chest on the floor and get the 
key, then open the door. Inside you'll see 2 men. They'll tell you that 
there were 4 of them and they all came down here to find the Kirin 
Stone, which was broken into 4 parts, each member of the party had the 
location to one of the pieces. After telling you about that they also 
tell you the location of two of the pieces. Now you try to leave the 
room and you notice that the door is locked. Near the door is an unlit 
torch. Use the IGNITE spell to lit the torch and unlock the door. The 
door leads to a huge room with broken pillars. There are some potions 
lying around on the floor. Go on and climb up the first pillar and then 
jump from pillar to pillar till you get to the top. Once there you'll 
see a yellow stone, this is the first piece of the Kirin Stone. Once you 
have it go on and jump over to the next pillar with the button on it. 
Push the button to open the door. Through the door is a hallway that 
leads very big room with a pool and a fountain in the pool. On the way 
there you'll see a pit, now you can jump the pit and continue on to the 
room with the pool or you can jump into the pit and follow it to a room 
with a painting and a fountain. I came about this by mistake, I was 
stuck and I started clicking on everything and I just happened to click 
on a painting, not this one but a different one which I'll get to soon, 
and I was give a potion. Well then I started clicking on all the 
painting I could find. This one happens to give you a Wurmguard chest 
armor.  Continuing on you will find some potions and then you'll see a 
door and a lever. Pulling the lever will open this door. You will then 
see that it leads to the room with the pool. In this room there is a 
wall mount that has water falling into a bucket, at the other end you 
see an altar with a bucket on its side. Take the bucket that is full of 
water and place it on the altar to unlock the door. Before you leave 
don't forget to get the yellow potion in the fountain. The door leads to 
a hallway with many turns in it but you'll soon come to a room with 
another painting in it, this is the painting I was telling you about 
earlier. Touch it and you will get a potion. Now go to the right and 
you'll see a room with a locked gate and what seems like a secret door. 
If you go all the way left, past the gate there is a small walkway with 
a lever. Pull the lever to open the gate. You may have also noticed a 
crooked shield on the wall. Touching it will open the secret door. Going 
through it you'll come to a room with a fountain and a chest. In the 
chest are gold and a yellow potion. In the room with the cavein, there's 
a blue potion. Back in the room with the gate, going through it will 
take you to a room with a fountain and a dead body. Near the dead body 
is a small scroll. Read the scroll, it's a clue to one of the pieces to 
the Kirin stone. Go up the stairs, in the next room is a rat. Kill it 
then get the treasure in the chest. In the nest is a key to the door. 
Exit the room. The next room looks like a training room. You'll need a 
bow to get out. Shoot the symbol over the door to open it. In the next 
room there's a platform with stairs leading up to it. On the platform us 
a pressure plate. Before you step on the platform, take the key hanging 
on the wall.  Stepping on the plate will reveal a secret wall. Follow 
the path to the end and you'll find a chest. Open the chest and you'll 
find a map, a key, a flask and a red potion. Take the stuff and step on 
the pressure plate. Now you're in a room that leads to another room with 
spikes in the ground going up and down. Watch your step and make your 
way to the other side. Pull the lever and it will open the gate. Go 
through the gate and in the room you'll see a circle. Step in the circle 
and all the braziers will lite. Get the stone from the circle and go 
back to the teleporter. Once you return to the room you started in leave 
through the door and you'll see a fireplace, get all the goodies from 
the chest. Push the button to open the door, and walk through. Following 
the hallway you'll come to some spier webs. 2 hits with the sword will 
get rid of them. Kill the spider and walk up the stairs.  Remove the 
spider web and kill the rat. There's a fountain in the room and a lever. 
Pull the lever to make the fountain disappear. Open the secret door and 
push the button to open the gate. Before you leave get the stuff from 
the top of the platform. The next room has a fence in it with a lever on 
the other side of it. Move the barrels, one on each side of the fence. 
Climb the barrels and jump to the other side. Pull the lever and then 
climb and jump back. Get the key for the water in the corner. Now the 
next room is a small church. The last pew has a key on it. If you light 
all the torches and the candles on the altar you'll get a holy light 
that will heal you. In this room you much QUICKLY pull the lever to save 
the man in the trap. He'll give you the green Kirin stone.  Continuing 
on you see a partially open gate with a key on a table and a room with a 
strange orb. Push the button on the orb to make the key slide to you. 
Get the key and continue on. In this room you'll see 4 pedestals, each 
with a different color on the top. Go ahead and put all the Kirin stones 
that you have on the proper pedestal. Now read the book to open the 
cave. As you walk into the cave you'll have to swim the rest of the way. 
In the cave pull the lever under the water to reveal the last Kirin 
stone. Take it back to the other room and place it on the pedestal. Now 
you'll be able to get the Kirin shield. Take it and go back to the room 
where you got the red stone. Now leave through the opening and you'll 
see a bridge. On the other side of the bridge you'll see the column and 
a WurmGuard. Chat with him and soon he'll attack. If you wound him 
you'll find out that it's your old friend Iolo. Trust him. He'll let you 
get the glyph. Get it and then backtrack to the opening of Depise. 
When you step out you'll be treated to a FMV. 

C. Paws

Well now that you have the Glyph all you need is the Heart of 
Compassion. Well it seems that the mayor has it but he's no in town... 
He's gone of to paws in search of his daughter. To get to Paws you'll 
have to go all the way south and then west. (That's the sw corner of 
Britain). On the way there you'll meet a blind women. Talk to her for 
some knowledge. Also you'll see a farmhouse and barn on fire. Use DOUSE 
on the fire to save the boy. He'll tell you that some bandits took his 
mother into the mountains. If you look up you'll see a bridge, that 
where the mother is. Now further down the trail are a Troll and a 
bridge. This isn't the brightest troll... when he asks for 10 gold 
piece, ask him how much that is... now go over the bridge and you'll 
soon be in Paws. You'll come to a bridge made out of planks and boxes. 
Walk over it to the house and you'll find the mayor. He'll get attacked 
by a rat and a pegleg will save him. Now talk to the mayor and he'll ask 
you to save his daughter. Doing so will yield you the heart. Now the 
daughter is in the SE of paws. If you walk out the back door and follow 
the bridges you'll find her. There are only about 4 house in the town. 
Don't fall into the swamp, as it will poison you. If you find the 
windmill and talk to the lady she'll tell you that theres no fresh water 
because the water pump is missing a valve. You'll need to talk to 
nimrod, who will tlll you that the valve was lost near the troll with 
the bridge…actually its in the cave near the troll. Now once you find 
the daughter and dispatch all the trolls go talk with the mayor and ask 
him for the heart. Which he'll gladly give to you. Now its time to fix 
the shrine!! Oh BTW if you decide to find the boys mother becareful 
because the fight with the head thief is pretty tough, although this 
does yield much gold. As there is a cave across the bridge that has all 
there treasure in it. Now back to the shrine. Once you get back place 
the Glyph and the Sigil on the broken altar. Now speak the mantra and 
watch the cool effects! Now that the shrine is cleansed you'll gain a 
level and get to raise a stat. also you've opened the First Cirlce of 
magic. Go bind all those scrolls that you have. Now once you have sold 
all the stuff that you want and bought all the stuff that you need. Bind 
all the magic that you have. And are ready to continue, take the rune to 
the dock and show it to Raven. Enjoy the boat ride ^_^.

