Nancy Drew – Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Walkthrough

Nancy Drew - Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Walkthrough

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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Walkthrough
by The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2006

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Table of Contents:
001. General information
002. Characters
003. Walkthrough
004. Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the PC game called Nancy Drew:
Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. It's the thirteenth game
in the Nancy Drew series, in which you play as Nancy Drew
and go around and solve mysteries.

If you want to contact me, e-mail, but make the subject blank
if you do. If you want to reproduce this guide in some
fashion, you should contact me before doing so.

002- Characters

Nancy Drew: Our heroine! She's a super-mystery solver, and
she's on a mystery-related vacation.

Lori Girard: A rich girl who organized the train ride to
Copper Gorge. She doesn't seem particularly smart, and she
wants to be a romance novelist like Charleena Purcell.

John Grey: A scientist/ghost hunter who stars in a TV show
about ghost hunting. It's supposed to be very scientific,
but it seems as if he's just making things up sometimes.
Charleena Purcell: A romance novelist who specializes in
the old west days. She's working on her next novel on a
deadline, so she doesn't do much in this game besides sit
down and write.

Tino Balducci: A police officer who is famous for foiling a
pair of criminals, even though most people think he was
just lucky. He seems a little self-absorbed. Lori has a
thing for his eyes.

Frank and Joe Hardy: Two detectives who work together and
solve mysteries. They're friends of Nancy's.

Bess Marvin and George Fayne: Nancy's two friends who live
in her home town. Nancy can call them whenever she wants.

Jake Hurley: The owner of the train. He disappeared
mysteriously one day, after finding a gold mine.

Camille Hurley: Jake's wife, who died on the train. Her
ghost is rumored to be haunting the train. She liked dolls.

Thomas Wilson: A man who sold Jake Hurley a lamp that runs
off of calcium carbide.

Ruth Kensington: Jake's niece, who gave up on solving the
mystery of where his gold mine is.

Buell: A pawn-shop owner who has Jake's pick ax and

Fatima: The great, great niece of Buell.

James Thurston: Jake's engineer, who died mysteriously on
the train.

Old man: The grandson of James Thurston, who talks about
his grandfather whenever he hears a bell ring.

Abraham Lincoln: Sixteenth President of the United States,
and friend of Jake Hurley.


In this game, you can choose two levels, junior detective,
and senior detective. The difference between the levels is
that at junior level, Bess and George give you hints, and
you get a fancy check-list that tells you what you need to

The game starts with Lori welcoming everyone on the train.
The various people are John Grey, who is the star of a cool
TV show called Ghost Hunters, Charleena Purcell, who is a
romance novelist, Tino Balducci, a famous police detective,
and the Hardy Boys and Nancy.

Lori doesn't seem to care about the Hardy Boys (who were
invited because their dad knows her dad) or Nancy (who was
invited by the Hardy Boys). Instead, she brushes them off
and gets to the important stuff: the mystery. See, the
train they're on belonged to Jake Hurley, who owned a gold
mine. Jake was the only person who knew the location of
the mine, but died without telling anyone where it is.

The whole thing is a mystery because Jake Hurley's train
showed up in Blue Moon Cavern one day with the engineer
dead and Jake missing (he was never heard from again).
There's a rumor that the train is haunted by Camille,
Jake's dead wife who died on the train, too.

All of a sudden, the lights go off and Lori screams. When
the lights turn back on, she is missing. John Grey walks
off, muttering about how people should not go messing with
things they don't understand. Charleena scoffs at the
situation, and Tino, seeing that everyone is calm, orders
everyone to calm down while he uses his super-police
detective skills to solve the case.

Nancy and the Hardy Boys split up to follow the other three
people on the train (this doesn't get explicitly stated,
but that's what happens). Nancy tags Charleena Purcell,
who merely goes to the next room and starts writing on her

Nancy talks to Charleena, who isn't worried about Lori
disappearing because she thinks it's just a publicity stunt
(Lori has done stuff like that before). Nancy mentions
that she called Charleena in "Secret of Shadow Ranch"
(another Nancy Drew game), but Charleena doesn't remember
her at all.

Joe Hardy interrupts you. Turn right, then go straight to
find the Hardy Boys at the table. Talk to them.

