Riddle School 2

Riddle School 2

Take all the little tiny grey balls (from wat u see, but actually its coins!) 
Make sure u hav all 4 Talk to the guy leaning on the wall wtih a printing of 
a music note. Buy the whistle from him.

-Blow the whistle (click on the whistle)
-Go out of classroom now. 
-Go inside Mrs. Sleep's room.
-Click on the desk with the top opened. U will get a "slidy" and a 2 coins.
-Go out and go right and click on the firs locker at the right side and u 
 will get 1 coin.
-Go right again and click on the vent below the poster. Click on the "slidy" to 
 take the vent off. U will get a toilet paper roll.
-Go left and down to the Men's Room. Giv the person inside the toilet the toilet 
 paper roll and get the mop inside the stall. Go out.
-Go left and in the Janitor's room. Click on the mop when u get in Before u click 
 on the talk bubble. U will get enough money for the cookie now.
-Go right go in Mr Sum's room. ( if u cant get in, folo the instructions below 
 with an astric sign beside it.)
-Click on the notes on the table and get a coin. Go out.
-Go to the teacher's Lounge and click AT THE BACK of the cookie machine (at the 
 shadow also can) then plug in the wire.
-Now u can buy the cookie and giv it to the cookie boy.
-Go in the office and go into the Mr. Mister office. Watch the movie a while and 
 go all the way left to the entrance. OPen the door and u are free.

*Go in to the teacher's lounge and choose the speech bubble with the " i got 
permission to....." then click "Mr .O. Boe" and u will get out automatically and 
go back to Mr Sum's room, u will find him in there.

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