IV. Shrine of Humility

A. Buccaneer's Den

When you get their Raven will tell you that you need to talk to her 
employer Samhayne. Jump off the ship and head towards the houses on the 
hill. Some pirates'll stop you, go ahead and give them some gold. Climb 
the stairs and talk to Keagan the mapmaker. Once you've done that he out 
and down the stairs to the dock, now continue around to the ferry. You 
can take the ferry or you can swim (i find it easier to swim) on the 
other side enter the Tavern then climb the stairs and leave from the 
upper door. Now take the lift and follow the trail to the blue house. 
This is where Samhayne lives. Upon entering he'll introduce himself. 
Talk with him and you'll find out that he has the Codex of Ultimate 
Wisdom and he'll give it to you if you solve the problem with the 
whirlpools. He also tells you that a woman in New Magincia has more 
information then he does. So now it's off to New Magincia. Keagan the 
mapmaker knows how to get there, so head back that way. Talking to him 
he tells you that you can take a boat but that there is a tunnel that 
links Buccaneer's Den and New Magincia. But that you'll need a password 
or you'll end up running in circles. To get the password leave the 
mapmaker and follow the deck to the left till you find the pirate woman 
selling the slave. Theres a house near her that has a chest in it. In 
the chest are some jewels and a scroll. Read the scroll to get the 
password, which is KEELHAUL. Now the tunnel is by the lighthouse on the 
eastern tip of hte southern island. So head for samhayne's house but 
follow the path till it forks. Take the right path and soon you'll come 
to the tunnel opening. Enter the tunnel and you'll soon find yourself 
being asked for a password. Go ahead and enter it in. Now the correct 
was is fades in. Continue through the tunnel getting all the goodies.

B. New Magincia

 Soon you'll find yourself in New Magincia. You'll want to get to the 
top of the mountain. On the way up you might be attacked my vultures and 
wolves. The wolves are easy to kill but those vultures can really mess 
you up quickly. Once you're at the top look for Katrina. She'll tell you 
the Mantra for the Shire of Humility, which is LUM, and she'll also tell 
you that she has the sigil. But she wants you to do her a favor. She 
needs you to get rid of the wolves and the vultures. Both are now hard 
to do. To get rid of the vultures, go back the way you came till you see 
a tree on a mini hill. Climb to the top and use the IGNITE spell you 
burn the nest. Now for the wolves, jump down then jump off the cliff 
into the water swim to the island next to you and climb out. In the 
broken dome is the Alpha wolf. Kill her and the rest of the pack will 
leave. Once both of those are done, go back to Katrina and she'll give 
you the sigil. Now you need to circle around her dome till you see a 
crumbling wall. At the end of it is a cliff, walk forward and look down. 
You'll see a bit of land jut out from the mountain, with a rock platform 
on it. Jump down there and step on the platform then jump in the water 
and swim for the shrine. Say the mantra and watch the FMV.

C. Ambrosia

Well now you're in Ambrosia, the Gargoyle City. Watch what you say 
because they tick off very easily. Talk to the gargoyle that pleaded 
with you not to kill him. Head south and drop to the floor, run 
southeast then west till you find the dead gargoyle. Get the levitate 
boots. Next you have to find Wislem's workshop. Only he knows the way to 
Hythloth. But he won't tell you till you activate the queen's statue. So 
he'll give you the power cube to fix it. Walk out, turn west and look 
up. That the queen's statue. When you place the power cube in the 
statue, the whole place comes falling down. Talk to Wislem again and 
he'll tell you that you need to get one of the Queen's Eggs and give it 
to Vasagralem. You'll need 2 objects to enter the Queen's Chamber. The 
Queen's Power Cube and the Amulet of Singularity. First go back to 
Wislem's Workshop and place the crystal he gave you in the holder to get 
the Power Cube. Note: where you talk to Wislem, is right next to his 
workshop. Now walk out and head towards the place witht he floating orb. 
Goto the Lower entrance. Read the books, and get the power cube. Now 
goto the Upper entrance and place the power cube that you got in the 
lower one to get the Amulet. Now head for the Queen's Statue and the 
force field will be gone. Enter and place the Queen's Power Cube and the 
floor will open. Now you can either kill the queen or not, just as long 
as you get a queen egg, which she happens to be sitting on. Exit the 
room from the north once you have an egg. Get the potions the go right 
and get all the goodies. Head back and and exit through the teleporter. 
You'll end up in Hythloth. 

D. Hythloth

You appear in a cave partially filled with water. As your running you'll 
pass a pipe with a grate and a chest. And another one with stairs. Go up 
the stairs. It seems you're in a sewer pipe. At the crossroad head east 
into the room. Use 2 ignites to burn through the web. Turn the wheel to 
lower the lift in another room. Now push the block of wood on the wall 
to lower the secret wall. Get the goodies in the chest, especially the 
Green statue. Now head the other way to the big room filled with 
slimewater. Swimming in here will poison you. Facing west the left side 
has the swamp boots and the right side has a chest with a light scroll 
in it and a nightshade on the bones. In the slime are some really nasty 
fish. Once you have the boots, ride the lift. Pull the lever and go back 
down. Take note of the yellow altar up there. Head back to the crossroad 
face north and go through the open gate. At the crossroad go east, the 
gates will close. There are some chain leggings on the grate in the 
middle of the room. Get them and the walls will start to close in on 
you. Wait and the doors will open. Head east, at the crossroad head 
south. Cut the web and turn the wheel. Now head north then east through 
the next room. In this room you'll see some pillars. Looks easy huh? 
Well when you jump on one, others go down. Here's a picture of what it 
looks like, and which ones to take.

                              Facing East

                            9  10  11  12	
                            5  6   7   8
                            1  2   3   4

   The correct path is 1-5-10-7-8-11-13

Once you make it to the other side. Turn both wheels and place the Green 
statue on the Green altar. Now go through the gate you opened. In the 
chest are a yellow potion and a red potion and some gold. Now keep 
heading west through the room with the walls that moved till you can't 
go west anymore. In this room is a hole, fall in and swim to the bottom. 
Get the red statue and then turn the wheel. Swim out and the go back to 
the crossroad. Turn north and head through the door. Put the Red statue 
on the Red altar. Continue north. Now you have to choose left or right. 
Go right and turn the wheel to lower the water. Jump down and get the 
Yellow statue. Now there is a doorway down there. Go through it and 
continue south. Open the chest and get the Blue statue. Continue out the 
door to the south. Go right at the crossroad, then left at the next one 
and then right at the next one. Now swim to the lift. Place the Yellow 
statue on the Yellow altar. Now head back to the crossroad then head 
north till you can't go north anymore. Turn left, at the crossroad. Now 
if you look left you'll see a binding circle, go ahead and bind any 
spells that you can. If you look right you'll see a blue altar. Straight 
ahead is a long hallway. Now go right and place the Blue statue on the 
Blue altar. An arrow will hit you as you enter the room. Now leave and 
turn right. Head down the hall. At the end is a Wurm Guard. After you 
kill him the room you'll enter is huge. You'll see slimewater and 
platforms in the water. On the left and right side are some steps built 
into the walls. You cen get the treasures up there if you want but watch 
out for the fish. Use your bow and arrows to kill them. Make your way to 
the other end of the room. You'll have to enter the column from under 
the water facing south. So swim around to the other side. Get the Glyph 
and leave the room. Follow the hall east till you get to the room where 
the Yellow statue was. Turn the wheel and leave the room from the bottom 
doorway. Now go down the hallway near where the Blue statue was. This 
part is a little funky. The walls are transparent. Really neat effect 
^_^. Head north, east, north. In the middle of the hallway is a door to 
the east. Go through it and you'll see a chest. In the chest is another 
statue, leave it. Behind the chest is a key but you'll have to go left 
or right to get it. Once you have the key leave the room and find the 
chest. Open it and pull the lever. Now leave through the gate you just 
opened. Well looks like someone left a teleporter here, just our luck 
^_^. Take it. Now swim down and soon you'll find another hole (look up) 
swim through the hole to the shrine. Place the Glyph and Sigil on the 
shrine, say the mantra (LUM) and watch the fireworks ^_^. Congrats you 
cleansed the shrine!! Now go talk to Katrina and head back to 
Buccaneer's Den via the tunnel. Once you make it back there go see 
Samhayne for your reward. Once you get to his house, you'll be treated 
to a FMV. 

