Jedi Knight – Dark Forces II

Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II


Version 2.6

Written by: Superboc (

Copyright 2004, Dave Thomas.  I would very much appreciate it if you contact me
to ask my permission before posting any or all of this FAQ on your own site.
However, if you're trying to profit from it, or if you intend to change anything
about it, don't bother contacting me.

Version History:

Version 2.7 - This should do it.  So many people have asked about one minor
detail, that I'm adding in an FAQ section.  A much-needed one.

Version 2.6 - I'm back.  This update will correct a major mistake in the FAQ
(how the hell did I miss that?!), and clarify some things that've been asked in
e-mails since the last version.

Version 2.5 - Alright, this should be the last version of this FAQ for a long
time, if not forever.  When this version is considered complete, it will have
thorough walkthroughs for every level in single-player mode, and details on
every MP level in the game, including CTF levels.

Version 2.4 - It's been awhile.  I've noticed a trend of people asking for
advice on how to beat Boc and Jerec on the GameFAQs boards, so I think I'll
switch things up a bit and cover those two battles with this one.  I'll also
cover the Bespin Mining Station MP level.  (I'm writing this on 12-18-02,
actually; hopefully I won't be so burned out from The Two Towers tonight that I
forget about this.)

Version 2.3 - I'll finish through level 16 for this one.  This is where the FAQ
will start to get tricky; writing a separate light side/dark side FAQ would be
very, very big, but obviously there are major differences between the light side
game and the dark side game, so I'll have to think of something once I finish
level 14.  Oh, and how about two more MP levels.  I'm thinkin'...maybe I'll
cover Nar Shaddaa and Blades of Death this time.

Version 2.2 - This version will be completed when I've covered through the
Brothers.  That's 4 more levels, which isn't half bad, if I may say so myself.
I'll also cover another MP level; I think it's about time I covered the always-
popular Canyon Oasis.

Version 2.1 - Version 2.0 covered about halfway through level 4.  Version 2.1
will cover through the battle with Yun, and I will add another MP strategy
guide.  This one will probably be for Battleground Jedi, which won't take long
to write at all.

Version 2.0 - I love this game.  That's why I'm going to update so frequently.
This will be the first version of any JK FAQ on GameFAQs to include a partial
walkthrough.  It'll have walkthroughs for the first few levels.  (Having not
written the second walkthrough yet, I don't know when I'll actually submit this,
but...)  UPDATE: I've decided to send this in as soon as I get confirmation, one
way or another, on whether or not version 1.0 is posted.  UPDATE #2: It doesn't
look good.  I'll send it in now.  I'm guessing the reason it wasn't posted was
because, as I said, it had nothing new in version 1.0.

Version 1.0 - First version of the FAQ.  When I send this to CJayC, I hope to
have a complete list of weapons, items, Force powers, and other stuff I think
of.  I fully intend to write a walkthrough, also, although there's no way it
will be complete with version 1.0.  Truthfully, this FAQ won't be too useful
until I get started writing a walkthrough; all the other FAQs I've seen don't
include walkthroughs.  More on that in the introduction, though.

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction
II. Single Player Walkthrough
    1: "Double-Cross on Nar Shaddaa"
    2: "The Lost Disk"
    3: "The Return Home to Sulon"
    4: "The Jedi's Lightsaber"
    5: "Barons Hed - The Fallen City"
    6: "Into the Dark Palace"
    7: "YUN - The Dark Youth"
    8: "Palace Escape"
    9: "Fuel Station Launch"
   10: "8t88's Reward"
   11: "GORC AND PIC - The Brothers of the Force"
   12: "Escape With The Map"
   13: "The Lost Planet of the Jedi"
   14: "MAW - The Revenge"
   15: "The Falling Ship"/"Into the Darkside"
   16: "SARISS - Jedi Battleground"/"YUN - Battle to the Death"
   17: "The Valley Tower Ascent"
   18: "Descent into the Valley"
   19: "The Valley of the Jedi"
   20: "BOC - The Crude"/"BOC - A Nuisance"
   21: "Jerec - The Force Within"/"JEREC - Battle for Power"
III. Multiplayer Mode
    1. Capture the Flag
        - The Duel
        - The Arena of Dark and Light
        - The Challenge at Nar Shaddaa
    2. Deathmatch
        - Nar Shaddaa Loading Terminal
        - Bespin Mining Station
        - Blades of Death
        - Canyon Oasis
        - Valley of the Jedi Tower
        - Battleground Jedi
IV. Stuff Lists
    a. Weapons
    b. Items
    c. Force Powers
VI. Thanks

I. Introduction

This is my third FAQ.  My first was for Crystalis, and my second, which was
never posted online, was for Donkey Kong.  (I still don't know _why_ my DK FAQ
wasn't posted, but that's another rant, for another day.)

If my user name hasn't tipped you off, I LOVE Jedi Knight.  I got it like, the
first week it was out, and played it for months afterward.  The reason why I'm
writing this now, so many years after JK's release, is because one day, while
glancing through a list of FAQs on GameFAQs (MY VERY FAVORITE SITE EVAR), I
noticed that not a single one had a comprehensive walkthrough.  For shame.  So,
in order to rectify this overwhelming oversight on the part of everyone
everywhere, I will write again.

II. Single Player Walkthrough

Level 1: "Double-Cross on Nar Shaddaa"

The cutscene before this level introduces 8t88 and re-introduces Kyle.  88
reveals his motive, assisting Jerec, and leaves Kyle in the hands of some Grans.
Kyle quickly escapes his keepers.

Then the level begins, as the remaining Gran runs off.  This first area has a
shield unit to the left, and the first of many harmless civilians that you dark-
siders can kill.  The bar next door has two Grans: a new one, and the one who
ran from you.  Kill them both, hop over the bar, and pick up the items on the
other side, including a Stormtrooper Rifle.  Follow the corridor, killing Grans
and picking up power-ups as you go, until you reach a point where there's no
real wall to your right.  Walk out into the night sky, and look at the steep
slope opposite the main path.  You can climb it.  It leads to another roof, with
a hole in it.  Kill the enemies through the hole, drop in, and you've found
secret area #1.  Be careful not to fall through the fan, but rather, follow the
path to an elevator that leads up to a Gran and the IR goggles.  Head back to
where you first left the beaten path, then press the button and open the door

You'll soon come to an area with two more enemies.  Kill them, then step back
outside to pick up some energy and shield units if you need them.  Jump back
inside, follow the path.  Around the corner you'll find a Rodian, who's easily
killed.  Use the nearby boxes for cover and use the Bryar pistol to pick off the
enemies from a distance, then run straight along the wall.  Don't stop until you
reach the corner, then turn around quick and put two shots in the Gran that was
behind you.

Continue following the path, picking up items.  There's an elevator, and beneath
it, you can find 2 shield units and 2 energy units.  Ride the elevator up to the
next floor.  Here, cross the bridge.  To the right of the bridge is a shield and
energy unit.  Beyond it, you'll find another bridge, with two more enemies on
the other side.  Kill both, then continue.

The next room has some boxes with a shield unit behind them, as well as a Gran.
Beyond that, there's a room with several enemies, including a hard-to-hit Rodian
and a Gran in the ceiling.  Open the door at the end, and you're back outside.
Look way down, beneath where you are, and you'll find a ledge.  Drop (don't
jump) to it.  You'll take damage, but it's secret area #2.  It has an elevator
leading to the ceiling of the room you were just in, and it has enough health in
it to heal you anyway.  Head back to the cliff you dropped from, and go through
the opening.

This room is kind of cool.  It has two Grans, so wipe both of them out fast,
then go past them and around the gaping hole.  Be careful not to fall in; it's a
little trickier to get out, because it leads to a decent number of enemies.  Hit
the switch, and soon, an elevator will crawl down to where you are.  Hop on
board.  As it goes up, there's a shaft off to the right.  It leads to secret
area #3, so go inside it.  Eventually, it'll lead you back to the switch to call
the elevator, which is convenient.  This time, ride the elevator all the way to
the top.

You'll come out into a large opening with a Gran standing right in front of you.
Kill it, then head into the room to your right.  There's a switch in here by the
woman, so hit it to call another elevator, then run outside and jump on before
it leaves.  Pay attention; enemies come seemingly from nowhere here.

Another opening, this time with two Grans.  One is way up on a platform which
you don't have to bother with; save your ammo.  After killing the other, move
into the next area.  Here, you can see a shield unit across the gap.  It's an
easy jump, but be careful - if you fall in, there are lots of Grans and lots of
unnecessary fighting.  At the end of the path, you'll find a landing pad with an
old man on it.  (I, being the dark-sider I am, pushed him off the ledge.)  The
landing pad leads down into the pit where you could've fallen, so don't go
there; instead, go through the opening just before it.  There's a Gran to your
left guarding a switch, and a Stormtrooper Rifle to your right.  Hit the switch,
and procede to the next area.

There's a large hole in the ground because you hit the switch.  Drop in, and
clear the surroundings of Grans.  Hit the switch here to bring the elevator
down, then get on, and hit it again to send it up.  The area is surrounded by
platforms.  Don't bother going straight when you're on the walkway; it leads
back to the sniping Gran I told you to ignore earlier, and there's not much else
up there except a few items you probably don't need.  Instead, procede to the
closed door.

Open it, and start firing.  There are two Grans right behind the door, and a few
more at the end of the hall.  Going out the door, you'll recognize the bridge
which was above the area you passed through earlier.  Now, this is a bit tricky:
the sloped floors can be jumped across, though it isn't easy, and secret area #4
is at the end.  If you angle yourself into the slope, you'll make it alright.
At the end, you'll find a Smuggler's Backpack and a Bacta Tank.  Head back to
the bridge.

Continue along the path, past the TIE Bomber, then kill the Gran in the next
room.  Ride the elevator up if you want; you can kill a droid.  You have to go
through the door.  On the other side, there's a Gran right in front of you, and
a Gran off to the left.  Kill both.  Moving forward, you'll find even more Grans
in the ditch in front of you.  Cross through the ditch.  In the next opening,
there's a wall for cover to your left which has two shield units behind it, but
you need to go to the right.  Drop in the opening.

Follow the ramps up, killing Grans as you go.  At the end of this area, you'll
find a switch.  Hit it, then rush back outside.  You'll find the floor opening
up.  Try to position yourself on top of the wall of the ramp.  Looking below
you, you can see a stack of boxes at about 7:00 if you're facing down the ramp.
Try to drop to it.  If you succeed, climb on top, run to the other side, drop
in, and you've found secret area #5.  The only thing of interest here is the
pack of Thermal Detonators.

Look out from the side of this stack of boxes, and try to snipe at any Grans you
can see using your Bryar pistol.  It makes things easier later.  You can
actually pick off over half a dozen guys this way.  Drop down, and stay along
the right wall.  You'll come to a steep slope guarded by another Gran.  At the
top of the slope, there's an opening leading to secret area #6.  Kill the Grans
inside of it, then drop through one of the fans.  Finally, in this last hallway,
open the wider door and you'll be at the end of the level.

Level 2: "The Lost Disk"

The first part of this level can be approached several different ways.  I prefer
to drop onto the platform to your left, pick off the Grans below, and drop to
where they are.  From here, you drop off the cliff and into the sewer tunnel,
where you find 8t88's arm, still clutching the disk.  Unfortunately, that's only
the beginning of this level.  Shortly after you pick up the disk, the gate
opens, revealing two Grans - one of which has Thermal Detonators.  Stay away,
because they like to go kamikaze on you.

This pipe system isn't complex.  It's a single path with Grans at every corner.
Keep an eye out for enemies with Thermal Detonators; if they activate it but
don't throw it, it'll still blow up after they die.  Eventually, the pipe will
come to an end.  To the right (and back a little bit) of the pipe's end, you can
find some power-ups.  Go through the nearby door to continue.

Around the corner, you'll find a woman being held hostage by a Rodian.  You can
still hit him, though.  After that, there's a Gran in a long hallway, then two
more Grans at the end, way below you.  Pick them off before dropping to their
floor.  Look out the window to your right, shoot the Gran way up above you, then
look straight down.  Edge SLOWLY off the floor, and try to fall backward and
land below you.  This is secret area #1.  Take the elevator back up, and fall
through the floor to return to where you were.

The next area is probably the hardest yet, but that's not saying much.  The
Gamorrean Guards in this area take 4 shots apiece, but they're slow.  Take the
ramps up and cross the bridge, killing the Gamorreans as you go.  There will be
three on the ramps and three more in the next room.  Run into the room, then
quickly run back out so that you can fight them one at a time.  Whatever you do,
don't let them hit you.  They go right through your shields, and do impressive
damage to boot.

After going through the door, head left and follow the path.  Going straight
gives you nothing but more fighting.  Go through the hallway and drop into the
farthest opening in front of you.  Pick up any power-ups you need, then pick off
the Grans.  The enemies here regenerate, so be warned.  Facing the stack of
boxes, you want to head left first, down the ramp.  There's an opening in one of
the walls in the very corner of this room; look for it, and follow the path.
Hit the switch to start the conveyor belt, then jump to it, and drop down to the
side opposite where you were.  Follow this path (don't go down the ramp; go
through the opening).  Climb the stack of boxes, ride the elevator up, then wait
for a box to appear along the conveyor belt.  Jump on the box and ride it up to
the next area.

Get off the box and head left, facing the way the box starts moving.  Open the
door, kill the Grans, jump over the boxes, and open the next door.  The Red Key
is to your right; a Gran is guarding some items to the left.  Head back out, all
the way to where you got off the box, and cross the narrow bridge there.  Hit
the switch here to move the bridge, then open the door.  There's a Gamorrean on
the other side.  Go inside and hit the switch to open the next door.  Head back
out and, heading left, cross the bridge.  Go through the now-open door.