Frank (the one with black hair) followed John Grey, who
went into a train car and weird noises soon followed. Joe
followed Tino Balducci, who took something off the floor
and went to his car. Joe does a pretty good imitation of

Nancy wonders if anyone has talked to the engineer. No one
has, so Nancy volunteers. Go past the Hardy Boys to the
small kitchen area where there's a telephone that's
connected to the engineer. Pick it up and talk to the

The engineer isn't worried at all about Lori and hangs up
on you. There's nothing left to do in the kitchen except
look at the stove (Nancy notes that there is a square and a
duck on the front) and the steam valve.

Head back to the room with the Hardy Boys. On the side
opposite of them, you can look in the trunk for an ad for a
salmon seller, check out the eagle painting (try moving it
to find there's something behind it) and examine the shoes
on the armchair (which belong to Sadie Crawford,

Try talking to Charleena Purcell again. She's busy writing
her next novel, so she's not going to bother to solve the
mystery. She gives you background information on Jake
Hurley and his wife and such. She figures she was invited
on the trip not for her detective skills, but for her vast
knowledge of the time period Jake Hurley lived in.

Head through the door by Charleena to get to the next car
of the train...the sleeping car. Turn left to find a
puzzle in the corner of the car. You have to put the
pieces together to form the picture on top of the puzzle.
You can rotate the pieces by right-clicking.

Once you finish the puzzle, you get a note from Jake that
says he left the pick ax and lamp with Buell for
safe-keeping. Buell must have been someone Jake knew. He
also says that to open what's closed, lead is the key. Well
gee, that's kind of...mysterious.

Go to the other end of the car. In one corner is a poem
about two dolls. One is Edna the Terrible who cries and
wants to be heard and the other is Yawning Alice who wants
to sleep.

In the other corner is a grate. If you closely examine the
handle, you find a four-digit combination lock. Guessing
would probably take a while, so go to the next car. Go
down the car and head to the room at the end to find John

John is doing work on his ghost and science related stuff.
Talk to him and explore the room. On the couch is a metal
slug with a 7 on it, along with a book about samplers.
Across from the couch is a game.

Wind up the game and play it. The goal of the game is to
get the horse to much all the fences (make it jump by
pressing the red button). You can beat the game by holding
the mouse over the red button and rapid-fire clicking,
which is simpler than doing it the "correct" way, which is
to play the game until you get a good feel for when to time
your jumps.

When you win the game, you get a copy of "Camptown Races",
a song by Stephen Foster. Yay! Try playing it on the
piano, and John complains about you hurting his ears, the
big baby.

The other things to do in the train are to look inside the
plain box to find a receipt for a Teddy Eberhardt doll,
look at the paper behind the truck to find a poem about
Sickly Sara (who has a blue and green eye). You should
also check the desk-drawer to find a hair ribbon for
Thomasina O'Neill (all these doll-related items have a
point, trust me).

Also in the drawer is a diagram of the keyboard notes, in
case you don't know how to play the piano. On the desk is a
locked box.

Check out the grate by the door to note that it has weird
bolts, and examine the sampler to find the doll called
Awful Ursula, who has red hair. You can see all the
symbols have numbers attached to them, which becomes
important later.

Head to the next train car, and Bess and George call. Talk
to them and tell them that Lori has disappeared. They agree
with Charleena that the whole disappearance is a publicity
stunt. Nancy talks to them about other things and the
conversation ends.

You can call George and Bess whenever you want to in this
game. For now, head to the next car, where Tino Balducci
is. Talk to him to learn that he's...kind of self-absorbed.
Nancy points out a hole in his story, and Tino reacts with
stony silence, and then a "You heard wrong."

Tino blames the fact that whenever someone gets popular,
everyone else likes to make fun of them, which is why late-
night comedians tend to make fun of famous people.

Talk to Tino about what he found, which is a slug just like
the one you found except it has a 3 on it. He gives it to
you and leaves you free to explore the room.

In this room, you can examine the periodic table of the
elements to see the various names of different metals,
which is handy because the metals are harder to remember
(Fe stands for iron, Pb stands for lead, etc.). Below the
table is a locked cigar box marked Ag. According to the
periodic table, Ag stands for silver, probably because it
comes from the ancient Greek word for silver, "arguros".

