The Optimized Straightforward Walkthru for Neuromancer (PC version)


This FAQ is copyright (c) 2008 by Stanley E. Dunigan (

This FAQ may be posted and used anywhere by anyone as long as it's unaltered,
but always check or for the latest version.


Since William Gibson first wrote the great cyberpunk classic novel Neuromancer
in 1984, there has been very little in the way of tie-ins. Gibson wrote some
sequels, and Interplay made a now-ancient computer game based on the original
book. There was talk of a movie version years ago, but nothing came of it, and
I doubt anything ever will. So what's a good neurophile got to work with
besides the classic books? Just that ancient game, which thankfully runs well
under Windows XP (and probably Vista).

This FAQ is a complete walkthru of the game that has been optimized and
organized to make it fast and easy to complete the game. I don't list all of
the reference-style information, like where in the game to get all the link
codes and such, or encourage you to do unnecessary things. In true walkthru
fashion, I just tell you the answers without rationalizing them. If you want a
reference-style FAQ or one that's written like some dumb story, look elsewhere.


Added to the official website list in the copyright info, added
a tip for pressing the R key to stop the theme music when it starts playing, and
removed an unneeded reference to upgrading Hardware Repair at the end of Step 5.


This is the original release of this FAQ, so I have no special notes or credits
to report yet.


ANNOYING MUSIC TIP: Before starting the walkthru, I just wanted to tell you how
to stop the loud, annoying theme music when it starts up. Do something that
causes a brief sound effect, like pressing the R key if you don't have a ROM
construct. Some other ways include pressing P in a room with a PAX machine and
typing in a random number code, or operating a deck in a room with a jack and
entering an invalid link code.

*** STEP 1: Get out of the Chatsubo without being arrested. ***

Press P to access the nearby PAX machine, then enter the correct copy
protection code. (It can be gotten from the dumb wheel gadget that came with
the game, or from my NEURODOC.EXE program if you have that.) Access the banking
interlink, then download all 2000 of your credits.

Press I to bring up your inventory menu, then choose the credits and use the
"give" operation. Type in 46 and press ENTER, and Ratz will consider himself
paid. This will keep you from being arrested and fined $500 when you leave.

*** STEP 2: Get a deck so you can access comlink databases. ***

After leaving the Chatsubo, walk along to the right until you find Shin's pawn
shop. Go inside and tell Shin that you don't have the money for your UXB deck,
and he'll give it to you for free. After you're back outside, bring up your
inventory and discard the pawn ticket, since you won't need it anymore.

*** STEP 3: Get Comlink 6.0. ***

Go to the Gentleman Loser so you'll have access to a jack, then choose your UXB
from inventory and operate it with Comlink 1.0. If the stupid thing gives you a
hardware failure, keep trying until you get the screen where you enter a link

Enter CHEAPO for the link code and COCKROACH for the password. You'll now be
steadily losing money, so do the following very quickly. Press 4 and then O,
then type 1000 and press ENTER. That pays your bill, so press X and then 1 to
get room service. Press 1 to order some caviar, then go back to the Edit Bill
feature and repeat that process (typing 1200 this time instead of 1000) to get
that paid for.

Enter the Cheap Hotel to pick up your caviar, then head down to Crazy Edo's
place (near Asano's and the House of Pong). When you enter, Edo will offer to
trade you Comlink 2.0 for the caviar. Accept, then say you're just browing so
you can exit back to the street right away.

Return to the Cheap Hotel and use Comlink 2.0 to connect to the Panther Moderns
database with the CHAOS link code and MAINLINE password. Quickly access their
software library and download Comlink 3.0. Exit the connection, then use
Comlink 3.0 to connect to the SEA database (link code SOFTEN, password
PERMAFROST) and download Comlink 4.0 and Sequencer 1.0.

You now have the max of five warez on your UXB, so erase Comlinks 1.0 thru 3.0.
Then use Comlink 4.0 to connect to the Eastern Seaboard database (link code
EASTSEABOD, password LONGISLAND) and download Comlink 5.0.

Erase Comlink 4.0, then use Comlink 5.0 to connect to Tozoku (link code YAKUZA,
password YAK) and download Comlink 6.0, Blowtorch 1.0, and Decoder 1.0.