This is a fairly straightforward area, with one thing of note: if you get on top
of the reddish box, and jump to the darkened wall, you'll find secret area #2.
Head up the ramps after killing the Grans, then continue forward.  You'll find
yourself on a large conveyor belt.  Run against it until you reach the opposite
wall, climb the slope, then wait for a huge box to descend.  Jump on it and use
it to cross to the other side.  You have to do this three times to finally get
to the top of this area.

The next room has two Gamorreans in it.  Kill both, and continue forward.  Now,
you're in the single hardest part of the level.  You can hit the switch to cause
the ledge to start moving back and forth, but you can do this without that.
Simply run along the long, right fork, and jump off.  Aim for the edge below you
and to the left.  Save first, because it's an extremely close jump, and is very
difficult to make.  The long thingy on this ledge leads to secret area #3.  Head
back along the long thingy.

|               ILLUSTRATION                |
|                                           |
|                                           |
|          ------------------------------+  |
|                                       |  |
|                                  B    |  |
|                                       |  |
|                                       |  |
|                            A       |   |  |
|                         =  =       |   |  |
|                         |  |       |   |  |
|                  <--->  |  |       |   |  |
|                         |  |       |   |  |
|                         |  |       |   |  |
|                                           |
|                                           |

Just jump from point A to point B.  You'll incur some damage, but that's okay.
Secret area #3 has a Revive, so it's like nothing happened.

Go down the ramp and drop down onto the conveyor belt below.  Go against it.  At
the end, wait for an empty (or nearly-empty) elevator and hop onto it.  Ride it
up to the next area.  Continue forward to the door; there's nothing of any
interest here.  On the other side of the door, shoot all four Grans that come
your way, then jump to the boxes to your left.  From these, jump across to the
boxes opposite you, and kill the Gran.  This is secret area #4.  Drop back down,
and move along the stopped conveyor belt.

Now, you'll find an elevator.  Ride it up partway; secret area #5 is here.  To
reach it, stand on the narrow ledge created by the opening in the wall, and
follow that to a very dark room.  Get back on the elevator and go up to the next
place, where a conveyor belt carries boxes along.  Jump across to the next
elevator.  From here, drop onto the top of a box and then jump to the top of the
place where the boxes go to find secret area #6.  Ride up on the second
elevator.  Just before it reaches the top, you might notice slight indentations
along the walls.  Get off and follow them to find secret area #7.  Finally, ride
the second elevator all the way to the top.

Follow the path and kill the Rodian, then head back to where you came up the
ramp.  Notice that narrow ledge?  Walk along it, then jump across to secret area
#8.  Use the Super Shield here to your advantage, by running along the path at
top speed to the final area and clearing it of enemies quickly.  Jan Ors will
pick you up, and the level will end.

Level 3: "The Return Home to Sulon"

By the time you get back to your house, Sariss, Yun, and Boc have already stolen
the map to the Valley of the Jedi.  Your mission is simple: find your way to
where the map _was_, in your father's workshop.

You start out in the middle of a large field, surrounded by Tusken Raiders.
Clear them out.  The wall opposite the house has two secret areas, one in front,
and one on the side.  Both are rather clearly marked, and you have to shoot them
to access them.  (They explode, so keep your distance.)

The front door is locked, so go around back.  A window-shutter thingy is loose,
and when Kyle says, "This looks interesting," push it open to get inside.  The
first room is pretty plain, but there's a very dark room behind with a Tusken, a
battery, and two shields.  The second room (upon opening the door) has a Tusken
to your right, and two other doors, but one is locked.   The next door leads to
the main hallway, which is pretty torn up.  Conveniently, the front door slides
open now, but don't go back outside; fall into the pit to your left.

Explore the basement thoroughly.  There's a crack on a section of wall to your
left.  Use a thermal detonator to break it open and find secret area #3.  Head
up a flight of stairs and go through the first door.  In this circular room,
clear out the Tuskens.  This leads into the garage.  The red key is hidden
behind some boxes.  You can also find a smuggler's backpack and a little more
equipment here if you need it.  Head back out to the stairs, and continue going

Go through the next three rooms, collecting and fighting as necessary, until you
reach a green-colored room.  The door to the left was locked earlier, and secret
area #4 is at the end of the long hall.  After that, use the red key to open the
door to the right of where you came in.  Head up the stairs.

You'll find yourself in a fairly long hallway.  Secret area #5 is a wall panel,
the second-to-last on the left.  Shoot it to open it.  Continue across the
bridge to the next area.  Try each door here in succession.  The first is just
some power-ups; the second is locked.  The third has the yellow wrench, and the
fourth leads (eventually) to the blue wrench and a lot of power-ups.  If you
follow it the rest of the way, it leads back out into the hallway through the
second door.  Finally, the fifth door is locked, so skip it for now and drop
into the water.

To the right of where you jumped in from, there's a hole.  Crouch to sink into
it, then swim through to the other side.  Here, you have to fight a Tusken and
then use both wrenches.  It will dam up the other side, allowing you to procede.
Swim back through to the other side, and go through the now-open doorway on this
side of the wall.  This is secret area #6: in the darkest area, the right wall
has a passage in it which hides another Tusken and some power-ups.  Find it,
then head back up to the top, which turns out to be the fifth door in the

Drop back into the water, and head to the right, but use the side to climb over
the wall.  There's a passage you can go through.  Follow this path and you'll
find yourself by some strange pools.  I don't know what they are; my best guess
is battery acid.  Anyway, from where you first see them, secret area #7 is
directly below you.  You have to drop into the pool to reach it, so be quick.
Now, you just have to rush to the other side.  Don't even bother trying to stay
out; just hurry, because secret area #8, up ahead, will have health.

The next area is dark.  Turn on your IR goggles and equip a bowcaster, because
the bat-like creatures in this area are best hunted with bowcasters.  Follow the
path.  In fact, it's not a bad idea to turn on your map with TAB, so that you
can see exactly where you're going.  Secret area #8 is in here, along the right
wall.  It's not very well-concealed at all, in fact.  Continue following the
cave for a short distance, and you'll come upon Morgan's workshop.  The level
ends here.

Before continuing to the next level, a little post-level Force powers advice.
By now, you should have 3 stars if you've been following the walkthrough.  If
you don't, oh well, but if you've got them, put 2 stars on Force Speed now.
Speed comes in handy big-time on Level 6, and I'd advise you to have 2 stars on
it by then, but you won't get any other powers between now and then, so you may
as well put 2 stars on Speed, so that you can use it in levels 4 and 5 if you
want.  Besides that, Speed does have some use, especially when you're
underwater, so it's worth it.

Level 4: "The Jedi's Lightsaber"

You start out in Morgan's workshop, with your new lightsaber equipped.  Practice
if you want (you can even call remotes to fire on you), but eventually, move on
by dropping through the broken grate to the right of where you start.  The saber
comes in handy early on, as you can sneak up on the first two Tuskens without
them seeing you, but you might want to consider equipping the stormtrooper rifle
sometime soon; the saber's not the best of choices early on against multiple

Continue on this path until you reach a dead-end, then climb the ramp to the
upper level.  To the right, you can see rushing water.  If you follow the
current, you'll find secret area #1.  Now go against the current as far as you
can.  Fight a couple Tuskens, then continue, crouching through the gate.  In
this area, you want to take two consecutive lefts, until you see where the water
goes through a sort of funnel.  Equip your saber, then go in.  Hack and slash
through the grates that come up, and when the path opens up, quickly go to one

Secret area #2 is hard to reach, in my opinion.  Following the path above the
water from where you came, it's on the right fork.  See that opening opposite
the waterfall?  Jump to it.  Climb the slope, pick up the items, and drop back
into the water, then take the left fork.  Going against the current, you have to
drop down to the floor below.  Now, you get in and follow the current, but only
until you reach the first solid ground, which is upwards of 10 seconds later.
Look below you and kill the Tuskens, then drop down there and head downhill.

Strangely enough, if you follow this path, you'll find secret areas #3 and #4
within 15 seconds.  It doesn't seem to me like  you could hit one and not the
other.  After passing through secret area #4, you can drop down to the area way
below on the left, but be careful not to take damage.  Follow this dry canal to
its end.

Now, it gets tricky.  You have to walk along some narrow and even sloping
surfaces.  On the first part, stay to the left side as much as possible.  On the
second one, stay left, then cross at the middle.  On the third, stay right, and
cross (again) at the middle.  Only shoot the enemies when you first enter each
part, and ignore power-ups altogether.  You'll get through to a canal with a
fairly strong current after the third part.

Follow this canal to its end, picking off the two bats and getting any power-ups
you need.  Ride the canal to the next area, where a Tusken waits for you on
either side.  Kill them both, and hop out, but walk along the left side of it
and you'll come to secret area #5 near where the third Tusken waited.  Get back
in the canal, and ride it into the next part.

This place is strange.  It's laid out as three concentric circles, and the only
way to travel between them is through openings that are submerged deep beneath
the surface of the water.  From where you fall in, the first opening is opposite
you; the opening's bottom is marked by a shield unit.  From there, the second
opening is opposite that!  If you don't have Force Speed, take your time, and
don't try to get through the entire thing at once; rather, come up for air
between the two.  If you do have Speed, that makes things much easier.  When
you're inside the innermost circle, head straight up to the top.  In this
chamber, hit the switch to raise the water level, then swim back out to the
outermost ring.  If you explore a little bit, you'll find a new exit.  It may
seem similar to the way you came in, but it's different; you can tell because it
has Tuskens still alive.

Follow this canal along a straight line.  You'll face about a half dozen more
Tuskens before being dumped in a large pool.  Avoid going over the edge, but
rather, head for the area to the right of the pool.  This completes another
mission objective.  Follow this hallway, ride the elevator up, continue along
the path, and take the first right, going down the elevator.  You'll soon come
to a long room with slopes on both sides and a flooded trench in the middle,
with some strange monsters in it.  Watch out for the Tuskens to your right and
behind you, kill the monsters in the water, and look along the right side of the
trench underwater for secret area #6.

At the end of the trench, two Tuskens guard another canal.  Dispose of them and
follow the canal to its end.  You can jump up the steep slope near the end, but
you don't have to.  Drop in the large pool and swim to shore, then pick off the
Tuskens.  Go through the door on the right.  In this room, take the elevator to
the left, and in the control room it leads to, hit the switch.  This opens the
gate opposite the door.  Go through the gate and Jan will pick you up once

Level 5: "Barons Hed - The Fallen City"

Before you begin, allow me to note: Barons Hed is a great place for changing
your Force alignment.  There are lots of civilians, and many of them need to be
saved from enemy Grans and Tuskens.  Conversely, you can kill a _lot_ of people
if you want to go with the Dark side.  Finding people to kill is easy, but I'll
point out the ones who need saved along the way.

You start in a round area, partially submerged.  In the center, deep underwater,
is secret area #1; use Speed to reach it if you can.  Leave the round area,
heading right - there's nothing to the left.  On the right-hand side, you travel
down a path that follows the water.  Nothing big along the way, just pay
attention for Grans and Tuskens.  Eventually, after travelling along a platform
on the left-hand side of the tunnel, you'll come to a door.

On the other side of the door, you'll find a Tusken and a civilian.  Go down the
stairs and outside.  Now you're inside the city itself.

Run across this open space, through the door, and upstairs.  To your right is a
Tusken and a civilian; to your left, secret area #1.  It's a fairly noticeable
crack in the wall to the right upon entering the room.  Cut it with your saber,
crouch in, and you'll find power cells.  The real gift, though, is found by then
cutting the ceiling of this small room.  On the other side, you'll find the
first Repeater Rifle, long before you even face a stormtrooper.

Backtrack to the fork at the top of the stairs, and go through the right room
this time.  There's nothing else of interest in this building, so you can head
down the stairs in the next hall to procede, or search around for enemies and
power-ups if you need to.

At the bottom of the steps, you can go right and find an impressive bar-fight,
or go straight.  Up ahead is one of the big secrets in Jedi Knight; a woman
leaves the building in front of you and the door locks behind her, never opening
again, but you can get in if you're very fast and see the rabbit from Sam & Max.

Cross the bridge.  There are three separate paths here; two lead to the same
place, and the third leads to nothing but some civilians.  Just go through the
first passage you see, on the left side.  You'll find yourself in a market.  The
first two booths are both occupied by Grans, but otherwise, this place is
peaceful.  Pass through, bearing right.

There are two stores in this area.  The one whose door you can clearly see has
nothing special, just a few power-ups.  The one on your left, however, hides
secret area #2.  It's another clearly marked crack in the wall, next to the
woman behind the counter.  Slash it with your lightsaber and you'll pick up lots
of power-ups, including a super-shield.  Might as well get the full usage of it,
so move fast in the next part.

Head outside and go left.  Kill the Tusken, and procede into the large open
area.  There are lots of civilians here, and they're under attack from Grans and
Tuskens.  Help them or help the enemies, it's your choice, but be sure to clear
the enemies out while your super shield is active and you aren't taking damage.
Search thoroughly; they're along the walls, and in the center.

Now, go to the outer circular area.  There's a section that's covered by a large
board.  Press the spacebar to move it, and you've found secret area #3.

Head back towards where you entered this area from.  Notice a ramp leading
upwards along the right-hand side.  Follow it, and go inside the door at the
top.  This is another chance to affect your Force alignment.  If you explore
behind the boxes in the back, a Tusken will enter.  Kill him to save the people,
then head back outside.

Now, stand on the railing at the top of this ramp and jump across to its roof.
From here, jump to the platform that hangs off the side.  Yet again, you can
affect your alignment here by saving the two people in the corner.  Continue
through this building and across the bridge, then enter the door on your right.

