Omelette Room Escape

Omelette Room Escape

Autumn arrives early in the world of self-containing wallpapered rooms. Perhaps
Global Warming was overrated after all, and the leaves are turning colors in 
protest of the United Nations ban on adventure gaming after dusk.
Spontaneously deciding to join the protest, you see an open door, enter a room 
with scaly green wallpaper, and watch as the door shuts behind you, forcing you
to embark on what seems like your 107th adventure of this type.

You take a look at the door. You’re used to seeing a combination lock, but there’s 
a heavy plate screwed in its place. No problem. You know you’re going to need a 
screwdriver later on. Which makes you think for a minute. You’ve seen these plates

You already carry your trusty NetBook so you can look up the definitions of obscure 
medieval weaponry. Why, then, would any adventurer not carry at least one screwdriver
at all times? That would prevent you from having to search the cushions of a couch, 
or unlock a color-keyed door. Just to find the same screwdriver you always find in 
these rooms.

But there’s none in your backpack. Very upsetting. You thought you had one, too. 
Maybe a little green man took it from you as you were deciding whether to enter 
the room? Maybe it was the cool autumn breeze, even though there’s still two weeks
left in the summer?

There’s a video screen near the floor, and some mosaic tiles in three groups below
the screen. You can turn the tiles black or white. You try creating dirty pictures
with the tiles, but that quickly gets old as nothing happens.

You see a book on the floor, in the same position where there’s always a book. You 
open it to see a big gray square. Smells a little like lemon, invisible ink. But 
you’ve been fooled before. It may not actually be a clue at all. It could just be
a book. Hey, people drop books all the time. Why would you expect one to actually
contain a hidden clue of some sort?

Turning to the right, you see a large bed with a marshmallow comforter. Instantly,
you hope smores are part of the secret code, or maybe a secret initiation ritual 
you must undergo in order to find the code. You reminisce about giant smores and 
how you became a Phi Delta Omega in college. But that’s a story for another day.

You search the bed thoroughly, but find nothing. Not even a hint of instant cocoa 
mix. You look to the right of the bed, on the floor, and catch a glance behind the
bed. There you find a Red Key.

On the floor just right of the bed you pick up an Omelette. This isn’t a pretty 
omelette. It’s a hardened mass of egg on one side of a plate. Maybe it was supposed
to be fried, but life was just too hard for these eggs and they settled for slightly
congealed. There’s a strange red goo on part of the omelete, puddling on the plate.
It’s too orangey to be katsup. You stick a finger in it, and instantly regret that 
decision. It actually stings. You hope this goo isn’t toxic, imagining a team in 
Haz-mat suits arriving to properly dispose of these plates. Now you know why Global
Warming was delayed this year.

Under the bed, near the left side of the frame, you find a Spatula. Perhaps you’re 
going to cook some omelettes of your own. Omelettes with marshmallow and bacon and 
a few spices you keep in your backpack along with the screwdriver… oh, hey, the 
spice rack is gone from your backpack, too. Darn those little green men. 
No omelettes for them, that’s for certain.
There’s a screen on the wall above the bed. Looking closer, you see a gray blob on 
the bottom right corner. You scrape the blob with your Spatula and reveal a small 
gray dot. Clicking on the dot, you take a round gray Coin. Maybe you can pay 
someone for a screwdriver.

You turn to the right and see a small bookshelf next to a row of drawers. You look 
behind the bookshelf on the left side and find the Blue Key. The area behind the 
drawers on the right side seems promising, but it’s empty, perhaps the manditory 
red herring area every one of these rooms seems to have.

There’s a red square on the ceiling. You try throwing your coin at it, absent a
rare Japanese weapon, but nothing happens.

You unlock the red drawer and find a second Omelette. And, joy of all joys, you 
find your Screwdriver!

You unlock the blue drawer and there’s Omelette number three. It’s been a long time
since you’ve unlocked a drawer and not found food. It’s been an even longer time 
since you’ve found something worth eating. You tuck the omelette into your backpack,
carefully avoiding the red goo. You pick up a pair of Scissors as well. You throw 
those at the red square on the ceiling, but only succeed in gouging the floor a little.

Looking to the right, you see a tall set of shelves and a table. There’s a fourth 
Omelette under the table.

Behind the shelves on the left side, you see a red sheet of paper stuck to the back 
of the shelves. You take the Paper. Using the Scissors, you cut the red paper, 
instinctively, into two red dots. You have no idea why you did this, but you did it
quite happily.

There’s a small tile box on top of the table. While you know what to do here, you 
realize that you haven’t seen the image you’re supposed to form with the tiles. 
This is known as fateful foreshadowing in adventureland. You delay gratification,
and wait.

Moving to the right, you look at the book again, take your Coin, and scrape away 
at the gray square. You see a penguin with a freakishly died yellow mohawk eating
an anchovy. Yummy. Or at least better than the omelettes. 
Now you know how to solve the tile puzzle.
You also use the Screwdriver to remove the plate on the door. 
There’s the combination lock for later.

You move back to the left and address the tile puzzle, quickly forming the penguin
picture and taking a Yellow Key from within.

Turning to the left, you unlock the yellow drawer and find a fifth disgusting 
Omelette. There’s a pair of Binoculars.

You use the Binoculars to look at the red square on the ceiling. It’s a heavy red 
rectangle. Maybe it’s the same stuff they used to make the red goo for the omelettes.
You think for a minute, then realize why you cut tiny red paper circles. They fit 
perfectly over the binocular lenses.

You look again at the red square on the ceiling and see an image in red. It looks 
like the number 353, with the center bar removed from the first three. That’s 
definitely something to try with the mosaic under the video screen.

Moving left twice, you look again at the video screen near the floor and recreate
the design you saw on the ceiling using the mosaic tiles. But nothing happens. You
try it with all the tiles reversed, and still nothing. Confusing.

Maybe the image was upside down? You try arranging the tiles in the same design, 
only reversed. It spells out the letters ESC. And suddenly a design in four colors
appears on the screen.

By clicking the button on the right, you can change the design three times. 
By rapidly doing so, you realize you’re forming numbers. There’s a blue 6, then 
a red 8, then a yellow 9, then a green 3.

You try the combination 6893 in the door, and the lock clicks. You’re able to exit
the room and alert Homeland Security about the dangerous substance corroding those
omelettes. You go home, regretting the lost opportunity to create smores with t
he bedspread.

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