*** STEP 4: Make some easy money. ***

Use Comlink 6.0 to connect to Hosaka (link code HOSAKACORP, password FUNGEKI),
then upload Comlink 6.0 to them to get an easy $7,500.

While still linked to Hosaka, choose to look at their new employee list. You
can press the number for any employee, then press E for edit, and then type in
your name and BAMA ID. Use the name you entered when you started a new game,
and use the BAMA ID of 056306118.

Go all the way over to the maximum security gate area and talk to the computer
there. Say that you work for Hosaka (you'll have to type HOSAKA in at a
prompt), and you'll be able to go through the gate. Enter the Hosaka building
in order to get your weekly pay of $10,000 added to your credit chip.

Return to the Cheap Hotel and access its PAX machine. Go to the bulletin board
section and choose to send a message. Type the name ARMITAGE in for the "to:"
field, then press ENTER and type in your BAMA ID number, which is 056306118.
Press ESC and choose to send the message, then leave the bulletin board and
access the banking interlink to see that you can now download $10,000. Do so!

Use Comlink 6.0 to link to the Bank of Zurich using the link code of BOZOBANK.
On the bank's title screen, press I and then select Sequencer 1.0. It'll get
you access, even though there's no password. Choose to open a new account, and
deposit 1000 credits into it.

Exit the connection, then link to Bank Gemeinschaft (link code BANKGEMEIN,
password VERBOTEN). Choose the Funds Transfer option and enter 646328356481 for
the source account number. Type BOZOBANK for the destination bank link code,
30000 for the amount to transfer, and 712345450134 for the destination account
number. That's a lot of typing, but you can now link to the Bank of Zurich
again and download $31,000 to your credit chip, bringing its total up to nearly

*** STEP 5: Get some useful skills. ***

Go to the Gentleman Loser and talk to the woman there. Choose the dialogue topic
that allows you to type something in, and type CHIP. Take the Cryptology chip,
then choose it from inventory and operate it in order to get it installed. (It's
not actually a skill you'll be using, but it's free.)

Go to Julius Deane's office across from Maas Biolabs' locked door and ask Deane
about CHIP. Buy his Philosophy and Phenomonology chips, then implant both of
them in the usual way.

Go to the Metro Holografix shop and tell the Finn that you're looking for some
hot softwarez. Exit from his warez menu and talk to him again, and this time
ask him about CHIP. Buy his ICE Breaking and Debug chips, then implant them.

Ask the Finn about JOYSTICK, then buy it. Go over to the nearby House of Pong
and talk to the monk there. Say you're there to learn about the One True
Computer Game, then say that 20 years is a bit longer than you'd planned to
wait, and that he must be leading up to something. Ask what happens if you
bring him the Holy Joystick, then choose the joystick from inventory and give
it to him. You can then get the Zen and Sophistry skill chips from him for
free. (Don't forget to implant them.)

Go back to the Gentleman Loser and talk to the woman there. Say you want to ask
her some questions, then choose to ask her about PASS. That'll get you a free
pass to the Matrix Restaurant, which is entered from the screen that's one to
the right of the screen with the House of Pong and Asano's place.

Enter the restaurant and talk to the Emperor Norton. Ask him about chips, then
buy and install the Logic chip. Next, ask him about UPGRADES so you can pay to
upgrade Debug to level 4.

*** STEP 6: Prepare for cyberspace. ***

Go to Asano's and ask him why Crazy Edo calls him a pig. Say that you notice
he doesn't like Edo, then call Edo a gnat's eyeball. That way, you'll get a
discount on Asano's decks. You have enough money to buy the Cyberspace VII, so
you might as well get that one.

Go to inventory and discard your old UXB, then go to the Cheap Hotel. Use
Comlink 6.0 with your new deck, then choose to enter a link code. Use the code
KEISATSU and the password SUPERTAC, then choose to edit the warrants. Press the
number for any warrant, then press E to edit it. Enter the name LARRY MOE and
the BAMA ID 062788138, then exit the system.