This is secret area #5.  Get past the crowd at the door, then explore on stage.
Another clearly marked crack on the wall leads to more power-ups.  Head back

Now, jump from the railing to the roof of the circular area.  It's a bit tricky,
but it's possible.  Follow the roof around to the final part of the level.  Go
down the ramp (not through the door).  There's a steep incline here with a
passage at the top of it, but it's very difficult to reach without Force Speed.
Inside is secret area #6.

The rest of the level is easy.  Backtrack to the door, work your way through the
darkened building, pass along the rooftops, and drop below.  Kyle hears a probe
droid, and the level ends.

Level 6: "Into the Dark Palace"

Level 6 begins right were level 5 left off, with Kyle killing the probe droid.
After that, move through with caution.  Beyond the first building you go
through, there's a sequencer charge.  Destroy it by rolling a thermal detonator
its way.

There's nothing of interest here, except 3 probe droids and a couple power-ups.
Procede to the staircase to your right, and roll another thermal detonator down
it; there's another sequencer on it, and yet another within the building beyond

In this darkened building, head upstairs and unjam the door by hitting it with
your saber.  Inside is another probe droid; keep your distance when it explodes.
Roll another thermal detonator into the next room to get rid of yet another
sequencer mine.  Head back outside, to the right.

There's another probe droid here.  Destroy it and move into the rubble of the
next building, then drop into the hole inside.  The layout here is confusing.
Take the right path, with the archway, which leads underwater soon afterwards.
(The left way, which leads upstairs, ends with rubble and some sequencers you
can pick up.)

When you're completely submerged, move quickly.  Right next to where you first
submerge, there's a staircase leading further down.  Beyond that is a completely
submerged room, and if you travel through a ceiling panel, you'll reach the
first and only secret area of this level, and pick up the Rail Detonator for
your trouble.  Head back to where you came from so that you can catch your
breath, even though you can do so in the secret area.

On your second pass, go straight through and sink into the pit below.  You'll
come out in a pipe, still underwater.  Head left to reach air.  Continue in the
half-pipe, and when it forks, go right, then jump out to the opposite side.  Go
around the pipe and up the staircase, then in the next room, hop on the

You'll find yourself in a very dark chamber with several probe droids.  Destroy
them quickly, then continue.

"Is this a drill or something?"  "I have no idea.  What makes you say that?"
"We just haven't had any drills lately."

It's the first appearance of stormtroopers.  Ironically, you don't have to open
the door on the left and fight them unless you want some power-ups.  After that,
you can move on to the door in front of you.  This next area is very, very

There's a huge tower right in front of you, and a walker on a bridge between
them.  Drop to the ground and run around to the back of the tower.  Might as
well use Force Speed; it'll make things faster.  Along the way, you'll run into
a group of troops; they're the only combat you'll face though.

On the opposite side, there's an opening in the tower guarded by an officer.
He's an easy kill, but the entrance is blocked.  Head back outside, across and
underneath the bridge.  There are passages on both sides, and both passages have
switches.  This is quite possibly the hardest part of the entire game.  Clear
the enemies out in both passages, then, using Force Speed, hit them both as fast
as possible.  It's timed; the switches each move half the bridge together, so if
you take your time, you won't make it.  Once you've hit the second switch, run
back to where the officer was, go up the ramp, circle around, and cross the
bridge.  From here, head right.

(Side note: I advised earlier that you put at least 2 stars on Force Speed by
this point, to make this part easier.  I received an e-mail from, who said that it's not possible even with 2 stars.  I've
done a little experimenting, and it's quite possible if you run as well as using
Speed.  It might be helpful, however, to have a third star on Speed as well, if
you have one to spare; the jump you have to make using two stars can be a little
long if you don't move efficiently enough.)

Ignore any enemies, even walkers.  They won't hurt you anyway.  Just keep
running until you reach the shade, then turn around.  There's an opening in the
tower here, which you can jump to with relative ease. Jump to it, and continue
running.  Remember, you're not totally safe until you can't see any enemies at
all.  Head left through the halls, and go straight until you reach an area with
a door that can't be opened.

Now, head left.  There's a switch on the left wall which lowers the first
barrier; hit it, and cross using the barrier itself.  Hit the switch opposite it
to lower the second barrier, then hop on that and ride it up.  At the top, press
your way through the opening and follow this path.  You can cut through a
section of grating along the way.

This leads into a control room of sorts.  Clear the officer out, then pick up
any power-ups you need.  After that, cut through the grating, hit the switch,
and drop through to the final area.

I hate this place.  It's really frustrating.  As soon as you get to this lobby,
run across and hit the elevator button.  It'll take forever to get down to you,
so the sooner you call it, the less time you have to kill with the stormies.
You might even try hiding in the lower part.  Eventually, the elevator will
arrive.  Jump in and it'll close behind you automatically; the level is over.

Afterwards, you can assign Force stars once again.  You're even given a new
power: Force Jump.  Put two stars on it.  It probably won't help in level 7, but
it proves useful at least once in level 8.  Might as well have it now, just in

Level 7: "Yun - The Dark Youth"

Rahn: "Yun.  A young and willing Dark Jedi; the newest addition to the Cause.
Brash and eager, he is ready to prove himself to his master, at any cost.  These
elements make him a very dangerous and unpredictable foe."

Before we begin, let's take a moment to cover some basic saber skills.


The biggest trick I know of when fighting the Dark Jedi is to hit and run.  You
don't have to go all-out right away, and it's probably not a good idea to do so.
Dash in, take a single swing, and back up.  After you take a few steps back,
it's easier to parry their attacks, if they're even in range to counter.

Second, look for openings.  You can only block attacks with your saber when
you're not attacking, and it's the same for the Dark Jedi.  This ties into the
idea of backing up, because if they swing and miss completely, there's a window
of time in which you can attack freely.

Third, always know where they are and what they're doing.  This especially
applies to Yun and Pic, because they have Blinding and Persuasion, and can be
easily lost.  It's even rougher against Yun, because you still don't have Seeing
when you fight him.  If you know where they are, there's a better chance you can
parry their attacks; if you don't, then you're a sitting duck.

Last of all, use your environment.  Each battle has certain areas which give you
the upper hand.  I'll try to mention some suggestions, but you can find your own
that suits your style best.


Now, to the matter at hand - Yun, the youngest Dark Jedi.  He has three Force
powers: Jump, Blinding, and Persuasion.  You can't do anything about the last
two, but Jump is easily exploitable.  When he jumps, it's a safe bet he'll land
near you, and then he's momentarily vulnerable.  Hit him during that moment,
then back away.

I said there's nothing you can do about Blinding and Persuasion, but that's a
half-truth.  Blinding is pretty frustrating; if you're pretty aware of where
both of you are in the room, you can avoid him until it wears off, but not much
else.  As for Persuasion, it's actually surprisingly easy if you know what to
look for.  Pay attention for little blue dots to appear on the screen.  If he
jumps while in Persuasion mode, Scan the sky above you quickly.  If you're
getting hit, and you can't see the dots, then he's probably behind or to the
side.  However, do NOT go on the offensive while Yun is in Persuasion mode; you
don't know how he's going to attack, which makes it much harder to block.

This is by far the smallest area you fight a Dark Jedi in, and it's the hardest
to exploit.  The table in the middle is a nice barrier, because it often lures
Yun to jump over it.  Avoid the steep part of the ramp; it's tougher to block
attacks on it.  Yun's sweeping saber attacks are pretty sad; they take so long
that he leaves himself wide open for a considerable amount of time.  All in all,
you shouldn't have any trouble if you just hit and move.

After you beat Yun, the cutscene shows his escape, and you come under attack
from some stormies.  You'll also gain yet another Force power: Pull.  Give it a
star or two; it'll come in handy immediately.

Level 8 - "Palace Escape"

Start out by getting close to the troops and using your new Force Pull to steal
their weapons.  Unarmed, they just run around aimlessly; they don't even think
about fighting you.  Step onto the platform near where they stood, and it'll go

There's a clearly-marked grate you can cut through with your saber on this
shaft, and within it is a circuit.  To advance, the circuit has to be cut.
However, at the bottom of the elevator, you'll find secret area #1.  Jump off
the elevator and run to the back of this room, bearing left.  It's very dark,
but there are some great, well-deserved power-ups here.  Get back on the
elevator and slash the circuit if you haven't already.

With the circuit cut, the elevator will rise to the roof.  Your first objective
is complete, but don't sit around; TIE Bombers fly around here, dropping bombs
in random lines, hoping to hit you.  If you have 2 or more stars on Force Jump,
run across to the area opposite where you came from and use it to create a
shortcut; otherwise, you have to head right from where you came from, and along
a wall.  (These narrow ledges are really frustrating.)  Follow the ledge, then
go up the steep slope beyond, and head right.  You'll arrive at the same place
you would if you'd used Jump.

Walk toward the area that was to the left when you first reached the roof.  (I
wish there were a better way to describe it.)  Destroy the sentry gun and walk
halfway down the steep slope.  Look below you; there are two openings in the
shaft, one on either side of the center.  Save first, then try to drop into one;
you'll probably take damage, and it's even possible that you'll miss once or

From here, enter the duct system.  Secret area #2 is on the floor between the
two openings; it's a rather poorly-marked panel which hides some great stuff
which comes in handy soon (particularly the super shield).  It'll probably be
blasted open once you destroy the droid nearby anyway.  Secret area #3 is in the
duct system as well, around the corner and on the left side.  It's another
poorly-marked panel, which you have to cut open with your saber.

After that, run to the end of the duct, and drop down.  Hopefully your super
shield is still active here, because there's lots of enemies.  One of the
officers tries to escape, calling for backup.  Don't let him, or you'll face
about half a dozen more stormies.  Kill all the guards in this room, head out,
down the nearby ramp, and take a left.  Wipe out the guards here as well, and
get in the elevator.

Don't hit the button to get it going.  This elevator just leads to an
extranneous area of the level, with no secret areas, no big payoff, and one
really tough enemy.  (In fact, this is an enemy that's hard to kill even at the
end of the game.)  Instead, jump through the opening in the ceiling of the
elevator.  There's a ledge you can jump to from here, and it has a grate you can
cut through with your saber.  Do so, and follow the path.  Be careful on the
narrow ledges in the next room, and after that, you'll find yourself in another
elevator shaft.  Jump to the first elevator, then the second, then to the
opening on the right side from where you stand.

Those big metal plates open beneath your weight, but it's a pretty rough fall,
so be prepared.  At the end, you'll be back outside.  On the left side, three
stormies wait.  Be warned, one is a real nuisance because of his Rail Detonator.
Get rid of all three, then procede on the path to the left.

There's a big gap here.  You have to use the air from the tunnel to get across;
when it's really powerful, it'll send you flying.  However, don't miss secret
area #4; when the wind is weak, head deep inside the tunnel.  It's a little gap
right beneath a ledge; it's somewhat hard to reach, unless you use the wind to
boost your jump from ground level.

Cross to the other tower, and hit secret area #5.  This is a horrible secret
area.  Be warned.  There's a narrow ledge that leads around three sides of the
second tower to the right, with a strong wind blowing the entire time, and at
its end, you have to cut a grate open and jump inside.  After that, carefully
drop back outside, run along the narrow ledges, and backtrack to the start of
the second tower.

Procede through the opening behind the second air tunnel.  Eliminate the
stormies and the sentry gun (which is attached to the ceiling).  Carefully drop
down one step at a time into the very dark rooms below.  When you're on solid
ground again (as opposed to the series of ledges), pick up the power-ups and

In the last room of the level, several imperials stand guard.  All you have to
do is reach the elevator and hit its switch.  After that, the elevator starts
the long ride up to the roof of this tower.  Run along the last hallway, and
Kyle calls for Jan.  There's an officer here; kill him quickly.  Run across the
opening roof to the right, where it won't open and you'll be safe, and watch
88's shuttle depart.  Then Jan arrives to pick you up.

Level 9: "Fuel Station Launch"

The first part of this level is cleverly designed.  There's a large gap directly
behind you that you can't jump across normally, and the yellow key is on the
other side.  If you have Force Jump, just use that to get across, climb to the
roof of the small building, and jump back across from there.  If you don't have
Jump, you'll have to take the long way.

(What follows is the instructions for going through the long way.  If you got
the yellow key with Jump, you'll still be following this up to a point, but
after that, you can skip ahead to the next section.)

Facing in the direction you were when you started the level, move forward,
toward the Ugnaught in the distance.  (Ugnaughts are noncombatants, like any
normal civilian.)  There are some power-ups if you jump to the platform on your
right; head left to continue.  Duck under the large pipe, bearing left.  Be
careful here; there's a Trandoshan in the distance.  Kill him off and pick up
his Concussion Rifle, then head back the way you came.  There's a gap in the
wall if you bear right from the large pipe; it's secret area #1.  If you have
Force Jump, you can reach it immediately; if not, you'll be making a second pass
through this area anyway, so you can hit it then.  There's a ledge along that
wall which you can walk along.

If you have the yellow key, go through the door behind the Trandoshan.  (Skip
the rest of this paragraph.)  If not, head along that wall, then through the
pipes on your left.  Follow this path, and it will eventually lead to the small
building that was behind you in the beginning.  Go through it, jump onto the
roof, and jump from there to the other side.  (No, you can't go back.  With
Force Jump, you could, but then you could easily miss secret area #1.  There are
no enemies, and it's a short trip anyway, so it's no big deal to work your way
through this first part twice.)  On your second trip through, be sure to visit
secret area #1 if you haven't already.  Now, head through the door behind where
the Trandoshan was.

There's another Trandoshan in the distance.  Fire your concussion rifle to
finish him with one shot, then fire at the ground near the corner to get rid of
some Imperials.  Hit the switch near the Trandoshan, and continue by heading
along the left fork (where the Imperials were standing).  You'll see a
stormtrooper standing in front of a window.  The window is wide-open, so hit him
from a distance.  Jump onto the barrels in front of this room, then onto the
ceiling to find secret area #2.