Also below the periodic table is a book on gemstones and a
picture of Camille with Hagar Anderson and Chantilly
Hildegard. Opposite of the periodic table is Jake's
personal stamp and a board game (Leaping Lizards!).

You can find a gemstone under the globe in this room and by
the couch is a note saying that Camille bought a doll
called Eliza Sandberger who has a decorative red ribbon.
How sweet.

There's a grate below the picture in the wall. Open it to
find a pipe puzzle. You have to rotate the pipes until they
connect.  Here's a diagram of what the pipes end up looking
like, with S standing for straight pipes, B standing for
bent pipes, and 3 standing for pipes with 3 ends: 

       B  B  B        B
       B  3  3        B
 BB333BB  3333  BBSSSBB
 B  3     3  3  B
 B  3     B  S  3
    3  B     S  3
    3  3     B  B
    3333  BBBB  BBBB
    3  3  B        B
    B  B  3        B

Leave the room and head to the other end of the car to find
that the door, which has a picture of an owl and cherries
on it, is locked. Examine the weighing machine to find a
bunch of symbols that look like the ones on the sampler.

The concept here is easy. Each picture had a number with it
on the sampler, right? You need to use the scales and slugs
to reach that number in terms of weight. The right scale
adds weight, while the left scale takes away weight.

The owl had seven and the cherries had ten. Put the seven
slug on the right scale to reach seven, which lights up the
owl button. Then put the three slug on the right scale to
reach ten (seven plus three) to light up the cherry button.

The catch to the scale puzzle is that you can only use a
certain number of slugs to light up a picture (since the
cherries are second from the right, it takes two slugs,
since the owl is one from the right, it takes one slug...),
which comes into play later.

For now, the door opens because you lit up the owl and
cherries. The square and duck are next, and Nancy notes
they look familiar. Since you saw them on the stove in the
kitchen area, I'll bet lighting those two up opens up the
stove in the kitchen.

Go to the next car, which has a lot of scientific-looking
equipment. Examine the dresser by the door to find it has
four drawers. Take the 8 slug from the top drawer. In the
second drawer is a note saying "Silver is orange, blue,
green, red, purple, yellow." I bet that's the combination
to the locked cigar box marked silver.

The third drawer has complicated-looking plans hidden under
a false bottom.  The bottom drawer has a note about a doll,
Naughty Tina, which has a fractured skull.

Go back to Tino's room and go to the cigar box under the
periodic table. Enter the six colors into the lock in the
order you found on the paper (orange blue green red purple
yellow) to get the lock.

Open the cigar box to find a letter about a lamp that Jake
bought from Thomas Wilson. Thomas explains how to work the
lamp (it needs calcium carbide, which, when placed in water
produces acetylene, which is a flammable gas that's just
perfect for lamp-related purposes).

Also in the cigar box are instructions on how to dance
Hurley's Whirly Burly, which Nancy decides to keep for some

Head back to the room with the machinery, and you'll notice
the exit door is locked. Use the key-code left of the door
to open it. The key-code is a random sequence of buttons
you have to push, so you just have to guess until you get
it right. If you get a button right, it stays pressed down.
This is just like in "Nancy Drew: The Final Scene" where
you had to open an electrified gate, or like in "Nancy
Drew: Stay Tuned For Danger" where you had to open a locked
door to escape from the studio.

Once you get the code, the door is unlocked. Go through it
to reach the last car of the train where you find Lori.
Looks like she was faking it after all! She gives you a
letter that Jake Hurley wrote to his niece Ruth Kensington
which reveals the location of his mine.

Read the letter to find out that it's full of obscure
clues. It says you first need a map, then a projector (to
figure out how to place the stones, you need to ask the
person who holds a warm place in Jake's heart, whose name
is stored accordingly). In order to get the name, though,
you need to give the dolls an order, which requires
looking inside Camille's dancing shoes for the name of
their maker and doing her favorite step with the shoes.
Also to work the projector, you need to use the four words
of Camille, translate them into numbers, and use them in
combination. You should let Camille's goodness rub off on
you, too. wonder Ruth wasn't able to find the gold mine!
Those are some strange instructions!

