Submachine 3 – The Loop

Submachine 3 - The Loop

1st Level:
Just click all of the levers

2nd Level:
Start at room 1,1 clich the devise then go to that room. Then click that devise, 
then go to the room that comes up, comtinue untill you have done it six times.

3rd Level:
There are four rooms where you can change numbers on a panel, but on each panel 
one number can not be changed, and they are in a different spot on each panel. 
Change the other panels so they all have the same numbers.

4th Level:
In each of the rooms that has a device you will see little dots above the big 
circle, just find the one that has one dot and click it, then two dots, then 
three dots and so on.

5th Level:
Assign each letter of the alphabet a number. So A=1 B=2 C=3 and so on. Then find 
each room with a devise and change the letter to coraspond with the room number. 
So room 1,2 will be A,B

6th Level:
The room -1,0 has the main device in it. Find the other rooms that have a device 
in them and they have a number and a symbol. Make a note and go back to the main 
device. Number the spots left to right and change the shapes until it matches the
one that was in the room. Do this for all six shapes you find. Then click the 
little button on the floor on the left hand side of the room that has the main

7th Level:
Go to room 0,-1 click the lever in the lower right. This turns on the projector 
in room 0,1. THis is the solution to the puzzle. Write down which way the slashes
go. Then start in room 1,-1 and click the bars so that the green lights will make
the slash you need. Now go to the next room to the right and do the same thing. 
After you have done the six rooms and they all match the slashes, go to room 1,1
and click the device.

8th Level:
the main device is in room 0,-1 find the devices in the other rooms and make note
of what room they are in. Then go back to the main device, put in the room number
of one of the devices. Click the lever on the pedistol of the main device and it 
will open the device in the room that you put in. Go to that room and 
click the levers, do this for all the devices.

9th Level:
There is a room right above the start room and one right below the start room. One
had letters one has colors. If the far left letter is orange and the button below 
it is black that means you cant change that letter, but you can change the color 
in the other room to orange. If a color has a black button under it that means you
cant change the color but you can change the letter. So if the color is yelloe, you
need to change the letter to Y. Once you have matched all these up click the big 
button below the color device.

10th Level:
There are two maps, one is clickable. Make the clickable map just like the real 
map. Then click the lever at room 0,-1. Thats it.

11th Level:
There are two ways to go here so make sure to remember the level name, syntagma. 
The first is to click the letter hanging on the wall. It tells you to find a leaf
and take it to a romm, do this to get the first ending. The second ending is to 
solve the puzzle. There are two rooms with color bars and teo rooms with letters
and numbers. The letters equal the colors, so R=Red, the number equal the level 
of color in the bars. So if you go to the bars and click the buttons the amount 
of color will change, no color = 0, 1 click = 1 and 2 clicks = 2 , and so on. 
Match the colors to the numbers. So RGW = 152 is Red=1 Green=5 and White =2. 
Thats it your done.

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