Go inside this room.  There should be two Imperials in here, so stay alert.
Call the elevator, and ride it down.  Immediately on your left, you'll find
secret area #3.  Ride the elevator back up, and go through the door near the
spot where Kyle says, "This looks interesting".  Shoot the barrel a few times to
blow it up, and it should take a Trandoshan with it.  Continue past this area.
Don't hit the switch; just take the elevator down two floors.  Clear out the
Imperials here, and look for a very small, Ugnaught-sized door.

This room has some strange architecture.  Immediately to your right, if you jump
up, you'll find secret area #4.  Continue straight through, past the shield
units, and drop to your right.  Standing right in front of the switch, there's a
gap to your right, with an elevator at the end.  Ride the elevator to the top.
(Again: don't hit the switch.  The first switch you hit was the only one that
was necessary.)  As Kyle says, the wrench will come in handy.  Head back out and
keep heading downhill until the path reaches its end.  Take the elevator down a
floor, then jump across.  Use the wrench to open the first door to the gas tank,
close it behind you, and open the other, then jump across again to the next
elevator and the next area.  First, though, one big secret area.

This elevator will take you down, initially.  However, if you stay on it, it
will take you up instead, to secret area #5.  Rather than blowing up the barrels
in the next room to see the big explosion, climb them and you'll find secret
area #6.  Now, blow up the barrels, find the small opening, and you'll've hit
secret area #7!  Now, call the elevator and ride back down to where you were
supposed to be heading.  (You'll have to step off the elevator after the first

Follow this path until you reach a switch, which will lower the platforms you're
standing on, turning them into ramps.  There are two pipes here, so jump across
to the one on the right side.  At its end, hidden away in a corner, is secret
area #8.  Use the power boost to destroy the automated turrets, then jump into
the torn-up panel on the left side of the room to find secret area #9.  Continue
through the door here.

In the next room, to your right, there's a diagram of the pipe system ahead.
The yellow lights indicate that gas is still travelling through them, so hit the
three switches beneath the diagram to solve that problem and continue.  At the
bottom of the next elevator, there's a panel that can be cut, but it's not a
secret area, and all that's behind it is a bacta tank.  Hit the switch on the
other side of the room and look to your left; the gate slowly swings open,
allowing you entry.

These pipes are rough.  Fortunately, there are no enemies throughout most of the
pipe system, but the gas puddles are a damage surface - you can't touch them
without getting hurt.  Furthermore, when there are enemies, even a missed shot
will cause large explosions which could kill you.  Be careful.  Again, you have
to close every gate behind you; there can't be two open at any one time, for
some reason.  Oh, did I mention that the chambers are magnetically sealed, and
any shot will bounce off the walls?

Travel through the pipes until you come to a fork.  It doesn't matter which way
you go.  (Correction: the left path ends eventually in a dead-end.)  Either way,
you'll come to an area where a gate will open and stormtroopers will start
shooting at you.  Get rid of them fast, but stay away from the gas; they're bad
aims, so if you're anywhere near it, odds are you'll get hit.  You can go
through the area where the stormies were hanging out, but you won't find much.
It connects the two pipes together; that's about all.

Follow the pipe system through until you reach another fork, only this time, one
path is up and the other is down.  I honestly don't know if you can go up
without the use of Force Jump, but it's useful to reach it if you can.
Otherwise, just go down.  You'll end up in a big pool of gas; jump out of it
quickly and you'll slide down a ramp, which eventually leads to a large globe-
shaped arena with a panel to cut in the bottom.  Cut it and drop through.
You'll get a "Mission Objective Completed" signal.  Head to the left right away
and you'll find secret area #10, then deal with the Trandoshan.

Don't head straight from here.  It's a dead end.  Head to the right, up some
steps, and through the door.  In this next room, ride the elevator up and kill
the Imperial, then head straight.  Clear out any Imperials here.  Use the
barrels to your advantage where possible; they can get rid of enemies really
quickly.  On the second floor is a Trandoshan with a rail detonator; finish him,
then jump on the elevator and ride it to the top floor.  Kill the stormtroopers
here, then walk along the narrow beams toward the elevator.  In the ceiling
above it, you'll find another hard-to-reach, but not secret area.  Again, I
honestly don't know if there's any way to reach this place without using Force
Jump or cheating, but I haven't found any yet.  Regardless, procede up the slope
from here and onto the elevator.

Yeesh...what a long elevator ride.  This is insane.  I still wonder what
Lucasarts was thinkin' with this ride.  It takes FOREVER.  At its end, you'll
find a few stormtroopers, but they're no big deal.  Head up the stairs and jump
onto the pipe.  There's another Ugnaught here; kill him or let him through, it's
up to you.  Stay on the center of the pipe as you run across, and don't fall off
either side, and soon you'll be at the last part of the level.  Just as you drop
onto the last pipe on the way to the ship, it pulls away, so you'll have to jump
really quickly.  (Fun fact: you can see the rabbit from Sam & Max again if you
spin around in mid-air.)  With that, the level ends.

Post-level: Force Seeing is a good power.  Very good.  It's basically the IR
Goggles with the added bonus of highlighting enemies, and it proves very useful
against Pic in level 11.  In fact, Pic alone makes Seeing worth having.

Level 10: "8t88's Reward"

From the level's beginning, you have to turn around (duh) to go anywhere.
You'll come out of the passage into a wide, open space on top of the cargo ship.
There are two or three guards out here, as well as a powerful gun to your right.
Destroy everything and head right, until you reach the door.

Inside, you'll find a very, very dark room with some stormies inside.  There's
also a lot of boxes in here.  Kill the stormies; there are some shield units
behind the stairs, in secret area #1.  Head upstairs, kill the remaining
enemies, and hit the switch by the window to open the hatch.  Head back outside
and drop in.  Cut one of the two circuits (hit the square things with your
saber) and the respective door will open.

It doesn't matter which door you go through; both lead to the exact same room.
I usually cut both, so I can pick up the power-ups on both sides.  In the next
room (when the paths reconnect, which isn't long) there are three enemies.  Kill
them and pass through the door in the center.  Head straight across the bridge
in the next room.  If you go through the doors one floor down, there's nothing
but enemies, so drop two floors down, preferably onto the boxes.  I encountered
four enemies here, including one with a rail detonator, so be alert.

The only door you can go through is the one in the center, so do so.  Destroy
the sentry gun in this room quickly, then work on the few enemies there are and
go down an elevator.  There is yet another sentry gun, with more enemies, below.
Drop through the opening beyond the sentry gun and explore.  You'll find secret
area #2 inside a low ceiling.  Ride the elevator back up and go through the door
to the right.  The red key is on the shelf in here.  Get it and head back out
into the large room, before the one with the elevators.  Now the doors on either
side can be opened.  You can also enter a new area on the bottom floor of the
room with the elevators.  All three rooms hold lots of power-ups.

Procede through the red key room to a room with three long bridges.  From the
third bridge, if you jump to the nearby platform, you can continue.  Through the
door, kill the enemies on the floor, then run up the ramps to find two more
officers that would bug you.  There's a switch on the ground level, tucked away
in a corner.  It turns off the barrier at the bottom of the long ramp.  On the
other side, you'll find the blue key and another switch, this one corresponding
to the barrier at the top of the ramp.  Run up the ramp and through the door.

Kill the enemies on both sides of the columns in this odd room, and pick up
power-ups like crazy.  Go through the door and down the elevator.  Beyond it,
you'll find a room with an awkward, sloping floor.  Climb to the top and you'll
find another circuit, this one leading to the fan.  The catch is, the fan has
two circuits, and you have to cut both, and one is on either side.  Which means
you have to pass right by the fan.  Just be careful not to get hit by it, and
save before you go.  Secret area #3 is at the end of this narrow walkway.

I simultaneously love and hate this place.  The path is to the left and down
from the first passage.  If you head straight down at the end of this passage,
you'll come to secret areas #4 and #5.  Head back to where you saw the strange
surface and step out into the next area.

This is a big, round area with a strong enough wind to push you straight up, so
stay on the path in the center.  Go around to the door on the other side and use
the blue key to get in.  Ride the elevator up and kill the two guards.  The
switches by the window deactivate the machine; the switch by the door
deactivates a barrier.

Head back out to the circular room, and slide down to the bottom.  You'll take
some damage, but there are health packs to recover with.  There's also a grate
you can slash through to access the final part of the level.

Secret area #6 is here; it's a duct that branches off to the left from the main
path.  Be quick about it, because there's a strong wind here.  Inside, there's a
revive and a probe droid.  Head back to the main path from here.

You'll come out eventually into the hangar in which 8t88's shuttle is parked.
Run past it, to the door beyond.  Hit the switch to open it, and the level ends.

Level 11: "Gorc and Pic - The Brothers of the Force"

Rahn: "It is a mystery why one would call Gorc and Pic 'twins'.  Even though one
is a miniature version of the other, they look nothing alike.  They also don't
battle alike.  Pic is the energy, and Gorc the power.  They are the clashing
balance of opposites, one the voice, the other the body.  This

This is the first difficult saber battle you'll have, and the last until near
the very end of the game.  The area is fairly simple, with only three real
different places.  The first is the room where Gorc and Pic evidently killed 88,
the second is on top of the cargo containers, and the third is beneath them.
There's nothing else to this level.  Personally, I prefer fighting on top of the
cargo containers.  It's a nice, wide area, and the brothers have a hard time
getting back there if they happen to fall off, giving you time in a one-on-one
if necessary.

Your best bet is to start out by eliminating the walking distraction that is
Gorc.  He's big, dumb, and slow; he's almost a non-threat, but if he gets the
chance, he can cause some trouble.  Get him out of the way quickly using
standard strategy.  Gorc on his own is easier, in fact, than even Yun; it seems
the only power he has is Grip, which can be countered rather effectively if
you're close to him.  He's also very slow, and his saber is easily blocked.

That brings me to Pic.  I _hate_ Pic.  First of all, he's like, 1/6th your size.
The implications of that should be obvious; he's almost impossible to hit.
You're looking down the entire time at him, and that makes him easier to lose
track of.  If that isn't enough, he has Persuasion.  If he vanishes suddenly,
turn on Seeing quickly so you know what he's up to.  His saber swings wildly,
making it tough to tell when he's attacking and when he's just walking normally.
Fortunately, he doesn't do a tremendous amount of damage when he hits you,
because he'll probably hit you a lot.  The best advice I can give you against
Pic is this: keep your health up, and keep moving.  Run toward him, attack once,
and run away quickly.  Don't back away, either; run straight through him,
swinging along the way.  There's not much else you can do, except get lucky.
He's very, very frustrating.

T-wRecks gives this advice on Pic: "As far as I can tell, Pic does not have
Pull, and he walks slowly because of his size.  So once Gorc is gone, switch to
the compression rifle, keep away from him,and splash damage him to death. You
can use Force Jump and/or Speed to get out of splash range, but that usually
isn't necessary.  This works for me pretty much every time as opposed to rolling
the dice by dueling him."

After you beat both brothers, you have to go pick up 88's head.  It's easy to
find; it's still in the room where he was killed.  Pick it up and the level
ends.  Now, assigning Force stars.  This part is never easy.  If you're
determined to be on the light side, it's rather easy; put 4 stars on Healing.
You can always use Healing, after all.  If you're determined to be on the dark
side, put 2 stars on Healing and 4 on Throw.  You're going to want Healing no
matter what, even if it's only for 3 levels, and putting stars on Throw will
compensate for the difference.  If you're not decided yet, or if you're leaving
it up to chance, put 4 on each.  Both powers can prove quite useful if they're
used intelligently.  Might as well use 'em while you've got 'em.

Level 12: "Escape With the Map"

You start out back in 8t88's hangar, talking to Jan.  There are doors to your
left and right; both lead eventually to the same place.  Whichever way you go,
you'll follow a long, wide, tall hallway with several Imperials in it.  You can
jump on top of the boxes to pick up some power-ups.  Finally, when the two paths
rejoin, you'll find a huge gate.  Go through it to the next area.

This place is pretty awkward.  Go through the door to the left, then down the
ramp.  You'll come to another ledge, this one with 2 stormies.  Head straight
across and down the elevator to the ground floor.  This is where it gets a bit
tricky.  Bearing left from the elevator, you'll find secret area #1 behind some
boxes.  You'd think you'd find more secret areas by climbing boxes, but you
won't - although there are some nice power-ups if you really need 'em.  Anyway,
there's a switch in the wall to the right of where the conveyor belt is carrying
the boxes.  Be alert, because it deactivates a barrier, leaving you open to
attack from a nearby sentry gun.  Follow the conveyor belt into the next room.

Secret area #2 is found by Force Jumping to the ledge above the first corner in
this new room.  Ride the belt to its end, and jump off onto the nearby path
leading to an elevator.  Ride it up.  Don't go through the door; instead, jump
from box to box.  Head back to the beginning of this area, and ride that
elevator up.  Secret area #3 is found by cutting a section of the box to your
left; use Force Seeing to highlight it.  Secret area #4 is found by jumping from
box to box and dropping onto a platform next to secret area #2.  Now, upon
getting back to the platform where you found #3, jump from box to box until you
reach a central platform.  There are doors on either side, but they both lead to
the same room, which has the blue key.  Head for the door you didn't enter
earlier, and now go through it.

Kill the stormtrooper, ride the circular elevator up, and get the blue key.
There are 4 elevator shafts here: red, yellow, and two white.  Start by riding
the yellow one up to the third floor (stay on it after the first stop), and
you'll get the green key.  Ride the next elevator down, and at the halfway
point, you'll find the red key.  Ride the yellow elevator again, and get off at
the first stop, then hit the yellow switch, open the door, and cross the bridge.
In the next room, hit the red switch, collect the power-ups, and cross the
bridge again.  Ride the next elevator up, hit the blue switch, cross the bridge.
Kill the next two Imperials, hit the green switch, and cross the bridge one last
time.  Ride the elevator up, and follow the path.