There's a dance floor in this room, so look at it. Nancy
sees Camille's dancing shoes, but can't read the name, and
figures George and Bess might help. Call them, and they say
if you send them a picture of the shoes, they'll find it
out. Once you finish talking to them, take a picture of the
shoes and send it to them.

Nancy can use the shoes to dance with. Since we already
have detailed instructions on how to dance Hurley's Whirly
Burly, let's try doing that one. Look at the instructions,
then dance according to them on the dance floor.

Once you do the dance correctly, the cabinet behind you
opens to reveal Camille's doll collection, containing every
single doll you've come across in the game so far. A
gemstone falls when the cabinet opens; reach down and pick
it up.

In one corner of the room is a trunk with a wrench in it,
which Nancy identifies as the proper tool to open the grate
in John Grey's car. In the other corner is a letter puzzle,
which Nancy believes has something to do with the list of
cities that Jake mentioned in his letter to Ruth. Where
Nancy draws this conclusion from, I have no idea.

This is pretty simple: just find the names of the cities
spelled out in pieces that are adjacent to one another.
First spell out "Calico" in the bottom/left area,
"Silverado" in the second row from the bottom, "Central
City" starting against the right wall, "Dodge City" along
the right side, "Virginia City" in the middle/left and
"Tombstone" along the bottom to leave a one-block high row
of letters at the bottom.

The letters are n v r z t b a a. Go back to the machinery
room and turn right. Zoom in on the device to find out that
you can enter eight letters. Enter in n v r z t b a a to
get the machinery working. Yay! We've found the map!

Call Bess and George again to see the what the name of the
dancing shoes are. It's Chaussettes Chatoyantes, which is
French. Okay...what did Jake's letter say? We have to find
the name of the shoemakers in order to give the dolls an

Go back to Lori's room and open the doll cabinet. Hmmm...
how could the dolls be arranged in order according to
Chaussettes Chatoyantes? Maybe the initials of the dolls
could spell out "Chaussettes Chatoyantes"? That might work,
but how can you tell which doll is which?

Why, by using the information you've gotten from searching
the cars of the train. Let's recap all of the information

Sadie Crawford - her shoes were left on an armchair
Edna the Terrible – cries and wants to be heard
Yawning Alice – wants to sleep
Teddy Eberhardt – comes in a plaid box
Sickly Sara – has a blue and green eye
Thomasina O'Neill – her hair ribbon was left in a drawer
Awful Ursula – has red hair
Hagar Anderson – a picture of him is in Tino's room
Chantilly Hildegard – a picture of her is in Tino's room
Eliza Sandberger – has a decorative red ribbon
Naughty Tina - has a fractured skull.

So that's eleven dolls, or twenty-two initials. And
"Chaussettes Chatoyantes" has twenty-two letters. Yep, it
looks like you can use their initials to spell out
"Chaussettes Chatoyantes" by putting them in this order:

Chantilly Hildegard – a picture of her is in Tino's room
Awful Ursula – has red hair
Sickly Sara – has a blue and green eye
Edna the Terrible – cries and wants to be heard
Teddy Eberhardt – comes in a plaid box
Sadie Crawford - her shoes were left on an armchair
Hagar Anderson – a picture of him is in Tino's room
Thomasina O'Neill – her hair ribbon was left in a drawer
Yawning Alice – wants to sleep
Naughty Tina - has a fractured skull.
Eliza Sandberger – has a decorative red ribbon

You can use those clues to determine which doll is which.
Some of the less obvious ones to notice are Sadie Crawford
(recognize her by her lack of shoes), Thomasina O'Neill
(recognize her by her messy black hair), Teddy Eberhardt
(who has a kilt that is plaid like his box), Edna the
Terrible (who says "Ma ma"), Hagar Anderson (recognize him
by his suspenders) and Chantilly Hildegard (recognize her
by her red skirt).