V. Shrine of Honesty

A. Deceit

Now you're in a cell, there's a secret door in the cell. Open the secret 
door and walk to the end of the hall. In this room is a spider on a 
stone block. This is a statue of a Phase Spider. Touching it will make 
all the doors phase... execpt for wooden doors. Now run back to the cell 
and exit. Puch the button on your cell to open the door, then push the 
button on the other cell to open it also. Run back tothe spider and 
touch it. Then go back the main hall and get the key off the table. Once 
again run back to the spider. Back in the main hall unlock the wooden 
door, then walk through the gate and push the button to open it. Touch 
the spider one last time. Before you go through the wooden door for the 
last time get the 2 yellow potions in the other cell and the bag on the 
barrels around the corner. Now go through the wooden door and the gate. 
In this room is a cavein, but there is a secret door in here also. Open 
it and go through, DO NOT TOUCH THE CHEST!!!!!!!!!! It's a mimic!!! Push 
the button and then touch the braizer. The statues will start to move. 
Wait till the ones near the door face each other then open the door. 
Whew, well that wasn't too hard now was it. On to the next phase of this 
nasty dungeon. At the end of the hall you can only go left or right. 
Going left will take you to a HUGE room with lava and no way to cross 
it. So go right, in this small room are 3 pedastals. Pusht he red button 
to make a transparent bridge appear over the lava, next push the blue 
button to get a yellow potion. Lastly push the green button to make a 
skeleton appear and attack you. When you kill the skeleton take its 
sword. Now goto the room with the lava. I hope your ready to ahve some 
fun ^_^. . Walk the bridge to the platform and push 
the blue button, then push the purple button. Walk the bridge and then 
ride the lift. The statue that you pass will shoot fireballs at you. At 
the other platform you'll see several rows of buttons. Press the buttons 
till you make a set of stairs rise out of the lava. Now climb the stairs 
and ride the lift to the center platform. Before you get to the platform 
you need to push the green button on the side of the platform. Once you 
get to the platform get the yellow potion then press the green button. 
Ride the lift to the starting platform. Now ride the other lift to the 
next platform. When you get the platform the lift will go back to the 
starting platform. Don't worry you can call it back. If you look at the 
stairs you'll see a sun face, just like the one behind you on the wall. 
On the wall next to you are some buttons, 2 diamond ones and 3 circle 
ones, press the diamond ones to turn the statue about a quarter turn and 
the circle buttons about half of that. Blue turns towards that stairs 
and Green turns towards the wall. Once you have the sun face on the 
stairs lined up press the red button to fire a ball at it. When you hit 
the face the forcefield on the teleporter on the center platform will 
disappear. Now turn the statue 180 degrees and shoot the face to make 
the lift return to you. You need to return to the center platform. Enter 
teleporter. You'll appear in another HUGE room with more lava. Near you 
is a globe holder. Go to the right and at the end of the walkway you'll 
see the glyph, which will disappear as you get closer, now push the 
button and then jump over to the platform. The trick here is to line up 
the sun block, with the help of the buttons on the table, and the 
statue. Be careful, the little statues will shoot fireballs at you. 
You'll need to touch the big statue to make it shoot. When you hit the 
sun face a lift will appear. Ride the lift and enter the teleporter. 
You'll be taken to a small room. Jump down near the table and touch the 
mirror, it will fully heal you. Touch the table to recieve a bow, then 
run to the other side of the room and touch the statue to make some 
arrows appear on the pedastal. Now shoot the sun face on the wall to 
make some stairs appear. Climb the stairs to the top and stand on the 
pressure plate. A sun face will appear on the opposite wall. Shoot that 
face to make a plank appear and quickly run across. Now enter the 
teleporter, and then ride the lift back to the walkway. Now use the bow 
to shoot the sun face on the wall to extend the bridge. Jump over and 
turn the wheel to make the lava lower and expose the other holders and 
headstones. Now some real fun begins. There are 4 holders and 4 globes 
that you need to get. 3 of them are in other rooms that you can access 
by teleporters; the 4th one is in this room. Up near the 3 statues there 
is a headstone and a chest. Make your way there and touch the headstone, 
now quickly open the chest and get the red globe. On the ground is a 
globe holder, put the red globe there and a lift will appear. This lift 
will take you to the walkway. Ride the lift to the top and run back to 
where the sunface block was. Now drop down and go into the cave back 
there. Enter the teleporter. You'll appear in a room with 2 statues and 
2 chests, yes the chests are mimics. Now near the statues you'll notice 
that the floor is different, go stand there and face the chests. On the 
wall a sunface will appear and be moving, take your bow and hit it 
several times. On the stone block a blue globe will appear. Take it and 
enter the teleporter. Now make your way to where the lift that takes you 
up is. Touch the head stone near there and head for the teleporter that 
took you to the room where you got the bow. On the way there you'll see 
another holder stop there and put tyhe blue globe there. Then touch the 
headstone and run for the platform where the teleporter is. You'll need 
to go around it on the left to find the teleporter that takes you to get 
the green globe. Once you enter the teleporter you'll be in a room with 
a stone block and a chest, yes a real chest. Push the button on the 
pedastal and a sunface will appear on the wall you need to shoot it with 
your bow, after you hit the face it'll jump to a different wall. Keep 
doing this till another symbol appears on the wall. Shooting this will 
make the green globe appear. Take the orb and head for the teleporter. 
Touch the head stone and run for the blue globe holder. Touch the 
headstone there and head for the main room. Touch the headstone there 
and head for the room straight ahead. Put the green globe in the holder 
and enter the teleporter. This room is a maze, but it's not difficult. 
Find the red button and press it. A sun face will appear over the chest. 
Shooting it will make it move, find it and shoot it again. Once again it 
will move, shooting it this time will make the yellow orb appear. Don't 
forget to get the potions outta the chest. Get the yellow orb and enter 
the teleporter. Now touch the head stone and run for the main room. Take 
the lift up and place the yellow globe in the holder. Now that the 
bridge is fully extended walk to the platform. You might want to save 
the game as you're about to get into a fight. Enter the teleporter. 
You'll appear in the biggest room in this dungeon. In the distant you 
can see the column. An animation will take over and you'll see a wurm 
guard sent her pet over to have you for lunch. Hehe, you get to fight a 
hellhound... I was using the warhammer and it only took one hit to kill 
it. Once you've killed the hound, stones will appear and make a path to 
the wurm guard. When you reach her she'll have something to say about 
killing her pet. You're probably going... I know her from somewhere... 
well it's your old friend Mariah. Yes the Guardian has take over her 
too. She'll make 2 images of herself. ONLY KILL THE IMAGES!! They are 
the ones with the shields and swords. After you kill them just run 
around and wait for the lift to appear. Once the lift appears ride it to 
the column. Get the glyph and take the lift to the teleporter. Enter the 
teleporter and you'll be taken to another part of the dungeon. Press the 
red button on the wall to make the cavein illusion disappear. Run the 
other way till you reach the outside. Now pat yourself on the back for a 
job well done. Now on to Moonglow.