You'll eventually come to an area with some very odd architecture.  Don't worry,
there's nothing unusual.  In fact, there's still only one path.  You don't have
to jump or anything; you come out of one thing and go down another.  Continue
following the path, and eventually you'll come to a circular room with a pink
sky, but still, there's only one door, and that's to the left.  This leads to
one final room with 4 Imperials and some power-ups.  Drop down, open the door,
and you're back outside.

After the level, you see Kyle and Jan decoding the map, then the scene cuts to
Jerec, Sariss, and Boc landing on the planet with the Valley of the Jedi.

Level 13: "The Lost Planet of the Jedi"

You start out on a cliff overlooking what you will come to recognize as the
first barrier.  Turn around and drop down a few levels.  You'll come to a canyon
with narrow paths on either side.  Stay to the right, and go down the first
opening on that side.  Let the current carry you until you reach the next crack,
and go through it.  At its end, you'll find two stormtroopers.  Kill them.
Climb up this narrow path, keeping an eye out for sequencer charges and
destroying them with thermal detonators.  At its end, leap to the platform where
the stormtrooper is/was.  Continue along the path.

You'll soon find a metallic area with a circuit.  Cut the circuit.  That meter
next to it signifies how much power is left in the first barrier; you have to
cut 3 more circuits to lower it completely.  Continue along the path, heading
right to eliminate some more stormies if you wish.  You'll come to a door; open
it (duh).  The second circuit is in this room.  When you head outside from here,
use your concussion rifle to eliminate the sentry guns.  Secret area #1 is
hidden behind the left sentry gun.  In the area beyond them, you'll find lots of
stormies, so be careful.  Also be alert that there is a third sentry gun
directly above the arch near the other two.  The first floor here carries some
power-ups, as does the second, but the second also has a grate you can cut,
leading to the third circuit.  Clear this area for power-ups and head back to
the area outside the room with the second circuit.  (Secret area #2 is also in
here, in the circuit room, beneath a grate in the room to the right.)

Head down the path until you reach the first barrier itself.  Two stormies guard
the last circuit.  Before you cut it, head back upstream to take care of one
last piece of business.  Where the two narrow paths connect (watch out, there's
a sequencer charge), you can find secret area #3.  Drop in the water and look
under the bridge.  Jump into this area, then float back downstream to the end.
Cut the last circuit and you can pass the barrier.  (Watch out for the annoying
bat creatures.)

Drop in the pool.  If you have Force Jump, you can jump up to the opening in the
wall opposite you.  If not, you'll have to swim down through a crack in the left
side.  Follow the tunnel and you'll soon find an opening to the right.  Either
way, get on to the bridge and continue.  Drop to the ledge below you.  This part
is tricky: secret area #4 is hidden to the left, but it's hard to reach,
especially without Force Speed.  After reaching it, push your way across to the
opening opposite where you came from.

You're in another canyon, this one much wider.  Secret area #5 is near the
source of the water.  Follow the river way, way downstream, almost to its end,
and you'll see a path and an opening to the right.  Follow it.  There are some
great power-ups immediately on your right.  There's a stormie there too, in
fact.  Continue along, into the deep pool, where you'll see two big fish which
can take two concussion rifle shots apiece.  Secret area #6 is hidden along the
opposite wall, a wide opening which (to my knowledge) you have to use Force Jump
to reach.  (You could probably drop in, but I don't see how.)

Follow the path upwards, into the Imperial camp.  If you have Throw, this is a
nice time to try it out.  If you look through the window opposite the elevator,
you can see the Valley for the first time.  Ride the elevator down.  Secret area
#7 is in plain sight, here: jump from box to box until you reach the small
opening in the wall opposite the elevator.  Now, here's the thing: DON'T OPEN
THIS DOOR.  Instead, drop into the elevator shaft, and cut the floor.  Drop
through and follow this path.  Head straight when you come to the fork after the
bridge, even though it doesn't really matter.)

Eventually, you'll come out deep inside Imperial-controlled territory.  After
securing your immediate surroundings, head outside.  Immediately to the left of
the barrier, you'll find a ramp leading up to a switch.  Hit it to open the gate
opposite the barrier, and run through to the other side.  Close the gate behind
you and hit the switch in the small room to call the elevator, then ride it up.

Here, you'll duel with two Imperial elites.  No big deal.  Finish them quickly
and hit the switch in the room they were in, then hop on the elevator to end the

After the level, you'll be given Persuasion and Grip.  Add stars to them as you
see appropriate, based on your desired Force alignment.  You'll also get to
watch a short cutscene, in which Kyle is attacked by Maw.

Level 14: "Maw - The Revenge"

Rahn: "To the one called Maw: a bitter individual that loathes all and holds
loyalty to few.  A strong and formidable foe.  For every quart of muscle, there
is hatred.  It is this hate that keeps his aging body strong."

This level is easy.  You fight Maw until you hit him about a half a dozen times,
then he runs to the next area.  There are a few tips I can give to make it
easier.  First, stay away from the catwalks when you're fighting him.  I usually
fight the first battle right in front of the elevator, the second right inside
the door, and the third on the platform.  That way, there's less risk of

He doesn't have much in the way of skill, really.  He'll spin around
occasionally, and you should watch out for that, but it's nothing special.
He'll use Throw every once in a while, but it's only effective once or twice.
His saber skills are extremely lacking.  All in all, this battle is comparable
to a one-on-one with Gorc.

After the battle, there's a significant plot development.  Kyle finally decides
on the light or dark side of the Force, and acts accordingly.  (This decision is
determined both by the powers you've taken, and how you've treated civilians
throughout the first parts of the game.)  If you stuck with the light side,
he'll restrain himself.  If you chose the dark side, he'll kill Jan.  Either
way, he remains against Jerec and the Dark Jedi, and Jerec uses Destruction to
try to get rid of him.  This leads to the entire ship crashing.


Most people have a preference when it comes to their Force powers.  At this
point, I'd like to analyze the non-neutral powers.  Personally, I prefer the
dark side's powers, but that doesn't mean you should necessarily go with it.
Use whichever side you feel strongest with.

First, the light side.  Healing is a great power, of course.  It effectively
means you have almost no excuse for ever dying.  Even when I first get the
power, after Gorc and Pic, if I'm going with the dark side I still like to put
three stars on Healing to use it while I can.

Persuasion is also great.  I can't tell you how many times, during the later
levels, I would just walk up to a stormtrooper and chop off his arm without him
even realizing it.

Unfortunately, I can't say the same for Blinding.  Sure, it's great in a
multiplayer game, but it's basically persuasion for a single target that may
already be able to see you.  It's not reliable enough for me.

As for Absorb...personally, I hated Absorb.  Worthless in single player.  You
can only use it for two levels, and even then you hardly make use of it unless
you're lucky.  I don't know about anyone else, but I took most of my damage
against Boc and Jerec from sabers, not from the Force.

If you neglected the neutral powers, you can get Protection, which is arguably
worth all the neutral powers combined.  It's basically invulnerability.  How
great is that?

Now, the dark side.  Throw has its fair share of uses.  At the very least, I
find it extremely useful in level 16, and again in level 20.  It has to be used
well.  It also has some uses in regular levels.  Crushing stormies is fun.  You can make great use of it if your enemy hasn't noticed you, but
only then.  I've never even tried it against the later Dark Jedi.

Lightning is another "eh".  It's not that great in JK, sadly.  It's inaccurate,
so it's not reliable except in close range, at which point you may as well use
the stormtrooper rifle.

I love Destruction.  What a great power.  A well-placed shot can hit any enemy,
usually killing them.  I find this power fairly useful against the later Dark
Jedi, although it all comes down to saber skills in the end anyway.

All in all, as I said, I prefer the dark side.  The light side is stronger in
regular situations, because you can sneak around.  The dark side is stronger in
Dark Jedi battles, because it wipes everything out with ease.  But you'll see
what I mean.


Level 15: "The Falling Ship"/"Into the Darkside"

This level, arguably the most unusual in JK, begins with Ran speaking to you.
Depending on which side you chose, he either tells you to escape or leaves you
to yourself.

The first and only secret area is a duct on the left wall, which is somewhat
difficult to reach.  There are two ways that I've found to get through this
level, so I'll cover both.

The first is to pass through the secret area.  Follow the duct to where it
leads, then, just fall.  In the next area, you can see a fan.  Don't worry;
it'll only do a little bit of physical damage, it won't kill you.  After passing
through two fans, you'll reach a hallway.  Follow it.  Drop through any of these
three pits and follow this wide area.  Looking to your left, you can see a small
crevice.  Enter it, bearing to the left.  This small path leads to a round room
with a probe droid.  Destroy it.  Then, look for an opening in the center of the
room.  Follow this red-lit duct to a hallway, and bear left, through the door.
Hit both switches here; one lowers your ship, the other buys you some time.
Then, head back, and follow this hallway, heading straight at the fork.  Along
this path, you'll find your ship, but rather than jumping to it (and a certain
death), hit the switch on your right and soon a platform will rise to let you
walk to your ship.  As you walk to your ship, the level ends.

Other than that, there's at least one other way.  From the beginning, turn
around and go through the large door.  Follow this path, then take the second
elevator shaft on the left down (you'll have to walk along it, due to the
unusual angle the entire level faces).  Head left from here, past the crane and
the gasoline, and through the door.  Head down the second elevator on the left,
and follow the path.  Pass through this enormous control room, up the elevator
shaft (you may have to use Force Jump), and past the large barrels, until you
reach a wide-open space.  Head down the slope, turn right, then go right again,
and follow the path.  From here, it's exactly the same as the first one: hit
both switches, head back, go straight at the fork, and reach the ship.  Not
hard, eh?

Level 16: "Sariss - Jedi Battleground"/"Yun - Battle to the Death"

Depending on which side you chose earlier, you'll face either Sariss or Yun now.
I'll cover each one, starting with Sariss.

The light side cutscene is cool.  Boc destroys Kyle's lightsaber, then reports
to Jerec; meanwhile, Sariss tries to kill Kyle, but Yun stops her, sacrificing

Rahn: "Out of all the Dark Jedi I have met, Sariss is the one I can say, I fear.
Powerful; strong in both the physical and mental arenas of the Force, she is a
master, a perfectionist, quiet and reserved.  This makes her a very dangerous

Sariss is a bit tricky.  As Rahn said, she's a perfectionist; she has all the
dark powers, and nothing else.  This also gives her Deadly Sight, which causes
serious trouble if you let it.  Fortunately, she generally only uses it if
you're a long distance away from her.  First and foremost, you have to pick up
Yun's saber.  Can't beat 'er without it, after all.  Then, your best bet is to
simply duel it out with her.  Find some level ground (right in front of the ship
is pretty good), and start dueling, because she'll be less likely to use any of
her powers that way.  When dueling with her, it's the same tactic as before: hit
her, then back up quickly.  You're much faster than she is, so use that speed to
your advantage.

Now, as for Yun.  If this isn't the easiest battle ever, I don't know what is.
If you're fighting Yun, that means you chose the dark side, and that means
you've probably got at least two stars on Throw by now.  Run into the cargo
ship, jump onto the elevated ledge, and wait for Yun to appear.  When he does,
whack 'im with Throw over and over again.  If it doesn't completely finish him
off, it'll leave him significantly weakened, and you'll only need to land a
handful of shots to finish him off.  Also, watch out for his Blinding.  It seems
to have gotten better since the last time, although even if he does use it, it
won't last long enough for him to avoid Throw.

Regardless of who you fight, after the battle, load up your last Force power
with 4 stars.  You'll use it, especially you dark-siders.  Also, at this point,
you should have no Force stars in reserve; you won't be getting any new powers,
so just use them on whatever power you most want.

Level 17: "The Valley Tower Ascent"

You start on an elevator, riding up.  As soon as the elevator stops, use the
Force.  If you're a Jedi, use Persuasion, run up the narrow opening, into the
room, and hack away at the troops before they can even see you.  If you're a
Sith, just blast them with Destruction before they even get a shot in.  Activate
the switch, and the door will open.  Head through it.

No need to bother with the AT-AT in the next area; just call the elevator, get
on, and ride up, fighting the troops who try to stop you.  Head through the
door, down the hallway.  Take the first left, and go up the ramps, killing the
two troops at the top.  Hit the switch.  Next, head down the second left,
killing the troops at the bottom.  (This isn't immediately necessary; it merely
helps you later.)  Head back up the ramps, and hit the call button for the
elevator opposite you.  Get on, and ride down as far as you can go.

This is going to sound kind of weird, but do it.  Hit the switch, and run across
to the opening behind you.  Drop down to it, and you'll spot an area below the
elevator.  Use the Force to eliminate the soldiers below you, then head out the
door, and hit the switch at the end of the ledge.  As the boxes begin to come up
toward you, you can ride them up.  Hack the grate, and you'll find yourself a
few floors up, near the elevator shaft.  Now, ride it back up, as far as you can

There's a stormtrooper to your right; dispatch him.  Next, jump to the upper
level, and get rid of the 3 troops in one of the rooms.  Blow up the barrels in
this room and you'll find secret area #1.  Head back to the central area, and
ride a box up again.  You only have to ride up to the opening in the side, but
if you ride up near to the top, you'll find secret area #2.  Drop into the
opening in the side, and follow the hallway.

This part is rough.  You have to jump when the air current is strong, but if
it's too strong, you'll take a big fall.  It's nice to have Healing, but bacta
tanks work well too.  At the top, equip the concussion rifle and destroy the
turrets.  Clear out any soldiers along this path.  Your goal here is simply to
ride the elevator up.