You can now go to the nearby Microsofts store and enter the backroom where
Lupus Yonderboy hangs out. Say you want him to answer some questions, then ask
him about PASS. Buy the security pass from him, then walk all the way over to
the maximum security gate and tell the computer that you work for Hosaka to get
through again.

Enter the Sense/Net building, then bring up your inventory list. Choose the
security pass, then "give" it to the computer. When it asks you for the ROM
construct number, type in 0467839. That'll get you the Dixie Flatline ROM
construct, which can be useful in cyberspace since it can debug warez for you
in the middle of an ICE battle (you can't).

Enter the nearby Musabori building and use Comlink 6.0 to link in to the
Gentleman Loser database (link code LOSER, password LOSER). Go to its software
library and download Hammer 1.0.

*** STEP 7: Gain free access to cyberspace. ***

Return to the Cheap Hotel and use Comlink 6.0 with your deck to enter
cyberspace. Quickly move seven spaces to the right and one forward, and choose
to enter the database. As soon as you're in, press I and start firing your ICE
breakers at it.

NOTE: I've heard that you should use your ICE Breaking skill from your skills
list right before you start firing ICE-breaking warez, but I've never noticed a
significant difference when I did this. I suspect that it's an automatic skill,
meaning it's always active during ICE battles whether you explicitly use it or
not. However, I'm not entirely sure, so you might as well use the skill just in
case it helps.

Try Decoder 1.0, Blowtorch 1.0, and Hammer 1.0 to see which one is most
effective (it's random), then use it a few times in a row before switching to
another one. Remember to press I and choose your next attack right after the
last one hits. You should be able to crack the base eventually, though it'll
probably manage to damage some of your warez. (You can debug them using the
Dixie Flatline or wait and do it yourself outside cyberspace.)

Once you're in, quickly download the Cyberspace 1.0, Thunderhead 1.0,
Blowtorch 3.0, and Decoder 2.0 warez, then exit the database and cyberspace. To
help keep your deck uncluttered, delete Comlink 5.0, Decoder 1.0, and Blowtorch

From now on, you can use the Cyberspace 1.0 program instead of Comlink 6.0 to
access cyberspace for free.

*** STEP 8: Build up your warez inventory. ***

First, break into the same database again and download several more copies of
Thunderhead 1.0, since it disappears from your warez list every time you use
it. (All viruses do.)

Jack out, walk over to the Gentleman Loser, jack back in, and break into the
database at 416,64. It's a tough base, so hit it with Thunderhead 1.0 first off,
then keep pounding it with your ICE breakers until you get in. There's a good
chance that you'll be flatlined by this base, so you'd better save your game
before attacking it so you can restore and try again if necessary. (*Never* play
on after being flatlined!)

Once you're in, download Slow 1.0 and Drill 1.0, and also Injector 1.0 several
times since it's another virus program. Exit cyberspace long enough for your
constitution to get back up to 2000, and debug any warez that got damaged.
Reenter cyberspace and break into the database at 272,64. Starting now, use
Slow 1.0 and then a virus, and only then start in with the ICE breakers. When
the first virus wears off, fire off another kind.

In the IRS database, download Jammies 1.0 and Hammer 2.0. Rest up outside of
cyberspace if necessary, and delete the now-useless Hammer 1.0. Jack back in
and hit the database at 320,32, using the same routine as on the IRS database.
Once inside, you can download Doorstop 1.0, which is another ICE breaker

Erase all but one copy of Thunderhead 1.0, then break into the database at
352,64 and download several copies of Thunderhead 2.0 to replace them. Then
break into the database at 480,80 and download Drill 2.0 and several copies of
Acid 1.0. Jack out to rest up, debug warez, and delete Drill 1.0.

Walk over to the maximum security gate, say you work for Hosaka, and then go
into the Musabori building. You're taking your break-ins to the next level of
difficulty, so once again save your game before you jack in. (Or right before
you attack a database.)

Break into the databases at 32,192 and 112,240 for ICE-breaking practice, then
jack out and delete all copies of Injector 1.0, and make sure you have enough
slots for three new programs besides however many Injector 2.0 copies you want.
Remember that your deck can hold a max of 25 warez at once.