B. Moonglow

Well now as you walk out of the dungeon you'll see a note with a knife 
in it on the entranceway. Its from raven telling you that she'll meet 
you at the docks. You'll also be stopped by Duncan, a fighter that has 
lost his dagger and was told that you have it. Get all the info you need 
form him and don;t forget to tell him that you'll look for his dagger 
too. Now head for the fire across the water. Up the stairs is the path 
the Moonglow. When you enter the town you'll want to visit all the 
homes. At the North agte, which is the one you're about to enter, is a 
boy that will tell you that his father is hurt. It's a lie, and he'll 
lie to you 2 more times then tell you the truth. Always believe him and 
you'll be rewarded with some scrolls in the end. His father will want 
his Journal, which is in a small shack near the docks. Anyways, after 
you enter the town, head for the 3 house on the left. This house belongs 
to Batista. She has the sigil and will give it to you if you will get a 
shield that she says belongs to her but is being kept by your old friend 
Mariah. Tell her you'll give her the shield. Mariah's house is the first 
house on the left. It's also the only one with floating discs inside the 
house. The room on the left has a trapdoor in the floor, open it and 
step on the teleporter. Now this room has 3 doors in it, one leads to 
the shield and the other 2, which are secret, lead to pressure plates 
that will let you get the shield. The secret doors are to the left and 
right of the main door. Move the barrels and open the doors. Inside 
you'll need to put a barrel on the pressure plate. Now when you get the 
shield, Mariah will have a little conversation with you. And she'll 
teach you the Restoration Ritual!! Aren't you glad you didn't kill her 
now!! ^_^. Now take the shield back to Batista and get the sigil. Now 
you need to visit Tydus's house. It's the first house on the right near 
the north gate. He'll tell you that he'll tell you where the lyceaum is 
if you'll get him the staff of wisdom. He'll tell you that it's in a 
cave to the south. And that it has a statue infront of it. Go through 
the south gate and turn left. Follow the path and you'll reach the cave. 
When you enter the cave you'll only find 2 thieves and no staff. Near 
the cave is a broken boat with a thief and chest. Kill the thief and 
open the chest with the key lying right next to it. The chest contains 
magical armor. Go back to Tydus and he'll tell you that he made a 
mistake, that the staff is in a cave to the north. Go through the north 
gate and turn left. Follow the path and you'll reach a cave with a gem 
in a stone. When you enter the cave the entrance will seal itself. Watch 
out because the statues will shoot fireballs. As you go further in the 
cave you'll come upon a room with a demon that will explain to you that 
Tydus summoned it to guard the heartstone, which is the source of 
Tydus's power. He'll also tell you that if you enter the lair unarmed 
he'll give it to you. Go ahead and agree, for if you fight him you will 
lose. Now drop your weapons and take the heartstone, then pick them back 
up and enter the teleporter. I never found the key to the chests in 
there so if you happen to find it email me and I'll add it to the 
walkthru. Now when you go back to Tydus, confront him with the 
heartstone and he'll try and lie his way out. But in the end he'll make 
the lyceaum appear. Now push the blue button on the wall to make the 
lift come down. Ride the lift to the top then hop in the sail and ride 
it to the opening in the lyceaum. Up there the oracle will tell you that 
to find the mantra you need to look in the heavens when the town is 
sleeping. The mantra for the shrine is AHM. Now you will need to goto 
the lyceaum because you need to get the book of truth. Touch the book 
and it will ask you if your the reason for all the destruction. Answer 
yes and it will let you take the book. Now that you have the Mantra, 
Sigil and Glyph its time to head for the shrine. On your way out the 
south gate, be sure to stop by the house next to Batista and the Magic 
shop. In the house is a girl that will explain karma. In the magic shop 
are 4 globes. Touch all 4 and a magic lift will appear. Enter the lift 
and it will take you to a store room with many yellow potions. Take as 
many as you want. Now head out the south gate, over the bridge and 
around the graveyard. You'll see a cave near the graveyard, inside 
you'll find some goblins. And a binding circle, just kill the goblin and 
touch the blue globe to open the door. Inside is a fountain that will 
heal you a little with each drink. Head up and out of the cave, follow 
the path and you'll come to the shrine. Once you've cleansed the shrine, 
you might want to perform the newly learned ritual of restoration. After 
your done head for the docks, you'll see Raven's ship. Hop aboard and 
talk to her. Go ahead and trust her, she'll give you back your backpack 
with all your stuff intact. She'll give you a choice of where to go. I 
chose to goto Minoc. 

**Bonus - the two chests in the demon's cave are locked here are the 
location of the keys.

"One key is in the mouth of the head stone on the wall (which would 
explain the licking sounds) and the other is behind a barrel in the 
room. Only found some chain mail armor in both chests." 
- "Robert Lis" 

VI. Shrine of Sacrifice

A. Cove/Minoc

When you get to Cove talk to Irene, she's the shopkeeper. Next walk 
across the bridge and go see Raxos in the house with the guards around 
it. Talking to him only yields information. Next to the house is the 
prison. Nico from Britain is being held captive. After talking with him 
go talk to Raxos again. Make him fight you, after killing him get the 
key to the prison. Once you save Nico he'll teach you the ritual of 
return and give you the orb of the moons. Near there is a house with a 
ghost in it. Her name is Dayla, and she'll give you more info about what 
happened here. Now if you talk to her long enough she'll tell you that 
she has lost her dolly and that she wants it back. That's about it for 
cove. As you leave the house up over the small hill are some gypsies 
around a campfire. With them is Blackthorne. Now when you get close 
enough an animation will take over. After it is done you'll want to talk 
to the Lazlo. He wants you to get the Blackrock Crystal Ball for him in 
exchange for the Sigil and the blue lens. If you explore more you'll 
many more interesting people. Now the other person at the fire is Alara, 
she's just full of info on your friend Julia. Julia lives behind the 
waterfall, which is where Dayla's Dolly is. So after talking to Alara go 
behind the waterfall read the journal and get the dolly. Take the dolly 
back to Dayla...awwww don't you feel all warm and squishy inside ^_^ 
...anyways back at the gypsies there is a wagon on a hill that is the 
home of Morganna, the old wise women, she'll tell you the mantra, CAH, 
and so other info. Now look into her crystal ball to see where the 
entrance to Covetous is. Time to enter the mines!!  As you make your way 
to where the column is you'll see a bridge and a cave, once you cross 
the bridge take a left and head down the path to the water. On the right 
is the entrance to the mines. Just swim there and enter Covetous!

B. Covetous

Level 1

First things first, there are alot of undead down here. Ok when you 
enter the big cavern hop up on the conveyor belt and touch the cart to 
make it tip over. Jump up and onto the tracks, follow them to the 
bottom. Keep following them till you reach the lava pools. The first 
room on the right holds the item that you need. Get the cog and head 
back up to the top. When you get to the top enter the room with the 
wooden stair like structure. Climb to the top and turn off the machine. 
Now place the Cog on the machine near the smaller one and turn the 
machine on. Now head back downstairs. Once you get back downstairs, turn 
to the right and head for the propped up cart. Follow the tracks to the 
end. When you get there you'll see a skeleton named Lothar that is 
guarding the lift. He tells you that you must defeat him before you can 
use the life. He also tells you that a special sword must be used to 
kill him and that the avatar is the only person that can wield this 
sword...hehe lucky for you huh ^_^ ...well its off to find that sword. 
The sword is located in the covered river between Cove and Minoc. its 
easier to enter from the Cove side as the sword is closer to that side 
than to the Minoc side. Its on a ledge. Once you have the sword head 
back to the Sword Wraith. When you get back be prepared to fight, as he 
will fight you to the best of his ability. Once he's dead get the key to 
unlock the box near the lift and press the button inside. Now enter the 
lift and push the button for level 2.

Level 2

When you arrive you'll be treated to 2 skeletons. Follow the tracks to 
the next room, if you keep heading north theres a room that will change 
into an eerie dark room. The floor will become foggy, there's an exit to 
the west with 2 round grates, some zombies and a green pool. Keep 
following the tracks till you reach the cart, touch it to breake the 
blockade. Continue on, at the chasm turn west and listen to the skull. 
Head east around the column and climb the rubble. Get the key in the box 
and head back to the elevator. Unlock the box and push the button, now 
head for level 3.