There's a BIG gap here.  Instead of trying to cross it (the dumb thing to do),
enter the door to your left.  Kill the troops (there should be 2 before the
elevator, and 2 or 3 after), then cross the bridge when there's no air flowing.
Hit the switch to send the platform across, then head back and get on.  Ride it
across.  (Secret area #3 is here; it's hidden at the source of the air flow.
Use Force Speed to get it, but be careful getting back onto the main path; it's
easy to miss it, and you don't have much time.)

The next area is wide open, with a room in the wall.  Throw a thermal detonator
into the room to destroy the barrels and find secret area #4.  Look over the
edge of the cliff.  There's a rock you can drop down to, if you're careful.
Activate Persuasion if you have it, and drop down, then quickly clear out the
enemies.  Ride the elevator up, and follow the path.  Beyond another elevator
and a handful of turrets, you'll complete an objective.  Call the elevator and
ride it up, kill the troop, and you'll come to another frustrating fan area.
You want to jump to your right.  Follow this path across, and ride the elevator
down.  After the first stop, kill the troops, then continue downward.

You come to two rooms between an air shaft, with a tunnel connecting them.  Each
room has a switch that deactivates the shaft; the first is temporary, and the
second is permanent.  Use Speed if you've got it, and hit both switches.  Jump
in the shaft and open the door.  Drop down, and kill the 3-4 troops here.  Hit
the switch and head in either direction; it doesn't particularly matter.  Either
way leads to a central door.  Follow the path along the ledge, and hit the
switch near the end, then drop off the ledge to the right.  You want to get into
the fan again.  At the very top, secret areas #5 and #6 are opposite each other.
Be quick in reaching them, or you'll miss them completely.  After that, ride the
air to the top and finish the level.

Level 18: "Descent Into the Valley"

As in level 17, you start out riding an elevator up.  Step out of the elevator
shaft, and look around.  That big, towering thing above you will be really
familiar by the end of this level.  Across the room, there's a stormtrooper on
guard.  Kill him and head downward.  There's another stormie, then an odd
elevator shaft.  Ride it down.  The guys in the room across from you are
harmless for now, but you darksiders can get rid of them with Grip.  Step back
on the elevator, step off of it, and fall through the hole it creates as it

The next room has just a single droid in it.  Follow the hallway, clearing out
stormtroopers, and in the next room, you can find secret area #1 by doing some
creative wall-climbing or by using Jump.  There's also a Revive here, but leave
it; you'll be back in a little while, and you can get it then, when you might
need it more.  Continue up the ramp and onward through the hallway.

"Hmm, locked."  Why did they make a new sound file for that?  Anyway, one door's
locked, the other isn't.  Figure it out.  Follow this path through the next
room, until you find a ramp leading straight down.  Get ready for a fight any
way you can; lightsiders, use Persuasion.  This place is oddly shaped, and there
are lots of enemies, but lots of goodies too.  Directly below the ramp is a weak
wall section, behind which is secret area #2, and secret area #3 is above the
wall opposite the ramp.  Behind that wall is where you're headed.  Ride this
elevator down to the next area, and continue following the path until you find
the Control Room Key.

Head out into the next, big room.  There's a small elevator against a wall; ride
it upward, and climb into the next area when it stops.  There's an Armor Vest
across from you, but reaching it is tough; it's secret area #4.  At this point,
you'll find yourself in the room with the Revive you left behind earlier.  Grab
it if you need it, and head back to where that locked door was.  Hit the switch
inside, and the cargo you saw in the beginning of the level will begin to
descend.  Continue following the path as you did before until you get to the big
room, where the cargo has stopped.  There's a switch against the wall; hit it,
and the cargo will continue to descend.  Jump on top and ride down with it.

There are two paths you can take here: left or right, facing the straight wall.
Take the left one, as it has fewer enemies.  Follow the path, clearing enemies
away, and when you reach the fork, head left; the right fork leads to more
stormies.  In the next room, call the elevator by hitting the switch opposite
the entrance and when it comes, kill the stormtrooper inside.  Ride it down.
The next room, which has two stormtroopers, has a nice view of nothing.  Hit the
switch to the right of the elevator, and head out.  Don't head out too far,
though.  Almost immediately, there's a stormtrooper standing directly above you.
Kill him, then climb up to where he was using the wall to your right.  (If you
follow the path, it leads nowhere important.)

The cargo's back, this time rotating.  Lovely, eh?  Be careful as you cross it;
wait for its angle to be less steep as you go.  When you cross, you'll end up on
an empty ledge!  It's okay, just wait for it to come back around, jump back onto
the cargo, and cross to the ledge below.  Be aware; there are two stormtroopers
on this lower ledge.  Continue onward through the door, and the third objective
is completed.

Ignore the bridges above you, and continue to your right, following the hallways
to the next room.  Clear out the stormtroopers, then hit all three switches and
follow the path to your left.  Take the elevator down to the really new parts of
the Imperial base.  Follow the path, but don't miss secret area #5 - it's a weak
section of wall behind you on your left, very easily missed.  There's a Revive
inside.  At the end of the spiral, jump across to the catwalk slightly below
you.  Take the second left on this catwalk, up a ramp.  Secret area #6 is
another weak wall section here.  Head back down, turn right, and go through the
newly-opened door.

Kill the stormtroopers here, then drop down to the next floor through the
elevator shaft, and kill the two enemies in here, too.  Through this door, you
won't see much, except a triangular section of floor in front and slightly below
you.  Jump to it, carefully.  Now, walk onto the narrow stretch to your right,
and jump to the platform nearby.  Hit the switch, and another platform will rise
up to your left (assuming you're facing the switch).  Hop on the platform, and
get off it before it begins to descend.  Follow this path to its end, eventually
going up two ramps.  There's nothing here.  Turn around and head down, though,
and on the ramp you'll see a platform above the floor.  Jump to it and follow
this upward.

You'll see a very narrow caution beam slightly below you.  Cross it.  Following
it to its end, you'll find secret area #7.  Now jump up (you have to use Force
Jump) onto the roof.  (If you don't have Force Jump, drop off to the left of the
beam when it reaches the wall, then follow this upward.)  At the end of this
path, you'll find a room with several stormtroopers.  Kill them, hit the switch,
and jump in the shaft, then follow the shaft downward to end this long, tedious,
repetitive level.

Afterward, you get three more stars.  If you've gotten every available star,
this leaves two openings, so you don't exactly have to be picky.  Spend them on
whatever you use most of what hasn't been filled completely yet.

Level 19: "The Valley of the Jedi"

This level begins at the bottom of the shaft you just fell through.  Just follow
the path; it's linear, until you get to an elevator.  Call the elevator and ride
it down to the next floor, which is small.  Secret area #1 is on the upper ledge
here.  Continue riding the elevator down.  You'll come out in a very large,
wide-open area.  Look straight up from the elevator, and you can see a narrow
ledge above, which is secret area #2.  Follow the path around, and you can use
Force Jump on the other side to reach it.  (I think you can reach it right away
if you have 4 stars on it, but I haven't tested...sorry!)  Continue following
the path through the rocky area until you come to an Imperial guard station of
sorts.  Enter it.

Inside, there's only a long hallway leading to an elevator with two guys on it.
Kill both, and look up.  Cut the grate, then jump through (you'll need Force
Jump), and follow the path to secret area #3.  Look up, and to the right.
There's a ledge up there.  Use Force Jump to reach it; it's secret area #4.
Head back to the elevator and ride it down.  Kill the enemies below (watch out
for the stormie with the Rail Detonator - he's nasty), then send the elevator
back up and jump off.  Secret area #5 is underneath the elevator.  Continue
following the path.  Crouch beneath a support beam, and you'll complete an
objective.  Keep going, you're about a third of the way there.

Eventually, you'll come to the bottom of the cave.  Drop through the hole, and
suddenly everything becomes ancient-looking.  Keep following the path.  Secret
area #6 is a weak wall section in the third room you enter here.  Secret area #7
is another weak wall section in a room with a low metal ramp.

This next part is, in my opinion, the second worst part of the game.  It's a
large, dark chamber with a small group of vicious monsters in it.  There are two
ways to get through: wear them down from the narrow tunnels, where they can't
touch you, or just run like hell.  They take a lot, so I advise the second
option.  You have to drop through a hole; take the left fork, make a sharp right
as soon as you enter the chamber, and run straight until you reach the wall.
Look around here for the opening and fall through it.

The next two rooms have lots of enemies, but they're easy to cut down if you
have a little skill.  Keep going through the tunnels, and eventually you'll
reach what seems to be a dead-end.  This is the single worst part of the game,
but you won't even notice if you just take my advice.  To your left, there's a
button which moves the wall.   Hit it four times, and the wall will move
completely out of your way.  Head through the opening and continue.  You'll come
to another one; keep hitting this button until it's fully opened.  Now hit it
one more time and run, very very quickly, because the last press of the button
closes it again.  If you get through, there are stormtroopers waiting on the
other side; deal with them.

Continue through the narrow tunnels until you pass a strange floor.  (Don't
worry about it.)  After a right turn, drop a thermal detonator on the ground and
run; it'll explode, opening up secret area #8.  Continue following the path
until you drop through a pit, into a large area with several boxes strewn about.
Head through the large gate on your left, and you'll come across an AT-ST.
Destroy it using the Concussion Rifle, then kill the pilot and steal the key he
drops to open the door.  Upon opening the door, the level ends.  (Watch out for
that pilot - he's a shifty bastard.  I shot him with a Concussion Rifle shot and
he survived!)

Level 20: "Boc - The Crude"/"Boc - A Nuisance"

Rahn: "I can't abide this creature named Boc.  He is one of the few that
actually uses two lightsabers in battle.  He is a crude individual that lacks
both tact, and teeth.  Only a Dark Jedi can he be."

Boc is cool.  That's all I'll say on that subject.  His style of fighting is
unique, that's for sure; he carries two sabers and is almost constantly in the
air.  He also likes to use Destruction if you're far away from him, and
Lightning if you're near him.  There are a few tricks to beating him, though.

First: if you have Force Jump (2 stars or more) and Throw, you can kinda cheat
against him.  The area you fight him in, the round room, has another room off to
the side of it which has plenty of Throwable material.  Run into the side room,
and look up.  You can see two alcoves high above you.  Use Force Jump to reach
them, pick up any power-ups you might really need, turn around, and wait for Boc
to appear.  When he does, let him have it with Throw.  I can't guarantee that
it'll finish him off completely, but it will significantly weaken him.

Second: simple dueling.  Well, maybe not so simple.  Boc's saber skills are
good, better than anyone else you've fought yet, but not great.  The same
fundamentals apply; you can block his attacks with your saber, and you just have
to hit him when he's off guard.  His double-sabers make that tricky, but there
are ways.  For instance, he can't block directly below him.  If he jumps and you
move right beneath him, you can get in a cheap shot in a vulnerable area.  Think
of it this way: with every boss up to Boc, you can hit them right after they
attack you.  With Boc, that won't work, so you just have to hit him where his
sabers won't block you.  After a long battle, Boc will finally have a heart
attack, or whatever, and you'll move on.

Level 21: "Jerec - The Force Within"/"Jerec - Battle for Power"

Rahn: "His heavy brow overshadows the empty recesses that normally embrace eyes.
Jerec has the uncanny power to absorb and overshadow one's connection to the a dark cloud.  A deep, empowering grasp of your will is what you

Jerec is rough, but this battle isn't too bad if you can beat Boc cleanly.
Jerec's Force powers include Jump, Destruction (which, again, will only be used
at long distances), and Lightning (which he always manages to find the worst
possible time to use, somehow).

A little detail should be given on the setting, now.  This is important.  The
arena you fight Jerec in has 5 main parts to it: the central tower, the two
statue areas, and the tower exit areas.  (These are my names for them.  I know
they suck.)  The central tower, of course, is the highly elevated area where
Jerec regenerates, but we'll get to that.  The statue areas are the places that
are sloping, with notches in them which each hold statues.  These areas are
critical in the battle.  The tower exit areas are simply where you come out of
the tower.  They have a lighter slope than the statue areas, and have power-ups
in them.  There are also power-ups on the sides of the tower, if you have Force

Now, how do you beat Jerec?  It's simple, actually.  First, duel with him as you
normally would.  Hit him, wait for his response, and hit him while he's
swinging.  Be careful not to get too low on health; if you need to, run away to
pick up power-ups.  They respawn, but still try to be sparing unless you're
getting dominated by Jerec.  Once you've worn him down, Jerec will run away to
the tower and begin to regenerate.  The problem is, while he regenerates, he
somehow has Force Protection on himself.  (shrug)

Jerec's goal in the battle is to prevent you from having access to the power of
the Valley.  To do this, Jerec tries to pull the two statues toward the tower as
he regenerates.  If the statues reach the central tower, you lose.  Fortunately,
they move slowly, and their movement can be turned off.  There are switches
behind each statue.  Hit the button, turn on Force Speed (if you have it), run
across to the other statue, and hit the button behind it.  This also cuts off
Jerec's Protection.  Ride up to the top of the tower, and hit Jerec with your
saber to interrupt his regeneration.  Then run out of the tower to lure him away
from it.

Eventually, after 2-4 rounds of dueling, Jerec will fall.  Congratulations!  You
III. Multiplayer Mode

- Capture The Flag

For some reason, JK CTF never really caught on in my experience.  Most people
just preferred deathmatches.  *shrug*  The key to CTF is getting points.  You
get points by grabbing, holding, and capturing the opponents' flag (by taking it
back to your base while your flag is still safe).  In other words, you want to
have Speed; you want to have a good knowledge of the map; and you want to be
able to rely on your own base's defenses.  It's kind of tricky at times.