Save your game again, because the base at 144,160 can be really hard to break
into, and may take a *lot* of tries. Be sure to use Slow 1.0 and Thunderhead
2.0 on it, then hope you get lucky guessing which two ICE breakers will
randomly work best against it so you can start using those soon enough to win.

When you finally manage it, download Hammer 4.0, Slow 2.0, Concrete 1.0, and a
few copies of Injector 2.0. Erase Slow 1.0 and Hammer 2.0 after you exit
cyberspace to make room on your deck.

*** STEP 9: Gain unrestricted cyberspace zone access. ***

Go all the way over to the spaceport and buy a ticket to Freeside. Once there,
enter the Bank of Berne and tell the secretary that you want to open an account
there. Talk to her again and assure her that you really do have money, then go
into the manager's office.

Erase any warez that you can do without, then jack in and attack the database
at 464,160. Hit it with Slow 2.0 and Injector 2.0, then lay into it with
Hammer 4.0, Concrete 1.0, and whatever else seems to work well against it.

When you break in, you'll be able to download Slow 3.0, Depth Charge 3.0,
Python 3.0 (a new virus), KGB 1.0, Armorall 1.0, and Easyrider 1.0. Download the
first three of those first, just in case your deck fills up and you have to
break in again after clearing stuff out. It'll be a lot easier with those

You don't need KGB 1.0, but you do definitely want to get Armorall 1.0 and
Easyrider 1.0. After jacking out, run the Easyrider 1.0 program to get it turned
on, which enables you to access all of cyberspace from any jack. There's no need
to travel around to different jacks for different zones now.

*** STEP 10: Start bashing the AIs. ***

Enter cyberspace and attack the base at 432,240. Start with Slow 3.0 and Python
3.0, then use Depth Charge 3.0, Hammer 4.0, and others until the base is
cracked. You also might want to use Armorall 1.0 after the second time you get
hit, though it probably won't be necessary. Once you're in, upgrade your four
AI-bashing skills (Logic, Philosophy, Phenomenology, and Sophistry) to level 5.

Go to the base at 96,32 and smash through its weak ICE easily. When Chrome
appears, use your Philosophy skill on him. That should finish him off in one
hit. There's nothing in the database that you want, so move on over to 160,80
and repeat the process, this time using the Logic skill to bash the AI.

You're not yet interested in the only program that database has, so glide on
over to 352,112 and attack that database's AI. Start with Sophistry, then use
any other AI-bashing skill to finish her off. The warez there are all total
junk, so head on over to 448,32 and get after Hal. Use Logic on him, plus any
other AI-busting skill if necessary.

Hal's site actually has some good warez upgrades, so download Blowtorch 4.0 and
Decoder 4.0, then delete your old versions of those programs. Go to 288,208
next and attack the base there. You're starting to get back into tough-ICE
territory, so use a virus on this one, and use Armorall 1.0 after taking two

When you get to the AI, start with Phenomenology, then alternate between the
other AI-bashing skills. After she's toast, exit her database and go over to
336,160. After trashing that database's ICE, use Philosophy and then other AI-
bashing skills to beat its AI.

There's nothing in this database's software library that you need, but you can
get a whole lot of money here. You probably won't need to, but you might as
well, to make sure you don't ever run out. Read the next paragraph for details
on doing it, or skip ahead to Step 11 if you don't want to bother.

Choose Funds Transfer, then type in 121519831200 for the source account number
and LYMA1211MARZ for the source authorization code. Type in 500000 for the
transfer amount, then enter BOZOBANK for the destination bank link code and
712345450134 for the destination account number. Jack out, then use Comlink 6.0
to connect to the Bank of Zurich (link code BOZOBANK, use Sequencer 1.0 on the
starting screen) so you can transfer all of that to your credit chip. You're one
rich cowboy now!

*** STEP 11: Get the best warez that exist. ***

The next AI in line of difficulty is on a board with ICE that's too tough for
now, so go to 336,240 and break into that database so you can download Concrete
2.0, Drill 3.0, Jammies 2.0, and several each of Thunderhead 3.0 and Injector

Delete obsolete programs to free up space, then go break into the base at 160,
320. It has some really tough ICE, so be sure to keep using viruses against it,
and use Armorall 1.0 after taking two hits. When you make it in, you'll be able
to download Jammies 3.0, Hammer 5.0, Armorall 2.0, and some more Thunderhead
3.0 and Injector 3.0 viruses.