Level 3

Again follow the tracks to the bridge. Right as you get to it an 
earthquake will trigger. On the west side of the room is a small hidden 
passageway. This leads to a room with a small pit with a skeleton and a 
blackrock. Keep following the track till it ends. Near the end you'll 
see a green light. That light is the light of a green pool, plus there 
is a helm of radiance. There is also a small passageway there too. 
Follow that passageway to a room, exit that room to the north, touch the 
powder kegs. Follow the passageway to the graveyard. The skulls grave is 
to the north. Place the skull on the headstone and get the key, head 
back to the lift and open the box. Push the button and head to the last 

Level 4

When you reach the bottom there is a cave behind you that is hidden in 
blackness, it holds a bladed staff. Just follow the tracks and you'll 
end up at a huge room filled with water. Now swim across the room 
following the track and getting air as you need it. You'll come to a 
room with the column. Now to the right is a ghost. I ran left all the 
way around the pool of water to get to the column. You'll be greeted by 
Julia where under the Gaurdian's spell. Talked to her, but don't attack 
her. Then go to the pool and jump in. Swim through the opening to get 
the glyph. Now go back to Julia and talk to her. Now go back to the big 
room of water. Swim to the right. You'll come to a room with 2 ghost and 
skeleton. Run north through the opening of the big room. Now run to the 
west around the lava to the stone doors. Going through the doors you'll 
come to a small room with a pentagram on the ground. Place the sword 
that you use against the sword wraith on the pentagram to open the way. 
Now talk to the lich. Kill the zombies then attack the lich, if you're 
having trouble killing him use a glass sword. Once he's dead touch the 
globe in the fire to open the scret door. Inside are 2 chest. A small 
one, which is empty and a big one which holds the black rock 
crystalball. Now as your leaving the room you'll notice a block thats 
sticking out. Touching it will open a secret door. In the room you'll se 
a key on the table with a skeleton. If anyone figures out what the key 
goes to drop me an email. Now move powder keg over grate open it. Swim 
through the cave at the bottom. You'll end up at minor. Go see the 
gypsy. Enjoy the FMV. Now get the lens and sigil, head for the shrine. 
After you clense it go see Raven!

VII. The Shrine of Justice

A. Britain

Tell raven that you want to go to Britain. Now when you dock go see lord 
British. He's not at his throne. (At least for me he wasn't there) You 
need to take the teleporter in his room to find him. Tell him that you 
want to go to yew. He'll tell you the way. Now it's off to yew!

B. The Trip to Yew.

Follow the road west of town, at the crossroad. When the sign says Paws 
and Britain go north. Head in to the cave and continue through till you 
can only go left or right. Go left soon you'll come to a bunch of dark 
rooms. Beware the room with 4 chests 2 of them are mimics, now find the 
one that has a light post in it head west.

C. Yew

When you rach yew you'll find out that raven is on trial for murder!!! 
First you knew to head to the north east of town to the court. There you 
will see the trial (HA!) of raven. When it's done you'll be stopped by 
Desbet a wingless gargoyle. You need to convince him that it waspride 
that killed the gargoyle race. Tell him about the Queen's egg. He'll 
then tell you to go see vasagralem. His place is near desbet's, who'll 
activate the lift for you. Once you talk to vas agralem, you need to 
tell him about the egg. He'll then ask you if ther's any way he can 
repay you. Ask for the lens. If you ask for the natra or sigil he'll 
tell you to consult the book of justice, which is in the library. When 
you reach the library you'll see many books lying around. Put them back 
where they belong. They are colored differently. When you put all three 
back you'll see the book of justice. Inside you'll get the montra, which 
is Beh, and the directions to the sigil. Now leave and find the Boyer. 
Go east in to the mountains, use the signs to help you if you are stuck. 
This is a long trip with many dangers, if you happen to encounter Ice 
Dogs hit them with a fireball. You need to find the banner of justice, 
it's a green banner. Up top is a vulture who'll give you a test to get 
the sigil, answer "NO" to all 3 questions. Continue on to wrong. When 
you make it to a stone ridge, cross it and head for the dock. Now when 
you talk to vas agralem he'll tell you about a secret entrance under 
water, also when you return to yew clense the shrine before visiting the 
court. Now swim north to northeast till you see some small island the 
entrance is on the north face so you'll be heading south through the 
cave. Prepare for the prison of WRONG!

D. Wrong

Make sure that you don't let the guards touch you. Click the skull, now 
touch the picture. Push the blue button. Now open the door and hurry 
down the corridor to the other door, near the door is a jail cell enter 
it and move the bench. There's a secret door behind the bench in the 
secret passage way is a binding hide with a giant spider. In some bones 
is a key, get the key and continue. When you get to the cell, place the 
body on the pressure plate, now leave the cell and go through the door 
to the left. Now open the door on the right and in the chest is a key, 
also this is where your stuff will be if you get caught. Now head back 
to the grate in the floor. Open the box and pull the lever. Go down the 
stairs and follow the passageway to the torture room, flip the lever on 
the chain whench, go through the door and then up the stairs. Now head 
through the north door and there you'll find raven...err well not 
really...HeHeHe...You actually find a zombie, but in the cell is her 
journal. Get it. Now head south there are 2 guards coming up and another 
grate, run pass them, till you find the nest with a yellow potion in it. 
Quickly run up the staris and open the gate by using the lever in the 
box, head east and open the north gate, use the diagram on the journal 
for the key. If you have telekenesis use it to turn the left wheel. Then 
turn the right one. Else jump through the fire. Talk to raven and get 
her key leave and head east, through the door you'll see 2 buttons the 
right one turns on the alarm the other opens the door to the south. Head 
north you'll come to another guard. Get passed him and purh the colored 
block on the wall near the grate, head down the stairs and open the cell 
to the right. When the guard passes lock him in the cell now, head the 
other way. Push the colored blocks to open the grate. When you climb up 
ther's a cell to the east that will lead to some wyrm guard armor. Turn 
the wheel, kill the fish and swim through the door. Back at the grate, 
head down the hall under the ink jar is a button, push it and head 
through the door and head south now head west to the end. To the north 
is the tavern owner, talk to him. Now push the colored block on the wall 
to open the grate. Heading down leads to a room with water, entering 
make the gates close. Run to the other side and kill both the fish. Now 
swim to the hole and touch the valve till the gates open. Head out the 
gate and continue through the hall, till you come to 4 moving gates. 
Once you get through them there's a door to the left, inside there is a 
spinning spike block, on the wall is a colored block. Pushing it will 
make the spinning block disappear, and a teleporter appear. Thsi leads 
tot he binding circle in the recent passage. Continue past the door till 
you come to the room with the wyrm guard. Here you confront Janna...er 
Annaj... What you need to do is drop the cage on her. DON'T KILL HER!!! 
Now head out the other door to get the Glyph. Climb the rocks, get the 
Glyph and head for the teleporter. Now leave wrong and head for yew to 
clense the shrine!

E. Back to Yew

First clense the shrine, then go back to the court watch the animation. 
Well looks like its back to Britain to see Raven! The quickest way back 
is with the moon gate.

VIII. Guardian 1 Avatar 0

A. Back to Britain

Back in Britain head for the docks to meet Raven. When you get to her 
boat talk to her, she'll tell you that your ready to take the boat 
yourself. So its off to Buc's Den to get some charts. But when you get 
to Buc's Den she tells you that something strange is happening. That the 
ship is under somebody elses control. So off you go...

B. Terfin

You end up at Terfin. But who brought you there? Now talk to Raven. Now 
off to find out whats going on. When you jump off the ship onto land 
head down the path to the 2 HUGE doors, they'll open up and the Gaurdian 
will laugh. Continue on. Inside explore all the rooms then head for the 
doors in the room with the wierd walls. When you enter the room you'll 
be treated to an animation. I'm going to let you do this one on your 
own, don't want to give away too much ^_^ don't worry this part isn't 
difficult. When you finish head back to the ship and talk to Raven, then 
you'll be taken back to Buc's Den.

C. Buccaneer's Den

When you arrive in Buccaneer's Den talk to Raven. She'll tell you that 
you need to get some charts before you can take over the ship. Now head 
for the mapmakers shop. Once you have the charts leave the shop and head 
to the right. Raven lives in an abandoned ship hull (use your map of 
Buccaneer's Den if your lost). When you arrive at Raven's shes going to 
ask you if you trust her, say yes and enjoy the FMV. Now read the note 
and head for the docks. BTW you can now shop at the guild in town 
now...when you get to the ship talk to Raven, she'll give you a book on 
how to sail the ship, then she'll ask you where you want to go. Tell her 

IX. Shrine of Honor

A. Trinsic

Speak to the lady walking around the benches. Then talk to the man on 
the steps. Now head into the Bastion and open the door. Quickly run up 
the starts and turn to the right, again open the door and talk to the 
ghost. Since no one in the town has any honor let's try asking the 
shrine. Head for the shrine. When you reach the shrine, you'll see a 
woman there. Talk to her, she'll tell you how to speak with Dupre. The 
fort is located west of trinsic. When you reach it you'll notice that 
some gazers have made it there new home. Quickly run in and head for the 
doorway. Get the urn and jump out the window. Now climb the wall and 
jump down. There quick and painless ^_^. Once you have the Urn head back 
to the shrine. Dupre will tell you that the chalice is located in the 
dungeon of shame. He'll also tell you that the mantra is SUMM. Now its 
off to shame, which is located near the northern top of the island.