1.  The Duel

This level has a pretty simple layout: there's a base on either side, connected
by an intricate string of hallways on two floors, with a large central area.

Honestly, you don't need much Force on this level.  Speed, being the key to CTF,
is always essential, and Seeing and Pull are nice.  You'll never need more than
one star on Jump.  Throw has limited (but still some) use, and the rest of the
Dark side powers are good as long as you're confident with them.  The light side
powers are good, but not great.  Nothing really stands out in this level except
Speed, and perhaps Protection.

The only real trap is that when you grab the opponents' flag, the first-floor
doors of their base lock, and you have to jump out on the top floor.  A smart
defensive move is to position a sniper or two on the second floor (if you can
spare a teammate) to hit anyone who comes in with a Concussion Rifle.  Since
they can't escape out the first floor, a shot from the C-Rifle will disorient
them and they'll be lucky to escape at all.

Persuasion is nice, but not guaranteed here.  Sneak into their base and run like
hell, but avoid the central area.  It's ugly, and it's easy to get killed
passing through, even if you don't have the flag.  After all, why else would the
place the Concussion Rifle right there, out in the open?  Ultimately, this is
not unlike a tug-of-war.  If you can control traffic in the outer hallways, you
can get the powerful items in the middle, and they'll allow you to more easily
grab the flag (especially the Super Shield!).

2.  The Arena of Dark and Light

This is sort of the "medium" CTF level.  It's slightly more complex in layout
than The Duel.  It's a multi-level maze with the bases on either side.  You can
run through at any level, and can enter a base from 5 places.  There is also a
central area on 2 of the 3 floors, which, like on The Duel, can be a very ugly
place if you're not ready for a gunfight.

Your best advice for capturing the flag depends on how many people you've got on
your team.  If you're alone or only have 2 people, you can get into a 1-on-1
fight at the enemy's base and hope to win.  If you do, the flag is your reward.
If there are more than 3 people, consider a swarm tactic; send teammates from
every floor to attack the base.  They'll be distracted by the first few people,
and one might slip in.

Now, about those five entrances:
1) Ground floor, wings.  There's one on either side, and they can't be blocked
like some of the other entrances.  The problem for the offense is, they're
really long paths.  You have to run up two fairly long ramps, and your opponents
are sure to be sniping at you.  Speed and Persuasion might work, but don't be
surprised if they pick you off with Seeing.  Also be sure to have full health
and shields if you attack from here.
2) Ground floor, back of base.  This is a horrible place to come from.  You
should really never come from here.  It's even longer than the wings, and you
pass up another entrance to get to it.  It really has no benefits at all.  It's
best used to get to the top floor after stealing the flag, or from your own
3) Second floor, back of base.  Slightly better than the last entrance, because
you have to run a third of the distance to get to the flag.  However, this path
can easily be blocked; a switch can be activated by the defense to block this
route off completely for a short time.  Used effectively, it will prevent you
from ever getting in here.
4) Second floor, front of base.  This is more of an exit than an entrance, but
it can be used with Force Jump to sneak in behind their backs and steal it
without a fight.  However, this one also has a potential force-field (which a
good team will always have activated), which never shuts off.
5) Third floor, top of base.  There's a big hole in the ceiling of the second
floor.  You can drop within 10 feet of the enemy's flag from here without a
fight.  It's a nice way to sneak in.
Which one is most effective?  None, really.  A team can focus on any of those
individually and have almost 100% success if that's all you attack.  Your best
bet in this is to cover every option, both offensively and defensively.

Now, there's some secret stuff here, pretty cleverly hidden.  First of all,
every elevator shaft has a secret passageway hidden above it, with a really
powerful gun inside.  Second, there's a Revive on the bottom floor, off to one
side from the center.  You have to use Force Speed to get it.  There are also
(evidently) pillboxes in the central area, third floor.  Useful if you want to
pick your enemies off on the third floor.

3. The Challenge at Nar Shaddaa

This level wasn't too good.  I disliked it.  In my experience, it's only cool if
you have no Force on, and then it takes way too long to run through it.  It has
the option of playing on either large-level mode or small-level mode.  Large-
level includes a bunch more traps and little tricks, but they're all off to the
side, well away from the main path.  Stick to small-mode if you're a beginner,
because it's still bigger than The Arena of Dark and Light.

If you have Force Jump and Force Speed, you can take a huge shortcut.  Drop into
the water below your base and swim through until, looking up, you can see the
enemy base.  Then, simply use Force Jump and hop up, take the flag, and swim
back to your base.  It's almost frustratingly simple.

If you don't have the Force, you have to take the long way.  This is a problem,
because aside from the tunnels beneath the bases, there's no real weakness in
their defenses.  You have to use unconventional methods; to get to the red base,
the yellow team must drop through a long pipe and jump a gap near the pipe's
end, and to get to the yellow base, the red team must drop through an exhaust
system.  Upon completing these tasks, you can grab a key which makes your
travels much easier (they give you access to the same areas the other team can
already reach).

Combat won't happen often here.  Believe me, this area is HUGE, and often times
I'd be able to simply run away from enemies.  They're too busy looking for a way
through to the enemy base to want to fight you.  I'm sorry I can't tell you
anything more in terms of strategy than this, but the level is simply too big to
cover thoroughly.

- Deathmatch

This is what you'll usually play if you play JK MP.  There's quite a bit of
variety here, but it's much simpler than CTF.  Just kill everybody.  And keep
killing.  And don't get killed yourself, if at all possible.

1.  Nar Shaddaa Loading Terminal

This is a fairly simple level with three main areas of combat.  I enjoyed it,
despite its extreme simplicity.

First, let me cover the Force powers that are advisable to have here.  Jump has
its uses, especially reaching the upper floors (and the health droid) without
having to run to the elevator at the other end.  Speed can be useful if you
really want to rush somewhere, but be careful in the underground area; it's easy
to get going too fast.  Seeing is useful underground, but the two-floored nature
of the map might make it difficult to use effectively.  Pull is always fun, with
enough stars.  Healing, of course, is quite good, as is Persuasion.  Blinding
has some nice uses here, especially on the second floor and outside.  Absorb, of
course, can change the tide of a battle, as can Protection.  Throw and Grip both
have their fair share of uses; Lightning is hard to use, because of the wide-
open spaces.  Destruction always comes in handy, if you ask me, but it's nothing
special on this level.

There are three traps in here, and I've found that it's easier to fall into them
than it is to walk someone else into them.  In the underground tunnels, a switch
drops several thermal detonators nearby, an almost guaranteed kill for anyone.
A similar trap is on the second floor; there are two switches by the barrels,
and each drops detonators in a different direction.  The third trap is difficult
to reach: first, you have to lower the barrier by hitting the switch on the
second floor of the wide-open room.  However, the barrier can easily be raised
again by the person outside, so this often requires a team effort.  The problem
with that is that someone will always be outside, controlling the trap.  Anyway,
the trap is simply four indestructable sentry guns that drop out of the ceiling
and blast away for a little while.  They can be quite troublesome, actually, if
they distract you.

The two best places for a fight are the wide-open area (with the third trap) and
the second floor by the barrels.  Both are very lively places, in my humble
opinion.  You're least likely to get into a fight underground or on the conveyor
belt, because they're inconveniences.  Things to watch out for include a medical
droid on the second floor between the two sections, the concussion rifle which
is outside (despite being in plain sight...-_-), and the Force bursts on either
side of the second floor near the elevator.  Those two can only be reached by
Force Jumping or by jumping from the second floor.

One last tip: if you're not sure whether the barrier's up, shoot it and you'll
see.  It glows bright yellow, after all.  It's better than taking physical

2.  Bespin Mining Station

I liked this level.  It's pretty big, there's lots of stuff to do.  It was
designed to look somewhat like Cloud City, but the level in the Mysteries of the
Sith expansion did a much better job all-around.

What powers are useful, here?  Interestingly enough, I don't think any single
power really excels and stands out as being most useful here.  Some of them have
better uses than other (I'd use lots of Destruction on the bottom catwalk, for
instance), but nothing too important.

There aren't many traps in this level.  My personal favorite trap in the game is
here, though.  Directly above the carbon-freeze room, there's a big wind tunnel-
type room.  Hit the switch, and anyone who stands away from the wall will get
pulled to a grizzly death.  It's also useful if someone goes for the risky items
below.  Other than that, there are some tricks; you can trap people in elevators
if you're clever.  (Try to trap a hacker in an elevator; if he has
invulnerability, it's fun to laugh at his predicament. ^_^)

More than anything, Bespin Mining Station is about item placement.  If you know
the layout, you can find what you want.  The Concussion Rifle and Rail Detonator
are well-placed; on the elevator between the carbon-freezing room and the bottom
catwalk, if you hold forward as the elevator moves, you'll get one of them.  A
Super Shield, Crossbow, and Power Boost are all placed on a catwalk above the
carbon-freezing room; drop from above to get them.  Another Concussion Rifle is
placed inside the carbon-freezing chamber; pick it up, then activate the floor
to fall through to the lower catwalks, where you can find a Dark Surge.  (Two
light surges are right next to each other in a room to the side of the carbon-
freezing room.)  Go on an item-collecting frenzy here, because there's plenty of
stuff to pick up, and you'll often find large amounts of supplies right next to
each other.

There are some nice places to fight.  The lower catwalks are sweet.  The carbon-
freezing room has an awkward floor, but it makes for nice battles.  The upper
areas are very large, and flat.  I've found that my personal preference of the
trap room has developed some fun strategies around it; duck in a corner by the
switch and camp, pulling shield recharges to you, and using Seeing to keep track
of whether your enemies might be coming in soon.  If they are, blast them with
the Concussion Rifle.

3.  Blades of Death

This level wasn't very popular, to my knowledge.  Its design, though not
incredible, was fairly clever.  The entire level is laid out around two circular
areas, the lower of which has a deadly blade in the center, hence the name,
"Blades of Death".

Force Jump can't be useful for more than one or two areas here.  It's nice only
if you're devoted to the light or dark side, and even then, it's only useful
with one or two stars.  Speed is nice when running up the long, winding ramps,
but not necessary.  Pull is cool, because there are lots of power-ups.  It can
also be used to reach the surges, in place of Jump.  Seeing is as good as usual,
although there are no areas that are usually too dark to see.  All of the light
powers are alright, but not exceptional, although Blinding might prove useful
near the blades.  Throw is useful near the blades, but not anywhere else; Grip
can be cool.  Lightning is nice, because there are lots of narrow hallways.
Destruction can be hard to use because of those hallways, but it has its uses,
as usual.

The big trap here, of course, is the central blade.  Don't fall in.  It's that
simple.  Stay away from the blade at all costs, unless you've just seen it stop.
And if you've seen it stop, drop in, crouch, and fall through the hole in the
center.  Not only are there health packs and power-ups beneath it, but depending
on the path you take, you'll get a concussion rifle or a rail detonator when you
come out.  Either way, it's a great deal.  Turning the blade off is simple;
there are switches on the first floor, on either side.  Hit them and run.

The only other place that's comparable to a trap is the round, magnetically
sealed room on the second floor.  It also has both surges floating in the air.
If you know someone's in there, open the door and blast them with shots.  They
don't even have to be aimed; lucky shots connect surprisingly often.

There's not a single area in this level that lends itself to fighting.  When
I've played it, I usually found myself fighting everywhere - in the mag-sealed
room, near the blades, on the winding ramps, in the hallways, beneath the
blades, everywhere.  Just be careful if you're using the concussion rifle or
rail detonator that you don't take splash damage, and you should do alright.

4.  Canyon Oasis

This was arguably the most popular map in Jedi Knight, and to be honest, I don't
know why.  Sure, I've played it countless times, but I just don't see the
appeal.  Oh well.

Regarding Force powers: Speed is very useful.  There are plenty of times when
you'll want to cover lots of ground quickly, or when you'll want to lose an
opponent, or even when you'll be going underwater.  Speed is useful in all of
those situations.  Jump is good, but only at higher levels, because it allows
you to reach places much more quickly.  Seeing is as useful as it is anywhere
else.  Pull has some use; when there's only one person with a concussion rifle,
it's almost essential.  Blinding works well if your opponent is on the upper
level, because from there, falling is rather easy.  Persuasion is alright, but
not a must.  Healing, of course, is always useful for Light Jedi, as is Absorb.
Protection is quite useful here, because it's common to come under attack from
more than one person at a time.  Throw is totally worthless.  Grip works well in
the open areas, as does Destruction, and Lightning proves useful in the narrower
pathways.  Finally, Deadly Sight can prove useful if you stand in the right
place, as always, but there's usually a safe place for a smart opponent to hide
from it.

Canyon O. has a lot of secrets and traps.  The first, and most obvious trap, can
be activated by hitting the switch at the end of the upper bridge.  It causes
electric bolts to zap anyone who runs up the steep slope nearby, causing 13
physical damage and no shield-based damage.  Of course, across the gap from that
bridge, you'll find sequencer charges...yippie, eh?  The light-side surge is a
little way's down inside the small, deep pool at the top of that steep slope.
The dark surge can be found in a similar location by diving into the central
pool and swimming toward the concussion rifle.  Speaking of which, the
concussion rifle can only be reached by passing by the dark surge; it's directly
above the lowest dry area in the level.

The biggest areas for combat include the plateau at the very top, the bridge
adjacent to the plateau (I suppose people see it as a dramatic place for a
saber-duel), and in the narrow passages.  One other tip: if you're in a fire-
fight, and you're clearly losing, jump into the pool.  Not only will it get you
out of immediate trouble against most people, but you can pop up in various
places without risk if they don't follow you.  It's the fastest way I've found
to lose enemies.

