Runescape – Free to play Money Guide

Runescape - Free to play Money Guide

Make money quick:
Hi, I've been playing Runescape a while and Thought I'd write this 
hope it helps. 

Many people wonder how to make alot of money in runescape and don't know
its unbelieveably easy. This is the guide of how to make money in Runescape.
I've tried all of these theories and WOW how it worked.

Magic - Firstly get lvl33 mage you can get this buy training at the Wizard
tower against the lesser demon. Telekenetic grab will be unlocked and make
your way to Goblin village located north of Falador and continue to go north
and you will see the Wilderness ditch to your left will be a little building
full of monks and there will be a wine of the table use this spell to pick 
it up if you pick it up yourself you will be attacked. At the moment Wine 
of Zamorak is worth 1600gp per and is around 43k an invent when sold a Grand
Exchange (G.E) which can be found in Varrock. 625 Individual Wine of Zamorak
is equal to 1,000,000gp which is 22 invents.

Fishing- Fishing is a good skill and the internet is filled with powerlevelling
guides to assist you. When you get lvl 40 fishing Go to Karamja via Port Sarim 
with a lobster pot and a Harpoon. Use your lobster pot to catch Raw lobsters 
when you get a full invent you will have to go find a man called "Stiles" who
will happily change your fish to notes for free and this makes it easier to 
hold large numbers of fish in your inventory. When lvl50 fishing is attained
you will be able to catch Swordfish with your harpoon, With your Harpoon you
will catch Tuna as well as swordfish (Mostly Tuna will be caught). This is a
very profitable skill and is done by alot of people so you will not get bored.
Swordfish is 494gp per and Tuna is 125gp per, If you have a full invent of 
Swordfish it will be 13k and if Tuna is included the price will be lower. 
This is long but it works if you stay there a long time. 2025 Swordfish is 
a 1,000,000gp and 4000 Lobsters is 1,000,000 gp But Cathing Lobsters is QUICKER.
1,000,000gp worth of Swordfish is 73 Invents.

Mining - Mining is a VERY popular skill anyhow you still get money doing it.
Such as fishing there are a lot of Powerlevelling guides on the internet so 
it should make it easier. With Mining you mine Ores which vary from Copper 
to Runite, many people mine gold ore which requires lvl60 Mining. 
Many players use the ores to smelt into bars and make armour to sell 
which also can give you money.

Woodcutting- This is also a Very popular skill and as the other skills has 
powerlevelling guides. For Free to play players the trees Vary from Normal 
trees the most common to Yew trees the most scarce (Still easy to find), 
To cut Oak trees it requires lvl15 woodcutting (Wcing) and these Oaks sell
quite reasonably but won't Necessarily make you rich at only 2200gp a Invent.
When lvl30 Is attained cut willows upto lvl60 Then cut Yew Trees. Yew Trees 
are next and this is where is money is made, Yew logs are worth about 512gp 
each and a full inventory of Yew logs is 14.3k and if done persistently a
Million gp can be made in time. 1954 Yew logs is equal to 1,000,000gp which
is roughly 70 Invents.

Choose your pick. The Magic option is probably the most popular and most 
competitive and can be quite dificult to find a vacant world. Fishing, 
Mining and Woodcutting are probably equally as popular but it also depends
when you do it and where you do it.

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