B. Shame

The dungeon entrance is guarded by some hell hounds. When you make it to 
the dungeon, the first room you'll get to will have a forcefield with a 
floating arrow behind it. Press the button on the wall to make the 
forcefield disappear and try to avoid the arrow. Now that you have 
solved one problem another one appears...the eye above the door won't 
let you pass unless it can't see you. You need to make yourself 
invisible either by spell or potion. In the next room, walk to the back 
of the room, turn around and look up. Shoot the sun a couple times then 
head to the west. This room will have an eye and a face on the wall. The 
eye will shoot a fireball then an orb, you need to make the eye shoot an 
orb at the face. When you've done that a secret door will open. In that 
room touch the statue to the east and have the floating mist shoot an 
orb at it. When the statue is hit another secret door will open. This 
leads to a forcefield and a room with...yes...another eye. On the wall 
is a button, Push it and face will appear on the wall. But this face 
will move. After the face is hit another secret door will open revealing 
a button and a zombie. Kill the zombie and push the button. Now that the 
forcefield has lowered enter the room. You'll see a bunch of statues. If 
you trun around you'll see a green and a purple button. The green button 
will show you a black statue and the purple button makes the statues 
start to rotate colors. Now you need to touch all the statues when they 
turn black. Once there all black a statue will appear on the empty 
pedestal. When this one turns red touch it and a chest will appear. Get 
the blac orb from it. Now head back to the room with the 2 eyes stacked 
on top of each other. Shoot the sun and head east and avoid the arrow. 
On the table are 9 green buttona dn 1 red button. DON'T STAND ON THE 
PRESSURE PLATE!!!! Now stand behind the table and face east. Press the 
single green button on the top then press the red button. Now wait for 
the orb to hit the face then press the buttons in this order pausing so 
that the orb will hit each face. Start at the lower left and work your 
way right then goto the top left and work your way right. When the last 
face is hit another secret door will open. This room has red tile all 
over it. DON'T STEP ON THE RED TILE!!! First press the green button then 
shoot the sun. Now make your way over to the button on the wall behind 
the sun. Pushing it will make the eye rotate, now make your way to that 
room. In this room you'll see a bunch of levers and an eye that rotates. 
You need to flip all the levers without the eye seeing you. Now head for 
the secret door that was opened and place the black orb in the orb 
holder. Climb the stairs and push the blue button. The object up here is 
to turn the statue different colors, but running into the colored orbs 
in the corners of the room. Enter the colored orb then run back to the 
statue and touch it. When you get to the blue orb you'll see stairs that 
lead down. Go down and push the button. This will make a lift appear 
that will take you to the yellow orb. Once the statue has been turned 
white it will disappear. Step on the teleporter, then say the mantra. 
Drop down, grab the lightning sword, kill the wyrmguard and get the 
glyph. Now climb the up the the cave to the north. At the end is 
Blackthorn and he's wants the lenses in exchange for the chalice. DON'T 
GIVE HIM THE LENSES!!! He'll destroy the chalice then vanish. Leave the 
room and Dupre's ghost will appear and explain to you that ANY chalice 
will do. Go back and pick one. Now leave and take the teleporter back to 
the dungeon and then head back to Trinsic. 

C. Back in Trinsic

Talk to the guard outside the bastion. Now head for the inn. Talk to the 
man in the room. Agreed to help then head for the paladin named Lucero. 
Make him help you, then head for the island SE of town. Kill the phase 
spiders then head back to the bastion. Talk to his wife then put the 
chalice at the foot of the statue. Now put it in your backpack and go 
clense the shrine. Head for the boat, talk to Raven and head for 

X. Shrine of Valor

A. Valoria

When you reach Valoria you'll be greeted by two guards that won't let 
you in unless you bring them a red dragon's head. They tell you that one 
is in Destard. On the way back to the ship if you look around on the 
beach you'll see a dying knight. Talk to him then head back to the ship. 
Kill the zombies that are attacking it then talk to Raven. Now off to 

B. Britain

Head for the tavern and you'll see a knight. Talk to him. Now head for 
Destard. This has to be the hardest dungeon to find!!! OK go to Paws and 
leave the town on the NW path. You'll soon find 3 arches and a fence. 
Beyond the fence is a building. The entrance is up on top of the 
mountain behind the building. Now face the building and then turn to the 
left to run up the mountain till you come to a snow covered rock. You 
need to  jump  between this rock and the mountain. Once you've done that 
just keep climbing up and to the right on top of the mountain is a flat 
ice covered area. Throw some fire balls at it to melt it. Congrats 
you've opened the way to DESTARD!!!

C. Destard

Exit this room and head to the left, entering the first room you see. 
It'll have Hellhounds in it. In the back is a pressure plate, put 
something on it. Now exit to the north. This is a dragon egg hatchery 
^_^ bet you feel safe now. Head to the back where you'll see a small 
cave. Inside is the red egg shell fragment. Get it and leave this room. 
When you get to the big main room head right. Now go right and keep  
following it till you see a demon appear. Kill it then head north to the 
room with all the rats. Kill then all then talk to the man, get the key 
and talk to him again. Now come to the back of the cave  towards the 
north west. Talk to the ghost. Note the above, now turn around and head  
east, kill the hell hound but don't kill the wyrm guard. When you talk 
to him choose 3-2-2 for what to say to him. Get the glyph and head back 
to the ghost. Enter the teleporter. When you appear you'll be greated by 
Dantane, the wyrmguard, kill him and his partner. Now continue into the 
room with the red dragon statue. It will spit fireballs at you. There is 
a lever behind it that  will turn it off. Now turn right then right 
again. Use the lever to open the cell. Kill the rats, get the skull and 
put something on the pressure plate to open the cell. Leave the cell and 
turn right, open the door and turn to the left. Touch the dagger display 
to move the bookcase. Open the doors and at the end of the hall is a 
chest with the green eggshell in it. Now head back to the west till you 
reach a fountain, it will heal you. Exit to the west. You will see a 
pedestal in the middle of the room with a key on it. Quickly grab it and 
leave to the north then head south. Jump into the room, kill the demon 
and read the book. It has the word of power INOPIA. Now leave and head 
for the gate. Open the gate and walk in. You'll walk over a pressure 
plate and the gate will close and zombies will appear, kill them then 
press the button on the pedestal. Exit to the north, now at the picture 
on the wall go left, right then left again. Follow the slope to the end, 
read the  book then put it in your inventory. Touch the skull and a 
doorway appears. Exit through there. In this room I had a demon appear 
that I couldn't kill, just exit and turn right. When you enter this room 
the door will shut and poisonous gas will begin to enter the room. On 
the north wall is a stone block that it will make the gas leave. Now 
exit to the east, run quickly and enter the next room. Go to the right 
down the stairs get the key under those stairs. Don't get near the white 
mist unless you like fighting liches ^_^. In the coffin is the yellow 
eggshell. The key will unlock the door to the north, now head back to 
the room where the gas was. Exit to the west and north till you reach 
the fountain. This one restores Mana! The exit to the north head out for 
Destard but you must know the word of power. Remember this exit! Goto 
the left. Get the key to the chest from the crates, unlock the chest and 
get the red candle. Exit down the slope to the back of the passage way 
is a chest underwater. There are some gems and a battle axe in there. 
Return to the fountain room, go through the east exit. Kill the spiders 
and get the blue eggshell. Now head back to where you found that 
journal. Exit that room to the south and head to the left. In the next 
room exit through the South doorway, around the corner you'll see a long 
hallway. In the middle of the hall on the right wall you'll see a red 
pentagram symbol on the left wall across from it is a secret door. Get 
the key and head back to the room. To the west is a demon summoning 
circle, the east has a misty barrier blocking the way. You'll also see 2 
pedestals with green buttons on them. Push them then enter each room 
near the pedestals and above the door is another green button push these 
too. Now enter the temple. If you read the book on the altar the statues 
will spit fireballs at you. Open the door behind the altar. This is the 
binding circle room. Touch the statue to reveal a secret room with a 
severed head. Get it and go back to the temple. Also if you need to bind 
spells there are some reagents in the corner. Back in the temple head 
south. Get the flask behind the green button. This is a flask of blood. 
Now exit west and follow the passageway to the library. Saphena will 
talk with you. If you tell her that your going to kill the dragon, 
she'll attack you. Touch the crooked picture to reveal a key. Get it and 
unlock the door. The red globe is in the corner. Head back to the temple 
and exit to the west. Continue to the demon summoning circle. Now place 
the candle, skull, globe and flask in each corner then put the head on 
the pentagram. When the demon appears kill it and grab the scroll that 
it drops, plus the red candle. Now back track to the teleporter and go 
visit the ghost. She'll give  you the white egg shell fragment. Now head 
back to the egg pedestal where you first came in, place the egg shells 
on the right colored pedestal. Now head for the cave with the 2 dragon 
statues. In the huge cavern you'll find the dragon, talk with her. Then 
attack. When she's dead get the head and other stuff she dropped. Now 
head for the area where you fought the first demon, which is near the 
area with all the rats. The dragon's treasue room is back there. Now you 
need to go to the room with the Mana fountain. Remember the exit that 
needs the word of power. You need to go there to exit the dungeon. Now 
back to the docks of Britain then off to Valoria!