Once all the dolls are in place, a drawer opens, letting
you have two more slugs. Remember, this is all supposed to
get us the name of a person who holds a warm place in
Jake's heart, who knows how to place the gemstones. Okay,
I'm not sure how that'll work, but I know how to work the
slugs, so go back to the weight machine and let's figure it

We want to light up the square and the duck. For the
square, we need to get four (using three slugs), and for
the duck, we need to get one (using four slugs). Okay...put
eight and three on the right weight and seven on the left
weight to get four. get one, we need seven and three on one scale
with eight and one on the other. Put one and two on the
right weight, then move three to the left weight. Then take
two off the right weight and the duck lights up. With any
luck, the stove in the dining car is open.

Talk to Tino to let him know that Lori's not lost anymore.
He and Lori apparently have a history together...hmmm...
take the gemstone underneath the globe in his room, then go
to the next car and talk to John. He figures that the vibes
he got earlier must have referred to Nancy, not Lori.
Sounds like a bad cover-up to me...Nancy ALWAYS gets into
dangerous situations in these games, usually at the end
where she has a confrontation with the bad guy.

Check out the grate in John's car, which you can open now
that you have the wrench from Lori's room. Unfortunately,
opening the grate is a puzzle because most of the screws
are inter-connected somehow. If you label the top row of
screws 1 2 3 4 and the bottom row 5 6 7 8, this is how they

Turning 1 turns 1 and 5.
Turning 2 turns 2 and 3.
Turning 3 turns 1 and 3.
Turning 4 turns 2 and 4.
Turning 5 turns 5, 6 and 8.
Turning 6 turns 6 and 8.
Turning 7 turns 7.
Turning 8 turns 7 and 8.

Oh boy, I like these logic puzzles! Okay, 7 is the only
screw that only turns one screw (itself), and 7 only gets
moved by screws 7 and 8. The strategy for getting those two
screws, obviously, is to turn 8 into place, then turn screw
7 into place.

8 can be turned by screws 5 and 6, which means those screws
should be put in place before we put screw 8 in place
(otherwise screw 8 gets displaced when you put screws 5 and
6 in place). Screw 5 turns screw 6, so screw 5 must be done
before screw 6 (for the same reason that screws 5 and 6
must be done before screw 8).

Okay, we're halfway done, because we know the last four
screws we have to turn need to be done in the order 5 6 8
7. Let's see...5 only gets turned by 1 and 5, so 1 must be
done before 5. 1 gets turned by 1 and 3, so 3 must be done
before 1. 3 only gets turned by 3 and 2, so 2 must be done
before 3, and 2 only gets turned by 2 and 4, so 4 comes
before 2.

This means that you should put the screws in place in this
order: 4 2 3 1 5 6 8 7.

When the screws are in place, the grate opens and get have
more pipes to connect. The blue pipes all turn at the same
time, as do the red ones. This is good news, because it
means I don't have to try to do another picture of how the
pipes go.

Move the blue pipes three times, and move the red pipes
once. Then move all the green pipes into place and the pipe
mystery is solved. Yay!

Time to tell the Hardy Boys about Lori. Go through the
sleeping car, but before going through the exit, take the
gemstone from the eye of the sleeping goat on the wall
facing the exit. Then go through the exit.

Talk to Charleena and tell her about Lori. You can talk to 
her about how about how Lori wants to be a romance novelist
(doesn't everyone?), but Charleena doesn't think Lori can
do it.

Go to talk to the Hardy Boys. Since Nancy's to-do list says
so, tell them about the note concerning Buell (the one you
got in the sleeping car that said Jake left his pick ax and
lantern with Buell for safe-keeping). This should be
important because the blueprints to the projector
apparently require a pick ax and lantern.

Frank and Joe found a picture of Buell's Supply and Pawn
Shop in Copper Gorge. The train is going to Copper Gorge,
so hopefully the store will still be there. You can also
talk to them about Jake's engineer, whose name is unknown.

Go to the kitchen area. The stove is unlocked now, so open
it to read a note that says the engineer's name was James
Thurston. Hmmm...okay...Jake's letter said that he stored
the name of someone who holds a warm place in his heart in
order to work the projector...James Thurston must be the
person he was talking about (Nancy says so in her case
journal). Since Thurston was the engineer and the Hardy
Boys were just talking about the engineer, let's go and
tell them.

