This is a short walkthrough for a short game. Starting with Jimmt,
talk to the butterfly, jump over the gaps and talk to Tom. After 
talking to him, kill yourself jumping on the spikes. From here 
you'll continue playing with Tom.

Walk right and Tom will reach a screen with a hole gap which is 
impossible to jump. Go back to the left and you'll find yourself 
in the other side of the gap. Go back to the right and jump over 
the spikes. You'll see this screen 3 times, so keep going. You'll
find Shirley in the next screen. Talk to her, and then keep going

In the next screen you'll find a checkpoint. Make sure you step on 
it, or else it won't be activated. Lead Tom through the falling 
spikes by running and jumping quickly. There's no other way of passing
here, but it isn't difficult. Keep going, pass the transition gap and 
you'll find another checkpoint. Step on it again and keep going right.

In the next screen you'll find Mitch. He'll tell you that he could 
help, but he's afraid of the spikes. This is a hint, and you can try
continuing with Tom from here. If you want just want to keep playing 
to finish the game, skip to the next paragraph. If you want to explore
all the game offers, continue reading. Continuing with Tom, you will 
find three bunnies in the next screen. They won't let Tom pass unless
he gives them a carrot, but there are no carrots in the game. You can
try and pass the bunnies without giving them the carrot. To do so, 
step right beside the first bunny and do a quick jump. The bunnies 
will jump too, but they always jump at maximum height. You can then 
try to pass them by running while they're in the air. If you make it,
you'll find yourself trapped in the next screen, as Tom is incapable 
of jumping over the next obstacle.

You'll have to continue from here with Mitch. Kill Tom by walking over 
the spikes with him and Mitch will climb down and keep going. He'll 
find the tree carrot-demanding bunnies in the next screen, but Mitch 
can kill them (by pressing the "Z" key). Once Mitch has killed them, 
he'll find McBee in the next screen. Talk to McBee and Mitch will tell
McBee he must find the Magician. You'll continue with it from here.

To make McBee fly, press the up arrow. You'll have to press it 
periodically so it keeps in the air. In the next screen, you'll find
another checkpoint. This is the last checkpoint in the game, and the 
most important one, so be sure you activate it. After you did, you'll
have to fly through a tunnel of spikes. Here you can cheat and press 
F11 to remove the spikes, or you can try to pass them. It is a bit 
difficult, but far from impossible. After passing it, fly toward the
GunMan. He'll kill McBee, 'cause he's allergic to bees.

Continuing with GunMan, you just have to pass one screen so he finds 
the last chamber where the Magician is supposed to be. He won't find 
the Magician and will suddenly be killed by the Castle itself, which 
reveals itself as the Magician. The end.

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