D. Return to Valoria 

WORD OF WARNING: You may not be able to finish this quest for there may 
be a bug in which you won't be able to kill the demon at the shrine. One 
solution is to uninstall the game, then reinstall with out any patches. 
Once you've beaten the demon you can put the patch on. Don't worry your 
save games will still be there and will work regardless of what version 
the game is!

Talk to the guard, then talk to him again. When you enter goto the left 
and talk to the knight. Then go across the room and talk to the other 
knight. Now go up the stairs and and stand next to the door to open it. 
Talk to the lady then talk to the man. Talk to him again and agree to 
help. Exit the room out the back and talk to the vendor and get some 
training. Now exit the town. As you leave you trigger an animation. Now 
head for the glade, which is a cave with a dead body near it. The dead 
body is that of the son of Flann from Britain. Kill the monster and read 
the book of three. Go back to town and talk to the guard then talk to 
the knight till he agrees to help you. Now head for the shrine and kill 
the demon. Get the dagger and head back to town. Talk to the knight in 
the house. He'll tell you the mantra, which is RA. Now head back to the 
shrine and clense it. Head for the boat and talk to Raven who will let 
you know that you only have one more shrine to clense!! WOOHOO!! she'll 
also want to talk to you about "US". Just tell her the truth that you 
don't don't know whats going to happen. Now its off to Britain!

XI. Shrine of Spirituality

A. Britain

When you arrive head for LB's castle. Talk to the man in the green 
shirt. Head back to the docks and talk to Raven.

B. Skara Brae

When you arrive Shamino will speak to you. This island has Phase 
Spiders, Liches, Gazers and Carnivorious Plants on it. Killing them will 
make it easier to roam around the island. Now goto the huge statue head, 
it will tell you the mantra which is OM. Head back to the docks, talk to 
Raven... time to head back to Britain for tha Ankh.

C. Back to Britain

At the castle talk to the lady playing the harpsicord. She'll give you 
the music sheet. Now take it to LB's room, place it on the harpsicord in 
there and play it. The ankh will appear. Now head back to Skara Brae.

D. Back to Skara Brae

Now that we have the ankh, head for the temple of souls. It to the NW of 
the island. You have to swim underwater to get inside. Watchout for the 
sea serpent in the water. When your inside walk to the barrier, which 
will disappear. Now jump in... head down the stairs and talk to the man 
at the bottom. Make him see that what he did was wrong. He'll tell you 
about the book of truth. Now go talk the lady outside the house. You 
need to find her baby. In the house is a book that will tell you where 
Empath Abbey is. If you visit the Tavern, sitting in the chair is 
Mathis. You need to bring the journel that is in his village to release 
him. On the table behind you is a book that will tell you where 
Serpent's Hold is. The house to the right of the tavern has the baby in 
it. You need to go upstairs and on the bed you'll see the baby. Take it 
back to Elizabeth. Now we need to get the Bell, Book and Candle. So its 
off to Yew!. Head back out and tell Raven that you want to goto Trinsic, 
then head down to the moongate and take that to Yew.

E. Back to Yew

When you arrive at yew, head over to the bridge that leads into town. 
Now head NE to Mathis mine, kill the goblins and get the book. Now you 
need to head to empath abbey. To get to empath abbey just go like you 
are going to wrong. Now when you get into the mountains keep looking 
over the edge till you see a ruined building with a monk standing in the 
middle of it. Slide down to the bottom. The snow covered mountains. Talk 
to the monk, then head for the braizers in the back. Light all 3 of 
them. Stand in the middle of the fire like mist. The platform will rise 
on the second level you'll find the candle of love. OK now to get back, 
well the only way I've found is to swim to wrong. When you reach the 
bridge swim towards the land. You can get up where the bridge starts. 
Now head back to yew and take the moon gate back to trisic. 

F. Back to Skara Brae II

Get to the ship and head for skara brae. Now go back to the well at 
souls. Talk to mathis. Now you'll need to steer the ship to the island 
off the tip of trinsic. You may find it easier to have Raven take you to 
Trinsic. Then you just drive it to serpents hold. 

G. Serpent's Hold

When you get there find the ruins and swim down. When you reach the 
inside head to the right. You will see two chests, one on the right and 
one on the left. Now quickly run to them. Hurry because the floor will 
disappear. Tet the gold key. Now continue down the hall. Go either way 
they both lead to the same place. Open the door and talk to the maze. 
Now fight him. Once you kill him, if you want to get the Black rock 
boots. You need to stack stuff up to make stairs to the top of the 
platform. Make sure you watch your health because the liquid will hurt 
you while our standing in it. Now leave room, talk to the knight near 
the bell. Get the bell and head for the surface, Now head back to Skara 

H. Back to Skara Brae III

Talk to Shamino, again and he tells you what must be done. Now head for 
the well of souls. Once inside head for the cave in the back. Once you 
find the area where Shamino is first light all 4 braizers, then read all 
the plaques to find out where the items go. Now read the book, light the 
candle and ring the bell. After your disscussion with shamino head for 
the surface. Now it is time to head for the isle of the Avatar. Tell 
Raven and she'll take you there.