Delete obsolete warez again, then save your game -- you've just moved up to the
next-to-last "level" of bases, and they're going to be really hard to crack,
even if you use Slow 3.0, viruses, Armorall 2.0 (twice), etc.

The first of these horridly hard databases you hit should be the one at 448,
320. If you can make it in, you'll be able to download Armorall 3.0, Hammer
6.0, Logic Bomb 3.0, Doorstop 4.0, and some Injector 5.0 viruses. They should
help quite a bit with the next two databases.

Next, go for the database at 416,368. In it, you can download Slow 4.0 and the
viruses Python 5.0 and Acid 3.0. They'll make breaking into the database at
384,288 fairly easy, and you can get some copies of the Thunderhead 4.0 and
Acid 5.0 viruses there.

Now you're ready to hit the KGB database and download the very best warez in the
game. Make sure you have no more than 19 programs on your deck -- delete some
viruses and low-grade ICE breakers if you have to. Go to cyberspace coords 112,
416 and attack the database there with the best stuff you've got. When you get
to the AI, use Logic on him, followed by other AI-bashing skills if necessary.

Once you get past the AI, you'll be able to download such great warez as Slow
5.0, Armorall 4.0, Logicbomb 6.0, Concrete 5.0, Depth Charge 8.0, and Jammies
4.0. Yes! You will now be able to easily bash any database's ICE by hitting it
first with Slow 5.0 and any version-5.0 virus, then bashing it with Logicbomb
6.0, Concrete 5.0, and Depth Charge 8.0, not forgetting to use Armorall 4.0
after every hit you take.

*** STEP 12: Get Cybereyes. ***

The first step in getting the ultimate cyberspace deck is to break into the Maas
Biolabs database, which is at 112,480. You should have little trouble with the
ICE, and the AI will fall after you hit him with Phenomenology and a few other
AI-bashing skills. (Your Logic skill is probably highest, and will do the most

Once you're in, access the security systems so you can turn off the lawbot
alarm and unlock the Maas building's main entrance. After that's done, exit
cyberspace and fly back to Chiba City.

Before you try to enter the Maas Biolabs area, go to Julius Deane's office
across the street and ask him about HARDWARE. Buy the gas mask, then operate it
from the inventory menu to put it on.

Now you can enter Maas Biolabs safely and tell the computer to implant the
Cybereyes device in you. Use it instead of your Cyberspace VII deck from now on,
since it'll let you store 32 programs at once instead of 25.

*** STEP 13: Finish the game. ***

Jack into cyberspace from the Cheap Hotel and go re-raid the databases at 384,
288, 416,368, and 448,320. Download several copies of each of the best viruses
on each base.

Now go attack the database at 384,416 and battle the last AI that you can use
the standard skill attacks against. (Start with Sophistry.) There's nothing on
the base that you want except for AI-bashing skill practice.

Go back to the database at 160,80 and break in, this time downloading the
Battlechess 4.0 program. Then break into the database at 320,464 so you can
speak with the AI named Phantom. Don't attack him with your skills, but instead
press I and choose to use the Battlechess 4.0 program on him.

He'll let you into his database without a fight, and you'll be able to download
the Hemlock 1.0 program. Break into the database at 208,208 next, and use the
Hemlock program against its AI to take him out in one shot. After he's gone,
download the Kuang Eleven 1.0 program.

If you've read the Neuromancer novel, you'll know what's coming next. You're
going after Neuromancer himself with the Kuang program. His database is at 432,
464, so go on over there and break through the ICE.

However, when you reach Neuromancer, you won't have a chance to use the Kuang
program. He'll immediately take you to some dumb beach area and yap at you for
awhile, then leave you to die.

What you need to do is hit S to access your skills menu, then use some of your
AI-bashing skills to break out of the prison. They won't seem to have any
effect at first, but after you use three or so of them, you'll finally be in a
position to attack Neuromancer.

Fire off the Kuang Eleven 1.0 program to start with, then follow up with your
best AI-busting skills. Ol' Neuro should soon crumble, leaving you the winner!

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