The Hardy Boys promise to look into the matter. Look at the
chandelier above the Hardy Boys...the bottom of it is a
gemstone. Take it.

Hmmm...there's not much we can do on the train now (if you
look at Nancy's to-do list, the items on it can't be done
yet). Head back to the room with Lori in it, and the train
gets rocked when somebody throws the emergency brake.
Hmmm...Lori has an alibi because she's with Nancy, and we
know the Hardy Boys didn't do it, so it's either John Grey,
Charleena Purcell or Tino Balducci who threw the brake.

Nancy says she'll see if Tino is done dusting for
fingerprints. Go to his car and talk to him. Tino wants to
see the letter Lori gave you, but once he looks at it, he
gives it back to you because it makes no sense.

Tino didn't find any fingerprints because the engineer got
his oily hands everywhere. He also found a thermometer
device which looks like it belongs to John Grey. Tino
thinks John is behind the brake-pulling fiasco because he
wants to drum up publicity for his show (which is soon to
be cancelled).

Zoom in on the area behind Tino and you find a can of
Carson's Carbide. Take the carbide, which Nancy says is
just what she needs to make the lamp she found work, even
though she never found a lamp. Turn around and...hey, is
that a gemstone in the cougar statue?

Ask Tino for a closer look. Nancy decides not to take the
gemstone with Tino around. Instead, go to John and ask him
about the thermometer. He admits to having a missing
thermometer, but denies pulling the brake.

John also says his show WAS cancelled, so there's no need
to drum up publicity for it. Luckily, a broadcast network
picked up his show.

Go back to the Hardy Boys, who say that Lori and Charleena
has a big fight. Nancy says she'll look into it.

At this point, you can go back and forth along the cars to
learn that Charleena stole one of Lori's romance novel
ideas, and you can get Tino to start dating Lori again (how
sweet). Do what you want, but when you're done, talk to the
Hardy Boys about James Thurston, the engineer. They found
he had a wife, but couldn't find out if he had any
relatives. You should do more checking in Copper Gorge.

The train then arrives at Copper Gorge. Go to the big
building in town. The owner of the store is a big Charleena
Purcell fan, dressed in a prospector costume. She tells you
that the store contains a lot of the stuff that Buell (her
great, great uncle) got in his pawn shop.

She also tells you that you can get a free taffy sample by
playing the games inside. Both the games are simply a
matter of luck, so play them over and over again until you
win. When you do win, put the coins you got into the taffy
machine to get some free taffy.

Check out the trunk that's opposite of the girl in the
prospector costume. It's Jake's trunk! Ask her about it,
and she tells you that no one knows how to open the trunk.
Nancy makes a deal with her: she'll get Charleena to sign
something for the prospector girl, and the prospector girl
will let Nancy fiddle with the trunk. The prospector girl
is called Fatima, by the way.

Leave the shop and go on the train. Talk to Charleena. She
doesn't have a pen, so she can't give her autograph. Tino
has a pen, so go to him and ask for one. Tino agrees to
give you a pen, as long as you can beat his high score in
the Leaping Lizards game.

Play the game until you get four or less lizards left, and
then take the pen to Charleena. She signs a picture of
herself for Fatima. Leave the train, but instead of going
to the store, go to the cemetery in the upper/left.

The crypt-keeper lets you in to visit Charleena's crypt.
Zoom in on the grate in front of the door to find the key
to the door. Use the taffy to get the key out, then use the
key to open the door.

Inside, grab the 6 slug on the left ledge, then go forward
to find the casket. Above it is a key on how to use Jake's
lock for various metals. Nancy will notice the key for Cu
and Pb if you click on them. Cu and Pb are copper and lead,

Look at the top of the casket to find it is labeled copper.
Put Jake's lock on the casket, and unlock it according to
the key (green red purple yellow orange blue). This gets
you a gemstone. Yay!

If you check the pillars, Nancy decides she needs paper to
perform a rubbing of them, just like how Jake's letter says
to let Camille's goodness _rub_ off on you.

Okay, I can't think of anything else to do here, so let's
give Fatima her autographed picture. Go to the store, and
the Hardy Boys come in. Luckily, Joe wanted a cheeseburger,
so he went to a restaurant where they found the grandson of
Jake's engineer.