5.  The Valley of the Jedi Tower

This map is easily recognizable as the site of Kyle's battle with Maw.  It's a
great place for saber-dueling, and lends itself well to some (but not all) Force
powers.  For one thing, Destruction is invaluable.  Even if you don't hit your
enemy, you can hit the ground and send them flying off a catwalk.  Throw is
nice, but the debris disappears quickly.  Blinding is excellent; the narrow
catwalks that make up almost 2/3 of the level are not a safe place to walk
blindly.  Jump has a single use, and that's getting to the highest areas, but
it's hard to find a use for that, since there's nothing in either.  Speed is
utterly worthless; it's not worth risking bumping into someone or slipping off a
narrow catwalk, even if you have confidence in your control.  Pull does next to
nothing, since the only weapons are the Bryar pistol and the lightsaber.
Finally, I advise against Persuasion.  Seeing is common enough, but it's not
like nobody's going to notice the little dots as you pass each other on a

If you want to have a pure saber-duel, get practice first.  Then, agree to a
duel on a catwalk.  The best way to win on this level is to be used to narrow
spaces; your enemy probably won't be as comfortable as you are, and the last
thing you need to think about is whether or not you're going to fall in the
middle of a battle.  The top of the central tower and the top of the elevator
are great lookout positions if you have Jump, and are conducive to Destruction.
The surges, which are on opposite sides of the central tower, are extremely
useful.  Don't let yourself get caught in the central tower's lowest area.  It
has a few power-ups, but it's also surprisingly difficult to get out of, if your
opponent is intelligent.  Finally, if you get absolutely desperate, head outside
the central tower for a Revive.

6.  Battleground Jedi

Another saber-only level, this one familiar also as level 16 in the single-
player mode.  I was never a big fan of this level, to be honest; there's too
little to do, and too few good locations for duels.  At least, in my opinion,
that is.

Inside the cargo ship's remains, you'll find lots of stuff to Throw.  Speed is
nice, but not necessary.  The big power here is, in my opinion, Deadly Sight.
Stand on top of the cliff, staring down at two adversaries as they duel, and
cook them alive.  Mwahaha.  Absorb works well, too, since Force comes in handy
bigtime on this level.  Aside from that, nothing is particularly effective.

There are three places that are common for duels here: on top of the cliff,
inside the ship, and in the open space between the two.  If you're on the cliff,
be sure to compensate for the uneven ground.  In the ship, pay attention to
where the walls are, because it's easy to get backed against a wall if you're
not alert.  The area between the two is horrible for a duel, in my experience;
you leave yourself wide open to dark-siders who snipe at you from the clifftop
with Destruction, or even Grip.  In one-on-one battles, though, this place is
arguably the best, because of the flat surface.

IV. Stuff Lists

a. Weapons

Jedi Knight has a great assortment of weapons to play with, all coming from the
Star Wars universe.  Most weapons have a primary function (which you'll use most
of the time) and a secondary function (which, though less useful, is still worth
having sometimes).  There are ten weapons.

1: Fists - Kyle can fight using his fists, just as some of the Grans in the
early levels do.  Pretty simple.  Once you pick up the lightsaber, though, it's

(benefit: know how the Grans do physical damage, even when you have full
shields, if they punch you?  You can do the same, at least in multiplayer mode.
I'm not sure if it works in single player or not, but I'd assume it does.
Besides that, it's ammo-free, so you can't run out, if that problem ever comes

2: Bryar Pistol - Kyle's trusty blaster is a surprisingly useful weapon -
through the first 2 stages.  It doesn't have a secondary mode.

(benefit: it shoots straight and only uses one energy ammo.  Early on, it's the
best long-range shot you've got.  For that matter, it saves ammo.  It's a great
weapon to use, if you're sure you can kill the enemy before they hit you.)

3: Stormtrooper Rifle - It may be called a Stormtrooper's weapon, but lots of
enemies carry them.  The primary function is a fast-paced version of the Bryar
Pistol which costs 2 energy ammo; there is, again, no secondary mode.  Just one
problem: stormtroopers don't have bad aim (just) because they're blind.  This
weapon fires at weird angles automatically, so it's only useful when you're
reasonably close to your target.

(benefit: if you're going into a gunfight, most of the time, this is the weapon
you want to use.  It's somewhat randomized, but up-close, it can do good damage.
Just don't use it for long-range shots.)

4: Thermal Detonator - eh.  The Star Wars equivalent to the grenade can be
thrown long distances.  The primary function explodes on impact; the secondary
bounces a little beforehand.

(benefit: to be honest, I've never seen the use of Thermal Detonators unless you
are absolutely desperate.  The splash damage can be useful if your enemy hasn't
noticed you, but it takes lots of skill to learn to throw them the correct
distance consistently.  If you want to blow up a wall, but can't shoot it from
far enough away, use the secondary function.  Avoid using Detonators in combat.)

5: Bowcaster - Chewbacca's personal weapon.  Well, it isn't his, of course, but
it's the same idea.  It's the first weapon that operates on power cells, and
it's much more powerful than the Stormtrooper Rifle.  It also goes in a straight
line, rendering the Stormtrooper Rifle obsolete.  It even charges, and when
fully charged, it can fire up to 5 shots in a wide spread.  It's a great weapon.
The secondary fire is a magnetically sealed shot which bounces off walls.

(benefit: the Bowcaster kills in one shot many enemies that you could only kill
in two shots.  Power cells are a bit rarer than energy units early on, but
around level 8, this is a great weapon to have.)

6: Repeater Rifle - As the game progresses, the stormtroopers become better
equipped.  The repeater fires small shots straightforward at an incredible rate.
The secondary function fires 3 shots at once, at a slower rate.  Either mode is
quite useful in certain circumstances, but the shots themselves aren't very

(benefit: In multiplayer, the repeater is probably the last thing you want to
use.  Anything with half a brain can track the shots back to their original
location and get you.  Fortunately, stormtroopers lack that half a brain.  The
repeater is excellent throughout single-player mode.)

7: Rail Detonator - another weapon stormtroopers are later equipped with.  This
thing is really frustrating.  It does enormous damage compared to most other
weapons, and it's got good accuracy (good enough that even stormtroopers can
consistently hit you).  The only drawback is the ammo.  Rail charges are pretty
rare, and you can only carry 30.  Save 'em for the walkers toward the end of the
game.  The secondary function, which is what the stormtroopers use, sticks a
rail charge into the surface it hits -- even if it hits YOU.

(benefit: as I just mentioned, they TEAR through walkers like nothing else save
the Concussion Rifle.  It'd be a great weapon if you could use it more.  It also
has a more controlled splash damage than the Thermal Detonators.)

8: Sequencer Charges - what a worthless weapon.  In single-player mode, you will
probably never use them; in multiplayer mode, you might find an occasional use,
but only if you're not busy using a far superior weapon.  The primary function
explodes shortly after being placed, so you can barely even get away from it to
avoid splash damage.  The secondary function acts as a proximity mine, exploding
when someone gets close -- including you.

(benefit: none.  I'd sooner use my fists.  Well, take that back.  If I'm being
chased in multiplayer, I might whip 'em out and turn on Force Speed, just to
lose a follower.)

9: Concussion Rifle - praise it.  Worship it.  BOW TO THE CONCUSSION RIFLE.  The
single most powerful weapon in Jedi Knight, which uses 8 power cells for a
regular shot, fires a huge blast of bright-blue energy, accompanied by
incredible splash damage.  If you're coming up on a crowded room, a single
Concussion Rifle shot can empty it out.  Aside from the 7 Dark Jedi, the
walkers, and the creatures in levels 8 and 19, there isn't a single enemy this
won't kill in one shot.  The secondary fire is much more controlled, and much
weaker, with no splash damage, but it only uses 4 power cells.

(benefit: I can't describe the greatness of this weapon.  Having it in
multiplayer mode makes you almost unstoppable.  Toward the end of the game, it's
easier to find power cells, and I usually don't use anything else, unless I'm in
tight spaces.  The secondary fire, by the way, is utterly worthless.  I'd rather
use the Bowcaster or the Repeater than that.  But the primary fire is all you
need for most of the game.)

0: Jedi Lightsaber - a great weapon.  Not only do you absolutely NEED a
lightsaber to get through some parts of the game, but it's also efficient at
hacking up stormtroopers.  Of course, it's also the only weapon that works well
against the Dark Jedi.  I find that many people want chivalrous battles in
multiplayer, and that means that if you want to be good, saber skills are a

(benefit: it deflects enemy shots, and at high force levels, it consistently
deflects them back at the enemy that fired them.  The end result is that without
even using ammo, you can kill off almost any enemy in the game.  The lightsaber
hacks through grates quickly, as well as stormtroopers.  Again, though, good
saber skills are important to your survival.  One other thing, which some people
neglect: the lightsaber doubles as a field light, and doesn't use battery power,
so once you acquire it, the field light is obsolete.)

b. Items

There are several items in Jedi Knight: power-ups and inventory items.

Energy Units - ammo.
Power Cells - ammo.
Rail Charges - ammo.  Comes in packs of 3.
Thermal Detonators - ammo.  Comes in packs of 1 or 3.
Sequencer Charges - ammo.  Comes in packs of 5.
Stormtrooper Backpack - carries a stormtrooper rifle, some health, and some
energy units.
Smuggler Backpack - same as a Stormtrooper Backpack, but carries some shield
energy as well.
Shield Units - charge your shields for 20 points.
Health Pack - recover 20 points of health.
Armored Vest - gives you full shields.
Health Revive - gives you full health and full shields.
Shield Supercharge - temporary invincibility.
Batteries - used to operate the field light and IR goggles.
Force Energy Boost - recharges some Force energy.
Light Force Surge - temporary unlimited Force power for Light Jedi only.
Dark Force Surge - temporary unlimited Force power for Dark Jedi only.
Bacta Tank - kept in inventory.  Recovers 30 points of health when used.
Field Light - illuminates dark surroundings.  Uses battery power.
Infrared Goggles - similar to Field Light, but isn't visible to enemies.
Keys - used to unlock doors in certain levels.
Wrenches - used to unlock doors in certain levels.

c. Force Powers

This is the meat of the game, right here.  Half the fun is getting to use Force

First, let me explain Force stars, though.  You get stars at the end of each
level, depending on certain things.  First, if you find every secret area in the
level, you get 1 star bonus.  Also, certain levels are guaranteed to give you
two stars.  This means that if you find all the secret areas in a level that's
going to give you two stars, you'll get three.  (Duh.)  If you don't find any
secret areas throughout the entire game, you'll have 16 stars, enough to put 2
on each power.  There are 6 levels without any secret areas, so you can get a
total of 15 bonus stars, giving you a possible total of 31.  Lee Winters
mentions, "On Hard difficulty, you get one extra star (level 15?) to allow you
to max out the Neutral powers and whichever side of the Force you choose."  Now,
onto the powers themselves:

Neutral Powers:
Force Speed - lets you move at high speeds.  More stars let you move faster, for
longer amounts of time.
Force Jump - lets you jump higher than usual.  More stars let you jump higher.
Be careful not to take damage.
Force Seeing - lets you see more clearly.  Negates Force Persuasion and Force
Blinding.  More stars makes it last longer, and reveals more details on the map.
Force Pull - steals an enemy's weapon.  More stars allows a greater pulling

Light Powers:
Force Healing - recovers health.  Each star committed adds 20 points to the
health recovered.
Force Persuasion - renders the user invisible to anyone who doesn't have Force
Seeing.  More stars make the invisibility more complete, and makes it last
Force Blinding - causes the target to go blind for a period of time.  More stars
makes it last longer, and makes it harder to see.  (To explain: at one star, you
can still see, the screen's brightness just goes through the roof.  At four
stars, the screen becomes completely white.)
Force Absorb - while activated, any damaged caused by Dark Jedi is converted to
mana.  More stars make the conversion more efficient, and makes the effect last
Force Protection - almost completely protects you from damage for like, a

Dark Powers:
Force Throw - any debris (crates, loose rocks) in the area are "thrown" at the
enemy.  More stars cause more debris to be thrown, and more accurately.
Force Grip - "I find your lack of faith disturbing."  Chokes the life out of the
enemy slowly, while immobilizing them.  More stars makes the effect more
powerful, and increases the range.
Force Lightning - like the Emperor in Return of the Jedi, allows you to fire
blue bolts of lightning.  Inaccurate, but good at close ranges (during saber
combat, for instance).  More stars causes more damage.
Force Destruction - a giant fireball that causes tremendous splash damage.
Sends the enemies flying.  More stars causes more damage, and a greater radius
of splash damage.
Force Deadly Sight - anyone in your vision takes damage for as long as the
effect lasts.



Q: How do you open doors in the game?
A: Walk up to them and press the spacebar.  If there's a button near the door,
press that instead.

Q: How do you pick up items?
A: By walking over them.  If that doesn't pick it up, then you don't need any
more of that item.

Send me e-mails and I'll respond to them here!


VI. Thanks

Just a quick thanks section to wrap the FAQ up:

- CJayC - creator of GameFAQs.  Without Ceej, I would never have bothered to
write a FAQ for anything.  Everyone on the site thanks him all the time, but he
deserves it.

- Lucasarts - they made a great game, here.

- - when I first went to play JK online, I went to
and hung out in the chat room there.  It's grown a lot since then, but I still
appreciate them being there.

- Everyone who's e-mailed me - this includes, (I probably got that address wrong...), Adam Graham, Louis
Granato, Todd Reynolds, Lee Winters, Joel Cramer, Nick Smith, Patrick Dahn,
Frank Varick (especially this guy...he's the reason for a new version of this
FAQ!), and everyone else who's taken the time to ask me a question.  I don't
know what everyone has a problem with, and I used the input from these good
folks to help shape the FAQ by focusing on the areas they had a particularly
tough time with.  If anyone else has any questions or comments, feel free to e-
mail me at  Thanks again, folks!


That's it.  It's over.  ...Move along, folks.

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