Reincarnation 2 – Riley’s Out Again

Reincarnation 2 - Riley's Out Again

*Asterisk means do the steps subsequently!

Within a cell with tortured human

1. Click skull.
2. Click magnet*
3. Click electric eel*
4. Click key [A key appeared from human body]
   Outside the cell
1. Click orange monster 
   [To chase the monster to the river side as a bait for crocodile]
2. Click left-purple-arrow.
   River side
1. Click bubble.
2. Click green-monster in the water.
3. Click flower plant closest to the tree to give water so it could bear fruit.
4. Click the right-purple-arrow to return.

1. Click the purple signals*
2. Click tap*
3. Click switch*
4. Click door*

   School Corridor
1. Click paper.
2. Click the top middle cupboard door* 
   [To slam the guy face and make him unconscious]
3. Click the bottom cupboard, the 3rd door from right. 
   [To get the screwdriver]
4. Click screwdriver.
5. Click the ventilation located above the cupboard. 
   [To unscrew it so you can use it to travel around]

Ventilation Path
1. Move in this Order: RUR , DLU , URL ,U 
   [Reference: R - Right , L - Left , D - Down , U - UP]
2. Click the Ventilation

1. Click chewing-gum/bubble-gum on the table.
2. Click water-bottle near the pet cage.
3. Click pet.
4. Click the exit/entrance of pet cage.
5. Click black device near the door.
6. Click blue cup so the pet poop inside.
7. Click blue blue cup.

Ventilation Path
1. Move in this Order: LRD , LLR , ULL , RD 
   [Reference: R - Right , L - Left , D - Down , U - UP]
2. Click the Ventilation

Teacher’s Lounge
1. Click microwave*
2. Click cupboard located above the milk box*
3. Click poison*
4. Click blue cup that the guy is holding.

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