They didn't get to talk to him, because Frank got employed
as a short order cook, but I imagine they'll talk to him
right away. Meanwhile, they tell you that Tino convinced
the others to go searching in the mountains for the lost
mine, leaving the train empty except for Charleena.

Talk to Fatima and Nancy gives you the picture. Then go to
the trunk and put Jake's lock on it. The combination you
have to use is the one for Pb, or lead. You're supposed to
figure this out from Jake's note about Buell that says
"Lead is the key", but I just guessed lead would work
because Nancy noticed it at the crypt. Enter the key red
green blue orange yellow purple to open the trunk.  If you
didn't look at the combination for it at Charleena's tomb,
it doesn't work.

Nancy finds a 10 slug and the lantern, but no pick ax.
Darn. Well, since the train is empty, we can use the piano
(John wouldn't let you do it when he was running his
equipment) and take the gemstone from the cougar statue
(Nancy thought she should wait until Tino was gone). We can
probably also use the new slugs to open up something else
on the weight machine.

Go to John's room and play "Camptown Ladies" on the piano.
In case you don't play piano, you can look at the chart in
the drawer to learn which notes to play. When you get it
right, you get a spyglass.

Go to Tino's room and take the gemstone from the cougar
statue. That's all the gemstones! Then go to the weight
machine. Nancy supposes the eagle picture opens whatever is
behind the picture of the eagle in the dining car, so light
up the eagle by putting 10 and 6 on the left pan, and
1, 8, 2, 7 on the right pan.

Go to the eagle painting to find it hides...more pipes. Why
is Nancy not surprised? The various pipes move each other,
so click the blue pipes twice, the red pipes once, and then
move all the green pipes individually to get all the pipes

Leave the train and go to Fatima's shop. Ask her about the
missing pick ax (the one that should have been in the
trunk). She has it in her kitchen and agrees to give it to
you after you sort some taffy for her.

Go into the employee's room and turn left. There's the
taffy machine. Taffy runs along the conveyor belt; pick up
the taffy and put it in the box it belongs it (according to
the chart). Sort all of the taffy.

There's wax paper on a desk here. That paper would be handy
for doing the rubbing in Camille's tomb! Take some, then go
to Fatima, who gives you the pick ax.

Frank calls. Apparently, the old man talks about his
grandfather, James Hurston, whenever he hears a bell ring
(and Frank gets to ring the bell when he fills an order).
The problem is that the order has to be done right, or else
the waitress yells and distracts the old man.

For some reason, Nancy gets put on cooking duty. Fill the
orders and you get to hear the old man's conversation.
The key is "The eye of the tiger is fixed on a star.
Zircon lies in fingers that scar. Amethyst floats in a hand
from the deep. Citrine is what the fowl mouth shall keep.
Tourmaline by a soft arm is ensnared. Peridot rests at the
foot of the mare."

Okay...well...that's apparently everything we need to find
the gold mine, except for the rubbings in Camille's tomb.
Go to her tomb and use the wax paper and pencil on all four
corners to get a symbol for wisdom, charity, purity,

Those symbols were on the grate in the sleeping car, the
one with the four-digit combination. Using the sampler and
the sampler book in John's room, you can find out that the
numbers for wisdom, charity, purity and eternity are 7 9 6
and 3. Use them on the combination lock on the grate to
get...more pipes.

Click the red pipes three times, then move all the green
pipes into place. That should mean all the pipes are
connected in the train now (you fixed one set of pipes in
each room), so now if you turn on the gas in the kitchen,
it should go all the way to the machinery room.

Turn on the gas in the kitchen by spinning the wheel, then
go to the machinery room. Okay, let's see how to work this
thing according to the blueprints...

Spin the wheel thing that's near the door to open up the
projector. Zoom in on the projector, and Nancy says a
spyglass goes in the right-hand part. Put the spyglass
there, and then Nancy says the lamp goes in the left part.
Put the lamp there, then put some carbide in the lamp.