I. Abyss

When you arrive. Head off the dock and take the left path through the 
brush. You'll come to a pentagram on the ground. Place the demon's skull 
from the pole on to the petagram along with the other stuff. Now watch 
the FMV. Now make your way to the statues of colored lights. Now you 
appear on a platform. Head through the door, then head to the left. Kill 
the gazer then push the white block. Now head back to the entrance and 
continue west. Now turn left and enter the door. In this room are 4 
pillers of wind and there is a face on the ground. 4 globes will be shot 
at you. You must make them touch the face. Stand on it till they areshot 
at you then step off. Get the globe that appears. Now take teleporter. 
OK next is fire. Samething,  go left then kill the Hellhounds push the 
right button then the left one. Get the globe. Now touch the brick near 
the left button. Head back to the entrance and continue to the south. In 
the next room you need to cast douse on the 2 braizers. Take the 
teleporter. Go left, if the eye sees you spikes come out of the wall. 
Turn invisible and kill it and the floor will disappear. Now head for 
the picture to the right is a pressure plate door  something on it and 
stairs  will appear. Climb them and then climb on the ream. Touch the 
Ankka and the picture will reveal som goodies. On the way back before 
you drop down, there is a bean with plants on it. It has a block on it. 
Touch the block, now get the globe, and exit the room. The other room 
has tile that will come alive and attack you. Grab the globe and use the 
teleporter. Now for the last element. Water! When you go left you'll 
come to a room of water with fish in it. Kill them then jump in across 
from the entrance is the block you need to touch. Climb on the staaairs 
there and wait for the other ones to pop out of the wall. Now climb on 
them and touch the block, exit the room. In the next room, fireball the 
snow flake like object over the window. Kill the first hound and get the 
globe, take the teleporter. Now at the bottom place all 4 globes in on 
the globe holder. If you think this way too easy your right. He He He. 
Now its time to fight the guardians of the elements, ok take the 
teleporter back to the top. Now go right and up the stairs. Enter the 
teleporter. Ewwwwwww...that's what I said too...hehehehe. In the 
distance is a snow coverd mountain on top is a dragon. Kill it to make a 
teleporter appear. Take the teleporter back to the air chamber, now take 
the teleporter. Head tot he left andf take the teleporter. Welcome to 
hell. Enjoy our stay! Your main objective is to make it to a huge plateu 
with a huge pentagram on the ground. This is the demon you need to kill. 
The other ones are optional. It was able to run by nost of them. Once 
the Big Guy is dead take the teleporter. Behind the pentagram. Now for 
green. Go right and enter teleporter. Head to the right kill all the 
plants along the way. Kill the big one at the end, now head back and go 
the other way. Kill the Earth Golem then take teleporter back. There are 
a bunch a black rock chest plate in it. OK last one. Head for the water 
room. Enter the teleporter. You need to make your way to the arch. 
Through ther you'll find a seaserpent. Kill it. Head back to the arch 
where the teleporter is. Take it then run to other room with the 
teleporter at the bottom. Jump in the pit. Now you need to make it to 
the bottom, cross the bridge and talk with Lord British. Now watch the 
animation. Talk with LB again then get the glyph. Now talk with LB and 
he'll teleport you out. Now take the path up the mountain. Head to the 
right, into the cave. Put the red and blue lens on the holders then put 
the codex on the altar. Read the codex. Just to make sure you have this 
down, To bring up the barrier of life you need to put all 8 sigils on 
the pillars then recite 'Sanct Vas Grav In Mani An Corp' Armageddon is 
'Vas Kal An Mani In Corp Hur Tym'. Ok now head for Britain.

J. The Eternal Void

When you arrive LB is in the west garden. Talk to him then watch the 
FMV. Now head for the large landmass with the pillars on it. Your old 
pal Dupre is there, talk to him then enter the teleporter. Clense the 
shrine, then take the teleporter back. Now talk with Dupre and then head 
for the moongate. Enter the castle, All of your old friends are there. 
Their in different rooms all over the castle. When your ready talk to LB 
then head for the docks, its off to Terfin!!

XII. Endgame

Talk to Raven. Now head for the huge door then turn left, up in the 
mountains is a cave. Follow it to the end then take the teleporter. Now 
kill the phase spider and to the right is a pressure plate which opens 
the gate. There are gargoyles all throughout here. Head south cutting 
the web. Near the white vase is a block, push it, Then go left. In the 
left most area next to the barrel is a button. Push it. Now head back to 
the doors you made appear. Head west. Jump over the lines that trigger 
the fireballs. Head left and get the key. now head back and use the key 
to unlock the doors. Continue south down the stairs. Quickly push the 
red button. Continue down to the south. On the east wall are 4 blocks. 
Push the bottom one then push the one on the right to make a door 
appear. Now go east. Open the door to the south and kill the gargoyle. 
Get the key on the altar, the door to the south is a treasure room with 
many chests...too bad only one is a real chest, the rest are all mimics. 
Inside the chest is key, get it then leave. Head to the right and 
continue south into the sewer. Go east, at the end is a small valve. 
Turn it then head through the door. Get air then dive for the key and 
the large wheel. Now go back to the locked doors near where the 4 blocks 
are. Open the doors, at the T-section you can go either left or right. 
They both basically take you to the same place. Touch the globe then 
cast douse on the torch. Get the key then exit the room to the north. 
The door to the west leads to a torture room. The key unlocks a door in 
that room. Continue south through the next room into the next one, kill 
the phase spider. Exit and to the right is a secret door, with another 
secret door that leads to a glass sword. Continue south then east. Kill 
the demon then grab the power cube. Exit south. Drop down, head north, 
flip the lever then go back and continue east. In the next room you'll 
see a little girl that asks you to kill her because the gargoyles have 
poisoned her and she wants to die quickly and not at the horribly slow 
pace that she it. I leace this decision up to you. this won't affect 
your karma at all...exit to the northeast and take the teleporter. The 
chest behind you has 2 potions in it. Touch the crooked picture. Now 
exit west, kill the wyrmguard then go east. Light the big braizer then 
step onto the pentagram. Your in a small cave now. Work your way to the 
Demon, kill it then get the power cube. Now find the pentagram and step 
on it to return. Place the power cube in the holder to open the door. 
Head west and down the stairs. The door to the left has a pentagram and 
a pedestal, touch the pedestal to destroy it. Now go west. if you need 
mana toucht he crooked picture, then follow the lower tunnel, else go 
north then open the door on the right. Kill the wyrmguard then get the 
key and power cube off the desk. Push the block on the wall behind you 
now head back to the first intersection. Then head north through the 
next room. Now go right then continue on till you find a young lady. 
Talk to her, now touch the globe and enter the room. Kill the zombies 
then flip the lever. Head back tothe beginning of this area then head 
west through the door. Use telekinesis to push the button to open the 
gate. At the crossroad go east. Talk to the man then kill him. Touch the 
picture then push the button. Get the treasure room key . Now return to 
Ciara. Put the red power cube in the holder. Kill the phase spider, jump 
in the pit, kill the spider and get the key. Climb out and unlock the 
chestn then get the potions. Now jump over the pit, turn right then 
left, the big chair in the next room has a button on it. push it then go 
back to where the forcefield is. Flip the lever then enter the room. Put 
the power cubes in holders then put the meteor that appears on the 
altar. Now work your way back to where you found Ciara's key, but go 
down the slope and through the door. Enter the teleporter. Look 
familiar?? hehehe... head through the door then place all 8 sigils on 
the pillars, you might want to save the game before you place the last 
sigil. Once you've donr that step into the cirlce and recite the words 
for the barrier of life...watch the animation. On the ground you'll see 
small red and black rocks get 3 of those and place them in the circle. 
As you place them each one will show you an animation, when the last one 
is placed watch the FMV and pat yourself on the back for a job well done 

Some random thoughts...

For those that couldn't run the game, I have found out that you can view 
the movies that are on the cd. You need to use the Windows Media Player 
then load up the goodendgame.dat. This is the endgame FMV. I do beg 
those that can play to do so and not view the movie or any of them for 
that matter. For it would ruin this wonderful game!!! Personally I felt 
that the ending was worth all the painstaking hours I have put into this 
game and this FAQ. Well till my next faq... Expect me when you see me...


Well I'd like to thank the following people in no particular order.

Origin System for FINALLY bringing this game into the light ^_^ 

Gamefaqs for Posting this and my other FAQ (The Uholy War for PS)

www.games.prohosting.com for Posting my FAQ

www.cheatinformant.com for Posting my FAQ

vgstrategies.about.com for Posting my FAQ

home.planetinternet.be/~twuyts for Posting my FAQ

Robert Lis (and everyone else that mailed me about this ^_^) for the 
info on the location of the 2 keys to the chests in the Demon's Cave in 

Stephan Schuboth  For pointing out that I forgot to 
put in the location of the yellow eggshell .. ^_^' 

And my beautiful wife for helping me type this up ^_^ I LOVE YOU HONEY!

(c) 2000 Kuno

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