Okay, the projector looks fine...go to the thing by the
door that appears connected to the steel pipes. Nancy says
to put the pick ax there, and you can see how it works as a
lever. Pull the lever and, dang! The handle broke!

Nancy is now on a quest for duct tape. Well, John has a lot
of gadgets and stuff. Let's ask him. He says he have duct
tape, but it's locked in his box and he forgot the key. You
can open the box from the top, though.

To open the box, you have to put the pictures in order.
I've seen puzzles like this before. There are three animals
that need to be taken from the left shore to the right
shore, but you can only take one animal at a time, and the
cat can't be left with the peacock and the coyote can't be
left with the cat. The way to solve the puzzle is to take
the cat across, then the peacock, take the cat back, then
take the coyote, and take the cat.

In terms of the puzzle, the nine pictures are in this

7 1 5
2 8 4
6 9 3

Click the pictures in order to get duct tape. Go back to
the machine room and use the duct tape on pick ax. Then use
the pick ax as a lever, but the machine doesn't work.  You
must be missing something.

Go to the machine in the middle of the room. The machine is
supposed to hold the six gemstones, but you need to put
them in the right places, according to what the old man in
the diner said.

The eye of the tiger (the brown gemstone) goes on the
starfish, because it is fixed on the star. The zircon (the
yellow one) goes on the talon, which is fingers that scar.
The amethyst (the purple one) goes on the fin, which is a
hand from the deep. The citrine (the orange one) goes on
the bird's beak, which is a fowl mouth. The tourmaline (the
purple and blue one) goes on an octopus tentacle, which is a
soft arm ensnared and not the hand from the deep for some
reason. The peridot (the green one) goes on the horse hoof,
which is foot of the mare.

Nancy notes that she did something right if it works, and
then the machine comes to life. After a lot of fancy work,
the location of the mine is revealed...Brimstone Canyon!

Nancy tells this to Lori, who agrees to take the train
there. She says she'll give Nancy a ten-minute head start
on the mine while she (Lori) distracts everyone with
another meeting at the dining room. Lori also says that
anything found in the mine belongs to her, so Nancy can't
steal ANYTHING. How selfish!

Nancy gets dropped off at the mine, and...the train takes
off without her! Not cool! Well, Frank and Joe will try to
come back for her...eventually. In the meantime, head for
the mine.

The entrance is blocked off, but there's a nearby cannon.
The cannon is locked randomly like the door was locked
earlier. Open it to get inside Jake's mine.

Go inside, and Jake's color wheel starts working according
to the color of the lizards on the wall. Weird...Follow the
lizards according to the color on the wheel and you make it
to Jake's mine. There are various poles with symbols on
them, but they must be moved in the right order. You can
find out the right order by exploring the mine, but that
takes time, so let's skip that.

Take out the planks in this order:

1. The plank that's furthest to the left.
2. The plank that's fourth from the left.
3. The plank that's third from the right.
4. The plank that's furthest to the right.
5. The plank that's second from the left.
6. The plank that's second from the right.

Nancy can get past the planks now. Go past them, and you
find Jake Hurley. He has a picture of Camille, and under it
is...a letter from Abraham Lincoln? Holy cow!

Lori shows up and explains how she knew Jake Hurley was
friends with Lincoln from Jake's diary, which she hid from
everybody else. Jake always kept the letter on his person,
so she arranged the whole thing in hopes of finding Jake's
body and the letter. Now she'll be famous! Good famous!

Lori is so excited about being famous that she decides to
trap Nancy in the mine (otherwise she'd have to share some
of her fame with Nancy). Lori kicks one of the planks and
Nancy gets stuck behind the landslide! Oh no!

Fortunately, if you turn around, you find that there's a
mine cart there. All right! Jump in the mine cart and ride

There are danger points in the mine though; in some places,
the track isn't finished. These places are marked by signs
of skulls (the dangerous part is on the same side as the
sign is). Simply turn right, right, right, left and left to
get out of the mine and to safety! Plus, on the way out,
Nancy hits Lori with the mine cart (which pushes Lori in
the mud) and grabs the letter, shortly before the Hardy
Boys arrive to help. All right! That's the end of the case!
See what Sassy Detective title you earned!


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2006. If you want
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions
under general information).

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